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The question as it is posed; I do believe in reincarnation but am a little confused in that I have read in some books that a human person can be born as an animal in another life. Could you explain this and set the matter straight for me?

I guess we will have to assume that anyone who reads our little one way chat already has some suspicion that life does not end when the physical body is jettisoned by the inhabiting personality. There have been so many ample proofs of reincarnation that I won’t attempt to convince anyone of the obvious, but leave those who are dead set on a one life scenario to their own beliefs. Funny thing about this is that no matter how vehemently a person believes that they are entitled to only one life, followed by a somewhat nebulous future, there is nothing they can do to limit themselves to just one paltry existence if that is what they so desire.

Reincarnation is one of the natural characteristics of “physical reality”, that is, reality existence in a world of concrete, rigid objects and events, formed from the inner nature of atomic structure. The main reason that reincarnation is a necessary characteristic of physical reality is that no physical objects or bodies last can last forever, and in the case of your physical body, its demise must not be a permanent condition but a time of rest and renewal. In other realities such as your familiar dream world, reincarnation is not needed since dream constructions, unlike physical ones, do not deteriorate and die as physical bodies do. A thought never dies, nor does a dream even though you may lose track of it.

Reincarnation is just one of the two main characteristics, the other is that all physical worlds (and there are many), exists in a psychological bed of probabilities. What that means in simple terms, is that all events, past, present and future exist in a very real inner universe of creative impetus toward things to come, providing an inner psychic storehouse of possibilities for future development. Having said that, back to the main subject for this discussion, reincarnation, what is it, why does it exist and how does it work?

Self aware, self propelled inner energy is the source of all manifestations, objects and people, animals and plants alike. If it were not for your propensity to classify and catagorize things by dividing them arbitrarily into groups to your liking, then you could easily see that these groupings are very misleading. It is you who decides who or what is ALIVE and what is not, and for that matter, what does alive really mean? Why do you say man is alive and a rock is not? Are they not constructed of many of the same elements? Is a rock, not alive (dead) because you do not see it move? You do not usually see coral move, but you cannot deny that coral is alive.

All of what you consider living organisms reincarnate, from snails to humans, the difference being that the lower life forms move in and out of living structures more easily than you because they are not burdened by the existence of ego awareness and intellect as you know it. The reality behind all living matter lives forever in those terms only not continuously, but surely maintaining a certain continuity of life from one existence to another.

When an animal reincarnates, it may do so only within its specific classification, and I don’t particularly like that term, since it is also arbitrary, but it will have to do for now. It will usually, as in all species, seek to reincarnate in either the same form, a cat into a cat, or join consciousness with other species to form a more complicated species within the same classification, as in a squirrel reincarnating into a dog. In other words, a squirrel may live again and again as a squirrel, but there will come a time even within these seemingly lower classifications, when the need for advancement will necessitate the combining of energies with other species to form a more meaningful existence in terms of psychological values and satisfactions. There are no real limits to the possibilities within the reincarnation progressions of animals or men, but there are practical limitations. What I am saying here is that even simple cell is an incipient entity, that will sometime, somewhere be realized.

All reincarnational realities are therefore practically limited to intra-species lives, meaning that mammals will reincarnate as mammals, birds as birds and fish as fish. It only seems to you from examination of fossil records that birds evolved into dinosaurs through the process of reincarnation and evolution, but you are not seeing the whole picture and you are missing evidence that would show countless in-between species that did not take, that ran into an evolutionary dead end, leaving confusing gaps in your understanding of reincarnation. But for the sake of our discussion, all species reincarnate and evolve within their own classifications, developing refinements and changing and adapting to their environment.

Then, in answer to the original question, NO,,,,,,,man does not reincarnate into any animal and likewise, no animal ever reincarnated or evolved into a man or woman. In other words, there is NO transmutation of species. Period. There is no inter-species reincarnation or evolution even though you incomplete records may lead you to believe there is.

There is another ramification of life and death that you have probably not considered. Lost somewhere in ancient times when countless early species were sorting themselves out for significant meaningful lives in a new and rapidly changing environment, between man and primate, there were countless varieties of man-monkey and monkey-man that died out, leaving you to think that you are seeing a continuous progression of monkey into man. That is not the case, man was always man as fish were always fish, birds always birds, mammals always mammals. The similarity in gene structures simply indicate that all life is very much alike.

Finally, if you want to get really specific, you could say that there are elements of monkeys, dogs, flowers and trees in man. Lets say that you die, your cells finally drop from your body into the earth where they lie dormant for years, combining with other natural elements in the soil. Lets also say that in that same location, other animals and plants have died and their bodies have also assimilated into the earth. A farmer plants corn on that very same plot of land that is made up of many elements and past cellular structures of countless creatures and plants. The corn crop assimilates nutrients from the earth, some of which carry traces of past living things.

An expectant mother eats corn that she purchased from the super market that was grown on that very same plot of land and her body uses these nutrients derived from the corn to facilitate the growth of the fetus within her body. Your mother did the same, not thinking that in doing so, she was passing along to you the remnants and history of the Earth and its ancient and current life forms, so life always springs forth from death and you could say in a rather real way, that in your physical make up, you carry the traces of many other past species.

Conclusion; There is NO transmutation of species as you think of it. You will never be a cow.

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