Wednesday, September 10, 2008


In the strictest interpretation of word meaning, we hallucinate reality, in that we create it through a miraculous cooperation between inner and outer consciousness, between the inner ego and the exterior ego utilizing a process whereby Nothing becomes Something. The something that becomes real is a psychic creation that does not exist to anyone else that would not have the exact same sensory organs that we do
In other words, intelligent beings from another planet approaching our small world in a space vehicle would most likely perceive nothing except perhaps the light of the presence of self aware consciousness. If our planet was perceivable to them, it might be able to land, to them our planet could seem desolate and uninhabited or it might fly completely through our world unknowingly. The only beings that could perceive our reality, as in the famous flying saucers are other civilizations that are on the same parallel plane as ourselves, meaning coming from planets that we can actually see or perceive with instruments. Remember, it is only our senses that make our planet, and our civilizations with their pasts, presents and futures valid

These kinds of world to world excursions are fraught with difficulty and could only be achieved by identities far more evolved that we are at this time. The technology involved in such space travel will not exist in any practical way for us for centuries, but it will come eventually. Space travel for us now is simply too slow and too far to go.

A hallucination is something that does not exist outside of the mind; it is a creation of the mind of an object or event. We have all agreed in advance to play the same game and the game has consequences and meaning. In that respect, it has value and it is real. When we peer through our most advanced telescopes, we perceive only what falls within our sensual abilities. The universe if filled with other phenomenon that we can not perceive, both physical and non-physical.

What we perceive, what seems real to us is only what we can extract by using our senses from available fields of energy driven into objective patterns and forms. Our physical brain then interprets what we perceive, that which falls within our belief structures and organizes it into recognizable objects and events. You could say that we encounter only what is meaningful to us and discard about 99% of everything else that actually exists.

The universe could be described as the ultimate psychological event, and in that respect, everything emerges from psychological fact and what emerges is real so it can not be an illusion, and it is not a hallucination because it does have a physical counterpart and it does exist outside of the mind. Which brings us to the question, if it exists, is it real?

Look at it this way, in a very true sense we are all in an immaculate trance, pre-programming our consciousness to perceive things a certain way, precisely tuning our perceptions before birth, to interpret what results from our beliefs and thoughts into what is real to us. But here is the really cool thing, thoughts and beliefs are just as real as the Sphinx or the Empire State Building.

What we are really talking about here is the transformation of a pure psychological event into different kinds of physically materialized constructions that we call three dimensional physical objects or events.

This building of objective reality from subjective thought is a natural process of self aware consciousness and is carried out by natural emanations of that consciousness, invisible subjective particles gathering, swarming, collecting and attracting other such emanations until the inner vibrational patterns reach a critical level of intensity, igniting inner processes that literally jump the barrier between a subjective inner state (thought) into objective physical matter.

These first particles are, of course, pure energy changing form to manifest itself into the smallest imaginable particles, much smaller even than electrons, mesons, quarks, etc. This was indeed the triumphant psychological breakthrough that allowed our universe to emerge from its inner subjective bed, creating time and space in its wake.

The process is in a way magical, but if “All That Is” had not devised this incomprehensible process to create Everything from Nothing, there would still be nothing but an eternal subjective dream state of drowsiness and no physical universe would have ever emerged from it’s deep eternal psychological state. In a strange way, the universe has always existed, always wanted to be, before it knew its first atom, cell or molecule. This intense desire to be is still prevalent today in all consciousness. In greater terms, the universe had no beginning; it did have an emergence from its timeless subjective dream into the realm of actuality.

The real difficulty here is that we try to discuss subjects like these using words which are only symbols of something else. The words are NOT the reality. We use words as best we can to qualify and quantify and categorize objective things, but the true bed of Prime Reality out of which all physical phenomena rises is not physical at all. The reality comes first and the symbols or words follow. So when there is no physically perceivable reality to label with words or symbols, we find ourselves woefully lacking for adequate words to explain some of the very things we need to know to enhance our lives.

So where does this leave us?

Here is one truth. When you begin to understand the connection with your thoughts and what you experience, you will begin to also feel the power of knowing that no matter what you have created in the past, you are not at the mercy of a chance life in a chance world in a meaningless universe. You are the center of the universe from your perspective and from that lofty viewpoint; you can indeed create a better life.

So the answer is that we truly do hallucinate reality, creating an illusion that becomes physical structure. Physical, three dimensional objects and events are wonderful liars, overlaying inner patterns projected from the mind into the exterior world of fact. In other terms, while we are in a physical body living in a physical world that exists in a physical universe, we have to play by the rules of the game. Again we are limited by the meaning of words in trying to explain inner spiritual concepts that are truly out of this world. The illusion of solidity cannot be pierced except when consciousness is stilled in the sleep state, in dreams, in states of reverie or occasionally in rare cases of spontaneous illumination.

There is NO rock bed reality anywhere in any world or any universe and there is not one scintilla of solid, hard stuff out there anywhere in space, but if it seems real and solid and we can sit on it, that’s all that counts. There is no contradiction. It's all good !

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