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Why some Soul Mates are True Soul Mates
I have touched on the subject of soul mates before but because I had not discussed in any detail the multiplicity of the human identity I have not tried to explain one of the main reasons that the legends of “soul mates” has endured through the centuries. I have hinted that consciousness has no limitations and seeks to express itself in as many dimensions as possible. We have to some extent talked about reincarnation and touched on probable selves, but I did not want to begin a subject that would certainly scandalize some of our readers back then. It seems to me that we have reached a point where at least some of you can consider the difficult truths behind the enormous scope of true identity. You are much more than you think you are. These concepts are so rich that they escape the cognitive abilities of the human brain and may seem to be impossible to those still mired in outdated, misleading and limiting beliefs.

The truths behind and underlying human reality certainly are not for the weak minded, who would slavishly follow the old worn out myths and tales of the past, perpetrated on those who are ignorant or misled, by so called teachers, clerics and gurus, endlessly repeating nonsensical stories of simple one person, one world, one universe and a God who got so exhausted from creating the world that “He” had to take a day off to rest. Didn’t it ever occur to these people that reality is indeed NOT THAT SIMPLE, but unbelievably expansive and difficult to understand.

Do you know where you came from? Do you know why you are here? Do you ever think about what or where the universe came from? Do you feel that there is something more underlying the world that you know? There ARE answers available, but they are only available to those who seek Knowledge by looking for what is inside of the outside. I also know that there are many who are satisfied with what they are told and that is OK too, since everyone is exactly where they should be in their quest for knowledge and answers and no one will or should attempt to dissuade them from their beliefs.

The outside world of physical materialization is a result, the appearance of inner psychic activity propelled outward into physical objects and events. Of course, the inside of the outside will only give you glimpses of what you can presently understand within the physical system, but even further divorced from the 3 dimensional, physical system lies the inside of the inside, and there lies the Ultimate, and even the Ultimate wonders what lies beyond.

So, I speak now to those who have made a conscious decision to look beyond the outside that appears before the physical eyes, to deeper psychological depths of the true nature and structure of your total identity There are those among you who are wondering, there are those who have gone beyond wondering and are actively searching for those inner truths. Many have given up hope that any real truths actually exist and that there are no real answers to what they know is surely out there. They sense a deep and abiding affinity with the earth, their environment and all of nature, yet there is more, and they know it exists somewhere. They just don’t know where to look.

There is a reality behind individual personalities that we have not discussed before and so we will now try and discuss the individual YOU. I am well aware of the difficulty in trying to explain some of these esoteric concepts, but esoteric is what we must deal with in order to understand the vast scope of identity. We must begin with a simple picture of the Soul and the Entity. We have explained this before in articles on the Soul being a part of the Entity. What I want to make clear here is that the Soul is so much more than you have ever imagined, that to you, it would be considered a God in itself, with abilities and purpose beyond human comprehension, straddling worlds, dimensions, systems, planes and universes, yet holding its indelible identity while itself still being a part of an OverSoul and Entity far more expansive and evolved than itself. I have said this before, and will again, that everyone, everything is part of something else. This “being a part of” is called a Gestalt.

I have also said many times that I prefer the term Entity over Soul simply because there is so much misunderstanding on what the Soul really Is, but between your Soul and the Entity, lies the OverSoul, which is a grouping of Souls. Personalities then have their own Soul as you have yours, or as it is you. A group of personalities constitute a Soul (Whole Identity). The OverSoul is then composed of a group of Souls. The Entity is composed of groups of OversSouls/Souls and Identities. Of course these gestalt groupings go on and on, merging and becoming part of even more evolved Entities and there is no definable division though one be part of another. There is no intrusion, no blurring of identity and full freedom prevails at all Gestalt levels and all benefit from the knowledge of the more evolved levels. In other words, the individual personality benefits immeasurably from its association with the Entity.

So let me briefly state that the Soul is not some wispy, invisible, Holy thing that you return to God when you die. The Soul or Entity is the most concentrated, potent, self aware form of universal energy that exists. Some Entities are more evolved than others, beyond human comprehension. It is not a being, as in human being, but it is an evolved identity that knows itself as many identity/personalities, highly motivated and purposeful, exploring reality in many dimensions simultaneously through the personalities that support its structure. Identities and Souls support the psychological structure of the Entity just as your cells, support the identity of you. The Soul is not something you own, it is something you ARE. While you are in a human body, you are your Soul expressed in flesh and blood and there is no separation. Other portions of your whole identity are also expressions of the Soul in their own systems and dimensions

Just as the electrons that make up your bodily structure are part of the cells, molecules, organs and overall body consciousness, so YOU are part of your Soul/Entity and in a very real way, a part of All That Is. Again, there is no separation. Here is the real difficult part, to understand, that you have a Soul, but that your Soul is also perceived by other parts of your identity as theirs. But in a larger sense, it IS yours alone since it is you. The other personalities that are part of your Soul are also portions of your total identity that are the living counterparts of your identity, other aspects of you, exploring other spheres of activity that presently you are not aware of.

I have used this analogy before and since I like it will do so again here with some slight changes. Suppose you were walking down a country road and came to a junction where four roads intersected. Imagine then that you look down each of the other three roads wondering what lies ahead and try to decide which road you should choose to explore. You must choose one over the others, but imagine now that you have the ability to divide yourself into three individual selves, separate parcels of you, giving yourself the ability to walk down all three of the roads simultaneously, meeting on the other end and rejoining into one self again. These other selves are parts of your identity exploring those other roads.

From the viewpoint of the Soul/Entity, one road, one self in one world would not be enough, so it divides portions of itself into multiple personalities, sending each into different areas, realities and dimensions simultaneously, all parts of the same whole, but all unique, indelible, but in YOUR space and time reference, and with total freedom to explore their respective potentials..

Here then is the way you begin your journey into a physical body in the Earth system. Your Soul/Entity, desirous of varied experience in the Earth, three dimensional realty system, actually fragments itself, creating a psychological living package, a psychic cocoon of identity, capable of withstanding the electromagnetic influences of the potent energy fields through which it must travel to reach the precise time/space coordinates of the Earth System. The Soul, chooses the desired system in which it seeks experience, a system which offers a complete unique opportunity to gain experience like no other, then propels this fragment, cocoon of “Soul Identity” (a portion of itself) through the highly protective, energy rich physical barriers that separate and isolate the Earth system from all others. We are trying here to explain the creation of “Counterpart Selves” within the physical Earth system, all operating during the same historical time period.

The cocoon of “Soul Stuff”, a capsule of concentrated energy, (incipient personality), enters the Earth system with such impetus that it itself is once again fractured into several psychic components, each dividing as a cell might divide or as twins may form within the physical system. As this incipient personality divides itself, it creates what could be called “Splinter Personalities” (Counterparts), all from the same source but not identical, which are then scattered across the physical landscape of the Earth. Some of these Splinter Personalities will populate as different sexes and different races in other countries around the world and some will share the same general territory as yourself. Remember, they are of the same psychic stock as yourself, so you will share similar characteristics, resemblances and inclinations and will be drawn to similar types of experience. In that respect, you will have psychic parents before you acquire physical parents, but don’t take that too literally as it could be misleading.

Of course, these personality fragments (Counterparts) become individual, self aware psychic identities and they will be drawn to their pre-arranged destinations (physical parents), where they will eventually enter the developing fetuses at an appropriate time and be born into a physical body. The arrangements have been made and the way has been prepared for the soon to emerge new personality. Now I am aware that you will probably want to have me committed to a psych ward, but I’ll take the chance. Each of these Counterparts are you, but in a larger sense, they are themselves and not you at all. It would be correct to say that your Counterparts, your Splinter Selves are you but not you, since their identity, like yours is unique in its own right, independent with free will, indelible in the universe, but yet, your strings of identity are intertwined with your counterparts. Counterparts are connected psychologically but not physically.
I trust by now that you see where I am going with this. There is an attraction between counterparts/Splinter Selves and that attraction will be stronger by far than an attraction to another non-Counterpart personality. Many refer to this strong bonding attraction experienced between these psychological selves, referring to them as “SOUL MATES”. Others refer to the similar experiences that sometimes bleed through from one counterpart to another as Deja vous.

You may never find or meet your Splinter Selves/Soul Mates, but you may. They will be different sexes, different races and may have different interests and occupations, but they will all be about the same age since they have entered the Earth System at the same time. You and your Counterparts may be drawn to each other from across the world that you know, joining similar groups that share interests, as joining a choir, or joining in a social networking site, noticing an unusually strong attraction to each other above and beyond what would be considered normal. Distance is not a barrier in this attraction between Counterparts.

It has been assumed that Soul Mates must be male and female, two, who coming together compliment and make up one complete personality, that one without the other is not a complete identity/personality. I must make it clear that counterpart identities are both male and female and you could then have a Soul Mate who was of the same sex. Sexual orientation does not enter in, attraction does, as it might between brother and sister or brother and brother on the physical plane. I also want to make it clear that you as a separate, unique and viable personality, have the potential and responsibility to be a complete identity in your own right, and you should never look to complete yourself through another. So don’t rely on your Soul Mate to complete yourself, you will be shirking your responsibility as an independent personality if you rely on someone else to help complete you.

Since the term Soul Mate is arbitrary, some of those that you may call your “Soul Mates” may not be actual psychological twins emerging from the same Entity, as in Counterparts of your own Soul, but simply someone who you share common interests and goals, but surprisingly, you will quite possibly meet or have met some of your actual Splinter Counterparts (True Soul Mates) and never have realized it, maybe never thought of it. Now you will. Since counterparts are attracted to each other, distance being of no consequence, they may be attracted to each other from distant lands. It is quite likely that you could find them involved in your own current experience.

Look to your closest of friends, look in the groups that you are part of, look to your friends on the internet and you may be surprised who you will find since Soul Mate Selves deep psychic connections will cause them to gravitate toward each other and physical distance is not a hindrance. It will not surprise you to learn that the advent of the internet has made it more likely that you could actually meet one of your “Split Identities” even though you may be thousands of miles apart. The awareness is usually made telepathically, but the dawn of the internet facilitates the actual meeting,.

The Soul is so expansive that it is almost breathtaking to consider its scope of always expanding and evolving existence, but in order to tantalize those who truly pursue this knowledge, let me suggest to you that “Your Entity” not only expresses itself in present worlds and universes by fragmenting itself as “Spilt Identity Counterparts” in the same time and space, creating psychological “Splinter Selves”, but also experiences other worlds entirely as “Probable Personalities” operating in other probable physical systems and also operating within the consecutive time framework of your world as “Reincarnational Personalities”. Reincarnated personalities are simply probable selves within the physical “time system” that you recognize. (Being born in different centuries, ages or time periods). The same overall principle is involved with Probable Selves, Reincarnational Selves and Counterpart Selves.

What you are evolving toward is NOT the final unification of yourself with God, assimilating into a final dissolution of your SELF into a mindless nothingness or nirvana, but into a joyful reunification of all self aware aspects of YOU, of your errant personalities traveling through many dimensions, as you finally gather yourself together when you have evolved to the extent that is possible within the reincarnational system, and recognize yourself as the WHOLE identity, Soul/Entity that you have always been. Then you will really Know What You Know, instead of as now, not knowing what you know. This frustrating lack of Knowingness must now be withheld or there would be no striving to know but through the striving, valuable lessons are learned and the groundwork for future evolution and development beyond anything you can imagine is laid.

Please do not give up on these concepts since they do exist and the fact that many have not become familiar with them, does not in the least negate their viability or existence. Not only do these concepts exist, but the realities behind the concepts exist also. There is much that you don’t know and much that I don’t know, but I share with you what I do know and much of what I do know exists, confounds me also. But I plod along and sometimes I am rewarded with tidbits of knowledge that are given to me, which I then pass on to you. I could continue to spoon feed you with overly simplistic tales of “God created the world in six days, then rested”, but most of you demand more and are ready to step out of your old coddled belief systems and peek around the psychological corners into new dimensions and inner realities. I never said this was easy.

By the way, if you have understood even a small portion of this material, you should congratulate yourself, since this is not the typical, overly simplistic, familiar, worn out, children’s stories of beginnings and endings, sin, guilt and punishment, but a beginning step into understanding the labyrinthian reality of countless, intertwined, fields, worlds and dimensions of consciousness as they join together in gestalt configurations, create and then experiences their own selves and creations in their own times and places.

These consciousness gestalts are constantly evolving, creating and expanding, creating worlds and universes as they go, and there are no limitations to the possible expansions. They are continually dreaming, imagining and forming new worlds and new dimensions as they have done since eternity first stirred. You are also a part of “All Of This”, and YES, there is a God, but quite unlike the fatherly old gentlemen carrying the scale to judge you and the lightening bolt to smite you. That God does not exist, as you suspected but “All Of This” is just a hint of the reality of the Ultimate Gestalt Consciousness, the Prime Source that you may call God. The true reality of “All That Is” is and will always be unfathomable, and only glimpses can be had through flashes of inspiration.

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Suzanne Kiraly said...

These are such beautiful thoughts and they come so close to things I have felt for so long but have not been able to express, at least not in words, though I have tried to in paintings. I am reminded of the Theosophic saying: "God is that in which we live and move and have our being," but this interpretation goes much further, offering, in an understandable way, a reasonable explanation of what we might really be. Thank you. I shall continue to seek. skm

Sarah said...

I have different selves in my mind although they have quietened over the years. I'm just focusing on enjoying my current self at the moment by treating her well and being kind as I use her to explore the current existence. Does that make sense to you?

W. Allan said...

That is exactly what it is all about.
Good for you Sarah.

sune said...

This is mind blowing though I learned some of those concepts before..Matrix movie has some ideas..but your explanations are otherworldly..fascinating and so
heart-felt..THANK YOU INDEED!!

Karel said...

So, what is spirit then as you see it? Do you think everything contains spirit? Is it only creatures with consciousness that have soul?(ie: ants?plants would have spirit but no soul?)
I have had a few strange dreams lately, not sure if I'm going mad or becoming aware of another dimension.

W. Allan said...

This is such an interesting question, I will answer it in my next article, since you have asked what many would like to know.

Karel said...

Thank-you, I will look for that.I wonder if the life-force energy that exists in all living forms may be their spirit. So many use the word spirit and soul interchangeably but there may be a difference.