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Life has a purpose. You will already know this if you understand that the universe is not some accidental creation at the hands of chance. The creation of an accidental universe has been likened to a tornado blowing through a junkyard and assembling a Boeing 747. The physical universe arose out of an inner psychological universe, which is greater than its physical counterpart. You could liken the observable physical universe to the perceivable, expansive, all encompassing mind of All That Is. (God)

The universe as you know it, is but a small visible portion of a far greater whole universe, most of which remains hidden from your particular perceptive abilities. I do not mean hidden in terms of distance, as in the farthest stars fading from view as they move into the outer fringes of space.

I mean being hidden in terms of not actualizing within the limitations of your physical perceptions. In other words, it's all there, and even that description is lacking, as it would be more correct to say it (the universe) is all somewhere, but you can only visually perceive what lies within your dimension, so you can't see its true nature. The stars and planets that you see, measure and analyze are portions of larger events that remain beyond your scope of understanding.

Every consciousness that has ever existed and will ever exist in the future exists now. Consciousness, it is true, is being created in every moment of your days, years and seasons, yet none of what you call new consciousness is really new. Every new person being born in your time possesses a portion of the original bank of consciousness that existed from the beginning.

Every particle of self-aware consciousness existed at the beginning, and that beginning is only relevant in serial time terms that make sense to you while you are entranced within the physical reality system. In truth, on deeper levels, there was no beginning, and the really good news is, there can be no ending.
As far as the physical universe is concerned, I am saying that you existed then in a much different form and you are unconsciously aware of your eternal presence in the beginning in the mind of All That IS. In the beginning you existed in a general way, but not as a self-aware identity.

Conscious Entities, those very evolved ancient Souls, have a particular propensity to fragment portions of their selves into new consciousness entities, identities, new personalities, projecting them into countless reality systems with total freedom of action, thereby expanding their own reality and in doing so, expanding the reality of All That Is. You are one of those conscious entities of which we speak. In that sense, you are more than you know.

You unknowingly create your personal and mass reality of world consciousness. You do it unconsciously, but another purpose in life on Earth is to finally grasp the one "not-so-obvious" truth, that you have your hand in not only the creation of your own personal reality but also in the creation of Earth mass realty.

One purpose behind this continuing expansion of consciousness is to pursue fulfillment and satisfaction experience and enhance the same for everyone and every other living thing. Of course, you are not consciously aware of this directive, but it still exists despite your awareness of lack thereof. You are to go as far as you can possibly go in expanding and evolving you own consciousness in intellectual, psychic and intuitive understanding using your inherent abilities and capacities that you possess to increase the fulfillment of all other earth creatures.

You create your reality through your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and expectations automatically actualized, sparking themselves from an inner dimension into physical matter and events In this continual unconscious creative process, Earth is evolving as you evolve, the plants and the animals evolve and each evolves enhancing their own experience along with the experience of all others.

Without the plants and animals that are part of your world, you would be much different, since each supports and adds to the filling in of the tapestry of life that was inherent in the original creation of the Earthly world as you know it in the beginning. I say, as you know it, since there are other Earths that exist in the same psychological neighborhood as yours, and in these worlds, the tapestries of life are put together quite differently.

It goes without saying that nothing exists in isolation. The existence of your Earth presupposes the existence of other Earths, just as your existence presupposes the existence of other "yous". In this vast grid of perception, every consciousness has its place and were any of the other plant and animal species not present in the beginning, the grid would not have been complete and would have faltered from the beginning.

In a very real sense, as you extinct, or think you extinct other species, you create gaps in this grip of perception. When this perceptive grid or tapestry begins to unravel do to the disappearance of other species that you may not feel important, you are ripping apart the original pattern of the world and its environment that you know and flirting with unknown consequences.

 True, there is room for some variances as some species tend to predominate for a period before the rise of another, but there is a tipping point beyond which recovery will become impossible.

What I am saying is that; the world won't work with only the human species on board.

We have discussed this before, so I will not go into it any further here, other than to say that consciousness, your consciousness in particular, and all consciousness, embarks on Earthly life to experience all that it is possible to experience within the field of endeavor available to it. Those available fields of endeavor are far different in the animals and in humans due to characteristics of each species that in a way defines and limits certain particular areas of interaction.

A dog cannot decide to drive a car, a bird cannot decide to read a book, but man can, so man became the reading and thinking part of nature, as birds became the flying part of nature, each in its own way enhancing the total experience of the whole. Through the life of plants, animals and humans, the earth walks, flies, swims and conceptualizes, and in return, all creatures return their physical bodies to the earth upon death to be utilized again.

Everyone and everything experiences life differently and so does your Soul/Entity. Trying to judge between bad and good, between hot and cold or beginning or ending does not sidetrack the soul. To the Soul, all experience is good experience. The original Adam and Eve story was humanities attempt to translate into myth the sensations of pleasure and pain, one pleasing and the other not so pleasing. These were eventually interpreted as bad and good.

You have a popular saying, What would Jesus Do, inferring that Jesus would look on certain events with a different slant that would you, given the same opportunity. In that sense, the soul, your soul, also looks on events differently than you do, so it is important that you understand, that in the overall "soul experience" there is simply no bad or good experience in ways that you would classify events. Bad or good, pleasurable or painful are subjective qualities, and differ in a wide spectrum of sensations available to man and animal alike.

So, wondering why God would visit bad things on you is a waste of your precious time. God never visited one bad thing on one person, animal or plant since the beginning of your universe, nor has He levied such a tax on any living thing.

Most of our readers understand by now that God is not human, nor does He have human characteristics, so you must come to understand that He who you call God is also beyond human motivations, so it is beneficial for you personally take responsibility for everything that happens to you. I cannot cause something to happen to you that you do not willingly accept, nor would I, nor would God. I know this is hard to understand, but you create your bad and good for reasons known only to you and your inner self.

Article continues in Part 2

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