Monday, August 15, 2011


I know many of you are concerned with the quality of your life and many could say that your life sucks and you continue to experience what seems to be a continuous stream of bad things happening to you.
As a matter of fact, our article on “Why do bad things keep happening to me?” is by far the most read article worldwide on this site. So you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to come to the conclusion that a great part of the world's populations are flat out unhappy with their lives.
I have written an article that appears on this site about “EXPECTATIONS” and how expectations are one of the most important ingredients required in the creation of your personal reality. In this article, I emphasize how you use idea, thoughts, beliefs, desire and expectations to create what you want in your life. Of course, you have been doing this all of your life without even knowing that you are doing it.
For instance, you get an idea that you want a new couch in your home. You go to several stores and look at couches. You may also search the internet for information on couches, styles, colors, prices, etc. You think about it when you lie down to rest. You talk to your friends or spouse about it.
You finally have enough money put aside to purchase the couch, so your beliefs and expectations that you are going to get a new couch begin to firm up into beliefs that you will soon purchase your new couch. In the meantime, you are telepathically, below conscious recognition, communicating with those around you about your idea and getting their input on your prospective purchase. This kind of back and forth inner communication between connected people goes on constantly without your awareness.
Finally you you buy your couch and to you it may seem like this act of purchasing the couch was a purely physical act, but the fact remains, whether you realize it or not, most of the preliminary work done on this purchase was done in inner psychic reality, then, forcing itself outward into the physical realm you call solid world objects and events.
If you had read my other articles on reality creation, expectations and such, you would by now understand much of this so I won't go into any more details here other than to say, go back and read the previous material on this subject or you won't understand what is to follow here.
What I have been talking about so far is the attribute of consciousness to assume physical form. Consciousness wants to be known in one form or another and a way must be made for it to assert itself into the physical world. I should say here that I have purposely delayed speaking of these things until I had a chance to give you some necessary background, and now I do believe that enough of our readers will understand what we are talking about.
You have a Soul/Entity, and I have explained my reasons for preferring the term Entity over Soul because of misleading religious connotations regarding Soul. Your Soul/Entity desires to enter into your world and other worlds that exist in just as real terms as the Earth, but because of its sheer power and development, cannot itself enter into any system of reality that requires the assumption of the prevailing type of physical body endemic to that system of reality, simply because it would overpower the physical identity and the entry could not be made in this manner.
The Entity/Soul then, does the next best thing, it partitions a portion of its own “psychic identity” creating a fragment or splinter personality of itself and sends it into the chosen physical system based on its needs and desires at the time. That is precisely why the Father sent the Son.
I think it is understood that this entry point is the “male sperm” that impregnates the female egg and sparks the creation of the new personality on the Earth Plane. From there on, due to physical growth and expansion the new personality bringing with it some pre-birth challenges and directions direct from the Soul, also telepathically and genetically adopts the beliefs and expectations of its physical parents. And this is why expectations exist upon the first breath of the fetus.
And now we can finally get into the meat and potatoes of this article. I have explained many times that you as a fetus don't enter this life with a blank slate, and in truth, you have existed in previous lives and in these previous lives you encountered challenges, some of which you worked through and some you didn't.
The ones you didn't don't just fade away into the ether and float somewhere into outer space. They are held in abeyance, coded in electrical connections in the non-physical mind until the personality reincarnates the next time, then reintroduced into the new genetic structure and imparted to the new physical brain for another go around, so to speak.
I call this reincarnational drag, meaning that you will drag both desirable and undesirable baggage from a past life into your new personality/life and work at the same or similar challenges once again until they are solved.
On the surface the personality would be hard pressed to discover the reasons that these problems kept popping up seemingly endlessly and for no apparent reason, and without age regression therapy, the reasons for these continuing unfortunate occurrences would be transparent and may never come to light.
The hardest thing for some people to believe is that you choose your parents before birth. Even though on the physical plane, it may seem to the new parents that their meeting and subsequent sexual encounter that resulted in conception was purely accidental, that is not the case, and every meeting and every outcome of this nature is known well beforehand.
Here is the most important thing about secret or hidden expectations. You would think that an expectation would require a specific, conscious thought, intent or desire made by the personality when seeking some specific outcome.
I have told you many times that you choose your parents before birth, sometimes even before they are born themselves. The arrangements are made in advance for specific reasons, put as simply as I can at this time, the reasons being for everyones convenience and growth through the physical plane.
No life is ever planned without a plan, without a challenge and a goal, and to this end sometimes parents and future children select each other in advance, constructing a future family drama that will be able to provide the necessary background or environment where the new personality and parents alike will most likely encounter the kind of challenges that they both desire to experience.
Most would say that is silly to think that someone would choose a life of hardships when he could just as well choose a life of leisure and convenience, but that is not the case, at least not all of the time. I may remind you of the saying, “what would Jesus do?” and if you looked at it only on the side of physical pleasures, then you could say that Jesus sure made some bad choices.
Depth and overall quality of experience can never be fully achieved through lifetimes of simple pleasures, enjoyments and satisfactions and require a well rounded collection of experience on the physical plane both bad and good. Don't get me wrong, many do choose a lifetime of wealth, beauty and leisure and valuable lessons can be learned from that type of life too, but remember, the Entity/Soul sets the tone for its new personalities life, and in the final analysis, when push comes to shove, the Soul wins.
So, you may wonder why, through seemingly no fault of your own, you were born with and grew up with poor parents, divorced, perhaps with severe difficulties with alcohol or drugs. You may have been born to a welfare family where your parents didn't work at steady jobs, couldn't pay their bills and your mother was on the streets. You may have lived an early childhood where food was always in short supply and moves were frequent and forced to live in neighborhoods where crime was rampant.
The important thing here is the day you are born, you unknowingly bring into your young life expectations (bad or good) from previous lives. The day you are born, you also bring into this life expectations from your parents that you may have arranged before your birth, not forced upon you, but created by you before physical birth. I prefer to call this Parental Drag.
Your parents during your childhood may have been what would be considered less than ideal, but if they were, you were aware of their shortcomings and in fact decided to utilize and build upon those shortcomings to provide you with a playing field upon which you could live out your life’s drama utilizing all of your abilities and talents to overcome these hardships and grow in psychic stature.
You have all heard this and it is true, there truly are no surprises. The Soul always knows what is going to happen before it happens, but to the Soul/Entity there is no judgement between bad or good, there is just experience and it's all good.
The point of this article is this; It may be impossible to understand purely from the physical standpoint why you are faced with what seems to be a unrelenting stream of bad stuff happening to you. There are many reasons that are discoverable and I have touched on that in my article (Why do bad things keep happening to me?) so I don' t need to go there now.
There are also reasons for bad things that are introduced before or at birth that you had an intimate hand in creating, but you don't have access to that information at this time, and in truth may never understand. What is important to know is that all challenges, all problems usually originate with you with a purpose in mind. Nothing is thrust upon you that you are not already aware of, at least psychologically.
The secret that you must bring out in the open is not to blame yourself since you may have unknowingly created the problems to aid in your development and growth, in your wisdom and understanding and your acquisition of knowledge. Problems that seem to have plagued you from birth, may in truth, have been well thought out and arranged with your parents before birth and truth be known, they may have been in (cahoots) with you all along.
Deal with challenges one at a time, work through them and triumph over them. You probably created the challenges, but you didn't create them to defeat you, but to aid you on your journey. In some future time, on other planes, in other dimensions or maybe indeed in another life, you will all sit down and have a big laugh over the whole thing.
Remember, the trend is toward increasing awareness and knowing. What you do no know now, what seems to be irretrievable now will be known to you as you progress. The progress is unending and your identity is eternal, so don't fret over unsolved difficulties, you have all the time you need, and I mean that literally.


Anonymous said...

My question to you is, one hears of ancient Gods, say in Indian mythology like Krishna, who were supposed to have super natural powers, did they really exist? And if they did, why not now?

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
Your question is interesting and bears a more detailed explanation than I can give here, so I will answer in my next article, so stay tuned.

CareenaCaroom said...

As a born again Christian, you can imagine my horror when I began to question every thing I had always believed and taught my children. One of the first "intuitive" thoughts I had came from out of nowhere. A voice in my head said, "you chose your parents before you were born. As a matter of fact, you, your parents and God himself sat down and figured out the best path for me to learn the lessons I needed to further my spiritual evolution." My parents are not my parents at all but actors sent to play a part.
We are not related at all except in the spiritual realm from where we all came from and where we will all return. I must be stone damn crazy to think such things. By whose authority do I come up with such nonsense? Why not claim to be Peter Pan's mother? Oh god, oh god help me.

Anonymous said...

From reading the articles I understand that every thought gets realized somewhere at sometime in the future either here are in some other dimensions and hence shapes the events of the life, In a way one is creating the life.
If that is the case what will be the nature of fantasies one indulges?
Its vivid, creative, Imaginative, entertaining and some times therapeutic.
Does it have any effect on the individual's life, here or somewhere?
This is a mental phenomenon and it would have its purpose like the rest of the mental activities and what may be that?

Could you please shed some light on this phenomenon for which attention is given much less.I have a feeling that its as significant as the act of dreaming.

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
Do to the lengthy explanation required for me to answer your questions, I will respond in a new article which will be posted to this site within a few days.
Stay tuned in.