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I've seen a lot of beautiful things in my spiritual progressing thus far. But I just don't understand how people can so confidently assert that our individual lives have some deeper meaning or causation behind them, that we "bring about" events to teach ourselves lessons, or any of that. The universe seems utterly blind, and the layout of consciousness throughout this planet seems to suggest that. If you look at all the people, their consciousness state looks like it's just a result of a larger framework of happening.

Socioeconomic status is dependent upon the economy, resources, ideology, and all sorts of other things, but not "coming into this life" to experience a certain state. If that were the case, I'd think we'd see a situation where such a vast majority of the world's population was not in poverty. My fear is that my consciousness/life is just a happening, just as anything else is. And considering the vastness of the universe, it will always exist somewhere, and therefore "I" will exist eternally as this individual John Jones. It terrifies me.

I posted another question, but I am just honestly curious. For instance, we know older parents are more likely to have children with a genetic mutation for very specific reasons regarding the functioning of their particular cells and different organic molecules. If a child of theirs is born with a particular genetic condition/illness, it seems far more likely to me that its just blind (bad) luck. It just happened cause it happened. It wasn't "chosen" by the incoming child. I would love for you to be right, as I have a very stressful genetic condition... and I would love to think I chose it to teach me certain lessons. But it sure as hell is not disappearing if I change my thoughts about it. It's in my DNA and its effects will be there until I die.

First of all, I am right, but if you had read some of my past articles, you would realize that I did not say what you are inferring, but having said that, a vast tale lies behind that statement and your questions cannot be answered in one short article. I want to thank you for the questions because they help me to approach this subject matter from a different angle and maybe shed some light on the subject.

I have always said that all illness has mental roots. I have also said that any illness or disease that you contract some time after your birth can be cured, except of course, for the loss of a limb or something similar that lies outside of the inherent capabilities of the human species. These are not freak accidents of nature gone awry, but nature following the lines of consciousness as it always does, since consciousness creates nature, not the other way around.

Sometimes illness, disease, incapacities and some birth defects are adopted before physical birth for specific reasons known only to the personality later to be afflicted. These kinds of inherited genetic defects are adopted by the personality as "Life Challenges" and barring some life shattering changes; they will be with you for life. If you take this statement in the context of one life only, then it does seem that a great inequity has been perpetrated upon you. But you have all the lives that you need to solve whatever challenges are adopted in each life.

You should also remember that many people who have had cancers and other diseases have seen their illnesses disappear overnight, it's called spontaneous remission. The lesson is that "what happens to one, can happen to all. There is but one singularity in all worlds and universes, and that is All That Is/God. Otherwise, nothing exists alone, no problem is solved for one that cannot be solved for all.

Sometimes challenges not satisfactorily dealt with in a past life will be carried over into a future life, making discovery of reasons for present problems hard to understand. Genetic propensities are often acquired from the parents, but not always activated at birth, and these may or may not be triggered by any number of influences during any given lifetime.

It is important to know that genes can be altered by beliefs as cells are altered by beliefs, so in these cases where the genetic propensity points to a particular disease or illness, it is important to know that changes can be made in the genes themselves, and the disease or illness will never be activated.

It is also important to understand that the knowledge that you carry a certain designated defective gene sometimes influences whether or not it will be activated. The personality sometimes is so obsessed with concern over carrying a defective gene, that he will through his intense concentration on the genetic deficiency, will be lending energy to the very genetic condition that he hopes to avoid and thereby can facilitate the activation of that particular gene, inadvertently bringing about the illness that he so dearly hopes to avoid.

I will address your case in particular, since it is what you are most concerned with.

I don't like to say that any illness adopted before birth and present upon birth is permanent, but in many instances this is the case, but you must always remember that the illness was adopted before birth for known reasons, and if that motivation should change somewhere along the line, then the infirmity could also change course. Nothing in the universe is permanent and if fact, the universe and all within is constantly in a state of change, otherwise stagnation would reign and creativity would cease.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of these matters, it's important to realize that from "before the beginning" in your terms, the universe has always existed, and still does, in an inner realm of psychological reality (it may make you feel warm and fuzzy about it if I called this inner universe heaven), and the so-called big bang was not some accidental freak of nature, it was instead, a psychological emergence, a triumph of consciousness forcing itself into a new kind of reality, physical matter. All matter is filled with consciousness.

You have said that it seems that consciousness is the result of some larger framework of happening and to you it seems to be capricious, and have no purpose, being an accident in the slippery hands of chance, a random happening without any rhyme or reason.

Consciousness always comes first, and all that you perceive came from consciousness. Consciousness creates matter, matter does not evolve consciousness. The universe is of good intent, and I know that may sound preposterous, but it's so. The universe leans in your direction, whether you realize it or not. By you, I mean all of the physical world and its creatures. It's easier for good events to materialize than negative events, and I realize that you can probably present much evidence to the contrary, but that is for another story.

In this case, you, my dear reader, like it or not, are an eternal being, and certainly that is hard for me to explain. Life at any level includes a series of challenges, bringing forth creativity and creativity is the driving force behind all reality systems. All entities, including yourself, creates your own reality, then examines, explores, and lives amongst what you have created until your creations become mundane and you create something new.

You believe, you think, you expect and you get. Always in that order.

You have lived more lives than you know, and if you doubt that statement, go find yourself a good professional hypnotist experienced in age regression hypnosis and they will be able to acquaint you quite easily with past lives that you cannot consciously recall.

You have lived many past lives and you will live many future lives, but always as new personalities. Reincarnation does not infer the repetitive recycling of the same personality over and over into eternity. I know this because no new emerging personality, I mean any new consciousness, new to physical reality experience, would have ever taken on such a challenge as you are presented with at this time.

With every incarnation, a new personality is formed around characteristics of the past personality, but those characteristics remain latent and cannot interfere with the free development of the new personality that takes over from the past personality. The past personality steps aside after the inner work is completed.

All life experiences, memories, past loves, acquaintances, knowledge of past family, and general knowledge is retained and passed on, infused in the genetic structure of the new emerging personality. I will not go into where the past personality goes or does at this time, for we are only concerned with the chain of life as it led up to your present life experience, and why your life is experienced as it is.

I must digress for a minute here to tell you that the universe has meaning and purpose, the world as you know it has meaning and purpose, the soul has meaning and purpose and by inference, you have meaning and purpose, whether you know it or not.

You cannot believe your way out of your meaning and purpose, even if you believe that none exists, even the belief that there is no purpose to life, will become your purpose. You are a small but necessary part of the fabric of the universe, and your every motivation in life whether it is mental or physical, changes everything in the universe.

Your consciousness cannot be negated, diminished or extinguished once infused with self awareness by the soul, it is eternal, but don't worry, rest periods are built in, you call these periods death, so every new life is refreshed and anxious to embark on a new adventure when that time comes.  And for those still immersed in religious dogma, it is impossible to lose your soul, since you are your soul in physical clothing and you cannot lose yourself.

Obviously, the questions and observations you pose could not adequately be answered in an entire book, but we will continue and hopefully clear up some of these matters. I must tell you, that I don't anticipate changing your outlook with one simple article, but maybe give you some hope and hopefully tweak your interest enough to begin reading about illness and creation of the personality that may add some food for thought.

What I write about is not common knowledge, but rest assured, it comes from a source far more knowledgeable than myself. That personality exists in other realms than you and I. I simply pass on what I learn in the hopes that some will intuitively begin to "get a clue". You cannot understand what is said here with the intellect alone, since the information does not originate in this world, but outside of it, so the use of your intuitive senses is of great help.

If you think that this is your first go-around, then you will not understand this answer. You shed lives like a snake sheds its skin, but always retaining the real important stuff, your indelible psychological identity that is the YOU that you identify with. That part of you is eternal and part and parcel of that eternal being is growth, progress and creativity.

Life after life, you build on the progress or lack thereof of your past lives. If you do not understand this, then your present position will always remain an enigma, for no reasoning or logic can explain why one would choose to be born with what you refer to as a "genetic condition".

As an aside, Stephen Hawking, a quadriplegic, despite his physical difficulties, has become the pre-eminent scientist of your times, so he has risen above his challenges and triumphed over physical matter, and rest assured, his next life will not be as difficult. Much good can come out of difficulties, and in fact, in most of these cases, success is sweeter because of the challenges experienced.

I cannot, because of space restraints go into much detail in the following discussion, but will do the best I can.

Now, you create your reality, and so there is no misunderstanding, exactly what I mean is that before you are born, you, as an emissary of your soul, created a plan for your future life, which for reasons known only to you, you decided to incorporate a disability into your future plans.

You DID NOT by accident become the child of your parents as a result of their chance encounter in the back seat of a car at the drive-in theatre. You selected your parents before your birth, and also importantly, they selected you, for mutual reasons that would benefit you both. The invisible inner reality out of which your personality rises is not some sterile, unreal environment, but one of surprising activity, vivid, acute, actual and creative and it's a realm where things such as these matters are settled before the birth of any fetus.

You not only chose your parents, but you chose the general locations where they live, the kind of climate that was suitable, and most importantly, you both, you and your parents, chose a general theme for both of your coming lives. Both you and your future parents chose a theme for the anticipated coming mutual life experience, in this case where the adoption of a genetic pre-birth condition would further your and their development. Sometimes one can learn as much or more from what you might be inclined to consider lacks or failures than from triumphs.

You were aware in advance of the evidence from past lives, that your future parents carried genetic variances that would produce a genetic condition that you have at this time. I say, at this time because even genes are not immune to changes brought about in the creative process, since you create your physical body just as you create your personal environment.

In other words, although unlikely in these cases, genetic structure can be altered by the same process that brings about the emergence of the first cell of your body. Nothing is permanent in the universe. Should your life perspective change substantially; there is no reason that your genetic structure cannot be altered in a very positive way. You could say that you existed before you existed this time around.

You were right in assuming that the genetic weakness was NOT chosen by the incoming child, but by the much more evolved psychological identity present before birth. In other words, the genetic condition was initiated before even the first cell of the child (you) was formed. The child simply accepted the condition upon birth. You could say that the pre-child ordered the deficiency, to further some deeper purpose.

Finally, I want you to understand, that I realize that what I say here may sound unbelievable to you, but think about this. My story, and the story of the true nature of reality is not as simple as "God created the universe and world in six days and then was so out of breath that he had to sit down on a cloud and rest on the seventh", but my story will resonate within the hearts of those who are ready to take a step forward into a new understanding of the true nature of reality.

I wish I could devote more time to answering your questions, because they deserve answers. I can tell you this, even though life seems unfair at times, when examined in the proper perspective, you will find that it's all good. Sometimes it is not easy to ferret out the good from the bad, but once you learn that there are reasons behind everything, you will begin to look, and when you look hard enough, you will find answers.

As with Stephen Hawking, it is common for a personality to select a more relaxed and trouble free future life as a reward after completing a difficult and challenging life experience.
Consciousness is eternal, and you are consciousness, you are not your physical body. Your identity is indelible and secure.


Sunyata said...

I greatly appreciate your thoughtful and articulate reply to my questions. Unfortunately, I just don't "grok" what you are talking about. The demographics of this planet seem not to point to souls learning and expanding, but animals surviving and reproducing. And these animals just happen to possess consciousness. Which is life.

Perhaps after this universe expands, it will contract. And then it will expand again in exactly the same way. Perhaps I am fated to relive this painful existence ad infinitum.

The fucking horror.

W. Allan said...

What you believe will become evident to you and seem to be proven in physical facts, but this must be the case, since you create your own reality from your beliefs. In other words, you will see what you believe.
If you believe that the universe has no purpose and you have no purpose, your consciousness will be aware of only those kinds of evidence. Everything good will be ignored and you will see only the devastation and hardships.
Try waking up every morning and saying "Life is Good", look for the good, ignore the negative and things will slowly begin to change for you. Life will get gooder.