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In our many subjects that we have discussed here in some depth, there are inherent basic principles that are sacrosanct in your physical universe, the dream universe, the universe of anti matter, all other universes, fields, planes and dimensions, and they are innumerable and as valid as yours. All universes are not all the same obviously but for that matter, many worlds are not the same in your own cozy little universe either. So I can talk about these basic principles and how they fit into the overall scheme of things without fear of some alien intelligence challenging my statements. (Smiling).

I have wanted to talk about these universal principles for some time and now is as good a time as every to give you some background that will hopefully make it easier to understand some of the material we will discuss here. The order of discussion is not important here, in other words, all fo these principles discussed here are equally important, but I speak of them as they come to mind. You might wonder why this knowledge is important to you, and I wouldn’t blame you a bit for asking, because truth is that you can live your life quite satisfactorily without intimate knowledge of the inner working of your world and universe. The important aspects about your reality operate automatically, whether you know of their existence or not, but there are some important aspects that can help you enlarge your scope of perception and increase the quality of your personal life.

Also, there comes a time in the evolution of all consciousness when progression through lives brings about this knowledge whether you actively seek it or not. The knowledge and information we discuss in these articles, will be common knowledge in years to come, so in that respect, you are ahead of the game. Reincarnation will be universally accepted, the existence of the soul as a meaningful, purposeful, intelligent entity, closely involved with its personalities development will be understood.

Since your dream universe is the closest example that you can use as a comparison for this discussion, I will using analogies with your dreaming state in some of these discussions. The universe of anti matter is also close to you in terms of actualisation and distance but is basically out of reach to you and will basically always be out of reach even though a part of your identity resides there. In rather simple terms, it exists on the other side of the dream universe and remains inaccessible. I wanted to touch on these six basic attributes of ALL UNIVERSES, not so much to tell you what “IS”, but to acquaint you with what “ISN’T” relative to your own universe. Some of the principles that you consider real are only real in your world, and some times, not even real in other realities in your own universe.

Inter-Universal Adaptability; The principles that fit into this category are applicable and apply to all universes, fields, planes, dimensions and all worlds contained therein, both physically materialized and non-physical. They have and share either some or all of the characteristics that when applied to one, will apply to all. This implies that there are some characteristics that apply to your world that you may assume are universal when viewing them from your world’s platform of experience, but are not universal. Fortunately because of the existence of your dream universe, I have a leg to stand on here in furthering my explanations and the analogies that I use will apply..

So let me simplify this somewhat by saying that in using the dream universe as an example, maybe I can make my points, since what are common characteristics between the dream universe and your physical universe, will also hold for all other universes. Obviously, your universe is physically materialized and the dream universe, although it shares some of the characteristics of a physical universe, it is by no means a thick, rigid or continuous as yours, but it is materialized through the use of atomic structure and the manipulation of molecules, although not to the same degree in mass. Let me give some examples of Universal Rules and how they apply, but keep in mind that these are only a few of the universal principles and we will discuss others in due time.

1. Locomotion or Motion of Self; Getting around is an important aspect of all universes. You walk, run, jump or creep in the physical universe and you do all of this and more in the dream universe, including flying on occasion, so locomotion or movement through space of one form or another is a commonality in all worlds in all universes. Locomotion or movement of self IS a basic universal principle.

2. Time and Continuity; Time in your world is experienced as a series of passing moments, one before the other, stretching out into the future, one fading out as the other comes into view. The past seems to fade away, finished, done, never to be really revisited except in memory, complete and unchangeable. I don’t have to convince you that time simply is not experienced the same way in the dream universe, since you can experience a months events in a matter of moments in the dreaming state and never miss one iota of experience. You could, for instance, experience your entire high school career in a half hour dream.

In the dream state, time is plastic and malleable, it can be shortened or lengthened, but if you could measure time in the dream state, you would find that an hour of dreaming did not actually cost you an hour of clock time off of your life span. Translated, in the dream state, you do not age at the same rate as the waking state. This fact alone could be of some interest when your civilization reaches the point of prolonged space flights to distant planets, but by then, this will not be needed because space flight by rocket ship will be passe by then and never used to any great extent due to the vast distances between inhabited intelligent systems. In some systems “consecutive time” is not used and events are experienced not in passing moments but in groupings of similarity of events or order of importance. An aside; time would not exist as it does in your world without the human species, so in a sense, you inflict time on yourself and your system. Time is an illusion and is NOT a basic universal principle.

3. Space or Distance; Since time and space kind of go hand in hand, you might suppose that no self respecting minute would go without a corresponding unit of distance, and you would be right. Distance is rather important in your physical world, simply because perceptions must travel a certain distance through the nerve structure from your finger tip through your arm before reaching your brain, giving the convincing impression that distance is involved in physical perception. To travel distance, takes time. But most worlds are not physical and you can see that in your dream universe, perceptions can be instantaneous and simultaneous to an outstanding degree even though a body is involved, though not materialized in the normal sense of the word. In the dream universe, you have a body, but since it has no appreciable mass, it does not require time for its perceptive abilities and you can travel from one end of your country to the other in a dream in a matter of minutes.

I also want to mention, as you know I talk frequently about many universes, and you may wonder where they are, where do they exist, since your universe takes up so much space, how is there room for other universes. Do they exist where your universe ends at the edge of space? Since space is an illusion, and a very handy one I must admit, because there is nothing like a walk along a deserted beach in the morning mist, and without the illusion, this would be quite impossible. I am not saying that the illusion is not useful, and you had better honor the illusion while in the physical world or the consequences could be dire indeed.. I know this is a mind bender, and you may think that all universes, fields and dimensions must exist strung out, one after the other in space, at least from your perspective, but from others perspectives, it just doesn’t look that same way. All exist and coexist in the same space and no distance is involved! Space and distance are also an illusion and space is NOT a basic universal principle.

4. Gravity; Gravity is a handy tool for the existence of physical stuff like you and your cherished objects, since it keeps you from floating out into space, which doesn’t really exist anyway, but for now you better pretend it does. Gravity can sometimes be a problem as evidenced by the vast amount of energy required to lift your rockets into space. Since you can run faster, jump higher and sometimes even fly in the dream state, we can get beyond this one quickly. Gravity is NOT a universal principle within your universe, even though you could certainly measure its effects with your instruments. Gravity does not even hold for other worlds in your same universe although your instruments would tell you otherwise. Of course the reason that it can be measured, is that your measuring instruments are constructed in your universe and they will confirm whatever you invented them to measure. Other planets with other beings with their own rules, their own instruments and parameters for existence and their own (different than yours) preceptors, will experience gravity differently or not at all. Gravity is NOT a basic universal principle. Although your scientists will not agree at this time.

5. Connectivity with everything that is. Everything is connected, from the smallest insect on your planet to the speck of dust on the farthest star. The seemingly empty space in-between is simply the un-manifest portions of consciousness as it acts as an artificial separator of manifest portions of consciousness, human beings, animals, objects and events. The ego ignores what it doesn’t want to perceive, and that is far more than it does choose to perceive. This is not your fault, it is the nature of the ego as it struggled for dominance in an emerging world. The ego tries to separate itself from action, but this is impossible since the ego is a part of action, the separation does not really exist, but the appearance of separation does. The apparent separation of man from “All That Is” (God) was incipient in the beginning before the first physical particle was formed and was necessitated by the need for the exponential expansion of consciousness.

Of course, all consciousness, yours and others that predominate in other worlds and other universes, chooses how and what to accept as part of their own reality, but in all worlds, even though there may be distortions and distinctions, the connection of everything “that is” still exists universally. It seems that your world and your universe is a closed system, independent of all others, but this is an appearance only, and all universes are connected and dependent upon each other to some extent. It is theoretically possible to perceive everything that exists and to experience that connectivity, but that unique lofty position and ability is reserved for “All That Is”.At this point, you are surrounded with, immersed in and inundated by so much other unseen data that you are already equipped and capable of perceiving, but choose to ignore, that if you were able to perceive it in its totality, it would drive you to insanity. So for those of you fond of religious connotation, it is quite true to say that :” We are all One”, and that is not a symbolic statement. Connectivity of everything IS a basic universal principle.

6. Universal Consciousness; Everything is conscious to some extent. The elemental energy of
“All That Is” (God), the Prime Source of all creation is inherent in all that exists in any universe. There was no beginning, but for practical purposes, there was an original emergence or awakening from a state of non-being. Since in that ancient beginning that never was, there was nothing but the original energy Source, we can legitimately assume that everything that came thereafter originated in that original emergence and was inherently linked to that initial consciousness. You live in a system of appearances, and everything that appears to be what it is, is only an overlay of atomic structure filling in psychic patterns created by consciousness.

There are of course, many flavors and colorations of consciousness from the lesser to the greater, but to some extent all consciousness, even that of a minute electron possesses limited awareness of its own being. You can then rightly assume that all physical forms arising from the tendency of atoms to form pattern structures, are to some extent self aware since the building blocks of your physical appearances are themselves conscious.. I am saying that even a rock possesses its unique “rock” type of consciousness, and knows that it exists and enjoys its own fulfillment found in the very motion of its atoms as they give it its own unique characteristics. A rock is obviously not a little person and will never say “Hello, have a nice day”, but in its own limited range of perception, which is totally different than yours, can sense the warmth of the sun on its surface and the shade of the impending dusk. What I am saying here is that you are emerged in a sea of consciousness and that consciousness stretches through the vast expanses of the universe. I want to make it clear, that in saying that something is conscious does not mean that I am assigning your term of “Living Matter” to it, since what “lives” and doesn’t live is purely arbitrary and you draw the hypothetical line between living and dead matter. Finally, there is no “dead” matter, there is only matter that you consider dead because you don’t see it move. Universal Consciousness of Everything IS a basic universal principle.

7. Reincarnation and continuity of consciousness; Once formed, conscious identity cannot be reversed, withdrawn, diminished, negated or annihilated, it is eternal in that respect, it can change and evolve, but it cannot be destroyed. This means that the YOU that you love so much will always exist and you will never lose sight of your most treasured memories, talents, loves and lovers. Identity and personality exist forever, not in the same form of course, but always changing, growing and evolving. For the animal lovers among you, this also applies to animals, including your favorite pets and it is possible for you to reunite with your favorite pets in future lives. In your physical system and other physical systems, this continuity of identity is perpetuated through the processes of reincarnation and probabilities, but reincarnation is only needed in the physical systems since a non-physical body does not die. (Reincarnation is not utilized in the dream universe.) Reincarnation is NOT a basic universal principle since it only applies to physical systems, continuity of identity IS. Like it or not, you are an eternal personality.

Many of our articles will allude to these principles and hopefully you will have a somewhat better understanding as we continue.

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