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Illness is one of the subjects that I get asked questions about most often and for that reason, I feel it is necessary to delve into occasionally. Unfortunately, illness is most difficult to explain in all of its ramifications, and to really understand it you would have to be somewhat more advanced in your understanding of the inner workings of the human consciousness, but I trust you can get some glimmerings of the true nature of illness from this material. Fortunately, I can touch on certain aspects of some of the reasons behind illness and make some suggestions on what you can do to alleviate some if the problems inherent in the reality behind the physical symptoms.

We have discussed in some detail the creation of physical matter and since illness affects the physical body, it must then have been created, but by who you may ask. There are some guilt obsessed people who attribute illness to some sort of punishment from God delivered to his subjects for various infractions or disobedience to his commandments or laws, and your clergy are only too eager to reinforce those flawed beliefs. There are others who attribute some reoccurring sickness to the latent defective genetic codes passed down to them from their parents or other family members. There is a common belief held by many that your world is a VERY hazardous world, inhabited by countless dangerous, vicious, predatory virus and bacteria, just waiting for the right season or condition to launch their offensive on mankind. But thankfully, your illustrious doctors now have the ability to create vaccines to confront such approaching armies of bugs and lay them low. Of course, these vaccines are effective only because you implicitly believe and expect them to be effective.

Well, of course, I say all of this with a smile on my face and cannot help but wonder why no one has stumbled on the real reasons behind illness, sickness and other afflictions of the temporary nature. I do want to once again just mention that permanent afflictions that were yours at birth, were ones that for one reason or another you invited into your life for the value of the lessons that could be learned from living a life with a handicap or health challenge. In this case you created a life with latent potentiality for the development of a permanent disability and for all intents and purposes, you will not be able to institute any beneficial changes as to healing or curing that which you yourself selected. Before you ask, why would someone intentionally create and accept a lifetime of illness or infirmity if he had a choice, but there is much that can be gained from triumphing over a permanent handicap or disability as evidenced by Steven Hawkins, one of the most celebrated scientists of your time, who by the way is a quadriplegic. Enough said about permanent disabilities adopted at birth, they fall into a different category entirely and shall be discussed at another time.

There is another aspect of illness that must be mentioned here and that is the natural inclination of the body’s immune system to periodically lower its natural defenses to stimulate and check it’s efficiency from time to time by inviting in a temporary, harmless illness, to activate defensive mechanisms within the human body that will in turn reject the attacking virus, thereby stimulating the somewhat inactive immune system. For this reason, even the most healthy among you will from time to time experience minor illnesses. This is also not what we are discussing here.

For now we are talking about serious illness and sickness but of a more temporary kind, which can be inconvenient, uncomfortable even quite debilitating, sometimes even resulting in death. Not all illness is significant enough to be considered here as a purposeful illness, but rest assured that all illness has a mental origin. The actual illness itself is but an outwardly observable symptom of a malfunction in the free flow of inner energy, a blockage caused by psychic barriers set up by conflicting beliefs presently held by the personality. Illness is the inner self’s attempt to deliver a message to the outer ego self that something is wrong and the illness itself, symbolic in nature, is meant to alert the outer self that adjustments need to be made to bring the body back into its natural state of equilibrium.

In the most simple terms, and this is a gross oversimplification for sure, but a healthy body is the sign of a personality who maintains a comfortable balance between himself/herself, family, friends, acquaintances and the environment. A healthy body is an outward sign of someone who does not harbor hates or bad feelings toward anyone or anything. That does not mean that they don’t get angry, but that they have learned how to let express and release their anger outward and allow it to dissipate rather than to hold it inside where it can grow and fester. In other words, they have learned how to get over it.

A healthy body is the outward sign of someone who has enough. Who does not need bigger houses, faster cars, larger diamond rings, but who finds comfort, satisfaction and enjoyment in simple pleasures, enjoying what they have, not envying what they don’t have, and who is not always striving to have more. They understand that physical “things” are only the props in the play and that real values are found in the intangibles of love, caring, natural grace, emotions, knowledge and wisdom. They find comfort in religion, or they find comfort in no religion, but they both sense their unspoken connection with the prime divinity that has no physical face. Please understand, I am not saying that there is anything inherently wrong with wealth, in fact, the possession of wealth can be wonderful, especially when used to benefit your less fortunate contemporaries.

A person with a healthy body may have been born under the pall of unfinished previous life challenges or indiscretions, but knows inherently that they have created their current difficulties whether in this life or another and they accept their responsibility in solving the problems and do not try to blame their problems on someone else. They may have been born with inherent pre-disposition to certain genetic deficiencies prevalent in their family history, but they trust an inner knowing that as cells can change, so can genes change, mutate and adapt to new beliefs and expectations and no presumed genetic affliction is pre-ordained and written in stone. They trust in the integrity of the human bodies ability to maintain and heal itself.

My intent in this article is not to cure the world, because that is hardly possible, but sickness in the future will be better understood and dealt with more even handedly and efficiently by your physicians and medical professionals, treating both the physical symptoms while addressing the inner mental aspects of the origins of illness. I hesitate to write this, but as your favorite evangelical preachers, Richard and Oral Roberts and friends would say, “the devil made me do it” (with a big evil smile),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and of course, this is an over simplification, but ”screwed up inside, screwed up outside”. That is the general rule. The outer condition will always try to mimic or reproduce the inner state and illness is simply an outer reflection of inner problems working their way to the surface so they can be physically observed and dealt with. The human body is an accurate barometer reflecting the inner state of being.

Now, if what I say here sounds plausible to you, I don’t want you to think for an instant that cures are easily come by, simply because finding the mental instigators to these blockages and diversions of the free, unimpeded flow or inner energy into outward manifestation is not an easy task, but it can be done with persistence and diligence. Here is why it is so difficult and here we go with another of my infamous analogies. Think of this flow of this inner energy as the flow of a stream channeled to turn a wheel in a grist mill used to grind grain into flower or to turn a turbine in a power plant. If a diversion is placed in the path of the flow of the water, shunting the water into other channels, the amount and force of the water that is available to drive the paddle wheel or turbine is reduced, thereby minimizing the efficiency of the wheel to perform its intended task. Look at your defective and impaired beliefs as diversions of the psychic energy stream from the inner self on its journey into the materialization of exterior physical objects and events, in this case your body.

Lets take a simple premise here, say that most of your life you have been taught that it is a sin to commit adultery. Many of your religions tell you that if you commit adultery, you will spend eternity in hell. One of your presidents went so far as to claim that he had sinned since he looked at a lady that was not his wife with lust. I have attempted to explain before that some of your most cherished “sins” are not sins at all in the context that you use the word, but you knew that and that is a discussion for another time. Your society in a great part believes that you are a naturally flawed species at birth, born in a state of sin and that you must constantly be attempting to rise above this blemished state. You are taught in a counter-intuitive way, not to look at, gaze upon or admire another member of the opposite sex within your own species, if they are married.

Now, this “gazing upon” may be risky business if the other spouse is around, but it is not sinful. On the other hand, the “belief” that it is sinful can set up mental conflicts within your thought patterns, that of course, will follow your beliefs, be they right or wrong beliefs. What is important is not whether your beliefs are valid, but that when your actions impede this natural flow of constructive energy, you will get flawed constructions, whether they be objects or events in your life. (An event is simply an object in motion as it is observed through the perspective of time.)

So, to your inner self (subconscious), there is an impediment (a defective, harmful belief), which is an obstruction placed in the stream of consciousness ability to create a somewhat perfect physical representation of an inner idea event, the physical body, resulting in a less than perfect or flawed physical construction. The inner self then needs to alert the ego self, (the I) identity that something is wrong and it uses one way that it can effectively communicate with the physical personality, by creating an observable defect in the reproduction, in this case the flaw being the illness observable though visible physical symptoms of the body itself. The symptoms are meant to give you a hint of of inner turmoil or discord, disrupting the energy flow.

You call it an illness, sickness or infirmity, usually not a disability in these cases, although in some instances the illness can be quite disabling until the problem is isolated and dealt with. The inner you speaks to the outer ego you, not with words, but in a symbolic way, so it’s messages to the outer personality will usually be in what you may call a coded form from the inner self, projected as an illness upon it’s own physical body, in as close a representation to the faulty beliefs as possible. In other words, the nature of the illness will usually have some relevance to the belief or the illness itself will serve to help identify the origin of the problem.

I am aware that this will be hard for some to accept, but look at it this way; what do you have to lose by considering what I am going to suggest. Here are some hints as to how the inner self uses symbolic messages represented by illness; for instance a mental over obsession with sex or sexual deviance, may be exteriorized by the inner self as temporary impotence or through some affliction occurring in the sexual reproductive area of the body. An overly pompous, inflated, conceited type of person may find themselves with an ulcer or tumor as an outward representation of the false idea of the “inflation of the ego” or “adding to or becoming more” the destructive tendency of the belief showing itself by growing as mass or weight of the personality, represented by becoming greater by adding a physical growth.

Now, doctors and medical men may indeed institute a cure for any given illness if the patient is agreeable to the cure, which incidentally, is not always the case. The problem with curing only the outwardly observable illness is that if the inner conflict is not addressed, the patient will just soon be sick again, adopting another illness since the real cause has not been found. Doctors do their best with the limited information they have available, but this will change as your civilization begins to realize the existence of the vast inner universe from which your physical universe and all of it’s manifestations emerge. Medical care will include not only pills and the removal of organs but also delving into the inner reality to discover the real cause behind illness.

I am aware that these concepts may be hard to comprehend at this time, but I can assure you that no illness ever randomly attacked anyone if the mental permission were not given. I have said this before many times, but this is not a meaningless world in a meaningless universe and life itself is not a haphazard, accidental state of existence. There is a reason for everything, and it is especially important to understand that all states of illness have a mental origin and can only be “permanently” cured by first addressing the inner psychological source. Finding and identifying that source is the real challenge and can only be done through introspection. There is more to be said on this subject.

Next Article Preview; What you can do to help cure illness.

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Unknown said...

I am a medical practitioner, and I agree completely. I started with little understanding of the Universe, but I woke up. I have for some time, explained to all my patients, the true cause of illness, as noted above and yes it is hard to pick up all the pieces of discrupted energy, and deal with them in some people. But I try, and most importantly, I get the patients I see to unravel all the negative emotion/thoughts etc that they have built up, and slowly they return to health. I too belief that all diseases are curable, as we create them with how we have perceived our life to be up to now. However some people will resist that idea, and remain ill, until they too awaken to their true natures, as divine sparks, and a co-creator of all the reality. Yes health is complicated but possible for all of us.