Friday, February 26, 2010


Since we are always trying to explain things that are in many ways unexplainable, I often, as you know, try to approach a subject from different angles. In this case, understanding the true nature of “God” is of course beyond any comprehension available to the physical brain, so I have found it advantageous at times to use analogies to explain some things that would otherwise remain a mystery, and this time I think I have come up with a doozey of an analogy.

I realize that some of these analogies may seem stupid to some, but if they are not given this way, they may never be presented or understood, so please bear with me on this. I get many inquiries asking how I know what I know and how I can be so certain that the information given here is valid. Others, not understanding the real meaning behind the title to this site, ask if I think that God speaks directly with me, so I take this time to explain. Bear with me if you will, back to a time before time existed and “All That Is” was just awakening to its own conscious murmurings, looking about, wondering and pondering the unlimited possibilities available to Himself within His arousing need for self expression and creativity.

God, you must understand, was not always what He is today, and is today not the same as He will be tomorrow. God has evolved from a state of non-being beyond anything you or I can even begin to imagine and in very real terms, God is just beginning. God straddles not one small world in one small universe, but countless worlds in countless universes and still increases Itself exponentially every nanosecond. In that respect, God is a multi dimensional, unlimited, continuing action occurring in all dimensions, planes, fields and systems simultaneously, and yes, is still aware of every bird that falls in your world and in every other world. God, you could say is more of a Divine Process than He is a personality or a being as you would understand that terminology,.

So it would be sheer folly and conceit to suppose that God speaks directly to me, for the simple reason that I would not understand, since God speaks not in words used by the human race and does not even think in words, so direct communication would be impossible and an analogy would be for man to expect that he could speak directly to an ant. I do not mean to compare man to an ant, but to illustrate the vast distances that develop through billions of years of evolution for the One Prime Consciousness.

Of course back then, in the beginning, nothing existed except for “All That Is”. There was no universe, no worlds, no galaxies, no comets, no space and nowhere to put space if it became available. I will not discuss at this time how “All That Is”, the One who “ALWAYS WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE” could have a beginning when He always has existed, but that philosophical discussion is for another time. (See article on The God Concept). On the most simplistic of terms, space was created to contain and accommodate the coming of the physical universe. Before space there was nothing and nowhere and Everything That Is existing now, was created out of nothing, All That Is Became everything, including “every bird that falls”..

I now need to explain my statement that God actually learned something from the McDonald’s concept of management. God, in Her early stages of evolving, considered the vast, unlimited potentials of creativity and how to best implement this creativity. Excuse my fickle use of pronouns here, but I assume most of my readers by this time understand that the Prime Energy Source that we call God, is not gender specific, so it is quite as correct to refer to God as “It” and any other designation. I simply use “He” as a convenience since “It” would seem rather impersonal.

I have written in past articles about the existence of the Pyramid Gestalt Consciousness, so I return again to the same term and apply it to McDonald’s. In 1954 Ray Crock partnered with the McDonald brothers to open a small chain of hamburger restaurants. Crock was not satisfied with the McDonald brothers lack of enthusiasm in expanding the small chain, so Crock bought them out and began a process of expansion that has resulted in the largest hamburger restaurant chain in the world. Crock realized up front that he alone could not expand his small chain as he envisioned utilizing known concepts, so he decided on the “franchising” method, selling individual store ownership operating under a gestalt kind of management structure, allowing certain freedoms, yet operating under a given set of pre-determined and agreed upon rules. I am inferring that God, in a sense, created, compartmentalized, and franchised Himself into countless consciousnesses into countless worlds and universes, maximizing the potentials for exponential expansion.

You all are familiar with that concept and that resulting management structure is quite similar to the Pyramid God Gestalt of which I speak. Crock did not directly tell the person who cooks the burgers how many pickles to put on the burgers, but told his top national manager, who told the regional managers, who told the store managers, who told the hamburger cooks. Now, crock did not speak directly to the hamburger cooks, but not only did he relay his wishes through this corporate structure, but also received feedback from those cooks up through levels of management on glitches and successes in the processes. In other words, in this type of system, there is a constant give and take of ideas and suggestions between the loftiest and the lowliest through this pyramid configuration. In a way, you could say that All That Is mimics the pyramid corporate structure that is so common today.

Now, I know this is a kind of silly reach, but just as the hamburger cook in Mexico City cannot communicate directly with the CEO of McDonald’s in Oak Brook Illinois, neither can you or I communicate directly with God, but methods are available for a stepped down kind of communication through evolved entities who have Earth connections and Earth interests. I have said before that there are teachers available for those who are curious and are relentless in their search for knowledge. As there is no shortage of students, there is no shortage of teachers available when the students are ready. There are countless teachers of different abilities, waiting in the wings for students, and there is purpose and determination to disseminate knowledge to those who desire to know. Your desire to know and understand attracts knowledge and your desire for knowledge will attract your teacher.

I have been rather relentless in my pursuit of knowledge, and so when I desire to know about something, answers are usually given to me in an intuitive way, either in dreams or in moments of reverie. As long as I can remember, I have been curious and always wanted to know. I knew something was out there, I just didn’t know what. I do not sit on a park bench and talk with God using lips, tongue and words, yet in a way, I do commune with others, God’s mid level managers so to speak, regional managers or local managers, all Entities, of course, but I KNOW the validity of the answers since I have long ago learned to trust in my inner feelings, emotions and intuitive nudges. When you know you are right, you will KNOW, and that is the main point here. As simply as I can put it, I have a teacher, and I am progressing as you are progressing, and what I learn, I pass on to you. You too receive these intuitive nudges, the difference is that “I pay attention”.

There are systems of “Teachers” whose work is to relay the Knowledge of the existence of All That Is to others in less developed systems. The word is passed on and handed down, just as your knowledge is handed down in your schools and universities from teachers to students. The main difference here is that the messages and Knowledge transcend systems, dimensions and planes and is given to you according to your progress and your ability to understand, and that Knowledge is attracted to your consciousness because of the intensity and duration of your intent and desire. What you want bad enough will come to you.
The name of this column should be interpreted as;
By God! (As in swearing, or meaning “finally”)
and should not in any way be interpreted as “God speaking directly through or by me” but information that is sifted down through Entities far more knowing than I, that I then give to you.


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