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I wanted to address this subject in light of all of the attention now being focused on the emission of carbon and noxious and dangerous gasses into the earth’s atmosphere. The real gravity of the subject can only be understood if you understand the true foundation of your world and can somehow get beyond the myths, legends and parables about an angry God ready to punish and wreak havoc on all who disobey his almighty rules. The main reason that I bring this up is that it is harder for me to explain things to people who are deeply indoctrinated in religious dogma which greatly limits their ability to set aside old, worn out, simplistic children’s tales of creation, death and destruction and have an open mind to examine and try and understand difficult but true concepts.

Many of those who are still steeped in this limiting dogma will find it difficult to believe that God/All That Is, that envisioned elderly gentleman with the long flowing gray hair, would allow or bring about the destruction of his one and only favorite world and therein lies the problem that I must transcend in order to make sense of things. First and foremost, if you have been reading this material, you will hopefully understand by now that what or who you call “God” destroys nothing, people destroy, gods don’t.

By now you understand that there are countless worlds supporting countess civilizations in countless universes, still All That Is keeps “ALL” in Its massive attention and never loses track of even one small universe. Having said that, the original creation of even one universe, infers the creation of many and any world in any dimension, once having been created, set in place and given motion, is essentially on its own to expand and evolve along its own lines and the only limitations are the limitations established by the entities that create and will inhabit such a world or universe. Once created, identities/personalities such as you and even entire systems of reality have complete unlimited freedom of choice on what you do with your life and your world. Although an entity gave you life, it has no ability to interfere in the choices you make for good or bad, for your intimate interactions, your life or your world. You create your reality, your successes and your failures and you can blame no one but yourself for your errors in judgement. God does not cause tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, wars, starvation, pestilence, plagues and other calamities as punishments for a disobedient people, and in fact, you have a greater influence on these seemingly natural occurrences than God does.

There ARE destructions and all of the aforementioned disasters but the source of them lies within the identities that inhabit your world and just as you inadvertently, automatically and unconsciously create and support your natural environment, you also do the same for the what seems to you to be totally unconnected physical phenomena such as the weather in all of its beneficial and destructive manifestations.

There is not one of you that has not felt the excess of energy in a storm or felt “flooded” with emotion just as you would be if you were flooded with by water. Then it should not seem strange if I tell you that explosive feelings of a population will in some cases bring about explosive weather events, wars or other disasters. Of course there is much more involved here, but my intent is to point out what you call God, is the foundation for all universes but does not interact personally with any for better or worse, but supplies the initial energy for all.

There are psychic safety valves in place, entities who are watching and observing and in ways hard to explain, exerting their influences in a limited way when things go astray. They are there to relieve the pressure when destruction is imminent but their effects are to some great extent limited and necessary lessons are learned and progress made even in destruction and disaster. Your world has known other endings and other new beginnings. Civilizations, ancient in your terms, predating your present earth have managed to destroy their earth and their civilization before and you could do so again, so in your terms, there is no God on high who will come swooping down from the heavens on his white horse, robes flowing in the wind to save your world when you have brought it to its knees and to the brink of total destruction and annihilation. You actually have only one sure fire method for survival in a world seemingly gone insane, and that is your own good sense, but having good sense is not enough if you do not use it for your own and your contemporaries benefit.

Entities/souls create worlds, people are meant to preserve, build on and enhance worlds and not destroy them. Some civilizations treat their worlds with dignity and respect for all of nature, they nurture them and understand the co-operative nature of all to maintain and sustain their environments, they luxuriate in their creations, and respect the will to live of all creatures. Your entire earth is a finely woven tapestry of life, conceived by imaginative consciousness with forethought beyond anything that you can presently understand. Your world was given over to generations of individual personalities to see what they would do with it, and so far, they are not doing very well.

You are rapidly unraveling this magnificent tapestry of life as you pollute your own atmosphere, driving one species after another into extinction. You complain as your fisheries collapse, droughts
decimate your crops, you clear cut your forests and in some cities, the inhabitants have to wear masks to help them breathe the polluted air. Your last president, being of limited intellect, in a moment of great lucidity, said that he would not try to cut back on pollution because it might cause your country to lose jobs. This may seem to be a bit absurd, but what good is a job if the world ceases to exist. What good is a job if you can’t drink the water? What good is a job if you must breathe polluted air? Doesn’t it ever occur to you that something is drastically wrong with this picture?

Your real problem is not that you have too few fish, not that you need more electric power, not that you need to clear more land removing animal habitat, the real problem is that you have too many people. You abandon logical thinking and mindlessly follow misguided, ignorant clergy, telling you that God wants you to create more babies, that it is a sin to use certain methods of birth control and that the situation will take care of itself. It will not take care of itself, but you have within your power to make the necessary changes to insure a lasting world of fulfilled values and satisfactions for all of its inhabitants. Your world will never achieve its natural state of equilibrium with six billion people on the planet.

Global warming and cooling is a natural occurrence, happening in cycles over thousands of years and the inhabitants evolve, migrate, change and adapt to those evolutionary changes, but never before have those changes taken place so drastically over a mere few hundred years. Just as there are probable selves, there are probable worlds, and there is a probable world that was destroyed by climate becoming so severe as to not be inhabitable by life as you know it. The lines of probability are beginning to point to actualization of this reality if you don’t make some drastic changes and make them soon. Your world CAN reach a point of “no return” where any changes will become ineffective and fruitless and no actions will be able to alleviate or reverse the negative effects of global warming. Trends tend to keep going and only drastic, forceful action can interrupt a well established trend.

Remember, even though you may destroy your world, its civilizations and all living matter, lessons will be learned and all entities, identities and personalities who have ever inhabited your world or will inhabit your world in the future, will try again. In your terms, there are several options which could occur. Your world could become so polluted that the species must find a new way of life, living underground, drinking unpolluted water from deep within the earth, synthesizing your food by hydroponic methods and developing a new kind of underground society. Another option is that only the most basic life forms will survive, mutate and evolve into what you may consider alien life forms more suited to breathing CO2 and methane gasses in temperatures that you could not now endure.

The last option is the total destruction of earth as you know it, where to the entities involved in its creation, it cannot be salvaged without major reconstitution, in which case, if they feel the task worthwhile, the earth will be re-created and the process of life will begin again much as when the cave men and dinosaurs once roamed the landscape. Having learned from past mistakes, the life forms that inhabit the new earth will evolve much faster the second time around and not repeat past errors. This process has happened before and it can happen again. The identities that perished in this other endeavor of life on earth, having failed in their first attempt, went on to other less challenging reality systems until they evolved enough to handle the more challenging systems.

Remember, even though you may destroy earth as you know it, you cannot destroy the individual consciousness of even one small flower or one human, and all will live again in more favorable circumstances. In your universe of unlimited abundance, nothing can ever be permanently destroyed as energy once manifested into one environment changes into another, driven by consciousness as it asserts itself into new worlds, environments and identities and occupies the new world that it has created.

You have time to change this outcome, but the time is limited. The only way you can permanently solve this problem is to come to your senses and begin to limit your populations, start by defying those who tell you to continue procreating yourself into certain extinction. This statement should not have to be made, but since you don’t seem to understand, let me say that you must limit your populations through birth control since abstinence is unnatural and flies in the face of common sense. As you bring your populations under control, world wide starvation will lessen, food will be more readily available, the animals will enjoy more habitat and finally your world will achieve its natural state of balance that it once had and all can enjoy a value fulfillment that was the original intent.

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