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The recent earthquake disaster in Haiti was and is a tragedy of epic proportions, especially for a country that has had so much misery and devastation in its history. On the outside it seems like fate is against this small country and you might wonder why Haiti seems to be destined to endure such calamities one after another. Some clerics, misguided and befuddled ministers to the down trodden have said that Haiti brought these disasters on itself because of its pact with the devil through its beliefs in and practice of voodoo. Other radio personalities steeped in anger, suggest the American president is using this event to garner sympathy for his cause by providing aid to the Haitians.

Meanwhile the pope is doing “photo Ops” to (in his words) “demonstrate his benevolence” toward a woman who knocked him down while he was busy passing out his blessings to the multitudes. As if that right was bestowed on him by some almighty God in Heaven. Sad thing is, that many believe it, even sadder, he believes it too. Terrorists are blowing them selves up and killing thousands of innocent men, women and children indiscriminately in the name of God. Ancient witch doctors had a better understanding of true spirituality and reality than any pope resplendent in his golden crown or terrorists wrapped in their distorted idea of sanctity..

Amidst all of the misconceptions of human reality, you might be tempted to think the world is going to hell in a handbasket, so to speak. It isn’t. I had planned another article for this week, but do to the total misunderstanding of these types of events in the history of the human race, I thought it might be better to clear up a few things, at least as much as possible in this allotted space. This particular subject in itself could take a whole book to explain, but then it would take a well balanced personality, exercising a healthy combination of the intellect and the intuitive characteristics in order to grasp what I will now discuss.

I am well aware that there are few who will understand these concepts without the necessary background and training, so in a way, I am not being fair with you asking you to grasp a concept that will never be understood with the intellect alone, but we must begin somewhere, so now seems to be as good a time as any. I am sure I will hear from detractors, that God punishes those who do not follow what they believe are God’s laws. They will say that God punishes not only those individuals who stray from the righteous path, but punishes disobedient countries also. This is of course poppycock, only believable by those who have actual pictures of God with His long flowing beard, carrying his scale to judge you, painted on black velvet, hanging on their kitchen walls. They are so caught up in the crime and punishment dogma expounded by the uninformed that they can’t get a real grip on the fact that you are right now, here and in this present moment, creating your own personal reality and contributing to the mass reality of the world.. So, now lets begin with some simple tenants that must be understood if you are ever going to understand the true reality that you create and experience.

There are interwoven fields of actuality, blending, mixing and combining. Invisible chemical reactions, activated and potent nerve impulses, electromagnetic energies impinging on these interacting fields, all natural emanations of consciousness, that eventually combine to produce something that you can all agree upon as the human Earth reality that is jointly perceived by all of humanity. In some respects, we must talk in generalities here since the reality that you all contribute to must be perceived, understood and agreed upon by all human consciousness if there is to be any complimentary awareness and continuity of the mass experience.

Your psychological specifics such as your thoughts, emotions and imaginations are then moderated, smoothed out, refined, so that they are in agreement with all people of all countries throughout the world to create the mass perceived reality. Having said that, there are separate areas, countries, towns and even families that come together to specialize in certain specific problems for the good of those involved and also the good of all humanity. There is then, a kaleidoscope of different problems being dealt with at any one time in any century in a variety of countries in your world, making up a tapestry of purposely involved consciousness working collectively for the good of all Above all, consciousness is co-operative, and that includes the consciousness of all living matter; flowers, trees, insects, animals and mankind.

Just as you have chosen your parents, your personal challenges and fields of experience before birth, you have also chosen the area or country in which you live the experience of your temporal life while in this body at this time. Many Western countries have chosen to deal with the challenges inherent in the objective advancements of industry, technologies, wealth and affluence while other less developed countries are learning the realities inherent in poverty, lacks, privation, wars, terror and political unrest. I have said many times that you choose your parents before birth, but now I also say that you choose your area (country) where you will spend at least a part of your physical life on Earth. That does not necessarily mean that you will be born in that country, but you will migrate there at the appropriate time in your life, for it is there where the most significant fertile field of experience lies that can best realize your life challenges.

Just as any competent general chooses his battlefield to face the enemy on his terms, you choose your own field of experience that offers you the best chance of success in facing your pre-selected set of difficulties, this being done, of course to facilitate your mental, emotional and physical growth. For those wondering if challenges eventually abate as you evolve through a series of reincarnational lives, the answer is NO. There is however an increasing inner knowledge that these challenges of which we speak are not thrust upon you by some outside agency or arbitrary god, but are actually created by you for your own betterment. Any lack infers a need and any need infers a problem to be dealt with, furthering creativity and upon being solved and satisfactions savored, new challenges will always emerge, no matter how evolved the personality.

You may ask, why would someone choose poverty in light of the other alternatives, but as much can be learned from lacks as from abundance, perhaps more. I will not dwell on this at this time, but it might make a good subject for discussion at another time. For the sake of the subject at hand, assume for the moment that people do choose the circumstances of their lives and in so doing, extend those challenges into families, cities, states and countries. You are probably aware the there is a commonly held belief that there exists an “Earth” consciousness and that is true, but further, there is an overall family gestalt consciousness and an overall gestalt consciousness of all such groupings including towns, villages and countries, representing the interests and proclivities of all involved in those groups.

You live in, are born into or join groups such as this because you desire the type of experience inherent in that grouping, region or country. There is no condition that is permanent, and as your goals, challenges and problems change, you will follow them to areas indicative to the particular challenge that you have chosen to deal with at that particular time of your life. For instance, if you originally chose to live in Des Moines Iowa in the United States because after a series of difficult lifetimes, you desired a life of relative tranquility, simple healthy and placid relationships, then this might be the ideal place for you to put down your roots.

On the other hand, if your interests changed so that you needed more physical confrontation with the harsh realities of life and death, the intimate confrontation with the most violent aspects of nature and the lessons that can be learned from that type of encounter, you would gravitate toward an area where those conditions are likely to prevail, like California earthquakes, Florida hurricanes, Haiti earthquakes or Bangladesh floods for example.

As I have said before, YOU create your own individual reality, but by now you should understand that YOU, meaning all of humanity, en masse, creates all of humanities reality across the globe. You create the personal events in your life. As an example, you and two other persons, each of the three creates a joint reality, agreed upon by all three parties when you join with them to create a fetus. It may seem to you that only two people are involved, but even before coitus takes place there is an inner involvement with the future fetus. This obviously infers that the incipient fetus yet to be born is also a party in this event of procreation, this impregnation is an agreement and includes the unborn infant.

I have said that identity exists before birth and after death, so you should not be surprised to learn that the fetus plays and important part in this creative act. Before birth then, the alive, but not yet physical fetus identity decides on the field of endeavor that it chooses to participate and on what levels of intensity it seeks in its next life. It chooses its parents, its future body, its foreordained handicaps, illnesses and future challenges and of course, by selecting a specific set of parents, in most cases, it has chosen by default the time and place of its birth.

You then can be assured that everyone who is alive in California, Florida and Haiti to name a few places, chose to be there and knew in advance the inherent possibilities of natural disasters. That is precisely why they are there, and by the way, I live in Florida. There is a most exhilarating experience of riding out a hurricane knowing the inherent life and death dangers involved. There is electrical energy saturating the air, and a certain magical feeling of vulnerability to the massive power of nature unleashed, yet trusting that your intuition would have alerted you if there were any real danger to you. Personally, I feel deprived when we don’t experience a hurricane in a typical season. After all, its why many of us are here although most people don’t realize it. Needless to say, no one likes the devastation or loss of life or limb from these natural disasters, but the satisfactions experienced from merely surviving nature unleashed is quite rewarding.

Having said that, it is a natural extrapolation to grasp that everyone in your particular village, town, city, country and continent, creates the mass reality of that particular area. Mass thoughts, emotions and expectations play just as an important part in the creation of the reality experience of “Mayberry, Ohio” as in the reality of the world. The mass reality of Haiti is created by the people that inhabit that country, and here my friends is where many of you may jump ship on me here.

I think you will acknowledge that at one time or another you have upon rising on a beautiful sunny morning, felt energized because of the sun’s radiations. I know that many of you have also when rising to a storm, felt the awesome power of the lightning and thunder, but also felt a certain depression because of the dreary conditions. So, I’m trying to get you to realize that the “weather” influences your feelings and emotions, but how many would agree that your feelings and emotions actually influence the weather?

In a most real fashion, mass human emotions and feelings actually cause and influence not only the weather, but also cause other natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. En masse then, you unknowingly perpetuate upon yourselves the very same disasters that you shake your fist the heavens and curse God or bemoan your bad luck. The weather patterns then follow the feeling and emotional patterns of entire societies projected outward into the psychic atmosphere, collecting, attracting other like feelings and coalescing into physical weather patterns. There are what you would consider normal weather currents, cycles and patterns, eruptions, floods, tsunamis and earth changes that fluctuate within the expected norms, but nature itself chooses no victims. Within those normal occurrences, dangers are sensed both by the animals and humans on a more unconscious level and those who choose not to be involved will leave the affected area beforehand not knowing the reason why.

Every last person living in Haiti at the time of the recent hurricane, inwardly knew of the impending disaster. Animals sense in advance of these impending calamities, and although you have long ago forgotten your similar abilities, these intuitive senses simply went underground in the human species and they are still operating within your scope of sensual comprehension when you let them rise to the surface. You will find those who left the country for a variety of reasons beforehand, maybe to visit a sick grandmother and they will have no idea of the pre-cognitive information that caused them to leave. You will find those who stayed and died or suffered beyond comprehension from your standpoint, but from deep within the human psyche, each and every person knows why they chose to stay and challenge nature.

I know this is hard to understand, but not one person died in the Haiti earthquake who was not prepared to die and not one person stayed and rode the tide of natural forces and lived that did not understand inwardly that he had participated in the vast energy explosion unleashed by the creative forces of nature. It is good to remember, nature is neutral, but it is the way of nature to change, and sometimes the changes are violent, uplifting the earth or flooding the lands, but it is also good, because without the changes that nature demands, all worlds would cease to exist in a very short time. In trying to make some sense of what I am saying here, please try and remember, no one actually dies in your normal interpretation of the word “death” and everyone who was killed or buried alive in physical rocks or debris, is alive now, possibly in far better conditions that he/she was before the catastrophe. Life continues, even though you can’t physically perceive that continuance from where you are today.

I will draw this article to a close in order not to alienate any further those who think some capricious, jealous, punitive God, causes natural catastrophes for some unknown purpose or reason. But in our next article I intend to point out similarities between what you call natural disasters and other calamities such as mass plagues, world wars and serious political uprisings. They all have a mental source deep within the feelings and emotions of and societies. The despair of an entire population, restrained from creativity, downtrodden and living with no hope of self expression are the seeds of upheaval, wars or floods that sweep over the land cleansing it of previous energy blockages and setting up new avenues for the free flow of creative energy and a new emerging reality.

Disasters, wars, calamities, epidemics and pestilence all have their inner meanings and are attracted to the areas that they affect. In many ways, these areas are seeking help that would not come without the unfortunate events. We will talk about these at another time
Remember this: Non physical psychic characteristics such as FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, IDEAS AND IMAGINATION are expressed in the physical world as CLIMATE and WEATHER. Under normal conditions, you might consider them benevolent and usually beneficial, but when fueled by continuing hate, anger, starvation or political repression they cause psychic energy upheavals of these normally passive fluctuations and can cause havoc and devastation on the physical landscape in whatever form they take. In the overall picture, all movement of energy is action and there is no bad action. Action is neutral, even though it may affect some more intimately than others.

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