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I have read some of your articles that say that the survival personality, or the recently dead person, retains memories of past experience and knowledge gained in the physical world, and will carry that into a newly reincarnated life when they are reborn as a new personality. My question is this, will we then be informed or learn about knowledge that we have been curious about throughout our past life. Will we meet God? We will we become all wise?

Dear Anonymous;
Let me thank you for the questions and indeed, we have discussed these matters to some extent in past articles, but probably not in the way I will now attempt to explain. It helps if you understand that death is an enigma that has puzzled the human race for eons and only a few among you have the insight to understand that death is not extinction of life, but an extension of life, or as is commonly referred to as a transition of form.

Death ends nothing except the corporal physical body. Not one iota of memory, knowledge and emotional development is lost in the process. In a way you could say that nothing that is important is lost in the transition process. Physical bodies never were important beyond the convenience of the entity to gain experience in the physical system. There are other systems that do not require a physical form, but for Earth it is a necessity.

It's all about fulfilling the wishes of the Entity/Soul to satisfy its interests in developing its abilities in a system of physical materializations, and the only way this can be effectively done is to adopt a physical body, fragment a portion of its own consciousness, thereby creating a new independent personality, endow it with all of its own characteristics, then giving it total independence in the physical system and observe what happens.

This new personality, must, at least temporarily forget its heritage and latent "Entity Relationship" while it navigates in the physical system, otherwise nothing new would be learned. Starting from scratch must then happen again and again within the reincarnational framework, but within each succeeding reincarnation, learned knowledge from one life to the next is not lost, but faithfully coded within the genetic structure of the future personality, but will remain latent, to be drawn upon as the personality evolves intellectually, intuitionally and emotionally.

The Entity does not limit itself to one such materialization in one system, but repeats the process in a variety of other systems, some physical and some not physical. These other entity/soul selves are your other aspects that are always in the background of your conscious awareness. They are you, busy in other realities, so busy that you are intently focused in each of these reality systems, to the point that you are all unaware of the other aspects.

In other words, you carry with you all of the traits, knowledge, emotional and intuitive development that you have acquired up to that point, and nothing will be cast aside in transition from one reincarnational life to another. On the other hand, conversely speaking, you will not carry with you that which you have failed to learn in your current life.

What you fail to learn in this life is no fault of anyone else other than you, so it is best to learn what you can while you are in this life. You will take nothing with you that you have not earned through life's adventures.

In answer to your question, if I understand your question, you will not be given easy answers to questions you may have dragged along into the next lifetime. You could say that answers are never given, but must be earned.

After death, when you have transitioned to a new form, no one will give the kind of answers that you want, unless you take the initiative to learn the knowledge for yourself. Any true understanding of the kind of answers you seek, involve a progression of learned knowledge, and so simple answers would be bypassing the pre-requisite foundation of learning that would lead you naturally to the answers you seek.

There are "survival personality" teachers who will be available to help you along the way, but again there are no easy answers given simply to satisfy ones curiosity unless they have sufficient background to understand. In a way, any attempt to fully explain the reality of the soul or entity to one who has no previous knowledge of these matters would be fruitless and would not be understood.

In much the same way, I am somewhat limited in my ability to convey concepts that defy the natural reasoning ability or the human brain. The brain has evolved in such a way as to be of great help in discovering and analyzing facts, but facts are useless in the reality that underlies physical facts. The brain can learn to accept intuitional knowledge, which will eventually lead to a more balanced overall personality development.

Facts arise out of the inner universe, and no inner truth ever arose out of a physical fact. So what you seek in terms of knowledge must come from a sort of intuitional and emotional evolution of your personality, and not directly from words, since you would not understand the words. Obviously then, upon death, you will not be automatically "All Wise" any more than you will be "All Ignorant". Simply speaking, after death, you will know exactly what you knew before death, nothing more and nothing less.

This brings up an interesting truth that should be mentioned here because it reflects on your question even though there are still many people who do not understand that consciousness creates its own reality as it goes, solidifying beliefs and expectations into your everyday reality.

Therefore, at least for a limited time after death, in keeping with our discussion, you will retain all beliefs that you had before you died the physical death.

If you believed in Satan before your death, you will see and experience Satan after you die. If you believe in Jesus, Mohamed, Zoroaster, Buddha, or any of the other saints or prophets, you will be met by them, perhaps as you cross the river Styx after death.

If you believe in hell, you will experience at least for some time, your own created version of hell. Of course these are your own hallucinated image constructions, but the effects can be very real indeed. The irony here is that those whose beliefs in those kinds of myths and superstitions are the strongest, will experience them in the most intense ways, if only for a limited time, until someone explains the illusionary nature of the images.

In relation to your question, if you believe in a human-like God figure, He will be there waiting to greet you and comfort you upon death, exactly as you envisioned Him, but only until you get a clue. Of course, this God-like vision will also be hallucinated beliefs made real temporarily.
Dead or alive in those terms, you still get what you believe, think about and expect. It can be no other way.

Help will always available to those who are curious and want to know, and those are the ones who I have such an interest in sharing whatever wisdom and knowledge I have to give. I do not squander that knowledge by trying to force it on those who are not ready, and many are not. I will however bend over backward to answer comments and questions to the limits of my ability to understand, and those who are not ready, will find their own answers at a level of their own abilities.

Finally, let me assure you, you will not meet God when you die. Even this kind of assumption signifies a lack of understanding that we must constantly deal with, and I don't mean that as an insult, but it is simply a belief in ancient myths, legends and superstitions about the Man/God who is portrayed by the great master painters as the majestic, human-like God figure with lightening bolt in hand, ready to smite the disobedient sinners.

God is more like an idea, than He is a human. God is an energy essence intelligence of the highest order, assuming any shape and all shapes. All shapes speak the image of God. God or "All That is" speaks not in words, phrases and syllables but in winds, waves, storms, wheat fields, clouds, stars and men, so I tell you, God surrounds you every day. If you really want to meet God, immerse yourself in nature, go to the wilderness, visit the beach or climb a mountain and you will be as close as you will ever be.


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Anonymous said...

There is so much reference to 2012 and the end of the world scenario however what I am noticing in the entertainment industry is a great deal of freemasonry/satanic? symbols like the Eye of Horus, pyramid without capstone, Baphomet, 666, compass and square. Even the London Olympics site, mascots etc have connections to those above symbols. My question is: Please explain why it is so open and what can we as loving citizens of this world do to combat this blatant show of negativity? What comes to mind is the half time performance by Madonna at the Superbowl 2012.

In Love and Gratitude

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
I do understand your frustration with the proliferation of negativity that seems to inundate the news, TV programming, movies and magazines and computer blogs, (except for this one) smiling.

It seems that humanity is fascinated with destruction, death, evil symbols, and stories of extinction of the species, i/e the Mayan 2012 predictions. The really amazing thing is that people are ready to believe these totally false and unbelievable simplistic explanations of the end of the world and other calamities. People love mysteries, only problem, they love the wrong mysteries. Better they should wonder about the emergence of the universe our of nothing.

This is especially dumbfounding since the people that gave humanity these apocalyptic tales are the same people who sacrificed their peoples, practiced bloodletting, believed that their ancestors came out of the mouths of snakes to speak to them. They also believed that the crust of the earth was a separating layer between the physical world and the spirit world. So much for their cognitive abilities.

The true nature of reality is more fantastic than these primitive cultures would ever suspect and yet people today still put more credence in those ancient misleading myths and superstitions than they would in their own intuitive and intellectual knowledge.

There are radio and television stations that I will not bother to name, whose entire reason for existing is to ferret out negativity, seek to dredge up the worst of humanity, package it to conform to their distorted belief system and broadcast to anyone who will listen, and many will.

The only way to navigate in this type of negativity, is to concentrate on "your personal contribution" to the betterment of your world and the betterment of those other rational beings that you come in touch with.
The good news is that evolution is operating, and no one remains ignorant forever, though it may seem that way. Progress is sometimes painfully slow, especially for the clueless.


Anonymous said...

Ok my take on all of this is that everybody is apart of All That Is. So as for my understanding it means that we are all connected to each other and that connection can never be broke. We are all just different personalities/identities but we all come from the same source. So basically we are different but still the same. Please correct me if im wrong.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that god is trying to teach you something when you are going thru difficult time in life. I was pregnant twice but lost both my babies. Once in 3 months and next time in 6 months. All I did in both pregnancies is to pray every minute. I just dont understand what is he trying to teach us?

Anonymous said...

According to my experiences, In 1988, I had a heart attack during sleep during daytime. Since I was alone at home, so nobody was noticed it. I suddenly woke up and noticed that I was drowsy and some bizarre feeling in my right arm. I soon realized that the oxygen supply was cut off, and I could not breathe. The suffocation was so painful that I struggled desperately to survive. I knew I was dying, Seconds later, I lost my vision, and finally become unconscious. I don’t know how long I remained unconscious or maybe dead. But when I regained consciousness and woke up , I found myself in the same bed, same room. I noticed that the bed sheet was all curled up, which was a sign that I did struggle before felling unconscious. So I was confirmed that it wasn't just a dream but an actual occurance. The heart attack or whatever it was did occur on that day. However I immediately went to hospital for check-up. The doctors told me that I was perfectly healthy and there wasn’t any sign of heart attack. And from that day onwards I never had any health problem. Until in 2004, some people reported seeing my doppelganger on streets on separate occasions. even reported being attacked by my doppelganger which caused misunderstanding. Then shortly in 2005, while I was sleeping, four men appeared out of nowhere and pulled me out of my body. I stopped breathing for a while and had a brief out of body experience . But instantly regained consciousness. And I am still alive to this day. Since then I have remained confused as I am not sure what happened that day. Therefore my question is, Did I die in 1988 or 2005 ? or Have I died in my native universe and living in a parallel universe?

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
Since others saw your image, then you were "out of body" in a projection of consciousness, usually arrived at in the dream state. Since you are here to tell the tale, you didn't die. Probabilities are difficult to understand, but you dip in and out of probabilities all of the time unknowingly. You do not become a probable self, but do share in probable events. You are born into one reality system in one universe and you will eventually die out of it, but you do not migrate to other universes or other reality systems.