Monday, July 27, 2009


I am sure you have heard this statement many times, but like most people you take these common statements for what they are at face value and never try to dissect them to see if there is any validity hidden within, and in this case, of course there is.

I do want to assure you that I am not on a crusade to push the theory of reincarnation on you if you are not ready to understand, and in fact, until you are ready, you will never understand. As I have said, reincarnation is, it operates constantly whether you believe in it or not. If you die not believing that lives are consecutive and that you will continue to live again and again, you will be one of most surprised when you find out how wrong you have been. Ironically, some of the most deluded are those who are thoroughly steeped in religious dogma and realize on death, just how wrong their beliefs were and lament how they influenced others to listen and believe in their flowery orations on sin, damnation, death and the ever popular with evangelists, the infamous lake of fire.

Now, I only mention this because the belief in only “One Life”, a death and then if anything, assimilating into a somewhat nebulous godly existence for the rest of eternity, is not only a severely limiting belief but causes one to place undue caution in the joyful living of life. On the other hand, an understanding of the inevitability of continuing meaningful lives, the maintaining of friends and family associations from one life to another, the accumulation of and continuity of knowledge from life to life can be not only reassuring, but completely liberating.

When you understand and truly believe that death as you know it simply does not exist, what does exist is the physically perceived death of the mortal body. Your perception of a physical death is simply your inability to follow the transformation of the actual identity into another form. You have another body which is your natural form that is inherently yours and you will use it in absence of the physical body and you will revert to it instantly upon death.. This analogy is not the best I must admit, but you use your natural, eternal, non-physical astral body as a launching pad for exploratory projections into various reality systems in which you will assume the appropriate body of choice of that particular system for a limited time. The eternal consciousness uses and sheds bodies like a snake sheds its skin in molting. Bodies are expendable and are jettisoned when they begin to falter and fail, personalities are eternal.

So I don’t leave any stone unturned here, when I say personalities, I mean the real inner YOU, with all of your little idiosyncracies, memories, habits, loves, desires and yes, hates too, until you rid yourself of them. That REAL YOU never dies or dissipates. The ego self that you are most familiar with, changes and blends with the inner ego self that you know so little about. You will use your new bodies, benefit and learn from the use of them, then discard them as you will one day discard the one you inhabit now, and never give it another thought. There are many worlds, and there are many bodies to utilize and then discard in your adventures into these new worlds, planes, dimensions and universes.

Life is meant to be lived exuberantly, not protected and cloistered, but on the other hand, not squandered either. Life is sacred and although you don’t realize it at this stage of your development, you are always protected, so you have no need to fear. When you are young you begin your formal schooling and as you learn, you progress from grade to grade, from school to school, accumulating knowledge as you go, making new acquaintances, forming new alliances and making new friends in the process.

You do exactly the same thing as you are born into the physical world, learn, make friends, form families, and when you have learned your lifetime of experience, you die and prepare for a new life and new experience. Only the physical body dies of course, and the indestructible identity continues merrily on its way unbeknownst to friends and family lamenting the passing. In that respect, dying is easiest on the one doing the dying and hardest for those left behind, not seeing the release of the spirit form that continues on to live again, once again making new friends, reconnecting with past friends who have gone before, forming new life experiences and reestablishing old ones..

I mention these things simply because when you understand the true nature of reality, the continuity of all life, you also begin to get the feeling that it only gets better as you begin to “know” knowledge that you have always had access to, but didn’t know how to access. You are now physically and psychically embedded in the earth system, and though it may seem that your soul/entity abandoned you in the midst of what sometimes seems chaotic, nonsensical universe with no prior knowledge of where you came from or why you are here, you always have support even though you may not consciously be aware of this knowledge. Remember this, there is always hope, no one was ever born into a hopeless life. You make your life what it is, so you can’t blame others for your lacks or failures, and the sooner you realize that you are not a victim of life, but poised on the threshold of great creativity and you are only limited by the limitations that you place on yourself through your beliefs. What you believe is NOT possible, will never be achieved.

You may wonder why all of this mystery of life is not commonly held knowledge. Why can’t you know now, why can’t you have absolute proof that you have lived before and will live again? Because at this stage of your development, the physical brain could not handle the cumulative information of previous lives since it can barely deal with the trials and tribulations of just your present existence. What you want to know will be common knowledge in your future, for now, the people who pursue this inner knowledge will be led to it but on an individual basis.

Living life in fear can be very detrimental, in that hates and distorted beliefs that cause blockages of the free flow of life’s energy are the result of fear. Hate comes from fear, fear comes from lack of knowledge and knowledge is not found by burrowing yourself into some isolated cocoon of safety. You must reach out and experience life in all of its abundance, accepting all types of experience that may be beneficial to your growth and understanding. Fears resulting in blockages of the free flow of the creative energy of ‘All That Is” will more often than not attempt to express themselves in the form of exterior difficulties inflicted on your own physical form; they are called illnesses, sicknesses and infirmities. Nothing will draw your attention to inner discord more than a cancer or tumor. It is your inner self, trying to expresses itself to the Outer Ego Self in the only way it knows how on the physical level, the creation of an illness that is meant to alert the outer self that something is wrong in Denmark. (Wrong inside, that is).

On the other hand, when you take life for what it seems to give you, experience it, learn from it, even the failures, you benefit and the Soul/Entity also gain from the experience. In a larger slice of reality, you actually never have anything thrust upon you, because you unknowingly create everything that happens to you. But this is not the place to discuss creating events and selves. (See articles on Creating). Try and realize how invigorating it will be the first time you truly realize that you live forever, bottom line, there is nothing you can do that can invalidate that truth. You have never committed a so-called sin that you will be judged for and every breath you take is in truth a part of All That Is, and you are indeed blessed with eternal validity and unlimited lives, so you should live this life to the fullest.

This statement is redundant I am sure, but I want to make sure there is no misunderstanding here when I say you live forever, I mean YOU, the you that is reading this article, cannot be destroyed, diminished, or absorbed into some sublime godly presence. I mean that in your future you will live meaningful, purposeful lives in many worlds and universes that will make this existence pale by comparison. Your experiences here will not be forgotten, but used as foundations for future knowledge. Each of these lives, some lived again in the earth system, some much more advanced, will require a different outer form, some physically manifested, some not and you will not look like you do now.

I think it best to take life one step at a time, trying not to fear what may come tomorrow, but experiencing today to the fullest. Tomorrow will happen in due time and you will deal with it then. Now, this is a very important thing to remember in creating what you want in your life today and influencing what happens tomorrow. Everyone wants things, some want love, some want Cadillacs, and you do indeed get what you concentrate on, but you have to know how to concentrate and what to concentrate on. Most people don’t get what they want out of life because they are doing it wrong.

Here is a hint on how to do it right and I am well aware that some of you will find it hard to believe that something as innocuous as a simple thought can be an incipient object or event. By the way, an event is simply an object in motion and both are constructed of atomic particles although they may seem to be from a different origin. Hidden behind the blur of atoms and molecules, are smaller and smaller physical particles, some known and some yet to be discovered, until you reach the non-physical units of conscious energy that will eventually propel themselves to penetrate the barrier between invisible inner reality and perceivable outer physical reality and begin to become something perceivable within the range of your physical senses.

They will change in the process, like particles attracting and capturing other like particles to coagulate into something that you can see, hear, feel, taste and smell. You call them objects and events. They are in fact, qualities of an existing field of energy that your senses create, organize and deliver to your brain for assimilation, classification and utilization. Reality in the most basic way is a RESULT of unseen processes finally becoming seen.

You will either get a feeling for this inner truth, or you won’t. Either way, here is how you can create what you want and why most DON’T get what they want. You think a thought, the thought, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant to you, is the actual birth of some object or event and WILL most certainly materialize some where some time. Some thoughts not carrying enough impetus, strength of conviction, will drop into other worlds or universes below your field of perception, as you might think of assimilating into a cloud in another world. No thought and no energy is ever wasted.

The thought with enough conviction, enough desire, enough expectation, will immediately begin the process of materialization into your life. This process is not instantaneous as it would be in a dream, but it is happening whether you are conscious of the continuing inner processes or not. Here is what you must do to materialize a thought into reality. Think about the thought intensely for A FEW MINUTES each day when you go to bed or at any other time that is reliable (Prayer can be used just as well). It is not necessary to concentrate on it continuously, in fact, that is where most people make the biggest mistake. Think the thought, then forget it for that day. Do not overdo it, to continue to think the thought or constantly repeat the though that you want to materialize, only begins to build up doubts that the process is working..This sets up an electrical resistance that inhibits the natural inclination of consciousness particles to swarm, collect about them particles of like charge and at some point, morph into physical atoms and molecules in the physical system and form themselves into an object or event.

Think this same thought every day for a few minutes only. That is enough, then drop it and go about your other business. Expect positive results, desire is important, but without positive expectations, nothing at all would exist in any world. The process itself is neutral, automatic and spontaneous once it is initiated with your first thought, but you must trust in the results, and the inclination to think about what you want constantly is a mistake. Remember, this is not pie in the sky theory, it happens with your conscious awareness or not, but you can influence this materialization process to your benefit.

In other words, life is inevitable, it is unstoppable and it is continuous, so what have you to worry about? Would you not at some point in your life take the option of lying down to sleep at night, certain that tomorrow you would wake up in a new, healthy and vibrant body, retaining all of your memories, characteristics, habits and loves? Since time is an illusion shared only by inhabitants of your physical world, then the rest period after a life is ended seems more like a night of sleep, even though it may last for a hundred years.

You have been given the gifts of the gods, the ability to create an eternal life, so there is no need to fear life, its myriad of experiences and all of it’s seemingly tragic consequences. There will come a point in some future life when you will KNOW what is now withheld from you, and you will look back and realize how silly you were to live your life in fear.

As an aside, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Walter Cronkite are all doing just fine, thank you..

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Karel said...

One thing we do have is choice: in any situation we can come from a perspective of fear or one of love - it is a simple shift in the brain.All our emotions have their base in either fear or love.If experiencing a negative feeling ,stop and ask yourself is this coming from love or fear, then if you decide that its fear (which it will be if its negative)Imagine that you are love (which in truth you are) and see the situation through the power of love it changes everything.If you follow this train of thought fear has no power, love casts out fear.

W. Allan said...

Yes Indeed!