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As most of you now know, I like to approach some of our more difficult concepts from a slightly different perspective from time to time and since your world is so steeped in religious dogma and ancient, mostly wrong beliefs, I thought I would offer some thoughts on the God enigma. I have discussed this subject before and will do so again, hopefully inserting new information that tweaks some inner emotion within your self and helps you get a better feeling and understanding of that which cannot really be fully understood. Here is the secret that is important; the brain is limited in its ability to grasp and make sense of difficult concepts that originate outside of the physical system, but the more you subject the brain to these challenging concepts, new connections are formed and new pathways forged as the brain grows in its capacity to handle today what it could not understand yesterday. The secret is, of course, is to keep challenging the brain, feeding it new difficult to understand concepts, and eventually the brain will grow into them.

I try to stay away from discussing organized religion, simply because you are so defensive about your own religious beliefs and practices even though you may know that they are antiquated, outdated and in many ways very limiting to your spiritual growth. But, if you are ever going to understand some of the most difficult but rewarding knowledge about your universe and your God, you must understand who, what and when God is. Only a fool would presume that he understood the entire true nature of God, and in fact, no one will ever know all there is to know about the God Essence, but I will try to dance around the subject in a light hearted manner with some personal musings instead of rigid lessons about a subject that can never be fully known except by the most mature advanced and ancient entities. So lets begin with the dictionary definition of God, which can lead one astray, if not totally lost since it infers only one universe, which in turn infers only one earth and belief in a “one universe” concept alone can hinder any true understanding and growth .

“The one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe”

First and foremost, God is not in any sense of the imagination a Being and in fact, although God/All That Is the Source of all energy and all physical manifestations, He rules nothing and it is only your belief in ancient legends that you assume that God is an autocratic, angry, judging and punishing God. God is an Energy Essence Source, a knowing Prime Source of everything that is and does not know the meaning of judgement and punishment. God judges nothing and punishes no one.

You invoke God’s name in a variety of ways which do not need to be included here, but God bless America, God willing, Thank God, God damn, God awful, God’s will be done, God fearing people, God’s chosen One, Pray to God and so on, and so on are just a few. But how many of you have ever stopped to think deeply about who or what God really is? That’s a rhetorical question of course, so this article is not meant to demean or denigrate any ones beliefs, but to point you in the right direction, and as I have said many times, if I can just manage to make you become aware and make you think, then I have accomplished much of my original intent in these humble scribbles. Since any true understanding of the God concept escapes human intellect and at most levels of psychological development a true understanding must be attempted through the use of not only the intellect but through the use of inner awareness. At times it may be easier to tell you what God is not than to explain to you what He/It is. So with that in mind, it may help if I break this down into attempting to clarify by answering several pertinent questions.

What is God?

The dictionary states that God is the one Supreme Being and that is probably the most misleading statement in that God is not by any stretch of the imagination a being as you know beings, even if you are adventurous enough to include alien beings. God is an energy essence, a self aware, knowing repository of all knowledge and all experience, a creator of All That Is and all that will ever be. God is self aware, consciousness infused Energy that pervades everything, making itself known by expressing itself in as many forms as possible and if you can accept that statement, then you will know that this Energy Essence that spills out into everything could never be satisfied with the spilling out into just one paltry universe..

All energy is conscious of itself, even the smallest imaginable particle of energy is aware of its own being and is ever striving to Be known. Being is the goal, and this striving, this unimaginable desire for self expression never dissipates or diminishes and has always been the motivating force behind the first realization of self and the first breakthrough of this self aware force into the first minute physical particle. This was in a way the first miracle, the original psychic breakthrough of thought, desire and expectation into physical matter, but this miracle is as new today as it was eons ago as even now the earth and universe emerges new each moment. Some will understand the significance of this statement, some will not.

The Bible says that God always was and always will be, but energy always was and always will be and this energy that creates and permeates all universes is the essence of the Prime Energy Source that you refer to as God. I prefer the title of “All that Is” since it is less humanized and by now you all know that God is in no way human and you err when you project human type emotions or motivations on God/All That Is. Children and the less intelligent, still cling to age old tales of beginnings, endings and wrathful gods, jealous, judgmental and leaning toward eternal damnation and punishments and always appearing at the last moment to save the righteous civilizations from destruction. Those are human characteristics, and God is not human in any sense of the word. Most intelligent individuals have long known deep in their hearts that this is not the true nature of God, and have long sought knowledge that they sense exists, but do not know where to find it.

It is my intent to make known what I know, and there is much more that I don’t know. The God enigma is structured so that it is constantly fragmenting itself and sending those self aware fragments (you and others like you) out into endless dimensions, re-creating itself exponentially and yet never becoming less but always increasing as it experiences everything that its fragments experience. In a remote, oversimplified way, you are a fragment of your soul, and your soul is a fragment of All That Is. In the exact same way, you create fragments of yourself in the dream universe every night when you sleep. I really don’t like this analogy, but you could say that all universes, all worlds, all planes and dimensions are a VERY REAL DREAM of All That Is/God. Just as you do not consciously follow your dreaming self when you are awake, God does not consciously follow its creations either, but there is indeed not one sparrow that dies but that God is not aware.

I think most of you would agree that there is a touch of divinity in all living things, and that includes humans, flora and fauna. Here is something that you probably also sense though may not have thought about. All physical stuff, rocks, minerals, chemicals, tables, water and yes, even air you breathe has some kind of consciousness, minute as it may be in comparison to human consciousness. Everything that is, is composed of atoms and molecules and they also possess their own generalized type of consciousness. Everything that IS has been derived from and through the auspices of God and everything that is that is physically materialized, is composed of atoms which are the result of (basic energy with the intent to Be). So God/All That Is, is an energy gestalt, the prime source, the top of the energy pyramid, a divine process rather than some courtly old gentlemen. But this Prime Source knows itself not only as itself, but as all selves, all materializations and all that is not materialized (thoughts, ideas, imaginings). God has no face, but on the other hand, God is all faces. And for those slavishly following worn out dogma, God did not create mankind in His image, but mankind does create its God in their image.

Let’s now talk briefly about forever. There is a duality involved here that makes much of what I want to explain so difficult to understand. There is the outer physical universe and all that it contains and there is the inner universe which is the source of its physically materialized counterpart. (That’s where God can be found and cannot be found.) If you really want to understand, then you must know that nothing that exists to you outwardly would exist if it did not come from the inner incubator of all physical materializations, persons, objects and events. All OUTSIDE comes from INSIDE, and herein lies the difficulty that I must navigate through when attempting to explain concepts that are almost beyond explanation to the rational brain, but where the brain falters, the mind does not, so I talk as much to your mind as I do your brain. The INNER exists in a totally different medium than the OUTER and this is why I often use the dream universe as examples in many of our most difficult concepts. You are aware of the “Time Discrepancy” that makes itself evident in your dreams when you experience days, weeks and years in a matter of minutes. This in some important ways approximates that inner universe of the expansive present in which all things past, present and future already exist and are not touched of affected by your version of time or space.

In the expansive present, all things exist simultaneously, and the countless dimensions and planes of existence, all alien civilizations (and they are countless) are structured within this expansive present and achieve their own unique perspective of existence based on how they choose to structure and use this medium. ( Of course, the atomic structure of each world/universe must be in concert with the perception characteristics of the species doing the perceiving or nothing at all would be perceived.)

Your species chose a time/space perspective, choosing certain events and materializing them one at a time in a seemingly endless parade of events strung out over moments, hours, days, years and eons one before the other and expanding in space, growing in size and distance. But it doesn’t have to be this way, it does for you of course, but it doesn’t for other civilizations. Many worlds and civilizations choose to actualize and utilize multiple events at the same “time” and their consciousness is simply tuned differently than yours and is more advanced in that respect. I only mention these other civilizations, to help me explain the existence and the origin of God.

Now, you may think that it is presumptions that I would consider myself an authority on God and take on the responsibility of explaining that which we all know can never be explained, and believe me, there is much that will forever remain an enigma. We are talking here of a vast, massive intellect that has been evolving forever, sophisticated, complicated, expansive and mature beyond anything you or I can imagine. God, It, can never be adequately explained by anyone at your or my level of development, but it is better to try and understand than to sit idly in a pew listening to someone whose most stellar claim to fame is selling you holy water, prayer cloths, threatening you with eternal damnation while extorting you for money, molesting children and preaching doctrine that is so ludicrous that even as you sit and listen You KNOW deep in your heart that most of what is said is poppycock and the handiwork of charlatans and dignified con men wearing white robes and golden crowns. Expose! God herself does not own a crown or robe but is the crown and robe.

I told you up front in the beginning of these columns that I don’t know everything, I don’t even know much when compared to what is to be known. My information comes from other sources more evolved than myself, and it is my task to interpret this knowledge, put into words and concepts that can be more easily understood, but even then, many of these concepts are at the precipice of the cliff of the ability of the human brain to understand, but I do my best and I will not water them down for simplicities sake or to make them understandable to simple minds.

When did God begin?

I now want to attempt an answer to the question that most of you wonder about and it is the question that is the most difficult to grasp from your perspective within a “time oriented” physical system of reality such as your world. Time as you experience it is unique to your world, but is strange to other systems, some much more evolved than yours. Time and space are illusions that you must accept on your plane, but they are by no means universal. Even your universe is only “time structured” to your civilization and from your unique perspective. If you were born into a system of reality that did not recognize “time”, then you would be amazed that anyone would choose to experience events one at a time, moving from present into the future and leaving already experienced events trailing behind in the past. This method of experiencing time seems perfectly normal to you so when I say that in other systems, the statement of “God always was and always will be” seems perfectly normal and would not be questioned. Only in a world of perceived beginnings and endings, cause and effect, is a formal beginning expected. Actually, the cause and the effect happen at once.

In the inner universe, the expansive present, everything exists simultaneously, yet is always increasing in psychological fulfillment and depth and is never finished. This kind of psychological expansion has nothing to do with time or space, just as the complexity and depth experience of a dream increases and expands. This kind of psychological expansion achieves duration through increasing inner fulfillment. In the same way the physical universe expands, but in actuality the physical expansion that you perceive as increasing distances, is but your perception of an inner psychological expansion in terms of inner gratifications and achievements of this universal consciousness. Bottom line, there is no such thing as real time and there is no real space, only a perception of time and space in your universe and this is actually your interpretation of psychological fulfillment and depth of inner experience.

In that respect, God is energy, and energy always was and always will be, so here we must conclude that God never had a beginning as you understand the necessity for beginnings. There was a time when an ever existing generalized energy began to become aware of itself and if you reach back far enough into your kind of time, which you must do at this “time”, you could say that there was a period of original awakening when that “which always was” , this imprecise and unspecific energy, began to awaken and know itself as action and action creates identity.

Realizing its aloneness but also suspecting its vast potential, this initial action that you can call God or All That Is, knowing its need to BE, began to seek ways to further know itself through self expression and creativity. Action, energy in motion, enfolding back on itself always instigates the question, “Who am I?” and this initiates the spark of identity inherent in the answer, “I am I”.

This aloneness, this original striving “to Be” provided the impetus for “realization of original identity” and expansion in multitudinous ways that we can only imagine. Finally, there is nothing inherently wrong with something existing forever if you were not been born into and slavishly indoctrinated in the time oriented system, which incidentally, is necessary for any personality in your “time system” in order to hold it’s focus and manipulate in that system. Without this unyielding, intense focus on your earth time/space system, your essence would drift off into other systems and become hopeless lost

We can only touch on the tip of the iceberg in these discussions, but I will elaborate on this subject again and again as you have probably already suspected. There is only so much I can tell you at this time, but in the final analysis, the only true realization of the God Enigma must come from within. Hopefully, I can point you in the right direction. Try in remember this, when you dream, you almost totally escape the limitations of time and space, they become irrelevant. Why then would the existence of a similar but much more expansive inner universe seem so incomprehensible to you? If you only begin to get a glimpse of this endless, timeless expansive present which is the home of all worlds, realities and universes, and God itself, you can pat yourself on the back for you are beginning to peek into realities that most don’t even know exist. There is much more to know.

The implications of this knowledge represents this truth; Everything that exists now, existed in the beginning in your terms. There is no new consciousness being created, only consciousness manifested in new ways. What this really means is that you, in different form existed then, but not in the same way you exist now. What you are, existed before your world was set in place and will exist even though your world may disappear and reappear as it has done before. You have always existed, but not as “self aware identity” and once that “self awareness” identity has been attained, it can never be destroyed. It will change as you will change, but it will never be diminished or destroyed.

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Karel said...

Agree, time is an illusion, if we list examples that create an awareness in us of time passing e.g. children growing,a clock ticking,the sun rising or setting, we notice the common element in all is motion.And it is matter,energy and space(the absence of matter) that make motion.These three components also make our physical universe. If there is no matter there cannot be motion, if there is no motion there cannot be time - timelessness or eternity exists in the NOW.Time is only a subjective reality - we can speed it up with pleasure or slow it down with pain.We are energy units(our true essence is without matter,therefore without time) our natural home is the energy universe which although it is invisable permates the entire universe - without time.

W. Allan said...

My Dear Karel,,,,,,,,,,,thanks for your insights.
I must ask, is not "action" motion? and my follow up question is; Is not thought action (motion)?

Karel said...

You are correct and so am I - as thought is movement in fact only those who know how to achieve that place of no-thought -mindlessness have any sense as to what eternity -notime feels like. They are only aware of the start and the end points the bit in between could be 1 minute or 4 hours it has the same feeling it is timeless. I know what I know it is expressing it that is difficult for me but it is beyond belief it is knowledge.

W. Allan said...

I certainly know "Mindless".
Have been accused of being mindless many times.
Since I also have trouble explaining what I know.

Karel said...

Haha, maybe you are being a bit cryptic, it is in that state of mindlessness that we get an appreciation of our true nature. It depends on our concepts - if we believe that our soul is a tiny part of us that goes to heaven when we die or the magnificent, eternal entity that is us.It all comes down to 'Know thyself'.We only use a small part of our brain conciously but we allow access to the rest of it through relaxation/meditation.The Force truly is within us and therefore without of us.It is when we know ourselves we know others for who they truly are and treat them accordingly- we are all one part of the same source as you know.Meditation is a tool on the journey some use it some dont,the journey still gets us to the same destination.

W. Allan said...

and what is that destination, may I ask? Or is there only the journey?

Karel said...

Touche! We end up where we started from. Journey implies a beginning and an end therefore time is involved, but as time does not exist,the journey and thereby the destination are the same, no-thing. Such fun.

W. Allan said...

Exactly, while we are focused in the physical system, we must "honor" time, but since time is a matter of perception, there is really no where to go.

Anonymous said...

i really find your blog insightful as i am a 16 year old young man trying to find my place in the physical world. I have trouble accepting the reality that i will probably never fully understand most of these concepts in the forseeable future. I have trouble focusing on the now in my reality because i think in the grand scheme of things that makes me speculate that my life is so trivial in that respect. I have a question. Do you believe that all these questions will be answered when we die and that we will at "peace" or do you think that there is a never ending journey that just keeps on originating "forever?" Again, your blog posts truly inspire me to ponder these seemingly incomprehendable concepts and open my eyes to all that is and how i am a part of that.

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
I only wish I had been as inquisitive as you are when I was your age. There is no magic answer to your question, but I can tell you that the journey is long and answers will be given, but you must search for them. No person, soul or entity will ever know all that there is to know,,,,,,and you should remember, as you mature and learn, so does All That Is, so there is no catching up, in those terms. When you die, if you were not a wonderer and did not seek Knowledge when you were alive, you will still be ignorant. Your life is not trivial by any means, and your slightest thought changes everything in the universe and that is not a symbolic statement. Thinking about it in totality can be overwhelming I must admit, but you should learn all that you can, and you will then find fulfillment and be able to help others. There are no real secrets of God, but there is much that the human brain just can't hold at this time. Learn what you can, ask questions and much Knowledge will find its way to you. Knowledge is attracted to consciousness that seeks that knowledge.