Thursday, October 22, 2009


The question as it is posed; Having recently noticed the strange cloud formation, photographed over Russia, claimed by some to be an alien spacecraft, it made me wonder about all of the claims of abductions of earth human beings by aliens for experimentation. Has this really every happened?

Thank you for the questions, and I wish there was a simple answer that would make this more understandable, and if I were to say that there were indeed abductions by strange “Klingon like” aliens driving “Battle Cruisers” around the universe looking for new planets to colonize, then, I would probably have a best seller on my hands.

The main problem is that you tend to evaluate the existence of other beings, other worlds and other universes in relation to your own reality, assuming that yourself and your world is the epitome of development across the universe. You even have the audacity to ask the question “is there anyone out there”? And I dare say that you are looking for other beings that look like yourselves on worlds that look strikingly like your own. This is the utmost idiocy. If you had any inkling at all about the true nature of consciousness and its need to express itself in a multiplicity of forms and dimensions, then you would not always be looking for others like yourselves in your same neighborhood.

You even imagine your gods in humanistic form, Jehovah, being a distinguished elderly gentlemen with long flowing hair and beard carrying a scale to judge you and then smite you with his judgmental sword for your sins, as your legends have it. Unfortunately, your myths and legends were largely crafted for primitive peoples, and were never meant to be clung to forever like children clinging to their favorite security blanket. You have grown up on far fetched tales of extra terrestrials coming to occupy your planet and take over your bodies. If I had a dollar for every movie that has been made about the aliens whose planet was being destroyed and were coming to take over your planet, I would be wealthy beyond imagination. If you truly want to understand the possibilities of aliens landing on your planet and saying “take me to your leader”, you need to know a bit more about the time and space that you perceive. It may not be what you think it is, and therefore, conclusions that you reach about vehicular space travel and meeting others like yourselves is somewhat erroneous. No system of reality (world) is alike, the inhabitants are not alike, their perceptions are not the same and the means of communication are not alike, and speech and spoken words is unique to the Earth system. Most realities rely on telepathy for communication

It is also necessary to understand that “Earth2000" civilization as we shall call yours, is a very young, evolving civilization, as civilizations go. You will never understand what I am going to postulate here if you believe that you are the top echelon of evolved systems. In fact, it isn’t entirely your fault, you can be easily misled by the extraordinary achievements of your technology at the expense of your emotional, spiritual and social development. I won’t waste a lot of valuable space here other than to say, if you think for a minute that your civilization is on the top rung of the consciousness ladder, you are sadly mistaken. Your civilization is just beginning, and I offer as justification of that statement, the fact that you still kill, murder, go to war, kill and eat other species, pollute the water that you drink and destroy the very environment that supports you, and you do it with happy abandon, thinking there is no limit to the abundance.

Your country elected as your exalted leader, a past president who said that he would do nothing to alleviate “Global Warming” because it might cost you some jobs. This is of course, the height of lunacy, yet a majority of your country saw fit to elect such a person of such limited vision. Your entire planet is over populated, causing millions of people to starve to death, but still, some of your religious leaders tell you it is immoral to limit births, even though many of the new born are sure to live an austere life or die in infancy. Is this an advanced civilization? I think not. I am not trying to admonish anyone because other civilizations have come and gone, made similar mistakes and were destroyed, they did not come to grips with and solve the pressing problems of their day.

There IS a point of no return, where the last available drop of potable water will be drunk, the last kernel of wheat will be eaten, the last bit of available space will be occupied, and will you then still be following deluded leaders like trained sheep, murdering each other, polluting your planet and procreating yourselves to an unsustainable world where no one can live in peace, fulfillment and abundance? That is a rhetorical question, of course. Your world has its limits, and you are now testing them. These problems were foreseen, in other words, the probabilities always existed, but were not inevitable. The solutions were left up to you. Your world is exactly where it should be, but the time for solving its problems is not unlimited and there are no gods to swoop down from the clouds with golden wings to save you. The way this all works, is that you have to do it yourselves, or there would be no lessons learned and learning is the name of this game..

Sorry, I got off the track, but I was trying to make vivid the true reality of th infancy of your civilization before trying to explain the motivations of other worlds, systems of reality so far more advanced than your own that they simply do not understand killing, murder or violence to others of their own kind or other alien species. Some time ago a space vehicle was sighted in the sky over a country in Europe, and what did their military decide to do, they tried to shoot it down. Now, that my friends, speaks volumes about your state of development as a civilization. Did it ever occur to you that any civilization that has developed the sophisticated, advanced technological know-how to travel the vast distances of the universe would not carry weapons simply because no other civilization than your own inflicts violence on others. To other species more advanced than your own, and there are many, they have evolved beyond such limiting ideas and they know that you can kill nothing.

In your science fiction movies, other alien civilizations come to your planet to abduct those of your species to do tests on them, to learn from them, so they can take over your bodies and your planet. It is laughable to think that these very advanced alien civilizations, some of which have evolved through and beyond the “Earth” system so very long ago, could learn anything from you. They have forgotten more than you know, and have no more need of primitive, outdated information than you have for a ten year old computer.

There are other worlds, (systems of reality), that are more or less on the same plane as you, having evolved through your physically materialized Earth system and then migrating to other more advanced systems in other galaxies. They still watch over your developments with curiosity, but even for them an inter galactic journey is fraught with difficulties to overcome. All “Systems” are either materialized in their own way or not materialized at all. In any case, all adhere to their own rules of life for their own unique planets, dimensions and planes, they each have their own parameters for existence, adopting suitable forms and perceptions tuned to create their own camouflage structures, their own kind of reality. You cannot project in any meaningful way, your system, its laws and rules for existence on other civilizations.

You cannot superimpose YOUR particular camouflage reality forms on others either, thinking you are the ONLY intelligent beings in the universe,,,,,,,,, it simply doesn’t work that way. So, if inter-galactic encounters are to occur at all, one or both of the travelers must be evolved and developed enough to be able to change their inherent form (camouflage) and for a limited time, adopt the common patterns and forms of the host civilization, otherwise nothing would be perceived and no communication would be possible. Words will not be used for communication of course, as telepathy, (using thought words at first), is the universal language at this level. Beyond thought words lies telepathic concept communication where an entire concept, experienced by you through a period of consecutive time, would be conveyed and understood instantaneously. This is the way you will communicate with other survival personalities like yourself or with surviving personalities still in the physical system, after transition from your present physical form upon death.

What I am trying to explain in a round about manner, is that what is alien to you is common to other civilizations, and other civilizations could not have possibly achieved the technilogical level necessary for space travel and adoption of the camouflage patterns of other systems unless they were quite evolved and beyond your fears of alien abductions. Some of these ancient civilizations are aware of you and know that they too went through this necessary training in your system. Yours is a training system where you are learning the responsible use of energy in the process of creation. Your objects and events are created with atoms and molecules on a micro level and emerge as concrete examples and proofs of your evolving abilities in the creative processes so you can see how well you are doing.

Finally, no one, no civilization has ever been visited by aliens in space vehicles from other planets or galaxies with ill intent, and no one has ever been abducted, kidnaped or otherwise exploited by advanced space beings. It is not their nature and it is not really your nature either, but you must learn through experience that requires failures as well as successes. Have you ever stopped to think that if you got everything you wanted, you would never discover that YOU and only YOU are creating your reality every day. It is only through a necessary mix of bad and good, success and failure, a system of opposites, that provide a landscape in which you can make a mistake, correct it and learn. When you see the concrete proofs of your defective creations, you will finally come to terms with the inevitable conclusion, that you are indeed creating everything in your life including your most intimate personal environment through your thoughts, emotions and expectations.

Your planet has been visited in the past and contact made, but not in your time. It will happen in the future. By the way, your feeble attempts to shoot down a space vehicle are not only ludicrous, but downright laughable. Your guns and bombs only affect your own camouflage objects and would have no effect at all on camouflage structures from other worlds, for from your world perspective, there would be nothing to shoot down. Can you shoot down a dream space ship? Can a dream alien abduct you?
I think not.

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Anonymous said...

Is it possible to travel through time in the earth reality?

W. Allan said...

Wow! You do ask difficult questions that cannot be answered in a short comment. For now; all time exists now, past, present and future, but you have trained your consciousness as a species, to accept and react to only a specific and very discriminating set of data.

The future is withheld from your perceptions at this time, but it does exist in the expansive present, not in concrete terms, but as probable events in probable worlds. Theoretically, you can travel through time just as you can travel through space since "all ages and epochs" exist now, but they are tuned to their own consciousness systems, as yours is tuned to your conscious Earth system.

The past is not finished and all probable futures already exist. In dreams you visit other times and places and communicate with dead people quite regularly. Why would you think you can visit them if they do not exist. I know this is not a satisfactory answer, but I will explain in my next longer article where more space is available.
Thanks for the questions,,,,,,and what a question it is.