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In our last article, I tried to explain the origin of illness in some varied cases. Of course, in articles such as this we can only hope to scratch the surface of such understandings. I hope to bring to your awareness and somewhat open up an inner reality that is the true bedrock of all physical actualities. I tried to explain, sometimes in a most inadequate way I suppose, the psychological source or most illness. I say most, because there are other sources of illness voluntarily adopted by the human personality for various reasons, but still, even in these cases, the source is still psychological, a need by the personality to confront a challenge in the form of an affliction. I have briefly explained a couple of those instances, and since we are not dealing with them here, you could go back to the last article if you would like to be brought up to speed on this subject.

In this article, I want to try to the best of my ability, to explain in words, that which is truly unexplainable through the use of language alone, so I ask you to call upon your inner intuitions to try and get a feel for what I will be saying here. The difficulty for me in explaining these concepts is that the concepts themselves do not originate in your familiar world or your universe and so it is not unusual that words were never necessary to explain that which was not physically observable in your context of time and space. This is not unusual since you cannot hold a concept, an idea or a thought in your hands, dissect it and examine it with your physical instruments. Actually, this knowledge regarding the true nature of illness comes from others far more advanced than I, who understand things far better than I do., but I am led to explain it the best I can.

It has occurred to me that I have not fully explained what I mean when I say that illness is the result of discordant beliefs, so I want to clear up what I mean when I say that. Illness is the result of the inner self responding to an unnatural accumulation and acceptance of negative, limiting and in some cases destructive beliefs. Illness is the result expressed in the human body in response to an accumulation or “excess” of negative beliefs. The important word here is obviously “excess”, since occasional hate, anger, dishonesty, etc. are natural feelings and emotions and can be in fact a healthy response to certain stimuli. It is just when these destructive beliefs and traits become for all intents and purposes, a way of life, and are carried to extremes over long periods of time that it becomes detrimental to the personal life of the identity.

These problems recognized as destructive by the inner self, must then be brought to the attention of the ego, so the inner self, inner you, (subconscious self), sends a message to the physical organism in the form of illness. The illness is neutral and is in no way negative in intent, although its effects may indeed be perceived as negative to the one who is sick. It is important to mention here that a long lasting illness, achieving a certain acquiescence on the part of the afflicted, takes on a life of its own, almost becoming a secondary personality, accepted and tolerated almost as an integral part of the self. For this reason if no other, a plan of action should be initiated to rid yourself of the problem before you begin to accept it as a permanent condition.

In our last article, I tried to explain how illness is a psychic phenomenon first, utilized by your inner self as a communication medium to alert the physical personality that there exists some psychological discord in the belief system of the personality, resulting in blockages in the flow of creative energy of the inner self as it projects itself outward to create the human form. When these energies are blocked, diverted or deflected from their original path by faulty, destructive or downright wrong beliefs on the part of the identity, then illness of some kind is sure to result. The nature and severity of the illness will have inner relevance to the personality and through introspection, and honest self appraisal, one can sometimes determine the cause of the illness and institute necessary changes which will result in the eventual cure you are seeking.

I am not saying that you should not go to a doctor for your illness, because in fact, they can help you identify the problem and treat it on the surface level and for some that is enough. The real problem is that treating the current illness, if done in any one of many traditional ways, will work to some extent if you truly believe you can be healed by the treatment administered. Long ago, witch doctors, medicine men, shamans and sorcerers did a pretty good job of healing as long as the patients believed in the treatment they offered. In many cases, they simply scared the sickness out of you. Just why you believe so intently in the doctor’s ability to heal you is another story and is not pertinent to this discussion other than to say that because doctors are held in such high esteem, their cures are usually very effective in most cases.

It is also important to mention here that the physical body has all of the tools built in to heal itself if you do not erect barriers in the way, blocking the natural flow of healing energy that is rightfully yours. Under normal conditions, assuming the belief system of the personality is healthy and not degraded, it is quite able to heal itself of even the most difficult to treat illness, but here again, this ability only functions well when it is unimpeded. Bottom line is that if you truly believe that you are immune from illness, you will be immune from illness and no nasty little bug will be able to assail a natural healthy human form.

I want to make a rather important point here and it is that when I say, when your body is its natural state of equilibrium, a healthy balance of beneficial beliefs, it is generally immune from illness. This state has absolutely nothing to do with what you have been taught about sanctimonious, religious living, walking softly, speaking quietly, attending church regularly, tithing and so forth. It does have something to do with healthy exuberant, spontaneous, rambunctious living, experiencing everything there is to experience without harming others. Having respect for the environment and nature of which you are an integral part and understanding your undeniable state of grace and your unique and rightful place in the universe.

There are some illnesses that seem to resist treatment in some patients and affect cures in others, the reasons behind this are simply the differences in the belief systems of the patients. If you truly believe that a doctor can heal you, then the chances are that you will be healed by any treatment the doctor prescribes. On the other hand, if you do not believe you can be cured by the treatment offered, no doctor will be able to cure you of your affliction and no physical cure alone will address the original reason for the illness in the first place, since that reason is subjective and no objective cure alone will result in a complete long term cure. You must get at the inner source of the illness in the first place if you are to affect a permanent cure,

So, here is what I suggest you do. Read all the information available to you on your illness and the possible and most successful cures. Go to your doctor and pursue a regimen recommended to bring about that cure. In the cases of some of the more common, less significant seasonal illness such as common colds, flu, etc., trust the body to know what to do to heal itself, give it some time. The human body is the best healer when you get out of the way of the healing process. Begin a “self examination” program, sit quietly with pen and paper at hand, trying to remember, thinking back in your past, even into your childhood, looking for the first signs of these distorted beliefs, yes, even if they came from good old mommy and daddy. There was a time that mommy and daddy were the sole providers for your well being and safety, but those days are over and remember, they could be wrong too, and you are the only one responsible for your health now, so you need to discover the roots of your health problems and those roots could reach back into your childhood.

A simple belief such as the old axiom that “Money is the root of all evil” inserted into your belief system, collecting other like beliefs, (remember, like attracts like), could for instance, cause you to have disdain for money and have financial problems all of your life. A simple belief that people catch colds in the winter because it is “cold” outside, following beliefs given by your parents at a very young age, to wear you ear muffs or you will catch a cold are not only misleading but can cause your immune system to lower its defenses to the very germs you want to protect yourself against.
This is the most difficult part of this process to understand. It really makes no difference whether the beliefs fall under the category of good or bad, true or false in relation to current societal standards since what you believe will become your reality and your reality will shift and adjust to accommodate and follow your beliefs whether or not they are valid beliefs. What is good or bad, true or false is simply what your civilization accepts as the norm for this particular era, and the standards are arbitrary. Today’s truth is tomorrow’s fiction.

Rather than look at it as; is this belief good or bad, true or false, it is better to look on it as; “Is this belief beneficial to my well being or not? Of course you must always seek truth, but you must be willing to honestly examine and appraise any suspect beliefs lurking around in the recesses of your mind and be willing to make necessary changes where deemed necessary. Over a lifetime, one can accumulate a corrupted belief system, not realizing that the beliefs can cause negative effect that ripple into all areas of your life.

I did this at one point in my life many years ago, more than I like to remember, and frankly, I was appalled at what I came up with, having never taken the time to really analyze my beliefs, I came to the conclusion that my entire belief system was so discombobulated that I decided that I needed to pretty much change everything and start from scratch. I didn’t really like the “me” that I found inside, the “me” that I had long ignored.. For some people, it is difficult to root out and discard unhealthy beliefs, and in many cases, that is the very reason that you keep coming down with the same illness again and again.

Finally, I do not mean to infer that it takes a distorted belief about health, sickness or illness to manifest illness in your life. Remember, I said that the inner self (subconscious) speaks to the outer self (ego) through the use of symbols and not words. Hypothetically then, a reoccurring leg or back pain that impairs your movement could be symbolic of distorted beliefs about unhappiness in your place of residence, projected outward on the physical body in some fashion to symbolize the lack of willingness to move your home to another physical location or to move forward in your life, brought to the surface by the manifestation of an illness restricting physical movement of the human body. It could also represent the reluctance to move ahead in your job or profession. A problem with your vision could represent “lack of vision”, in a variety of areas of your life and it could symbolize “lack of foresight”, refusing to “see” or face problems that lie ahead..

You can then see that discovering the true linkage between your beliefs and your illness is not an easy task. This is exacerbated by the fact that usually there is not only one clearly identifiable faulty belief, but a collection of many minor beliefs that in total add up to an unhealthy belief structure.

Consciousness is one of the basic properties of energy and one cannot be separated from the other since all energy is conscious and all consciousness is energy that is aware of itself. Consciousness creates the human body from the inside out, inserting itself physically through the introduction of the male sperm into the physical organism, then participating in the forming of the fetus. We have discussed this creation process in the past, but you should know that the human identify is the result of the impinging of varied component fields coalescing at precise time/space co-ordinates forming the body through the utilization of electrons, atoms, cells and molecules following directives of the still non physical driving consciousness

The real miracle is that these various invisible field components, psychic fields, electrical fields and mental chemical fields can intersect at some precise point and form a viable human body. At some point before physical birth, the previous non-physical consciousness impresses itself into the growing fetus. Once formed, the ego, the new self or outer conscious self takes over the job of the continued creation and maintenance of the physical structure and is from then on influenced by a wide variety of exterior stimuli. From birth you literally absorb information from a variety of sources, some beneficial and some not so beneficial, and when the non-beneficial information begins to predominate, the inner self begins to create in line with your conscious beliefs and expresses itself through illness. Illness then, is usually the cause of either one predominating faulty belief or an accumulation of many small faulty beliefs, expressed physically through the body in the form of illness.

Your job is to identify the suspect beliefs, change them, or eradicate them entirely if they no longer serve your purposes. Another real problem is that when you concentrate on the “illness”, you do exactly what you don’t want to do, that is, you lend strength to the illness itself and increase its power. So, you can see that this is not an easy task, but it can be done with patience, honesty and the willingness to admit that some of your most cherished beliefs need to be discarded and new healthy ones inserted.

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