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I realize that I am getting way ahead of myself in discussing this subject, but as I have said, I try to touch on this material from different perspectives since none of this would make sense unless it is considered it a totality of all reality and all reality systems. Of course, there is no way to know the totality of all systems, worlds or universes, but an understanding of one gives hints to the reality of others. As an example, try to imagine a system of reality where the inhabitants do not utilize any of the physical senses that you consider necessary for manipulation within the earth system.

The worlds that we are going to try to explain to those who are ready, are not easy to understand, but in this material we are going to attempt once again to explain how not only do you create your own reality, but how in the greater scheme of things, to convince you that what you want already exists and your job is to retrieve what you already have access to. So in that sense, what you want, inherently belongs to you if you can manage to walk the right path to retrieve it.(this has nothing to do with religion). To explain any of this is a task that is almost impossible, but if I do no more than alert you to your vast untapped and unlimited potential, then we have indeed accomplished something. I am sometimes frustrated as I try to explain in mere words, something that will never be understood by the human intellect alone. Words are symbols of something else and since words have never been invented to symbolize these difficult multidimensional concepts, I fear I will not make myself clear. There is one thing you must understand, bottom line, all realities are mental realities and your physical construction of objects and events are simply the appearances that mental images take within the Earth system. Physical constructions are illusions, but they are “Real Illusions”, so while you are in a physical body, you must adhere to the rules that govern their reality.

As you know, I have found analogies to be helpful in painting a mental picture of something that no words exist to explain. So, once again I resort an analogy, and I must say, I am really proud of this one and I do believe it will lead in you the right direction. As you begin to trust in your inner knowledge, rather than just the intellect, you will begin the sense the rightness in what I say here. Your inner self knows more than all of the information contained in allof the books that have ever been written, and when you begin to recognize this repository of inner knowledge that is somewhat at your disposal, when you begin to trust “Yourself”, you will begin to understand that there are really no limitations to the “Self”.

So let’s begin.!
If I were to tell you as I often have done, that you actually created your past, used it, lived it, then tucked it away in your memory when you were done with it so you could concentrate on creating your present, you would probably understand. If I told you that the past still exists in coded electromagnetic data in the brain and mind, available so you could retrieve it at your convenience, learn from it, then file it back in its proper place for future use, you would understand that too. If I told you that the present exists in precisely the same coded electromagnetic data as the past and that your recognition of this data through your exterior senses, presents you with your world of appearances and experiences that you call the present, you would accept that too. After you have fully utilized this present, you will catagorize it and store it away with past experiences and begin delving into the future which will then materialize to become the present..

In actuality, you created your past and present by selecting the specific experiences and appearances from the expanded inner universe of probabilities. This universe of probabilities is in a way the “Wal Mart” of objects and events that all consciousness utilizes in creating its own specific flavor or physical worlds. Worlds, some similar and some alien in every respect to yours, all access future experience from this storehouse of probabilities. I have told you before that the TWO BASIC characteristics of physical systems (Earth included) are “Reincarnation” and “Probabilities”. Without probabilities in the physical systems attuned to the dictates of “time”, your world would be mired in the present and unable to step into the future, it would stagnate and wither, acting out the same events over and over with no perceived or available future. I am inferring here, in case you didn’t catch it, that the future exists NOW, in precisely the same quality that the past and present exists, electromagnetically coded data.

It is not too far fetched to ask you to consider the fact that even now, you create your future through what you do today. It is common practice to think about tomorrow, to imagine what you want next week, to desire a certain event or the acquisition of a certain object at some time in the future, so in essence, what you are doing NOW is planning the future and this is exactly the way you create it, except that you don’t consider it that way at this time. What you are really doing with every act you engage in today is steering yourself today in the direction of what you want to happen to you tomorrow. Since you don’t realize that you are actually deeply involved in the creative process, you usually pay it no attention and you don’t realize the importance of each and every action that you take today.

There is one small thing that you don’t know. The future already exists in the expansive universe of probabilities and although you can’t get a glimpse of this vast universe while in your physical body, you do visit it in the dreaming state, and that is were most of the groundwork is done. When you are dreaming dreams, seemingly still somewhat connected with your physical plane, only experiencing things that are still strange to you, you are dabbling in the world of probabilities, trying out possible future solutions to today’s problems, working on new avenues of expression of your consciousness in the world of matter.

If the universe of probabilities can be compared to the Wal Mart of all possible events, where your dreaming self rummages around to find the suitable future events that will be most advantageous for your present life situation, then the dreaming state could be likened to the “dressing room” where all possible new events can be tried on to see how they fit before you make a final selection for activation into yourlife on the physical plane.

We are dealing with future probabilities from your perspective, events that have not yet happened, this is why dreams seem so chaotic and unrealistic and seem to escape any kind of continuity that you are used to. This dream universe is the medium where future events can be manipulated, changed and adapted before you accept them and project them into concrete objects and events in your everyday world of physical fact. You have no idea how much work you actually do while you are dreaming. In other words, nothing happens in your life, that to some extent has not been first sampled and considered by your dreaming self before materialization.

Now, I said, that to some extent you do exactly the same thing now, except that, and I must now go back to the subject that we have discussed before in our material on “Probabilities”, and it is that the past, present and yes, the future, exist NOW. Every event that has ever happened, is happening now and will ever happen can be viewed and manipulated by consciousness to the extent of its abilities. Everything is happening simultaneous, yet never completed in the vast expanded present, Expanded to the extent that it includes the past, present and future simultaneously. I realize that this is almost at the mental precipice of the human brain to grasp, but the mind knows otherwise and you have access to your mind. You might view this concept as everything that ever was and ever will be, is NOW in an ever expanding FIRST EVENT that knows no beginning and no end. In that respect, this first event could be called God or All That Is and gives some hint of the real meaning of infinity.

I cannot at this time go into explaining the existence of probabilities (see other articles on probabilities) other than to say, that in your terms, these “already existing” future images and events would not be real, but they would from the perspective of the consciousness involved with these images, be as real as your world is to you.

The Probable universe is so rich, bountiful and abundant that it is impossible for the human brain to really get a handle on its true meaning, but let me try. Every act that you initiate today (now), every event, by its very creative action, creates not only itself, but drags along with itself every conceivable outcome, every possible next event. In terms of continuity in time, no act or event stands alone, but in its creation, brings along with it, its own probable past present and future. Of course what you consider to be creating a new event is simply activating a probable event that you have decided to materialize into the physical system, for reasons that serve your own purposes. Follow-up probable future events will be selected and influenced by the characteristics and nature of the present event that you have selected for your NOW. With that in mind, some events will seem to fit better into your present daily life than others, in other words some probable events will be more probable than others, and more likely to materialize. It is kind of like the blossoming of a flower that never ceases to blossom, increasing its depth and value presence in psychological terms, but not in size.

Now we are getting somewhere I think. These probable future events are as real as your concrete, physical objects and events are from your viewpoint, but because of your intense focus in the physical system, you simply cannot see them as real. Now, if this is the case, then everyone should be able to have what they want wouldn’t they?

Here is the problem, and it’s a big problem indeed, but it can be understood and put to work for your benefit. This selection by you of probable objects and events is done smoothly and (UNCONSCIOUSLY), and the harder you try to initiate this process consciously, the less effective it becomes. What you consciously try to get, to force into your life, will always elude you. The very act of consciously trying to directly create a future event in your life, short circuits the inner psychic processes that work so well unconsciously. There IS a process you can use effectively, and it is not arbitrary, so when you learn the secret, your life will become immeasurably better, and I am going to outline here what you should do. It is important to understand that this creative process does not just work some of the time, properly executed, following universal law on the properties of energy, these processes must work all of the time. Their effectiveness depends on your emotional input and the strength and duration of your desire and expectation.

If you remember in some past articles on creating events in your life, I suggested that you should think about something you want in your life for only a few minutes a day, then forget it. Repeat only for a few minutes daily, because to do more is detrimental to the creation process. Keep what you want in the back of your mind, but do not over-concentrate on it. You have been taught that more is better, but in this case more is less, so don’t over do it. Psychic phenomena show themselves best when they are unconsciously instigated and that is why “Psychics, Mediums and Seers” have so much trouble proving their abilities to skeptics on demand.

Here then is the secret that you should know. Every possible event in your life is probable, meaning that everything that is possible is also probable, but some things are more probable than others, and that my friends is the secret. Some existing probable events will better fit into your life as it is now structured than others. You have unknowingly created a comfortable path for the creation of certain compatible future events to be inserted into your future life. You have unconsciously made some probable events more likely to happen in your future by creating the type of present that you are now experiencing. In an over simplified way, the future event that you want already exists, and I mean that not in a symbolic way, but in a very real way.

What you want already IS, but because you have evolved a system that requires time, (minutes, hours and days), you must experience your events in a logical order, one at a time. You experience your reality in bits and pieces, not in wholes, otherwise your present would be more inclusive and include bigger pieces of your past and future. It doesn’t matter what object or event you desire in your life, in a way, it is waiting in your future, waiting for you to take it, fill it in with molecular structure and make it truly yours, but to do this you must first create the channel for its easy retrieval. The ego will usually accept what it sees as the most logical future probable event for actualization into the world of matter. The inner self will then accommodate the ego’s wishes and create just that event, and that may or may not be what you really want.

You must then, construct the path to the desired event that you really want without forcing the situation. You do that by thinking about what you want now, but only for a few minutes a day. Now, this is very important, you must begin to augment the psychic process that you have initiated by taking small physical steps in the direction to grease the path for the desired future event to slide into, otherwise to the ego, all future probabilities will be equal. You must create a natural, logical course of progression from your present to your desired future.

You have to make it easier for the future probable event to come to you, you have to create the void for it in your life, you have to physically and psychically take it, and you take it by opening the easiest channel and making it the MOST PROBABLE of all other existing probable events to fill that void in your reality. Remember, the MOST PROBABLE event is the one that will take on the REAL characteristics of matter that predominate in the three dimensional physical world and you don’t have to force it. In a very real way, what you want is attracted to you already, but you must open the door to invite it in. Do not try to force it, you will get what you want by doing the necessary groundwork making its emergence into Earth reality inevitable.

Finally, even though you may find this hard to accept, please trust what I say here as it will help you understand and get what you really want in your life. The time to doubt what I am saying is when I begin passing the collection plate and issuing indulgences.

Every possible event exists now, past, present and future even though the future does not seem to be available to you at this time. This is not a symbolic statement. Every possible next event that will happen in the unlimited inner world of probabilities and the probabilities are real. Tomorrow exists today, but not yet for you. What you have to do is claim it and make it yours and you do this by making it an appropriate extension of your present. As OJ Simpson’s attorney might say, if it doesn’t fit, you won’t see it.

Its like a new mother that has prepared the new babies room for its arrival. You will KNOW when you are going to get what you want when you have sufficiently prepared the way for its emergence and it seems to you that the possible future event that you have thought about is the ONLY ONE that makes any sense. You must make your present the most suitable home for the new probable future event that you want. The thing you most want will be actualized somewhere, sometime by someone, it might as well be you. No probable event goes un-experienced, and here is something we have not yet touched on. At the point that you settle on ONE probable future event, there will be a splitting off of another probable self (parallel self), another aspect of your personality, and they will experience the other probable future options that you did not choose.

Alas, time is so short and there is so much more to say but we will discuss your other multi dimensional probable selves.

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