Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I know this is going to be a hard concept to sell in light of the fact that most of you would be able to point out hard evidence to the contrary of what is said here, and no matter how many times I repeat it, you still have trouble believing that your thoughts are producing your most intimate reality and also the mass reality of your civilization.
Reality rises up out of what you would normally call "nothing". Of course, thoughts are not nothing and if you really realized what they were, your lives would improve immensely. It just depends on what level you are viewing the reality from. I can assure you, from the viewpoint of the spider, his experience is quite beyond anything that you could understand. The spider, while not experiencing the same kind of ego and intellectual awareness as you, still experiences values and satisfactions even within the construction of its intricate web in its own reality.
You all experience what you would call “bad things” in your lives, and without understanding the true nature of reality and the motivation of the soul, you would be hard pressed to see the good in many acts and events that touch your lives personally and en masse as a functioning society. Of course, everyone has his own idea of bad and good events and the words bad and good is a subjective judgment.
There are some people that you all know or at least come in contact with that seem to soak up negativity and exhibit evil, destructive and hateful tendencies and project them out onto anyone who they come in contact. You also know of murder, maiming, and other hateful acts, but there is something laying underneath that they you are not normally aware of at the surface level.
We will discuss how you have a life plan before you are born, and yet, no one plans in advance to be evil, but in ways hard for me to explain, some do unconsciously know of an underlying plan that they have adopted, to exhibit hateful and despicable behavior toward their fellow man.
There is purpose behind this kind of harmful behavior and I realize it will be hard to believe, but you are involved in the Earth physical reality system for one main reason, and that is to learn that your thoughts coalesce into hard physical proofs that you can examine and learn from.
Physical reality is a concrete feedback system where you can see and examine the results of your mental creations, learn from them and create again until you get it right. You learn from those who show you how to do it right, and you learn from those who show you how to do it wrong. These are mental creations of the mind, formed when the eye is closed and projected outward into physical matter when the eye opens.
It is true that you can learn as much from the people, who maim, murder and pillage as you can from someone who does good. From their acts, you can learn what NOT to do just as readily as you can learn what TO DO from someone with positive motivations and beneficial acts. Some people know of and accept their evil and hateful tendencies well before their birth, unconsciously, accepting that responsibility before birth.
In a way that is hard to explain, they do humanity a service by demonstrating hateful qualities that will bring out just the opposite good qualities in others that they touch and in so doing, aid in the progress of their contemporaries. Hitler was one who demonstrated the horrors of mass murders and alerted civilization to the emergence of others like him.
Good and bad are relative, depending on ones perceptions. To some, experiencing a violent storm is bad, but if your fields are withering in the sun, a storm can be a blessing. You might call the death of a loved one a tragedy, while the person doing the dying is happy to get it over with and get on with a new adventure, and each life is truly a new adventure.
In order to at least get some cursory understanding, you must consider soul motivation, and trust me on this one, the soul is far more motivated, purposeful and active than you are in your physical reality. It is of course impossible for you to understand the reality of the soul, but you can draw some inferences if you know what the soul is not, and your myths and superstitions have led you far astray in that regard.
In the past I have considered referring to the soul as analogous to a person, a very wise and knowledgeable person, active, vivid and purposeful, simply existing in another dimension. I have not done so until now, because it can be helpful if not taken too seriously, in explaining what the soul is by using a rather silly analogy.
I realize this is a bad analogy, but I want to try to dispel the perception of the soul as being some kind of wishy-washy, transparent, gossamer, ghostlike, holy, aloof kind of god-like, intangible thing that you have, and get the point across that a soul is indeed much more like a very wise and knowledgeable, very evolved person, only without a materialized physical body.
To take this a necessary step further, let me say that the more evolved the reality system, the less likely the personalities that inhabit it are likely to be materialized in a physical way.
 The more advanced entities as well as souls are not physical, although they may have been at one time. This should in no way infer that they are any less than personalities inhabiting your physical system. The original massive entities involved in the original creation of the universe, the earth, you, and the entire physical system, are not physically materialized. (By massive, I do not refer to big as in size, but as in intellectual development.)
A soul is not something that you have or own. You are not in possession of your very own soul and so, you are not all of your soul, you are a portion of you soul, but there are also other portions of your soul that you are presently unaware of. There is far more to you than you suspect.
You are but one way your soul expresses itself in physical reality. There are other ways that the soul adopts to explore reality, and those other ways are also you living in other reality systems. There are other probable earths and other probable yous exploring other aspects of reality that you don't.
In a concept that is too large to be understood by the human brain, someone, somewhere will experience every possible act arising from the acts that you do accept as your own personal reality. Every possible action taken by you will be explored in all of its possible outcomes by other probable yous that exist on other probable earths. Of course, this exponential expansion of probabilities takes place for each living thing, including plants and animals. Reality is inexhaustible, simultaneous and everywhere expanding into new dimensions of actuality.
The concept is so rich that it is breathtaking, but it is the way in the probable physical system of which you are an integral part. To make matters more difficult, every possible act is being now explored in many probable offshoots in other probable worlds, each probable act generating its own probabilities, and creates new possibilities expanding outward into all dimensions.
Your soul is not something encased in some membrane deep within your body. Your soul is not something you hold in your hand and return to God as some suppose. In fact, your soul is not even a thing in that sense, but a multidimensional energy identity of which you are a part, a part now expressed in the flesh. In a sense, you are one portion of your soul fleshed out and while that portion of it is involved in your system of physical reality, you are the souls binoculars peering out into an actualized world and universe. You could say that you are the eyes of your soul, presently focused through you in the physical world.
There is no physical form that could begin to encompass an entire soul, or if you prefer “your greater self”, so the non-physical portion of your soul exists in a far removed and evolved dimension and it’s motivations are sometimes obscured by your physical perceptions of good and bad and your own versions of life.
Your desires, pleasures, heartaches, disappointments, tragedies, needs and gratifications make perfect good sense to you now in your seemingly rock solid physical world, when weighed against the beliefs of a very young civilization, but to the soul, all that you may consider bad, is nothing more than a creative experience, viewed, considered and conclusions drawn.
You are involved in the world you might say, as an ambassador of your soul, but also as a complete, independent individual identity of your soul. You dwell on earth to gain experience in creating reality, to learn the conscious manipulation of thought into matter, to experience your creations and to learn from the mistakes and create again and again, learning from your mistakes each time.
If your experiences were only good, one continuous line of perfection, only eternal happiness without challenges, you would never discover the one simple truth of your existence. You are here to exercise and evolve your abilities to create reality and to know that you are creating it.
In essence, you are here to learn what you already know how to do. You now create reality as naturally as you breathe, and in a sense you could say you exhale your reality from your thoughts to form objects and events as effortlessly and unconsciously as sure as your breath creates frost on a cold windowpane. You might ask, if I already create reality what is left for me to learn? You are here to evolve the brain and to learn to do consciously what you now do unconsciously.
The Greater Self/Soul exists in a dimension where time and space do not exist, so it sees all events in every possible completed state, but still with room for expansion. Each probable outcome of any event automatically creates new possibilities for exploration.
A bad event, such as let’s say, a divorce, is simply one line of probability that you chose to focus on for creative purposes. You could have just as well chosen a “non divorce” outcome and materialized it for your experience instead of the “divorce outcome”.
A “divorce” is simply the flip side of “non divorce” and either are as equally creative an act as the other. So, from the soul’s point of view, it makes no difference which event is unconsciously chosen by you to experience as long as you experience something. If you experience a divorce event, then a non-divorce event is being experienced in another probable world by another probable you. To the soul, it's all the same.
The good news is, what you perceive as bad is not necessarily bad, simply the line of probability that you have chosen to experience based on your beliefs at the time. A bad event materialized in your life is a materialization of your beliefs, thoughts and expectations, so it just follows, if you want to change your experience, you must change your beliefs.
An artist who paints a masterpiece of a great battle depicting great loss of life, great despair, using dark tones and foreboding colors, still creates a masterpiece of creativity just as well as if he had painted the Last Supper. In the same way, the same amount of creativity is used in creating a disaster as in creating a triumph. Both are equally creative.
There are no evil souls, no inherently bad creatures, man or beast, inhabiting your universe, although sometimes it may look that way. It is all a matter of perception. What you encounter and perceive as evil is simply the way you view people and events at this particular time in your evolution, when sifted through the belief systems of the times.
 Men are not evil, but the WORKS OF SOME MEN may be very evil and despicable when balanced against the mass beliefs of your society at any given time in its history. A man who commits murder always FEELS justified in his act. The same holds true for all actions. No crime is committed where the perpetrator thinks he is acting out the crime for the sake of being evil alone.
There are no evil viruses, no evil animals, no evil bacteria and certainly no evil people within this universe or any other. There will come a time, when you learn the one simple lesson you are here to learn, that you create your reality, both individually and en masse.
You will learn to create consciously what you now create unconsciously. You will understand the intimate cooperative relationship between yourselves and the environment and all living things. You will understandthat you do not stand apart from nature, but are an integral part of nature. You are the thinking part of nature.
You will then be able to create reality without the time lapse that you now experience. And who knows, you may even learn to create five thousand loaves of bread and fishes instantaneously. Wasn’t it once said, “ These things that I do, you will do even greater?”
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Anonymous said...

So basically what your saying is that your Soul could careless if your actions or postive or negative because all in all its a learning experience on your creativity of your personal reality. And if so then i get it!!!! Thank you so much on helping me on my journey.

Anonymous said...

When you say simultaneously in your explanations does it mean that the Soul see everything that way because its portioned in so many different reality systems that it see's it all at once so time and space doesn't apply. Well that's my perception of it and i'm hoping that i'm at least right in some way. :)

Anonymous said...

So, how can I create my reality 'consciously'....?

W. Allan said...

Dear anonymous,
Time and space are only relevant in the physical reality system, in fact, they are indispensable while your consciousness is so focused. In a very true sense, if you really want to get a feeling for no-time, you must realize the existence of two distinctly different realities in which you exist, and this has nothing to do with the other aspects of your personality. It does have to do with the "Inner Universe' out of which your physical system was born.

This is the true Prime Reality that is the incubator system out of which the probable system arises. Your inner self has access to this inner reality and therefore there is a portion of your existence that ignores the ticking clock, the moments, hours, days and eons.

I will be writing more on this subject soon, so hang in there. It helps to understand that this concept of simultaneous time is the most difficult to understand since you are forced to consider it "in time".

You can get a better idea of the simultaneous nature of time if you pay attention to your dreams. You could for instance, have a dream of your high school dance, where hours of enjoyment are experienced in a mere few dream minutes, yet you experienced every event at that dance that maybe encompassed many physical hours.

Time is an illusion, but you cannot penetrate the illusion while in your physical body. In your dream time experience, time still has some meaning because of habitual learning patterns, you still insist on dragging some time traits along with you into your dreams, but only a hint of consecutive time.

Other aspects of your personality, your parallel selves, your anti-matter self, your dream self, all in their own dimensions, do not experience time as you do. Your simultaneous selves (soul mate selves) exist in the same physical world at the same time as you, so they do experience time the same as you.

Time is a beginning facet of the beginning reality systems since it lets you explore and examine events in slow motions as you now do. In other systems, consciousness is organized totally different, and they experience multiple probable events simultaneously.

In those probable systems, the concept of cause and effect is meaningless since a punishment would happen at the same time as the crime. (smiling).


W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,

Of course, there are too many aspects of being a conscious creator to mention here, but you must understand a few basic things. You are doing it now even though you don't know it.

1. You must come to the realization that your beliefs, thoughts and expectations are indeed solidifying into objects and events, even at this time in your evolution.

2. You must realize that even the most innocuous negative thoughts can derail a positive outcome in the creative process, and you must learn to divest yourself of even the most minute negative thoughts.

3. For instance, it is not enough to hate violence, since in hating you are reinforcing the violence.
You must instead love peace,,,,reinforcing the positive.

4. You must think of what you want, believe that you will get it and expect it. And you must be persistent, but not overly obsessively so.

5. You must realize that you cannot create something that includes another person, unless they are of the same frame of mind.

6. You cannot create something in your life that bypasses a required physical process to achieve what you want. In other words, you cannot become an astronaut without the proper schooling and training.

7. You cannot create something in your life that is impossible within the given possibilities of your species. In other words, you cannot become like "Icarus", grow wings and fly.

Everything else is possible but the universal creative energy is more conducive to actions and events that are beneficial to all species and not just yourself. Finally, most importantly, your emotions play an important part in creating your reality. If you have strong emotional feelings about what you want, you are more likely to get it.

Good Luck,

Anonymous said...

Thanks, would love to read more about it.