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Pendulum; by definition; a body suspended from a fixed point (in this case, your hand and fingers), so as to move to and fro by the action of gravity and acquired momentum.

W. Allan;, the momentum is caused by your own inner psychic knowledge causing the motive action.

In the everyday world, customarily, facts predominate, being the only source of information that you are conditioned to accept in your private and mass reality. You have an investigative, reasoning brain that uses the accumulation and categorization of facts to arrive at some semblance of reality that is acceptable to everyone within your system.

The facts that most of you agree on are assembled into a somewhat coherent world myth that you all agree to live by until the facts change enough to change the reality. Your commonly held beliefs, thoughts, emotions and expectations solidify into the facts that then become the reality of your times.

You are born into a specific time and place, but you are also born into a prevailing system of beliefs of that particular time and place, and this is quite as important to the new entrant upon the physical scene as is the time and place.

In other words, you choose the challenges of the world you will live in, sometimes depending on the abilities that you want to develop and sometimes depending on you being able to apply abilities that you already posses that have not been tested in the physical system before. You make these choices before you are born, just as you choose your physical parents and their propensities, for better or worse.

You are not born with a blank slate upon which the events and knowledge of the times will be written, since you have a history that you are not presently aware of. Most of you have lived before, and some, many lives. That knowledge is not purged from your being upon your physical death, and is carried forward into the next life, latently infused into your genetic structure to rise to the surface when drawn out for specific needs.

To the physical brain as it has developed in most people, it would be sheer heresy to assume that valid information can come from anywhere other than physical facts. A reasoning brain is rather exclusively possessed and utilized by the human species but that does in no way lessen the importance of other ways of interpreting events as experienced by the animals. They are in fact, more able utilize the intuitive end of the perceptive experience than the intellectual.

The human brain is a remarkable thing, and well suited for the gathering of facts, creating a believable hypothesis and adapting to a reality based on that system of beliefs. It matters not whether the hypothesis is a true assessment of reality or not, since all facts gathered that do not fit, are discarded and only the ones that seem to bear out the hypothesis are kept.

Based on these sometimes faulty and distorted beliefs, you create your reality system and live by it, until it begins to fail and fall apart and you deem it necessary to create something different.

You are living a myth that you yourselves have invented, the accepted story that your civilization has created, along with your contemporaries, a vivid, active living myth including its villains and hero's, destined to change as your beliefs about reality change. The myth of your world is of course, embedded in the underlying reality of the inner universe where all reality systems emerge.

This inner universe of probable reality is sometimes referred to as Heaven, Nirvana, Mt Olympus, it matters not what you call it, but it is the source of your universe, your world, your Soul and ultimately, you.

In that sense, this inner universe could be called the " inner source field" out of which all worlds, universes and all personalities become manifest. When you were children, you had a better sense of this inner world from which you had so recently emerged.

You sensed that you came from somewhere, an invisible, unseen world other than from the exterior life given to you by your parents. You have forgotten those feelings as you matured, but that doesn't mean that they do not still exist. Every one of you senses that there is more to life than is physically perceived.

The human personality is a physical manifestation of the soul, but that human personality could not manipulate within the physical reality system if it were fully materialized in the body made possible by your parents. The physical body would seem to be frozen in time and unable to move or manipulate, reason or think was it the only link to the organization abilities of the Soul through the sub-conscious and inner self.

The physical body, to take one simple walk across the street, needs to make innumerable calculations, to manipulate the nervous impulses, tighten the tendons, active the ligaments, speed up the flow of information at speeds exceeding the speed of light, that the physical body left alone would be incapable of and would be in a state of paralysis.

So, the soul, taking that into account, makes arbitrary divisions in the personality, dividing the inner aspects of personality into the exterior ego aspect, the subconscious and the inner ego self-aspect. The ego aspect of your personality deals specifically with your daily exterior world, its objects and events. The inner self or inner ego deals with the non-physical aspects of the personality, facing inward toward the Soul/Entity, helping the outer ego to negotiate safely in the physical environment.

The outer ego, the part of you that you consider the real YOU, surveys the physical environment and ascertains what its needs are, what it hopes to achieve, what its wants to materialize in its world, then that information is filtered through the subconscious to the inner ego, which carries out the psychic requests of the outer ego. In order to do this, the inner ego has to have access to far more information than is available to the outer ego.

The outer ego, suspects and senses that its existence is dependent on the inner ego, but shunts that information aside, so that it can perform its physical perceptions and actions unimpeded by knowing too much for its own good. In other words, there is a pathway to the inner ego and its vast repository of knowledge. The difference is that there exists information that you know, but at this stage of your development, you DON'T KNOW that you know.

The inner ego and the Soul know, and they KNOW they know and you are not cut off from that knowledge except by your inability to realize that it is yours by birthright. Normally, you will not pursue that which you are not aware exists.

The sub-conscious is the connective between the outer and inner ego, and some people are better than others at utilizing that connection to get to the inner knowledge that you seek. You are not then, isolated from your Soul/Entity, and you are not cut off from its knowledge, but channels must be opened and the connections must be developed. In other words, like anything else, practice improves your performance in accessing inner knowledge.

Some people who seem to be gifted along these lines have developed their intuitive senses that opens the door between your everyday ego awareness and that sublime knowing knowledge that is an inherent property of the inner ego and the soul.

Some very intuitive people have developed, what some call a sixth sense in this world. Some have developed that inner sixth intuitive sense in previous lifetimes, so in a very real way, they have had a head start.

 It is to your benefit that you make an effort to make a start here and now, and there is a fun and easy way to do it, which most people will find helpful and gratifying as you learn that there are other sources of information than that which comes directly from the objective world about you.

There is much information that you know, that you are unconsciously aware of, but have set aside in the recesses of your mind, that is there for recall under the right circumstances. Some of this inner knowledge concerns things about your past, things forgotten, other tidbits of knowledge have never been known by your physical brain, but have been sensed by your intuitive self.

In these cases, a pendulum can be great asset in helping you recall not only things that you DO KNOW, but don't remember that you know but things that you don't know you know. The pendulum can also be of help in accessing knowledge that you have previously considered the exclusive property of your Soul, that is simply buried in your subconscious mind invisibly linked to your inner self, and can be retrieved by use of the pendulum with some practice.

It may be reassuring to know that there is no knowledge that is purposely kept from you, no secret that All That Is/God or any other Entity guards against revealing to those nosy humans. There are some things, that practically speaking, you will never know, simply because All That Is, is so far ahead of your conceptual thinking that you can't even imagine Its reality. Aside from that, there is much you can learn, of which you have been previously ignorant, but you should get started now, sooner rather than later.

If you are typical Doubting Thomas, the pendulum is a very simple and productive way to boost your confidence that everyone has psychic abilities that can be put to practical use, and here is how you do it, explained in oversimplified terms.

First, let me assure you that the pendulum DOES WORK, or should I say, your use of the pendulum will work, given enough time and practice.

 It is important not to over expect grandiose results when first starting out. Like anything else, the more you do it the better you will get at it. The results that you get will be somewhat proportional with your belief that "penduluming" is a valid way to get psychic information that would otherwise escape you, maybe forever.

A pendulum is nothing more than a heavy weight at the end of a short string. You can be inventive in making your pendulum; I use a simple two foot long piece of string with a heavy washer tied to one end. Any object such as a 1/4" or 3/8" nut or a short bolt or screw will suffice, but it must have some weight. Using one too light will not be as effective. You could use a small stone or rock instead or if you are health oriented, a radish with a hole pierced through and a knot tied on one end to keep the radish from falling off.
You can of course, purchase a "store bought" pendulum available at most spiritual shops or on-line, but it is not necessary, since any homemade version will work just as well.


The easiest way to get started is to begin looking for something that is verifiable, like finding something that you have lost. In most cases, the loss of a personal item, preferably one that has some emotional connection, was consciously unnoticed by you, but unconsciously was noticed.

Sit in a comfortable chair; it is Ok to gently rest your elbow on your knee with the pendulum hanging between your legs. It is better if you do not support you arm at all, but may be a bit tiring at first, because when you are just beginning, it may take some time for the pendulum to gain some momentum in a particular direction.

When beginning, take a sheet of paper and print a big "YES" on the top and bottom of the paper. On the two sides of the paper, print the word "NO". Lay the piece of paper on the floor between your legs so that the pendulum will hang over the center of the paper. You will always assume that the forward and backward motion of the pendulum will signify YES and the sideways motion of the pendulum will signify NO. Obviously, after some practice, you will be able to eliminate the piece of paper as a reminder.

Relax for a few minutes concentrating on the idea that the pendulum will give you correct access to information not consciously known, but otherwise available to your sub-conscious mind.

You must begin by asking your sub-conscious questions that will have a definite YES or NO answer. Normally, you may have to wait for a few minutes for the pendulum to begin moving in either a yes or no direction. 

Hold the end of the string between your thumb and first finger, lightly resting your elbow on your upper leg or knee. Let the object part of the string dangle between your legs just above, but not to touch the floor over the paper with the yes and no prompts.

Repeat the question to yourself, when you lose your concentration, as many times as necessary. Try doing it with eyes open and with eyes closed. You can state the question either to yourself or out-loud. There is no set way to do this, and everyone must discover their own best method that produces the best
positive results.

Don't rush; give the pendulum time to define a firmly established motion in a definitive direction. From those YES and NO answers you will formulate your next questions.

This is not the typical spiritual mumbo-jumbo "Wooo" "Wooo" stuff that gives spirituality a bad name, but follows specific, well known principles of the human psyche. Give it time and practice using questions about anything you want to know, but are not consciously aware of in your normal daily focus, but something that is verifiable.

Remember, the pendulum only answers to yes or no questions, so you will have to become accustomed to formulating good questions that are not confusing to the sub conscious that can be answered with a simple yes or no.

As an example, if you have lost a valuable ring and you feel it was lost somewhere in the vicinity of your home, you might start by asking questions as follows, waiting for answers between the questions.

Did I lose my ring in the house?
Wait for answer.
Did I lose my ring outside the house?
Wait for answer.
Did I lose my ring in the Living Room?
Wait for answer.
Did I lose my ring in the Kitchen?
Wait for answer.
Did I lose my ring in my bedroom?
Wait for answer.
Did I lose my ring in the backyard garden?
Wait for answer.
Did I lose my ring in the front yard?
Wait for answer.
Did I lose my ring in the car?
Wait for answer.

Go through the questions until you get an emphatic YES, then formulate a new question based on the answer.

You have to use a process of elimination in formulating the questions, and making sense of the answers you get through the motion of the pendulum.

Remember, the pendulum has access to information that your present conscious attention does not. After becoming proficient in coaxing answers from the psyche, you can expand the questions to include all aspects of your daily life and lives that you are presently unaware of.

Your imagination is your only limitation.

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