Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The question as it is posed: Why don’t I have psychic abilities that some other people seem to have and to be able to use to communicate with others, see into the future and read minds?
This is really an interesting question and the answer is difficult because no two people are the same in their physical or psychic abilities, and no two people having equal psychic abilities will even recognize their existence or utilize them in the same way, or maybe not even use them at all in an entire lifetime. Some on the other hand, will use their psychic abilities in a very natural way and never notice it or understand that they are even being used.

First, let me say that what we are discussing here are abilities that are usually referred to as clairvoyance, mental telepathy, contact with survival personalities and others not so clearly defined, but falling under the broad category of paranormal. It would be nice to be able to say that everyone is born with the same psychic abilities but this is not the case. It is true, that everyone is born with the same latent psychic abilities, just as everyone is generally born with one head, two arms and two legs. There are of course, exceptions to this rule, but they do not warrant discussion at this time.

For sake of our discussion, we will assume that what you would loosely call psychic abilities are natural attributes of all consciousness, not only man, but also the animals plants and trees. Just as some men learn to use their two arms, two legs or what lies between the ears in ways that seem to escape the abilities of most normal people, nevertheless the abilities they possess belong to the race as a whole and they simply represent latent potentialities in everyone. What one can do, others can also do, but not all equally well as a rule. This holds true both in physical and mental abilities and those who seem to display extraordinary psychic abilities do so because those abilities have been developed in this or in a previous lifetime. There are other factors of course, but primarily, psychic abilities are much like your physical abilities, they can be developed and increased through practicing the use of them, by not relying exclusively on information derived only from the outer senses and by simply “paying attention” to what’s going on around you. What is very important in the development of your psychic abilities is simply “knowing” that they exist and can be nurtured and developed. You must then, know that they exist and expect them to rise to the surface of your attention.

For example, what you call telepathy, comes in different flavors, from the cellular type of inter communication that is necessary for the initial formation and continuing maintenance of the physical body to the more complicated type of mental telepathy that you are concerned with when you consider communication between two seemingly independent people. This type of telepathy is in the most basic of terms, a sympathetic communication, an attraction of like thoughts to like thoughts of others connected with you through some common denominator. That is why in most cases this outwardly recognizable type of communication takes place within what may be considered your personal circle of influence, your closest friends, relatives, family, people who you are closely connected on the physical and non physical plane. In this respect, mental telepathy knows no borders and can take place between the living and the non-living just as easily since it is in actuality, a electromagnetic reality independent of physical matter. In some cases the communication may be delivered through the auspices of a medium.

Mental communication of course goes on all of the time beneath your conscious level of recognition and is the basis for all language. Language would be nonsensical and virtually impossible without the accompanying mental communication taking place behind and underneath the physical words that are spoken. Being able to detect and notice this mental communication depends much on the personalities involved. In other words, you may be so closely aligned with someone that you sense their intentions, it seems you almost know their every thought, but you never recognize that as telepathy. In order for you to recognize paranormal events for what they really are, you have to first acknowledge that they exist and then you have to pay attention.
The reason telepathy and clairvoyance are rarely proved to the scientific mind is that they cannot be forced, and the harder you try to materialize a paranormal occurrence, the more unlikely it is to happen. ESP events first of all are spontaneous and cannot usually be planned or dictated. They are instant illuminations from the inner self through the subconscious, so with that in mind, they cannot usually be called up to the attention of the ego conscious brain. They seem out of place to your normal train of thoughts, they flash instantaneously in your mind and they are gone just as quickly, and that my friends is how you can recognize and identify a true metaphysical, paranormal happening such as telepathy. You have to get used to noticing the “out of the ordinary” intrusion of thoughts that don’t seem to fit in with your current conversation or thought patterns. You have to peek around psychological corners to see what is normally not seen.

How many times have you thought about something, had a good idea, only to find out that someone else has come up with the same idea and utilized it much to your chagrin. How many times have you said “I thought of that”? And in truth you did, but you didn’t pay attention at the time.

It’s not that it was supposed to be this way, in fact, the way your consciousness evolved demanded the full attention of the ego to deal with the new physical world, but there never was supposed to be the total separation of the inner and outer ego, the conscious and the sub-conscious such as has developed. You are now in the process of re-establishing this necessary connection of the inner, psychic world and the outer physical world where you have centered your attention for centuries. In a sense, you are re-familiarizing yourself with a segment of your identity that to some extent has become dormant for lack of use. Fortunately for you, it is not gone, just set aside waiting to be once again called up into service, the service that it was initially intended.

As we have discussed before, there are some of you who have just entered the physical system as new personalities, and some who are here for the last time, so you are not all at the same level of development, and in fact, if you are interested and reading this material regularly, you can rest assured that you are advancing to more evolved systems. There are some of you who will hang on to old, worn out ideas, myths and children’s stories and consider the knowledge contained in these articles as demonic, damned and destined for God’s wrath and punishment. They will not be dissuaded from their beliefs until they have learned from their own experience and that takes time, in most cases many lifetimes. In a way, you must serve your time to gain knowledge and those newer personalities will learn, although sometimes at a turtles pace.

Whether you know it or not, you have psychic abilities that work regardless of your conscious awareness of them, the real trick is learning to recognize them and make yourself open to their information.

Clairvoyance would not be possible at all where it not for the system of probabilities, which we have discussed here in other sessions. Now, this is an oversimplification, but we are not discussing probabilities here other than to show the dependence of clairvoyance on probabilities. It would not surprise you in the least if I said that “Everything is possible with certain exceptions.” It would surprise you if I said “Everything is possible because all action, all acts, all events and all possible objects that have ever existed, exist now and will exist in the future, all exist in psychological fact NOW in the system of probabilities upon which your earth is dependent. Since all realities are mental in origin and effects of mental action, then maybe you can get a feel of what I am saying here, your world system is one appearance that reality takes when created with your particular senses. Other beings from other systems alien to you, with different sensual preceptors would read the same data in different ways and create a totally different world.

Mediums and psychics can sometimes “see into the future”and predict future events that may or man not happen in your life only because they exist as one option in the probable system, yet to be materialized. Bottom line is that some psychics are more adept at sifting through YOUR probabilities and can psychically, through the process of elimination, narrow down the existing possibilities of something happening or not happening in your life, and sometimes they get it right. Of course, there is no guarantee that they will get it right, and that is why psychics are more often wrong than right since there is no such thing as pre-destination.

We have also discussed this subject before and whether you believe it or not, God has no advance plans for you and what you do, what you become, what probable events you choose to activate in your life, is YOUR choice and no god will make it for you. No god will ever force anything to happen to you, and although it may seem scandalous to you at this time, God does not have the ability to make any particular event happen in your life that you don’t want to happen. Most of you realize this, but because of old stale and outdated traditions, are reluctant to admit it. This is another of the truths that you know, but don’t really know you know yet. You will.

Since it is YOUR life, you have the closest contact with your future. Your future exists now, but at this stage of your development, you cannot understand how or why you choose to activate only one event at a time, and because of that, you must super-impose one event over another, kicking the current event aside to make room for a new present event. You are then relegating the present event to the past, making room for the next present event to materialize, while the future action that you will choose, lies dormant waiting to be actualized as YOUR future. Since these events already exist in fact, you can see that it is not like you have to predict a future event from nothing, but there is a lingering psychological awareness of a myriad of future possibilities existing as shadow events waiting in the wings, so to speak. As we have also said, all future choices of events will be actualized somewhere, somehow, sometime, whether you choose one to actualize or not. (Read articles of Probabilities)

So here is the rest of the story. As you grow, learn, gain knowledge, so also will your psychic abilities grow and what is now almost totally subconscious, will begin to surface and you will learn to not only utilize your intellect, but also rely more and more on you intuitions until you achieve a more resilient balance between your conscious awareness and your subconscious. You will begin to consciously utilize telepathic communication more than just verbal communication. You will become more aware of the possibility of all future events in your life, understanding the relevance of probabilities and learning how to create consciously what you now create unconsciously. What you consider “out of the ordinary” psychic abilities will rise to the surface and be accepted by the ego as beneficial to the whole identity.

Because of space constraints here, I have not discussed the psychic reality of astral projections, ghosts, aliens, fairies, remote viewing and other phenomena, but let me say that they all exist to some extent, but at this point in your evolution, you may have to dig deeper into your subconscious to shed some light. You have developed a very discriminating, tightly woven reality that precludes the recognition of many quite valid systems that you could see if you would not prohibit yourself from seeing them. They are all around you, filling even the space where you see nothing. Your type of conscious development, for some quite understandable reasons has caused you to purposely ignore other valid systems sharing your same time and space, but they are simply as I can put it, operating on different wave lengths, that could be accessed from your particular psychic stance. In the not so distance past, humankind was not so discriminating in focus and the existence of gnomes, fairies and other valid types of consciousness were known to exist.

There are ways to develop your psychic abilities and here are some hints: Look for something where there is nothing to see; your empty space is filled with other phenomena that is not within your normal range of perception. Write down a daily prediction and check to see the results, set aside a time to simply sit quietly and clear your mind of all thoughts. Send a telepathic thought to a close friend or relative, mark down the day and time, and check with them to see if they had any unusual feelings on that day and time. In prayer, meditation or before going to sleep, ask for communication from a survival(dead) personality. This will require practice, but remember, you DO have psychic abilities, but it’s up to you to develop them through practice. Most of all you must understand and believe that they do exist and expect positive results. Practice will never make perfect, but it will sure help in this respect.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice piece on psychic abilities. Everyone does have them to some degree or another just as everyone has the potential to play a musical instrument. Some obviously have more "talent" than others or an inclination towards it and will natually be better at it than others.

The one point that I'd like to put my two cent's worth is to do with psychics and future predictions. I tell all of my clients that all any psychic can read are "tendencies". Nothing is carved in stone or predestined. When I am reading for a client and looking into their future events, I am only reading the energies that are there at that moment. In other words, given what I am picking up in that person's energies at that point in time, there are certain tendencies/outcomes possible. I give them what I see in those particular energies. If they are to stay on the same path, doing the same thing (to simplify things), the tendency for a certain set of outcomes would be there. However, if they were to change their present path, it would also change their outcomes/future events' paths as well. That is why no psychic can be 100% correct and why we cannot say that this will be the outcome. We can only say, this is "the potential outcome". Free Will always reigns supreme.

I've had clients who have thought I've been out of my mind in giving what I am picking up. I've had people get up and leave or want to throw their phones across a room after I've given them what they consider an "out there" type of outcome. "There's no way that's going to happen!" I've been told. Several months later, I've gotten calls, repeat visits or emails with updates from clients who have been shocked to find that the very thing that they never dreamed would be a possibility, had come to fruition. Did I cause them to make that decision/choice or alter their paths? No. The reason being is that it was never a consideration for them or an expectation for them or in a lot of cases, even a considered outcome/path.

I think your idea of sending a telepathic message to someone, documenting it and seeing what comes out of that is an excellent way to start delving into our own powers.

Jamie Wilson-Hull

W. Allan said...

Dear Jamie,
It is so nice to hear from someone like yourself who has a good understanding of probabilities. Have you ever considered that the past is not finished, although it may seem to be so on a purely physical level. It still exists in psychological fact and can still be manipulated to some extent. If you then concentrate on a past event, change the outcome of that past happening in your mind, you have indeed changed the past, which will reverberate those changes into the present, altering present perspectives and will also affect the selection of probable events in the future. I can it changing the future by altering the past.
Thanks for your comments.
William Allan

Anonymous said...

Dear William:

Another insightful thought to think about.

Of course our pasts can be changed psychologically and therefore, alter not only our present but, also our futures.

The potential problem that I can see in doing that is that we are not truly altering the past itself but, rather our perception of it and in doing so, we can also alter what may be learned from those experiences. Let me explain what I mean by that.

I, myself and many of my clients have had "issues" from earlier events in our lives. Most people do. We rarely come out of our pasts unscathed by something or other. Even the "good" can sometimes become detrimental in some aspects. Take the cases of both abuse and being terribly spoiled or sheltered. Both can potentially leave some pretty hampering scars/issues. Being abused of course, goes without much need for more explanation as to how it can affect present and future negatively but, so can being overly spoiled and, or sheltered. It can leave the scars of ineptitude in coping with a lot of things in life that others have learned to cope with and that, in and of itself is a major "issue" for that person. One way or the other, both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between, can leave scars or influence both our present and our future. However, in both cases, there are "lessons" to be had from those circumstances both on a personal (earthly) level as well as a on a soul energy level. It all depends on how that person/spirit/soul or whatever one wishes to term it, uses those "lessons".

I've had clients who have grown up totally sheltered and spoiled and have become completely ineffective and almost incapacitated in everyday life as a result of having been protected from everyday life which includes both good and bad as we all know. Yet, others who have been abused beyond the belief that a human/spirit could endure and still be walking around and they are fully functioning people who have used their "lessons" to enrich their lives and become a much stronger person for it.

(More to follow)

Anonymous said...

If one were to have altered psychologically that past and given it a different outcome in their minds in that case, not only are they denying the potential lessons that they either have had to learn (in the case of abuse) or will have to learn (in the case of being spoiled/sheltered). In other words, in a way, it can become a potential "denial" of existence and in that case, we often can miss what is needed for us to become who and what we can become.

That holds extremely true if we are trying to change a past "regret". While it's not helpful to hang onto guilt and remorse forever, it's also not beneficial to ignore that regret and remorse and that may be what happens if we are to change that past mentally/psychologically. There are lessons that are in each person's past that can build us into better people, stronger souls and used to help others.

Our pasts are parts of our present and our futures always in some form or another. The trick is not in denying it or changing the actual past but, in learning from it and using those lessons to better our presents and our futures and to strengthen ourselves (and, or souls).

I believe that we have no past life conscious memory for a reason. I think that one possibility may be that we are to have "blank slates" upon which to start fresh and learn more as we go through each lifetime. If we were to remember our past life experiences we may become incapacitated and unable to learn further or learn new lessons. Fear, guilt, regret, remorse, or even longing for a previous lifetime may hamper our life this time around. Heaven knows it's hard enough to deal with one lifetime's "past" let alone possibly hundreds!

So, yes, I agree. It is possible to alter one's past but, the question remains as to whether it's desirable?

Thank you for making me think about this issue. I'm sure that I'll have more thoughts on it. :)

Jamie Wilson-Hull

W. Allan said...

Hi Jamie,
Some more thoughts.
All realities are mental in origin. All realities are probable as are all actions, so every possible event that you chose NOT to materialize and experience in your past, was chosen and materialized in a probable world by a probable self. In that respect, no event goes unrealized and all events will be experienced somewhere. There are psychic sympathies between you and your probable selves and sometimes you will experience psychological flashes of intuition, coded electrical connections that represent events that you yourself did not actually experience physically, but a probable self did. Just because a probable self chose to actualize a certain probable event in the past does not mean that the past event is no longer available to you to alter for your own present viewpoint. Any probable past could theoretically, be accessed and manipulated by more than one probable self and you can at any time dip into the psychic repository of the past and make any changes that you feel would be of benefit by changing your present. I meant to infer that one would only use this procedure for beneficial purposes. In a sense, this happens automatically, unconsciously all of the time and you are right, the results are not always positive.

Anonymous said...

Hi William:

I'm giving this some thought and in doing so, I think that a lot of us or rather, most of us tend to hold onto one particular "probable self" as opposed to many. That can tend to make one's reality (mentally) more or less "fixed" with no alternate possibilities available to us (in our minds). I think that may be the limitations/restrictions of the human condition/existence.

Can you give and example of something that you have changed within your life as a result of manipulating a probable past? I'd be very interested to hear as it might define a bit more clearly how to put this into practise.

Really interesting thoughts and I'm pondering more on this. :)


W. Allan said...

The way I see it is that all possibilities are probable, but some are more probable than others, depending on our belief system. For many years,it was a common belief in our family that money was "the root of all evil", that it was "easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven". Then I began to wonder why I was always struggling with achieving financial stability. I decided to reach back into my past and change those previous beliefs to "money is wonderful when used wisely". Things began to change in my present within a few short months. Of course, what this really amounts to is the realization that nothing is set in stone, everything changes, so why not influence those changes to your benefit.

Anonymous said...

Hi William:

I see your point and I see how changing your belief system can attract a whole new set of probabilities/possibilities. It's a cause and effect type of situation whereby, the very principles of what you are and have been talking about can come into play...ie: like attracts like, sort of thing.

In this particular example, it was changing your belief system (created during and from the past) that created the change in the present and the future for you. I can see how this can work because you have changed a "probability" by changing a belief.

There are certain beliefs that all of us hold from our pasts that are either false or, that hamper us in some way or another from changing both our present and future paths. If we change those past beliefs, we also change the "outcomes" in both our present and our future moments. We can do that mentally, if we see both the need in doing so as well as the possible flaws and drawbacks to that old belief system. However, there are other times when we just do not see or believe fully that what we believed from our pasts is not helpful in our present or future. We remain stuck. At times, we don't even recognize what it was that is or has been causing us this blockage in our present and how it relates.

In short, I guess the idea is that while changing a belief system brought forward from the past will likely change our present and our future, I'm not sure that we are actually changing "the past" as much as we are changing our belief systems from the past. In this case/scenario though, it does change our probabilities and possibilities both now and down the road for us.

Great set of thoughts for everyone to ponder! :)