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The question as it was posedI have read about how I could get a reading that would explain my characteristics and predict my future, how is that possible since the future doesn't exist yet? I just can't seem to get it through my head how the planets can affect my life, Is my future pre-planned by God?

Astrology is one of the least understood psychic phenomena that is believed to explain your personality and how you relate to your present world, affecting individual lives and world events alike. On the other hand, if you really knew the true nature of reality and perception, you would see the flaws in astrological predictions. The basis for much of the misconception is that the assumption that the universe and planets are relatively stationary, enduring and predictable in their characteristics, and this is far from the truth. The question must then arise, if the reality of the planets, stars and heavens is not really known, how can reliable predictions be made based on calculations that must someway be flawed. 
An explanation of astrology and the accuracy of horoscopes may make sense to you if you do not understand the true nature of creation and perception, and we have discussed those subjects before in these articles under the classifications here mentioned. If you believe, for instance, that upon your birth, you emerged into a world of “absolutes, you are greatly mistaken. You, in an over simplistic explanation, emerged into a world into which you were somewhat pre-conditioned to see things a certain way. Coming alive as never before in a new set of unique conditions somewhat predisposed to provide the suitable background for the challenges that you have selected for your new life.
Of course, this infers that you were alive before your birth and that is so. The opening of eyes of the fetus in a new world for the first time does not equate with aliveness in any way. It simply is the awakening to new avenue of focus in a physical world from a fresh viewpoint. You also emerge into a world of unlimited probable futures from which you could choose to actualize as a relevant format for your life that fits in with your before-life pre-conditioning.
In addition to that, you enter the physical “Earth System” of reality emerging from the womb with what seems to be an ever enduring concrete reality, set in stone objects and historical events from which you accept, draw from and then add to your life experience. So, there are many variables that are not as exact as they may seem.
The personality that you will develop in this world after birth is somewhat influenced by and the result of previous lives that you have lived before. The fetus does not enter this world as a blank slate to be written on by present experience only as some may think, but this newly developed personality is partially built on past lives experience that serves as reference points in developing the new identity.
I will not go into any great detail here about how perception actually creates the reality that you then experience and then react to, other than to say, that objects and events, in a very real way, are what you make of them. What I mean is that objects and events are basically an available field of energy that has been projected, creating a focal point in a time/space continuum in accordance with someones idea of what they wanted to create.
Your type of consciousness then, uses its unique senses to interpret that block of energy into your own version of the intended materialization. In that regard, materialization is simply a process of sensual perception, comparing what is perceived to other known patterns and then smoothing out the perceived differences through a kind of underground mental communication, to create the mass accepted versions of objects and events that are accepted by your world.
In other words, no two objects are the same for any two people. You create your objects from patterns of energy, and what that means on a strictly utilitarian level, is that an object or event is what you perceive it to be, but what I perceive it to be may be somewhat different. A visitor to this planet from an alien world with different sensual mechanisms, would perceive the same energy field focal point as a totally different object or not at all. He may sense something is there, but would not be able to bring it into focus. To him, it may be interpreted as static or a hazy semi-construction.
I needed to say at least what has been said before trying answering the question at hand. Having said what I need to say, let me say that the stars, planets and heavens, so important in astrology predictions are not exact and enduring in your universe by any means. They are intrusions into your universe by other types of consciousness not known to you, and they are only partial intrusions. In other words, you are not perceiving the whole pie, but just slices.
To your astronomers, stars seem to explode, die and disappear, but in truth, they simply change their focus, migrating into another dimension and may reappear in your universe again in some other time. As an aside, stars and planets are consciousnesses of a different scale entirely and to you they may appear to twinkle but on other scales that you cannot perceive, you twinkle to the identities within those systems.
Based on that, you see, if predictions were made based on the medium, or astrologers understanding of what they were observing and calculating, it would only truly be relevant to them, since they would be drawing inferences from the universe that they create, and you would be seeing the universe that you create, and if those differences could be adequately compared between what you see and the astrologer sees, you would wonder how so many people could base their lives on such predictions. In other words, there is no absolute universe that you can rely on to base your calculations and predictions.
Some astrologers base their calculations on your birth date, assuming there is a connection with the “coming alive” of the fetus as it enters the physical world, but even the assumption of “aliveness” at birth is flawed since, in one form or another, you have always been alive. Granted, you were not always alive in a self aware type of consciousness, but remember, there is NO NEW consciousness being created. All consciousness that ever existed in the past, the present and will ever exist in the future; Exists Now.
Consciousness comes alive in many worlds over many eons and even though the body may die, the personality lives on. The Soul grows a completely new personality for each new life, utilizing earth elements to build up the physical structure, inserting consciousness at the appropriate time before birth, and that time varies depending on the motivations of the new identity.
If the consciousness is not overly enthusiastic about being born again in a physical body, it may linger until the last minute before birth occurs before entering the fetus. On the other hand, if the consciousness is anxious to join with the body and begin the new life, it may enter the fetus within only a few weeks of conception.
So, then, if predictions are made based on the beginning of life, what would you consider the timing of the beginning of life, the entrance of consciousness into the fetus or the entrance of an already conscious and alive fetus into the physical world?
The variances of the timing of the coming alive of a new identity are diverse, almost so diverse to make predictions of future events and identity characteristics based on the moment of birth almost impossible if you equate the awakening of consciousness as birth. Consciousness is always present before physical birth. Just as the exact point of the beginning of life cannot be accurately predicted for astrology purposes, neither can the exact point of death be predicted.
To understand the difficulty in making predictions, either based on hunches, clairvoyance or the movements of the stars and planets, it is necessary to understand that the future does already exist, but so do all possible futures exist, rubbing elbows, so to speak in the vast psychological field of future probabilities. One future is not any more real than another until the last minute before actualization, but relatively accurate predictions can be made by some few individuals whose psychic abilities are quite advanced. They are able to probe the most likely probabilities and make educated guesses based on those probable leanings, but even then, the future  cannot be predicted with any certainty.
Before birth a new personality makes many personal decisions about their upcoming birth into the arena of physical reality, to be born here or there, to a particular set of parents. Choices are made as to the best environment for the development of latent talents and abilities. The personality, taking the advance knowledge available to it, may choose a particular season or month to be born and they choose certain conditions and if after birth, looking back, those talents and abilities seem to correlate with physical facts, then astrological accuracy is claimed, but the accuracy is strictly by chance.
You have been born with free will and even the consciousness of an ant or an alive cell in your body, has free will and will follow their own inclinations. The choices they make on their own level of awareness indicate their preferences, but either can change directions of their lives and nothing is pre-destined to happen to ants or men.
So choices before, during and after birth can be changed including the time of birth. The placement and movement of the stars and planets do exert a certain influence on you at birth, but so do you exert an influence on them. This is a very true statement; the birth of an alive baby into your world changes everything in the known universe, so it should not be such a stretch to imagine that the movement of planets and stars would also affect you.
You live in an ocean of interactivity, where the slightest movement of a grain of sand on a beach on one side of the world, affects other grains of sand on other beaches on other sides of your world. Everything is interconnected and everything to one extent or another, affects each other.
In that sense, there are no islands in the stream.
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shwena pal said...

its very gave me a very big hope..for some reason i never really want to solely believe in astrology. the very idea that you can redefine your own destiny if you want to helps to boost up the energy that i seem to had lost in last couple months since every astrologer was most certainly confirming my future to be heavily bad and problamitic, when i believed that there is always something i can do to make it better.
great post.
thanks very much :)

W. Allan said...

The most important thing is that there is NO predestination and all futures are open and given free will. You create your reality according to your beliefs, thoughts and expectations. Don't let anyone coerce you into expecting a negative future because of astrological predictions.

Anonymous said...

I agree here with astrology does if viewed for only the difficulties rather than the positive. it would go completley against the laws of manifestation. Since even telling someone you can't do something or me giving you a bad outcome scenario about a particular event that is to happen to you. Your belief in what i tell you will actually manifest negatively because the person believes. Just as in I believing that I am going to have a great life. People repeatedly telling me this makes me believe it which then helps me manifest since i am beleiving truly that i will. Just as when a person is sick and the doctor says your very sick. The person then becomes sicker because they believe the doctor i mean after all he is a professional. It's like having 1000 people tell you you will be sick. Since everything is in our mind. We also agree that everything is energy. Wouldnt the planets in our solor system have there own energy. Perhaps they are the blueprint energies we start with to somehow hinder or promote us. Our challenge then, is to overcome these mind blocks to develop a more fluid energy within our selves and in relation to the universe as a whole. When this happens we then reach our illumination or our true abilility to overcome roadblocks and believe in ourselves truly. Any prediction has it's energy and it is imposed on us. We also impose our energy on others to find a medium or not. To where our energy is flowing with others. So if according to astrology you are having a great transit. The energy from a particular planet will make it an ample time to find a job. The person beleives this. Goes out looking for a job and gets it. Is it based on the belief in astrology wouldnt then astrology be a positive re-inforcment that all beings are trying to find. Proof, belief, facts, to back up there desires and to ultimately manifest them. The same goes as a belief that god will help. They believe it and often it manifests. Inner belief without a outside source promoting is very difficult for most. Without the belief in astrology, god, friends, strangers, all other forms of occults. Technically we should all make up our own mantra and repeat it and worship it and make it happen. :) im not a good writer or very good at writing. I apollogize for my rants but i enjoy your writings! I think they are according to my philosophy accurate in your opinions.

Astrological Rings said...

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