Saturday, January 2, 2010


The question as it was posed; I recently saw a news item about how scientists believe they can isolate the aging gene and program the gene so that we can live longer in the future. Is that possible and if so, will it effect me?

It could happen that you will live longer in the future, but if you have read my previous articles about aging, you would remember that aging is not only a physical process, but more importantly, a psychic reality having to do with the soul’s inclination to turn its attention in other directions. Matter as you know it simply isn’t around long enough to age, it does deteriorate but that deterioration is not because of the time factor, but because of an inability of physical matter to reconstruct itself in the material world as perfectly as in previous actualization. Matter is constantly renewing itself and built within matter is the potentiality to appear again and again almost indefinitely, taking on the appearance of permanency, except within the form taken by what you would call “living things”.

What you call “Living things” is only the arbitrary way that you choose to classify what you consider to be living and not a characteristic of living matter itself. What you consider “things that have life” are only a small portion of what lives. This is not meant to be a discussion on what is living matter and what is dead matter, what is living and what is dead is your interpretation only. Many of you would say that things that can move are living and things that are permanent or stationary are non-living matter. This is short sighted at best since even the lowly electron, the atom, the cells and molecules possess their own valid kind of consciousness and have a deep inner sense of their own being. They are of course not differentiated as you kind of self-aware consciousness but they are aware of the joys of being within their own level of comprehension.

So, it is very true to say that there is NOTHING that is not living at its own level of awareness. The atoms that make up the elements that make up the rocks and the earth also possess their own generalized kind of consciousness which totally escapes you. A rock senses the warmth of the sun or the cold of the winter snow and, and from that warmth, knows the direction of the rising and setting sun. A rock knows these things and more without a brain to think about the processes . A coral reef would fall somewhere in between what you think is permanent, yet it is alive. It does not move in the normal sense of the word, but it grows and takes up more space in time, so although it may seem dead, it is indisputably alive.

For this article we will limit our conversation to living organisms that are comfortable with you at this time, so let us exclude bacteria, virus and such and then talk about the animal world, including insects, fish, birds, mammals and humankind. I propose to you that it matters not a whit in the overall appreciation and fulfillment of a life for a fruit fly that lives only a few days to some turtles that live for hundreds of years. Everything is relative and you cannot transpose your type of reality on other species who experience something totally different. I am telling you that a fruit fly in its three days of life, experiences life’s fulfillment and values to the same degree that you experience yours in your allotted sixty to one hundred years. It is not shortchanged by life as you may think by its lack or limitation of cognitive abilities.

Your life that you know, is but a small conscious, ego oriented portion of your entire identity. That identity is but one egocentric portion of an eternal identity that can only know itself within physical matter. Other portions of the overall conscious identity cannot be materialized, but remain in what could be called an aloof position in the psychological realm of a vast inner universe which underlies and is behind all realities. You may call this aloof portion of your total identity, the Soul or the Entity or take it to the highest level of God or All That Is.

You are an emissary of your Soul or Entity, fulfilling its need for physical experience within certain specific time and space co-ordinates that you call Earth for a given number of years. There are other portions of your identity, given life within other unique time and space system co-ordinates that you are not currently aware of. They are other eccentric versions of you, but still, you are yourself and your specific identity is unique, independent and eternal. You will always be you, and these other split personality fragments of your Soul will always be themselves. The Soul is above all (An Experiencer), gobbling up every conceivable type of experience, both physical and psychological from it’s personalities scattered over the face of the Earth during its different times and ages.

You signed up for this engagement with physical reality for a purpose, planning and writing the play of your life, with it’s inherent stumbling blocks, challenges and diversions. You choose the other actors (participants) to act out their parts too, and to the best of your collective abilities, you will dive into those challenges and hope you do well. Those who participate with you in your life’s adventures, do so because they too are desirous of similar learning opportunities. In that respect, everyone connected with you, in some way is there by design, and there are no accidents. In a larger sense, all earth inhabitants that exist in your present are involved in a great experiment, working on different aspects of the same overall problems inherent in your current civilization.

Since you are a creature of free choice, you can choose whether to address the challenges in this immediate lifetime or shunt them to the sidelines of your attention. When this is done, there is no crisis, but simply a lack of the good use of present opportunity. If this lifes inherent, built in challenges are not addressed in a timely manner, then they will be addressed in another life. If the same players are not available for the newly constituted challenges, then new actors will be chosen, will come to agreement on the roles, and a new life will once again address problems that were avoided in the previous life. Of course this “putting off” of needed experience cannot be indefinite since the Soul/Entity will see to it that what is at hand will be dealt with, and you will learn who is really calling the shots. (Smiling).

Sometimes there are good reasons for postponing a lifes pre-planned agenda, but the good news is that you have all the time you need and all the lives you need. Sometimes there are carryover problems that simply cannot be addressed in one lifetime. Sometimes one challenge leads to a new challenge, and time within the physical system becomes a handicap to satisfactory completion. Fortunately, time is one saving tenant of “Conscious Life” itself, and that is that consciousness, personalities, identities are eternal, and not even the most minute consciousness is ever destroyed, but grows and evolves as it gains knowledge in various forms within various systems, within various worlds and universes. (It’s Forever, so get used to it.)

After a while, the soul becomes impatient with pending experience not adequately experienced by one personality and begins to withdraw it’s energy, anticipating new experience within new aspects of the total personality that is also YOU in other physical and non-physical materializations. In more precise terms, your Soul will tolerate your decision not to deal with certain pre-agreed upon difficulties that you accepted before your physical birth and will throw in the towel on one life, in order to concentrate it’s energies on more current, emerging experiences, knowing that you will once again be born as a new personality with a new perspective on an old problem. As the available energy available to it recedes, the life force within the personality begins to ebb.

I have said that the body is constantly re-constructed as cells die and fall off, new ones are created and replace the fallen dead cells, but as the Soul withdraws the full energy that was once available, the newer constructions of the physical body begin to blur, and each succeeding reconstruction of the physical form becomes less distinct and less precise. This “less distinctness” of the physical image equals what you call aging. Aging is then what happens to physical tissue not from the ravages of time, but from the receding energy available for reoccurring reconstruction of the physical form.

Now here is the crux of the matter. Not only does this lack of sufficient energy to create an acceptable replication of the original form, but it also affects the energy of the personality to deal with problems, causing a mental wandering in the immediate present, preferring sometimes to put off what at one time was a pressing need to some future date. The drive to perform is lost as an unconscious realization sets in that what cannot be done today will be done tomorrow.

Deep within the heart of all mankind is the knowledge that life renews itself again and again, and so you may be petrified at the thought of impending death, encoded deep within your genetic structure is the latent knowledge that “life must always live” and constantly flow anew from those unknown inner sources of all consciousness. Consciousness has this one overriding characteristic, and that is to strive to materialize itself, to show itself through actualization in the physical system. Your consciousness is not content unless it is known through one of it’s many forms as an identity or personality and in that respect, you do not need to continue any particular life, since there is abiding continuity of life that cannot be negated in any way. Consciousness always comes first and creates and evolves physical form, not the other way around.

And that friends, leads us to the crux on this discussion. If life is truly eternal as I have said again and again, what would be gained in prolonging a life indefinitely, whose main purposes have been already put in abeyance for future activation?

Here is something to consider, and underlying this statement a great truth whether or not you consciously recognize its validity;
If you truly believed and realized that your last breath here on your beloved planet earth would actually be your first breath of a new life beginning a new journey, maintaining your same closest friends and family through the ages of succeeding lifetimes, in a new body of a new kind, rested and refreshed and ready to kick some new life butt, would you really struggle against it? I think not. The very instant that your eyes close in this reality, they open in another. The very instant that current friends fade from your view on death, those who have passed before will appear and be there waiting for you.
So rhetorically I ask you, what is the point with prolonging a life beyond its vivid longing for purpose? Regardless of new scientific discoveries, if a world situation should arise where longer lives would be of benefit or necessary to the species, they would evolve naturally as was the case in Biblical times when knowledge was carried by the tribal elders and passed down verbally and advanced age was a practical necessity. It is not necessary now.

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Anonymous said...

The more I read of your stuff, the more I want to find you and kick you in the shins repeatedly. Then hand you a Bible and tell you to read it.

W. Allan said...

Been there, done that. I am glad you are still reading the stuff.

Anonymous said...

Now wait a minute, though! Why then, do you think, we have longer lifespans now than we did before we developed the technology and medicine that we have available to us today? If the soul entity just loses interest, so to speak, why do things like medicine and technology make such a big difference? I know- I think I just asked the same question twice.

Anonymous said...

If death is natural and expected by the soul entity that we are a part of, why do you think so many of us continue to suffer terror at the thought of dying? Why do you think the entire process of death is so painful and "brutal"? It seems that very few people have a pleasant experience of it...

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
The inner self knows, the outer self (ego) does not know and will fight to maintain its control. The outer self, (ego), does not understand the continuity of life that the inner self does, so it understandably fears annihilation and that is why people will fight to live even when the quality of life is gone. Death is only painful if you don't understand that only the body dies, the personality lives on.