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The question as it is posed; you often talk of other universes such as the dream universe, but I am not clear since our universe seems to stretch into infinity, where are the other universes located in relation to ours?

I have wanted to touch on this for some time, but wanted to ease into the explanation after you had become more familiar with some of the other subjects that we discuss here. I have said this before, but it is true that you can get along quite well without knowing where your universe is located or even what it is, but there are some of you who are more evolved and demand more than simple children’s tales, and through these articles I attempt to satisfy those demands. This material is not easy, and that is precisely why more people are not acquainted with it. A universe and all that it contains is not easy stuff to digest, but the endeavor is worthwhile and this knowledge in the long run will help you to enhance your physical lives and expand your psychic growth.

Before we can discuss the location of universes, we must come to some agreement on what actually is a universe, at least from the viewpoint of our discussions.
Dictionary definition; The totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space; the cosmos; macrocosm. A world or sphere in which something exists or prevails.

The above definitions are not quite adequate, so I will add something to them and hopefully make things a bit more relevant. A universe is a platform for experience of consciousness, taking on the appearances dictated by the perceptive mechanisms of the consciousness inhabiting that universe. A universe is available energy which is utilized by self aware consciousness to construct a meaningful field of endeavor used for growth, expansion and value fulfillment. A universe can be physically materialized or from your perspective invisible, it can be transparent, but either way, to the inhabitants of that field, its constructions have substance even though they may not be materialized in the same way as yours. All inhabited universes utilize forms since consciousness always seeks to be known, and all forms are as “real” as your own, even though they may not be solid, rigid and possess mass, and to you they may be transparent. In other words, they exist even though you may not be aware of their existence.

A universe is a field of endeavor for consciousness, it is also a dimension, a field and a plane, but not all fields, dimensions and planes are universes unto themselves, but some may be. A plane of reality can exist where there is no planet or it can co-exist with other systems connected with a planet.. A system of reality is a plane, a dimension and a field, and there is no limit of fields, planes and dimensions that can exist in one universe or even in one world. Some universes existing outside of other universes, nevertheless manage to overlap into and affect other universes, as in the way the dream universe affects your physical universe and your universe affects the dream universe. They are in important ways dependent on each other. There are other planes and fields that co-exist in what you would consider the same space as your earth, each having its own historical culture, arts, sciences, medical disciplines and most important, its own image constructions, none of which will ever interfere with yours even though they may utilize the exact same physical space.

A universe is in a very real way, the creation of consciousness, and other intelligent, viable living creatures inhabiting that universe, looking out into space will see something entirely different than you. Your world is yours only, and since generally any system of realty only perceives its OWN kind, your worlds constructions will not look like others constructions and will probably not be perceived by others either. Of course, the determining factor of what you will perceive and see of your universe depends on your physical perceptions and only those with the same physical preceptors ( eyes, ears, mouth, nose, fingers and other) as yours will see things the same as you do. Any particular world or universe can only be perceived by the conscious creatures that create and inhabit it.

I know that sounds like an outlandish statement, but in the same way as you manipulate atoms into something that you can perceive to form a chair, your physical body, your intimate environment, so do you form and create your world and universe from existing patterns of available energy. There are beings within your universe who have evolved through your system and progressed on to other systems, who could theoretically communicate with you and even visit with you if the occasion should arise in the future.

As most of you suspect, your world has been visited by extra terrestrials many times in the past, but you must not confuse the sighting of UFO’s as legitimate planned ET visits. These sightings may take place as others far more advanced than you, unknowingly blunder into your space not even sensing the existence of your planet and its inhabitants. You see, to them, your world would not exist and the only evidence that would give them a hint of your presence would be the flicker of consciousness which in the long run is the only true reality, and they would not see your camouflage physical constructions because to others they don’t exist.

Let me try this from another tack. Because of your physical materialization, you exist at a precise intersection of time and space and you only exist because of the confluence of many different fields of actuality. These fields, chemical, electromagnetic and psychic, converging at this exact point, create the complete YOU that you know and love so much. To alien species in their space vehicle, approaching your space filled with your physical constructions, the only thing they are able to perceive is the one true reality and that is consciousness. They could and have flown through your earth without even bumping into it. Were it not for the creation of these various platforms for experience, both physical and non-physical, to which all consciousness adapts itself, you would drift hopelessly into nothingness. And even though, to other alien civilizations, attached to their own systems that they have also created, your system does not exist, to you, it is the only one you have for the time being, so it behooves you to make the best of it.

Now, as to the location of these countless fields and dimensions, you must keep in mind that even though space has some utility for your physical orientation while you inhabit your corporal body, it is an illusion, valuable only to those who are materialized within it. Space is an illusion, partly inflicted on yourself by your conception of time, and while you are here, you cannot escape it unless you experience it or choose not to experience it in a dream or when you die. In other words, time and space are meaningful to you now, but they are only a necessary parameter of your system, an illusion, yes, albeit a handy illusion for you now. But if we are to consider locations of fields, dimensions, worlds, planes and universes, we must temporarily divest ourselves of the excess psychic baggage of distance and space..

As you look out into “your” space, you see planets, nebula, comets, solar systems, stars and other wonderful things to look at, but they are not really what they seem, since you are only viewing a small portion of their reality as it intrudes into you field of perception. Their greater reality exists outside of the physical system. Do not for a minute assume that other universes cannot exist in this same space or through the same space as your universe. There are supportive universes such as the electrical universe that contain the “electromagnetic data information” of every physical construction, event, history and memories of your entire species and your world. This electrical universe is independent but its reality is intertwined with everything that is in your universe and from this coded data, should your universe disappear, it could be perfectly rebuilt.

To you, your planet, your earth is solid and you can’t imagine anything else existing in the same space as your world, but remember, your world is only solid to you. In a very real way, life is a trance state in which you all participate while you are in the physical system. Your consciousness is precisely tuned to certain specific bands of electrical intensities that represent your world and everything it contains. There is no real difference between one of your physical objects, say a table that everyone sees, than an hallucination of a table that only you can see. They are the same and they are created in exactly the same way, the only difference being that you alone can perceive your hallucinated table and others can perceive your object table. There really is no basic solidity that can be found in your universe or any other. Solidity is a matter of discriminating perception, unique to those who use certain perceptive abilities. In short, if you don’t create it, you can’t perceive it, and if you don’t have the right preceptors, you can’t create it in accordance with your adopted system.

Expansion and distance in space is the physical perception of the psychic properties of expansion of the conscious mind. Distance and space are not required for an idea to expand. A dream expands giving a wonderful illusion of time and space that you can enjoy immensely, but in your dreams you see time and space for what they really are, an illusion. Space is the appearance of physical expansion of psychic or emotional properties. Emotions grow and expand, love grows and expands, ideas grow and expand and none of these requires any space, neither does a universe since it comes from the same source.

Everything in your universe is in its proper place according to the way you are obliged to perceive it, but you are not bound to those limitations and as you allow your consciousness to expand, you are able to see beyond those limitations. Complete universes, fields, planes and dimensions, as or more complicated than your own exist in and expanded present of timelessness and spacelessness, (I made that up), and they will never interfere with each other. Many of you have caught fleeting glimpses of “out of this world” phenomena that you did not recognize and wondered if you really saw what you think you saw. These aberrations happen occasionally during physical storms or moments of spontaneous illumination and amount to psychic breakthroughs into others systems constructions.

This leads me to another question that you may ask, if space is an illusion, how can we travel to other planets and what do we land on if nothing is really solid. This answer is short and concise, but I will discuss this in more detail at another time.

Space travel by physically constructed space vehicles can be accomplished because your illusion is a REAL illusion and while you are in your physical body, all aspects of it will hold. In other words, planets, stars, etc will all be what you think the are and you will be able to use them in according to your beliefs, but your conception of space travel as it is now envisioned will prove to be futile because of the distances involved between inhabited planets, and you will never find the countless non-physical, transparent systems that exist closer to your planet. Future space travel will involve one of the inherent properties of the inner self, dissolution and reassembly of the atomic structure of the human body. You will be able to divest yourself of your familiar body pattern structure at your departure location, project your consciousness to the desired destination, and then reassemble your body, filling it its psychic pattern using the atoms available at the new location.

You will be able to utilize physical space travel in limited ways, but it simply will never become practical for most purposes for you at this time. There are shortcuts through the physical universe that could be used that will be eventually theorized, and we will discuss that at another time.

I almost hesitate to say this because I have alluded to it so many times in other articles, but in the true inner reality which is the source of all worlds and universes, all universes exist comfortably in the same space even though now you must perceive them in a somewhat linear fashion, stretched out one beyond the other into ever expanding space. This is the illusion which you must pay homage to while you dwell within its confines, but you can escape the illusion to some degree by enlarging your scope of perception through knowledge.

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Various Universes of different frequency coexist in the same 'location' just like the signals of radio and TV channels do.