Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Part 2

God is All That Is, a Divine Eternal Process that results in It's slightest thoughts erupting into worlds and all of their contents, that then evolve new consciousness inhabiting and adapting to those new worlds, and new possibilities arising at every nano-second, that without those new worlds and new consciousness, would have been forever lost. You are part of one of those worlds, and as your consciousness expands, so your possibilities for fulfillment do also.

You are born into a world of time and space, in a particular year on a particular date, in a specific town, city or country, but you are also born into a world of pre-existing beliefs. You are born into the beliefs of your time, right or wrong, and believe me, many are wrong.

As a child your parents, your teachers, clergy, scientists, and philosophers and your contemporaries teach you. You learn and you adapt to the current beliefs of the times, right or wrong, some helpful and some harmful to your development. As you grow and learn, you are supposed to begin examining the beliefs that form the structure to your life, and in so doing begin to winnow out the chaff, or jettison the false, distorted beliefs that can cause many of life's disruptions.

A discordant, wrong belief can make as much sense as a correct, true belief, since even a wrong belief will be proven out by "facts". Behind every fact is a thought. Facts build up their reality from thoughts and thoughts follow beliefs. What you believe will become real somewhere, no matter whether it is psychologically right or wrong.

It is true that any facts that you know, depending on their sources, can be as convincing as "the world is flat" fact, and for many years so called intelligent men sailed the seas terrified of falling off the end of the earth. For many years man, so-called intelligent men believed that the sun revolved around the earth, it was an accepted fact. For many years men believed when the Catholic Church taught that illness was punishment directly from God for you sins or sins of the father. I could go on and on, and so could you.

So much for facts
Facts are the result of beliefs in which enough of civilizations participate, and as you well know, today's facts are tomorrow's fiction. How may times have you been told that coffee is detrimental to your health, then good for your health, then bad, and now, it is believed that regular consumption of coffee attributes to longer life. 

How many times have you been told that protein is good for weight loss, that carbohydrates are good for weight loss, that some of this and some of that is good, some bad? It's enough to make you want a good old-fashioned chocolate milk shake. (Smiling)

In fact, in a world of information glut that you now inhabit, it is hard indeed to separate fact from fiction, especially on the Internet where truth is a commodity not practiced by all. Early man did not have such difficulties sorting out the true from the false, since all that was true lay within a few miles of his home. He was lucky if he knew what his closest neighbor was doing in the next village ten miles away.

Early man may have died at a younger age in those days, but he was not besieged by illness, infirmity and senility as you now are today. Early man saw the goodness in all that he surveyed, even though all he surveyed was far less than is available to you today. He knew that it was a dangerous world, but he did not spend all day worrying about it, afraid to leave his cave for fear of being eaten by a saber toothed tiger or spend time dwelling on other fears, inflicting unneeded deficiencies and obstructions on himself through negative thinking as you do today.

I will limit this discussion as it applies to illness, but you can rest assured that the same concepts apply to any and all areas of your life where you are experiencing difficulties.

Because of early man's limited information, he was not subjected to realms of misinformation that would cloud and obstruct his belief structure, initiating energy blockages that inevitably result in illness and other misfortunes. When early man died, he was as alert and agile as he was in his youth. He did not burden his mind with thoughts of disaster, hates, wars, religious conflicts and other discordant beliefs that give birth to earthly problems that you encounter today.

Obviously, as early men thought more about what the future held, he began to lose his inborn trust that nature operated in his behalf when he didn't get in the way. Nature operates in a spontaneous and beneficial way and it is only you trying to impose your beliefs that are sometimes totally wrong, that cause disruptions to the natural processes. When you try to superimpose your beliefs on natural conditions that you run into trouble.

It is true that "a miracle is simply nature operating unimpeded."

Early man did not know of Alzheimer's, Dementia, Aids, Diabetes, Cancer and Autism, and as such, did not experiences those particular infirmities. As a rule of thumb, you will not get that which you or your society does not know exists. Every illness can be traced back to its inception point as a thought, feeling or emotional state. All illness, in a way has a mental beginning and the reasons for this are too diverse to try and explain in this short article, other than to say that an illness can last a lifetime, but can also disappear in the blink of an eye. 

A thought leaves the mind instantly, but a belief lingers until it is changed. Change the belief and you change the reality. The belief comes first the confirming reality is secondary. For that reason, in most cases, illness is the personalities unconscious adoption of an illness that best suits its needs and purposes at that time. 

In a way, and I realize many of my readers may disagree with this statement, but in a way, you select a particular illness as a way to achievement of certain results. The belief in these aforementioned dis-eases made the adoption of the symptoms possible, not the other way around. Of course you have to know about the symptoms of any particular illness or disease, so you are inundated with information about symptoms of certain illnesses of the times by drug companies, doctors, Insurance companies, hospitals, public service announcements of TV and so on.

You are advised to look for cancers, searching your body for any warning signs of an illness that you do not have at that time. You are given descriptions of what to look for, and so in the looking, you are inadvertently adding to the possibility that you will get that which you are looking for.

When you are advised to purchase insurance to take care of you if you get cancer for instance, you are doing two things. You are betting the insurance company that you will get cancer, and the insurance company is betting that you won't. You are then, betting against yourself.

You are also concentrating your attention on that which you do not presently have, thereby reinforcing the exact kind of negative thought that could bring about the illness you are trying to prevent.

In all reality systems, not just earth, there is one irrefutable law that holds true across the universe, in physical reality systems and in non-physical reality systems, and that is "You get what your concentrate your attention on." You truly do create your reality and your life is today what it is, simply because you have concentrated on the very conditions of life that you are now experiencing.

That is precisely why you sometimes dream about matters that have concerned you and demanded your attention during the day; you have created them once again in your dream and they are quite as real as the reality that you also create during your waking state. You always get what you think about with great intensity and duration.

In wrapping this up, you would be better off knowing nothing about illness, but that kind of innocent naivety has long since past, so now you must deal with it as it presents itself in your world, and you are constantly bombarded with potentially harmful disinformation.

Now, on TV you have "so called" ordinary people claiming that such and such a doctor is "their doctor", even to the extent that people are now saying that a certain hospital is "their hospital"
It used to be fashionable to "have a doctor", and now it is fashionable to "have a hospital". If this doesn't give you some indication of why illness and disease is so pervasive and why the medical profession is increasing exponentially. The more people learn about Alzheimer's disease, the more people will be afflicted.

The more people that "have a hospital" will find need for a hospital.

I am not advising you to ignore current common sense information about illness because it has become an integral part of your belief system, therefore, as long as you believe in the power of doctors and hospitals, they will be of some comfort to you. No doctor or hospital ever cured any illness unless you believed in his or her power to help you.

Cures brought about by medical procedures today, work for exactly the same reasons that they worked for ancient medicine men or witch doctors, the power of beliefs.

If you have any questions concerning this or any other subject, please submit them using the "comments link" at the bottom of the page and I will try to respond, within the limits of my understanding.



Anonymous said...

If we are all reality creators and the majority
of people believe in Jesus or Ram or Buddha, why
then are these fictional figures not "created"
by the substantial number of people who believe they exist?

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
Some gods are real, some are fictional. Jesus is real. There are many kinds of creation going on around you that you are not aware of. There are "personality entities", these are original fragments, direct creations of the Soul/Entity and bearing all of the attributes of the Soul or Entity. You fit into this category of course. That includes all humans, animals, plants etc.

There are also secondary creations that are the result of YOUR beliefs, thoughts and expectations made physical. These DO NOT posses all of the attributes of your Soul or Entity. The phenomenal world, the environment, the events of your civilizations are all secondary creations, becoming real as the result of your personal psychic contributions to the reality of world experience.

The soul creates YOU (primary), the creations of the soul also create (secondary) and so on. It's a beautiful story and it's a tale where it's all good. There is no end to it all and someday you will stand in the same position as your Soul.

Anonymous said...

When we have a physical death what would be the last loving thought we should hold please?

W. Allan said...

You should be thinking about the wonders that lie ahead, for in a way, a death, is simply a step forward into a new beginning, and the love should be for the miracle of life itself and its eternal validity.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of beautiful things in my spiritual progressing thus far. But I just don't understand how people can so confidently assert that our individual lives have some deeper meaning or causation behind them, that we "bring about" events to teach ourselves lessons, or any of that. The universe seems utterly blind, and the the layout of consciousness throughout this planet seems to suggest that. If you look at all the people, their consciousness state looks like its just a result of a larger framework of happening. Socioeconomic status is dependent upon the economy, resources, ideology, and all sorts of other things, but not "coming into this life" to experience a certain state. If that was the case, I'd think we'd see a situation where such a vast majority of the world's population was not in poverty. My fear is that my consciousness/life is just a happening, just as anything else is. And considering the vastness of the universe, it will always exist somewhere, and therefore "I" will exist eternally as this individual John Jones. It terrifies me.

Anonymous said...

I posted another question, but I am just honestly curious. For instance, we know older parents are more likely to have children with a genetic mutation for very specific reasons regarding the functioning of their particular cells and different organic molecules. If a child of theirs is born with a particular genetic condition/illness, it seems far more likely to me that its just blind (bad) luck. It just happened cause it happened. It wasn't "chosen" by the incoming child. I would love for you to be right, as I have a very stressful genetic condition... and I would love to think I chose it to teach me certain lessons. But it sure as hell is not disappearing if I change my thoughts about it. It's in my DNA and its effects will be there until I die.

W. Allan said...

I will be responding to the last two questions in my next article which will be posted soon.