Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When we die or transition, we move on to another temporary dimension. This other dimension is an in-between plane of reality, a place where we rest before beginning another life, a place of contemplation, reflection and discovery about your recent past life and its challenges. It is from this plane that plans are formulated for the next future life.

Animals, because of the nature of their unique kind of consciousness which is not ego oriented as ours is, move in and out of lives more quickly in terms of time comparatively speaking. They do not need that time for re-focusing for the next life to come, so they are psychically ready to move on almost immediately after death. Animals reincarnate just as do humans.

When pets die, they do the same, their after death experience is somewhat different, lacking the ego consciousness they are not concerned with the same type of considerations for future development as we are. The thing that we must remember is that animals do not experience reality as we do. Their life experience is so different from ours that one could almost say that they experience an entirely different dimension, but not quite.

As humans, we tend to equate other creatures experience in the light of our own reality. Animals, for instance, do not experience time as we do. They do not count the hours and minutes, but rather their experience is more concentrated in an expanded but intense present. Animals do not exercise memory as we do, nor do they fear or concentrate on what may have happened in the past. Their experience of memory could be likened to a natural biological intensity and strong emotion and they experience in the moment is also more intense and all inclusive. Animals do develop love and attachments as we do, but it is more of a biological memory based on emotions and feelings than mental recall.

Humans, because of their thinking, reasoning, egocentric type of consciousness usually will choose to spend a longer time in this in-between plane before moving on to a new life. This varies with the individual consciousness involved and the choice is strictly theirs to make. One who is impatient and who found physical life enchanting might for instance, anxious to live again, decide to reincarnate almost immediately, desiring to get back into the game quickly. Others might make a wiser choice to take the necessary time to reexamine and reorient their consciousness, look back on their past life, learning from its experience and then begin making definite plans for a future incarnation.

We develop strong attachments to our pets as they do to us and in some cases our attachments to pets is stronger than any we had with others of our own species. For that reason alone, it only seems natural that we would want to see out pets again after death and we do. Remember that in your next life, your favorite pet will not look the same and neither will you. If you were a woman, you could just as likely reincarnate as a man, so don’t expect good old “Fluffy” to look the same either.
If an animal passed before you did, there is a very good possibility that it would reincarnate almost immediately and could pop up in your life again within months as a puppy or kitten found at a shelter, showing you great fondness. The immediate strong feeling of closeness, fondness and affection will be your clue to the former connection.

A pet can reincarnate as another species within its overall classification. In other words, a cat could reincarnate as a dog or any other mammal of similar development. An animal cannot reincarnate within the human species any more than a dog could be reborn as a fish. There is no transmutation of species in reincarnation as we think of it. A human will always be a human and an animal will always be an animal. There are some caveats to this that I will explain in another article.

But, the pet, or animal would reincarnate soon after the previous death and you most likely would not. So you would probably not meet again that soon, but if you were really close with that pet, the pet might prolong its reincarnation to coincide with yours so you would be together again. Remember, there is purpose behind everything and that purpose is deeply rooted in love, even if it is love of a animal or a person.

Just as people who are very close will see each other again in lifetime after lifetime, so will animals and humans who are close do the same. Like attracts like and love attracts love and that principle holds between species.

So it would be likely that you would see an animal again that you were close to in this life if you both passed around the same time period. If not, there is a chance that you will pass in the night, so to speak. Since the animal can be born again within a matter of our earth weeks or months, there is a good possibility that you could meet again in this lifetime before you passed.

There is one factor that holds true both with humans and animals; you will see those you have strong feelings about which holds true whether those feelings are love or hate. Hate is lack of love, a withholding of expected love and you will have unfinished business with those you hate that must be addressed in this lifetime or another.

Conversely speaking, those who you have no strong feelings about, neither love or hate will move on to other endeavors and any future interactions will probably be unlikely. The saying that “Love is eternal” is very true, and who you love will be with you forever, including fluffy. Remember if you have a very close relationship with a pet now, it is very possible that you have been together before.

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