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Because of the unintended length of this article, I am splitting it into two sections, the first dealing mainly with the reality of the "Out of Body" projections and the second part dealing with what is commonly referred to as the near death experience.

I recently read a well-circulated article about what is commonly referred to as "Near Death Experiences". These investigations are not new and there are countless other references to what is essentially the study or what happens to a person at the moment or slightly after the moment of physical death. This article and many of the other articles also mention the other phenomenon that is sometimes associated with the near death experience and that is the "Out of Body Experience".

Since there is so much interest in this subject, and so much misunderstanding that I thought this might be a good time to try and clear up some of the distortions in the commonly held beliefs about death and what happens when consciousness leaves the physical body before or at the time of death.

I have explained in so many past articles that I fear it will become annoying to our regular readers, but I must once again say to all reading, "consciousness is eternal and cannot be diminished or extinguished". You live forever in one form or another and a good rule of thumb is this; generally, it always gets better.

Once consciousness becomes self-aware, it cannot fade or be diminished in any way; it can only change form. In this change-of-form, it never becomes less than it was in the previous form, unless you mistakenly believe that anything other than a physical body must be less.

In that sense, I would say that one commonly used term "transition" to explain the death experience is quite appropriate, as one exchanges an objective physical form for a subjective non-physical form, which incidentally, is quite as real as the previous objective version. After death, there is a period of rest and reflection, and then there is another life waiting in the wings

To begin our discussion, I want to start by considering what is commonly referred to as out of body projections of consciousness. There is much that is not understood about the dreaming state and its relationship to "Out of Body" travels, usually initiated from the dreaming state while you are sleeping.
There are several basic ways that your consciousness can separate completely from the physical body. It can leave the sleeping body during the dreaming state unbeknownst to the dreamer, in which case it returns after a short excursion and the dream continues.

Consciousness can leave the body at the time of a tragic, emotional shock where perhaps a serious injury is incurred, and later return unbeknownst to the personality. It can leave the body with the conscious participation and encouragement from a well-trained personality and it can leave the body at the time of death.

In all but the last case, the consciousness returns to the body after a short separation. Even during the death process, consciousness can have a change of heart at the last minute and return to the physical body. (Consciousness includes all important aspects of the ego personality that you know yourself to be,)

OOB's discussed;
From this point forward in this article, I will mostly use the term OOB to describe out-of-body experience and NDE to describe Near Death Experience

 There are other ways to initiate OOB travels, but they are of little concern in our discussion, since the most common way is through the convenient gateway provided in the dreaming condition.

The reason not much is known about out of body excursions, is that they are so innocuous and in some ways so similar to the normal dreaming state, that you don't even notice them, or for that matter, you usually don't remember them when you awake in the morning.

If you have a remembrance of a particularly vivid, acute, lucid dreaming experience, it could be because you are catching fragments of an OOB experience. Usually out-of-body experiences involve extremely lucid locomotion, going somewhere, observing something that you would not normally experience in your everyday life. You may see something that you would have no way of noticing while in your physical body in its normal everyday experience, such as; you may view some aspect of the physical world on the other side of the earth.

Of course, we are talking here of your consciousness actually leaving the sleeping body, projecting out of and away from the physical body, sometimes actually observing its own sleeping body as it lies in bed asleep before it leaves and returns.

Consciousness always uses a form to travel in, and in all cases on OOB projections; it utilizes its traveling astral body. You can consider the astral body the same as your dream body for purposes of this discussion.

This astral or dream form and can see without eyes, hear without ears, and perceive as you perceive using all of your senses, only the astral form has more perception equipment at its disposal, so the quality of its perception far exceeds yours. It does utilize the same five senses that you are accustomed to using, but even these five senses are more acute within the non-physical astral body, which is utilized for these out-of-body expeditions.

Your astral body is not something that you acquire at death or exclusively for use in out-of-body travels, it is your natural underlying form that is so cleverly interwoven within your physical structure of the body that you don't even know that it exists.

It is the latent form that is always with you and is inseparable from the physical form except when your consciousness leaves the body for its own purposes. It is your natural form you will use when you die and it will be intertwined with any new body you assume when you are born into a new reality system. You will never be without your astral form; it will be utilized by you for eternity, in your terms, whether you are dead or alive.

Consciousness must utilize some kind of form for purposes of travel in the physical system or out of it, and reverts to the astral form for out-of-body and after-death experiences. Consciousness, even belonging to some of the most advanced entities, still utilize some appropriate form, although that form my not be recognizable from your viewpoint.

Let me make it clear that when in your astral form during your OOB experiences, you will not be dreaming the experience, but actually experiencing it, with freedom of movement and free, to some extent to observe real time people, places and events happening in real physical locations.

In a dream, if you find yourself standing on a street in Paris viewing the Eifel Tower, you are actually creating your own image of the Eifel Tower in your own space of your bedroom, but you are not actually there. It is a psychic image construction, not physical.

In an OOB, if you find yourself viewing the Eifel Tower, you will actually be in Paris viewing the Eifel Tower. In the OOB, you will be able to observe real people doing real things in real time, and if the experience carries deep meaning for you, it is actually possible that someone else viewing the same scene could actually catch a fleeting quasi-vision of you, but this would be at best be a rather nebulous, amorphous image.

I'm not going into this in any depth, but this OOB image might be visibly seen if the emotional impetus was intense enough. If an image of a human OOB is perceivable to any extent, even if it is barely visible, as you may on occasion catch a glimpse of this kind of image and then dismiss it as imagination, it may have been an "out of body" image.

Any kind of image including the one you build up in the physical system or even in the dream world, must be built up of some form of atomic structure.

In this kind of perceivable OOB image, consciousness leaves the physical body asleep in bed, utilizes the astral form to travel to the desired location, then using atoms available at that location, puts together a new form, but this form will always be a pseudo-image, with less mass and bulk than your everyday physical body image.

As an aside, if your OOB image has been somewhat constructed into a pseudo-image, it is entirely possible, if you were standing on a beach that had some intense meaning to you, that you could actually smell the sea air and feel the sensation of the ocean mist. In other words, it would be very, very real to you, in more ways than just sight.

Usually, even though you may have full conscious awareness of your traveling form in a new location viewing strange scenes and strange people, meaningful interaction with them is pretty much impossible.

Consciousness cannot go flitting around the universe without a body for reasons that are not too difficult to imagine. In short, consciousness has always had its astral form since birth, and even a newborn baby has its corresponding small astral form adopted at conception, which will adjust and modify as needed as the physical infant grows into adulthood
If consciousness were not ensconced safely within its astral form when traveling away from its physical home, it would have a tendency to disperse and be subject to electromagnetic impulses prevalent throughout the universe that could cause disorientation and could cause the personality to become lost or at least confused about gathering its parts, reassembling them and returning to its home base.

Also, these OOB excursions, must be of relatively short duration, usually somewhere in the neighborhood of a few to maybe ten minutes in length, otherwise the psychic connection with the sleeping physical body could weaken.

There are cases where this separation has resulted in a complete disentanglement from the physical body, and of course, this presents a most serious complication, which we will not go into here. Enough to say, this only happens in the most extreme cases.

This is somewhat related to the mysteries of amnesia victims, people showing up in strange places, not knowing who they are, where they have been and with no remembrance of past experience.
The only reason that we are mentioning OOB's is that they are common, so common in fact that they tend to go unnoticed and when they are noticed, they are simply believed to have been part of an extremely vivid dream.

So I am understood here, I can confidently state that you yourself have had many such out-of-body experiences that are eternally recorded in electrical data and will always remain a part of your unconscious knowledge even though you may never consciously remember them.

When tales of "Near Death Experiences (NDE's)" are discussed, they are sometimes mixed in with or juxtaposed with OOB's and what happens or seems to have happened at the time of death, and that is another story entirely.

Part 2 of this article will be posted in a few days.

If you have questions about any subject, please submit them using the comment form at the bottom of the page and I will answer within the limitations of my understanding.



sukhsimran said...

how to merge completely with god?

W. Allan said...

You are as completely merged with God now as you will ever be. You are a portion of all that God is. You represent a small fragment of God made physical and as you learn, God learns.
All living beings carry the spark of divinity.

Anonymous said...

can meditation help us become more psychically advanced and if yes how to meditate?