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Your personal thoughts, feelings and emotions create the sometimes good and sometimes adverse physical effects that surround your personal life, be it your successes or a lack of creature comforts, a poisoned, unhealthy atmosphere, illness, poverty, absence of personal relationships and sometimes other detrimental defects inflicted upon your own body and your experience. You cannot separate your thoughts, feelings and emotions from the physical proofs inherent in your personal life. All realities emerge from mental origins. Were this not true the world, the universe and what lies beyond could never have emerged from that “First” mental state of “All That Is”.

At one time, in what you would consider the indescribable past, there was what you could call a “FIRST THOUGHT”, the first psychic acknowledgment of Being, and from that first mental murmuring sprung an evolution of consciousness that resulted in “Everything That Is” including you. It is important at this stage of the species development, to begin to understand that you live in many dimensions simultaneous, but for now it will suffice if you just understand that only a portion of your total identity is expressed in the objective world of matter and events. The Soul simply cannot fully express itself in the physical system in one personality but that one physical personality depends a great deal upon the unexpressed inner portion of itself for much of its information. So while you are busily involved with manipulation of your three dimensional, objective, physical body in time and space, your inner self is involved in supportive activities that make your physical life possible. You are not separated or cut off from your inner self unless you think you are.

It is also important to begin to understand that there is and never was any “bedrock” solid, concrete world in the universe from which everything sprung. In those terms, everything emerged from thought and inspiration into something that you call physical matter, and that physical matter is only relevant to your type of perception. In a very real way, you condition your senses to create and then to perceive a certain kind of reality and you then name and classify it “physical”, assigning certain specific properties to it such as size, solidity, density, duration etc. Physical, three dimensional reality is only real within its specific prescribed frequency range, exhibiting the conditions that you attach to it, and it will materialize again and again when those conditions are met. What I am suggesting here is that, to someone outside of your system, your world and universe would not exist. In that respect, you only see your own constructions.

Many books have been written discussing whether or not reality is an illusion, and within certain parameters, it is an illusion to which each living consciousness contributes. You actually hallucinate reality based on what you believe reality is, but the story does not stop there and there is a big difference between an illusion and a REAL ILLUSION. No one in their right mind could deny that the Sphinx, the Pyramids, the Empire State Building and the Rocky Mountains are REAL and there is no contradiction when you understand that one of the inherent rules of “Life on Earth” is that you will all accept your unique atomic structure as REAL and honor the attributes that it manifests in a certain way.

The atoms themselves spring from invisible, non physical, condensed, self aware conscious energy thrust outward through an invisible barrier into a new kind of SOLIDITY that exists in the context of time and space. A dream table does not take up any space, but a similar table of the same size does take up space in the physical system. The fact that the illusion becomes real under certain conditions, simply acknowledges the process of thought coalescing into objects and events and you agreeing to accept them as such while still understanding that you are in a very real sense hallucinating them into something that will trick your senses into believing in their solidity and permanence. Once the “Earth” illusion provision is accepted, it cannot be penetrated except sometimes in the dream state or unless you choose to die out of it.

I wanted to make those points before moving on to the subject at hand, the mass effects of thoughts, feelings and emotions into events rather than objects, whether events, wars, pestilence and plagues. If you are to understand what I am saying here it might be of benefit for you to first “Google ” NATURAL DISASTERS” and read about those destructive events that cause great loss of human life. You will find that almost ALL natural disasters where there is great loss of life, take place in what you would call underdeveloped or third world countries where a variety of difficulties make life within those countries almost unbearable..

Now, I know many of you will say that these countries are just not as prepared to react and deal with natural disasters as countries in the Western world. Furthermore, I know you will say that these countries lie on fault zones, or in the same areas as calderas or volcanoes and we should not think it unusual that they are subject to natural disasters. You may say that they live on low lying land masses and therefore are subject to floods and tsunamis, and of course all of this is true to some extent, but when you read the statistics, you will be amazed just how many of these disasters, both natural and man made, result in great loss of life. Six of the top ten natural disasters took place in China, the next four were in Pakistan, India and Indonesia and Bangladesh. Some of these countries, even though they are flirting with democracy, experience abject poverty and a disenfranchisement of their populations.

The Western world has had its share of disasters, but rarely is there any great loss of life connected with them, as evidenced by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, which to date was the most expensive natural disaster to hit the United States, devastating much of the Bahamas, and South Florida, but resulting in only somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 lives lost. The point I want to make here without going into statistics, is this, there will be world wide disasters, but great loss of life will usually occur where there is most discontent, hardship, poverty and political repression. In Western countries where freedom predominates and people are allowed to express themselves without fear, are able to choose their leaders, have jobs and sufficient food, rarely will there be any great loss of life from natural disasters or wars.

The point being that as I have alluded to before, that “weather” affects your moods, temperament and your feelings, emotions and thoughts affect the moods and temperaments of nature. Collectively self aware conscious energy affects the great sweeps of nature across the continents, bringing not only the quenching effects of well needed rain and localized storms, but also the angry torrents that can swell a river out of its banks and kill thousands in so doing. The combined energy of a starving, angry and disenchanted population can affect, attract and trigger a destructive event that will sweep clean the landscape and make way for a new beginning as evidenced in Ache Indonesia in a recent tsunami where somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred thousand lost their lives. Sometimes the needs of an entire country, mired in poverty and suffering will arouse feelings of hopelessness, that will in turn coalesce into a weather event that will devastate the countryside, but bring financial help and aid that otherwise would not be forthcoming, as is not happening in Haiti.

We are talking about mass feelings and mass emotions here. The feelings and emotions of a population of a region or country collect, attract other like feelings until they reach an emotional state of critical mass and begin to coalesce into and/or attract a weather event that can, in some cases trigger an event that can demolish a city that quite possibly should have been demolished anyway. A population that has been repressed, basic freedoms contained to the point where life is meaningless, will rise up in revolt and overthrow the government in a popular uprising causing great loss of life. In the greater scope of things, it matters not that great loss of life is the result, because those participating unconsciously understand the continuity of life and do not fear annihilation of the personality.

You may ask why should you care about these matters, but if you are going to understand your own reality, you must to some extent understand the realty of humanity. You are embarked on a gigantic co-operative adventure of consciousness as it seeks out experience within three dimensional physical reality. You were meant to finally learn that you are indeed creating your reality and the mass reality of your contemporaries. Actually, you do not have to learn anything, but then you will keep repeating one lifetime after lifetime ignoring the true scope of your total identity, repeating the same mistakes again and again and getting the same results.

On the other hand, you can begin to grapple with difficult concepts that to some small extent, explain your “Being” and where you are going. You are on a journey whether you realize it or not. Your eternal Being has no end and your physical body certainly does not end with your skin since you are also an intimate part of your environment which is a natural extension of yourself. So, your feelings, emotions, desires and expectations are natural emanations of all consciousness, creating a tapestry of life that affects all other living aspects of the physical system. A flower grown in a room by a window that is given loving attention, with all things being equal, will grow stronger, bigger and healthier than a similar flower grown in isolation. In some ways a flower senses more about its Being than you do.

In the same way that a gloomy day makes you sad, a gloomy mass consciousness of thousands spreads darkness and despair over an entire population and the results can be terrifying.. A psychic explosion of the consciousness of one person can create a fight or confrontation between two individuals, and an explosive psychic atmosphere spread over an entire country, can trigger an explosion on the landscape of the physical land affecting whole societies. This is generally what happened in Haiti and in other respects, it garnered the attention of the world and brought the help that Haiti so desperately needed. There are disasters, but there are no accidents!

The rule involved here is this; “Thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions form mass weather patterns that affect masses of people in great expanses of the planet”, just as the weather affects your most intimate feelings and emotions and the feelings and emotions of the inhabitants of entire countries and villages alike. It works both ways.

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