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The Question as it was posed;

I just started to wonder if there is really any reason to believe that we set up more than just one life scenario before we reincarnate ourselves. Just thinking that maybe in some of our learning times here in this reality if we don't sometimes choose to just grasp one lesson and in others we set up more than one to benefit from. I'm thinking maybe that sometimes we only come back for one specific reason and the rest is set up to help those that are fulfilling their own lessons that they have to learn.

Have you ever thought that maybe the reason you yourself are here is that for whatever lesson you may have wanted to have in this life you have already accomplished and maybe now through your teaching to others through your writings that you are helping others to just understand their life lessons more fully while they are here?

I believe that it could be possible for some to set up more than one lesson and for others to only come here just for one purpose in mind. Maybe as with children that come and are quick to leave this earth maybe their purpose here wasn't even for themselves but to help out another entity with a life lesson they wanted to learn. And then they go back to set up their own plan. I am sure that we could set up numerous life lessons in one lifetime, but when you look at how many times we would be able to return and how time for us when not in the human form really isn't finite that maybe we do only do one for ourselves and then help others with theirs.

Sometimes this could be a problem that would take most of a long life here on earth to learn and maybe other times it is so simple that it's done in just an afternoon. Doesn't mean that one is more important than the other but maybe it's just because we have chosen to be more of a help to other entity's with theirs. Maybe that's really where the term comes from when people refer to someone as an "old soul" maybe they have come with out any really big lesson to learn but just want to work out the details more fully of an old problem. And so they just seem more settled with what they are doing with this life.

Whew! That’s a lot to address here, but we will try.

There are no real rules that any personality must follow throughout it’s reincarnational history and the reasons and purposes of each life is different. A reincarnational history is a series of lifetimes that one personality lives within the Earth system of reality.. Once the Soul decides to express a portion of itself in this system, and once you agree, you then accept the responsibility for a series of lifetimes within that system. These lives are lived by you one after another within the context of time and there is nothing you can do to “NOT LIVE” these required lives within this system.

Some personalities adapt better than others to Earth physical reality, and when the requirements of multiple lives have been met, your Earth experience is done and some who have not adapted well, will regress to less challenging systems for future lives, some who excelled will choose more advanced systems. This is necessary within the reincarnational system so that the personality can live at least one full life as a male, as a woman and as a mother. Multiple racial experience is not a requirement, but a wide variety of experience is encouraged. One life is obviously not meant to be a carbon copy of the preceding life so generally the settings, the challenges and the time periods will change. The average number of reincarnated lives that are lived could be from five to seven, there could be more, many more depending on the personalities affinity for physical reality, and as you so intuitively noted that some may return many more times in order to act as teachers or to help others they care about. There is no set rule, and you can see that these requirements could also be met in two or three lives, depending on progress of the personality.

But you hit on something very important, so let me start by saying that usually, you choose a series of lives within the physical “Earth System” to learn, to grow and evolve and to become proficient in the responsible manipulation of energy into physical structure. When you have learned sufficiently to move on to other more advanced systems, you make your plans and choose new challenges in new worlds with refinements far more developed than yours.

It should be obvious that Earth is generally a “learning world”, as evidenced by your mindless propensities to overpopulate your lands and plunder it’s resources, pollute its atmosphere, oceans and rivers, and quite possibly take yourselves to the brink of extinction under the pretext of projecting power through unlimited growth and preserving jobs and the economy. Bigger is not necessarily better in that respect. Your habits of solving your problems with wars, murder, killing others in the name of God, and a general disregard for the existence of other creatures that you assume are below yourselves is a bit shortsighted I would think. Animals understand this mistake better than you do.

You are here to deal with real challenges, but the challenges were not thrust upon you by some vengeful God as a penance or an unfair Universe seeking retribution for past indiscretions, or even some Karmic payback. The challenges that you face in your life were created by YOU, and the reasons behind those challenges are known to your inner self, and they are not always for reasons you might suspect. You are right in that there are some living in this lifetime working on multiple challenges, scenarios set up in advance by yourself that will create the necessary groundwork for working though expreience that will help in developing a well rounded personality. In a very real sense, you are helping yourself become what you already know you can be and some adventurous personalities choose multiple challenges or intense focused experience lived in a series of relative short lives others choose longer lives more mundane in character.

The reincarnational system has certain criterion for those who choose it for their own purposes and those purposes are of course known by the soul.. Above all, Earth is a “kindergarten” for emerging consciousness. There are stages that consciousness goes through as it progresses in this type of system, but the physical reincarnational system was never meant to be permanent, but as you graduate out of kindergarten in your elementary schools, you must graduate out of the reincarnational system of reality. You will find those in this system for the first time and you will find others who are experiencing their last life within this system. Not everyone is at the same level, which should be obvious by to you by just looking around at your contemporaries. Their lives speak for themselves.

As you pointed out, there are some who have finished with the physical system and have no need of their own to return. The requirements have been met long ago, but in their many options for future development, some choose to return to the Earth System as teachers. Of course, they are not always identified as teachers, and may surface among you as princes or paupers, as the learned or the ignorant, but their messages will be heard and many will benefit from their presence. Some of these teachers are not consciously aware of their self selected missions, but they have a sense of responsibility to their fellow beings. Some of those who return as teachers are well known, since the way has been laid well in advance through prophesy, myths and legends. These are the most advanced of the advanced and they KNOW who they are and why they return and their lives can effect the entire world. Some of these advanced personalities return again and again in historical time and you are well acquainted with them.

Some children who seem to leave the world prematurely, do so because their work here is done, and as you so rightly surmised, some of this work is simply to help and assist others who are struggling with their own problems. These are the entities who choose physical life in order to help others and die in infancy or as very young children because they have no desire to live longer lives. They may be young in physically expressed years, but they are quite evolved and far more advanced than you can imagine.They were not born yesterday in time terms. What is very hard to understand is this; No child dies prematurely from its own perspective, in fact no personality that has ever lived or died, did so prematurely. The day of your death is known by the inner self on the day of your birth and it is always you who makes the final decision to exit. I know many of you won’t like this at all, but, in a very real sense, all deaths are accepted suicides since you have psychically long known the time, place and method of your death and it is always at the appropriate time.

Here is the good news, no one has ever died who was not ready to die and no one lives who did not choose to be born. There are no accidental pregnancies even though it may seem so. Of course, in very real terms, you live whether you are born into a physical body or not. Life is sacred and never forced on an identity, so life is not taken lightly by the incipient personality and the soul which gives it that life. Of course, this infers that identity exists before physical birth and survives after physical death and that is so. Your personality, your individual “I”ness exists whether it is in a physical body or not.

You are an eternal being, even though there are many of you who thrive on sin, damnation, and punishment may find that hard to accept. You have been taught that to have an “afterlife”, you would have had to live exemplary lives, committing no sins, being of the right faith, and to have found favor with God by being born again, and in a distorted way, would feel slighted if you do not receive your well deserved punishment . The fact is, there is no sin and there is no punishment, and you cannot help from living forever, no matter what you do during your lifetime.

In other than punishment terms, the thief will learn not to steal by being stolen from and somewhere, sometime, the killer will be killed and in this way, lessons are learned. You come into this life in a state of grace and you will live this life in a state of grace. The animals also live in a state of grace, and in a way, experience their lives more naturally and gracefully than you, since they are not hampered by your limiting and discordant and sometimes flat-out wrong beliefs.

Regarding the term “old souls”. Time is experienced differently outside of the three dimensional, physical system where moments are lived in series, one after the other, but in your time terms, old souls would be identities who have lived countless lives over thousands of years “Earth” time, not mere hundreds. There are identities alive now who also lived lives during the time of the Pyramids, the Dark Ages and the Industrial Revolution, but of course, they don’t remember, nor do you.

God does not have anything planned for your life, but you do.

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Anonymous said...

Is past life regression for real?

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous, Past life regression works in relation to your belief in the hypnotist. Past lives have existed and can be recalled under varying circumstances. A good hypnotist can help you recall past lives, but don't discount those little intuitive intrusions into your everyday life that seem out of place. They could be memories of past life existences.

Anonymous said...

i have been super single im just wondering if i will be alone forever or will god send me the right person

W. Allan said...

I am sorry for the delay in responding to your comment or question. You must first realize the God is not a person, and it is misleading to ascribe human-like characteristics to God. God is a divine force, a multi-dimensional creative, self aware process and is in no way favorable or unfavorable to finding you a mate. God's presence within all of life, makes love possible, but leaves the details up to you. You may or may not find a life companion, and as you know, it may or may not be the "right" person. You should not be in a position where you need to find someone to complete "you". Being without a mate should not equate with being alone. Your search for a meaningful other sends out psychic messages that will connect at the right time and place if a relationship is to be, it will happen.
I know the answer your are looking for, but it just doesn't work that way.

Anonymous said...

What a load of rubbish!