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There has been much written recently about the coming rapture, especially by the rather eccentric fundamentalist preacher Harold Camping, who is habitually predicting the end of the world and the accompanying rapture, where he and other believers will be swept up to heaven to leave all of the earth bound heathens to broil in a fiery end of the earth predicted to come soon thereafter.
Only one problem, it didn't happen and it won't happen.

Good old Harold, is not discouraged since he manages to keep and increase his followers, even though his track record at predictions is a big fat zero. Harold truly revels in his predictions of doom and disaster, which of course, also appeal to those who truly believe they deserve a rapture, and will not be satisfied until they get one. To Harold, any rapture publicity is good publicity, even though it is the ultimate hoax.

The Bible has some wonderful truths buried deep in the chaff, but they are few and they are difficult to find. The Bible has been so diluted, amended, expunged, misinterpreted and changed by the following generations from its intended meanings that it is hardly recognizable from the original manuscripts, and if you believe literally in everything you read in the Bible, you are bound to be left confused and disappointed.

Some of the original writings in the Bible about endings and raptures are misinterpretations of ancient myths and superstitions about the end of the world dating back almost to the first man who walked the earth millions of years ago.

Based on the continuity of life of those ancient civilizations, there has been no end of the world since the time of the cave men, but embedded in their reincarnated memories, and the genetic and cellular structures of those ancient people, were the dim remembrances of a time, before the beginning, when another world occupied the same space as the present Earth. Before that, another Earth existed, and before that another.

You might draw some inference from that statement, and that inference is that in what may seem to be a rather dispassionate and uncaring statement, the earth realty, like other similar reality systems is dispensable. As long as you continue to think of physical matter as hard, solid and unmovable, you will have trouble understanding this material. In what you call the past, earths have died, civilizations erased, and replacements have been set in place, the experiment renewed.

Physical matter is simply the form that thought takes when it is subjected to the will of self-aware consciousness and driven into certain psychic patterns that are then perceived by your specialized senses sending information to the brain that will then interpret that data as solid, impenetrable physical matter.
For that reason, there is absolutely NO rock-solid bedrock reality anywhere in this or any universe.

Solid matter simply doesn't exist as you think it does. It does however exist in a form that works quite well for your reality system, as long as you don't stray out of it, for if you would, earth, as you know it would disappear.

So, when I speak of a dispensable reality system I am speaking of the reality system only and not the underlying earth energy pattern that would still exist after the world, as you know it would be destroyed. You create your own world with your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and expectations, but you do not create the underlying basic earth pattern, a field of energy that is essentially out of your mental reach and will not be affected by your destructive actions and can be reconstituted in the future if reconstruction is practical.

The race of man has been destroyed in the past, and here we get into concepts that will stretch your imaginative abilities. The present past is only the past as is referenced by time since the first cave men dwelled on the earths surface, but there have been other pasts associated with other earths that preceded yours, with their own cave men, but none of the past earths were destroyed in any kind of event remotely similar to what you believe is a "Rapture" event.

I do not have the space for a comprehensive explanation here, other than to say that "The Rapture" concept is based on the premise of sin, reward for good behavior and punishment for bad behavior. All of this is myth and so utterly foolish that I have to smile as I write this. There is no such thing as sin and there is no such thing as punishment for the non-existing sin. There really is no rapture in this world or any other. So, get over it!

As simply as I can put it, in the nicest way I can think of to say this without insulting someone's intelligence, is that those who still believe in that sort of fantasy and superstition are some of the newer entries to the earth reincarnational system and they have not matured enough to see that they are following false doctrine of those professing such absurd concepts. Since you are reading this article, I know that you also find those simplistic beliefs, well, pretty simplistic.

So, let me make it perfectly clear, there is no such thing as "Rapture" in the earth's future.

That is not to say that the earth could not be destroyed, as other earths have been destroyed and new earths created to take their place. I am not going into the reasons for such possible destruction, but it is not out of the range of probabilities that do to the over-saturation and over-warming of your atmosphere, the over population of your land masses and the plundering of your fields and oceans, that you could bring about the destruction of your species and most others alive on the planet at this time.

The irony is that the problems and the answers have been given and are well known to at least certain segments of your populations at this time and are no mystery. But still, many refute the scientific proofs and rely on misinterpreted Biblical reference to justify the continuance of these destructive tendencies.

You have been given signs of the possibility of coming catastrophes, yet many of you choose to ignore the signs. The possibility of destruction now exists as a probability, the future of which will be determined by your future actions. Before this destruction becomes inevitable, prophetic mass dreams will occur across the planet, so there will be no uncertainty about coming events.

There are some who think that their irresponsible actions regarding the possible earth destruction will be rectified by a saving God figure, who will swoop down from the clouds and save humanity, but it really doesn't work that way. There are some built in safe-guards in the physical reality system, and no one man will be allowed to destroy the world through his own stupidity, but a misjudgment by entire societies could indeed trigger events that would end reality as you know it. Let me make it perfectly clear, everyone alive at that time will die a physical death.

Your world is unique in the universe, but it is a young world, a training world for new consciousness to learn the manipulation of energy in a responsible manner before you will be allowed to progress out of the earth system into more advanced realities. There are those in your world who are more advanced personalities, there to help the others mature and advance without destroying your reality in the process.

Your world is a teaching system, an experiment in a very vivid and acute system, where the consequences for mistakes can be serious and can at times be lethal, but were it not that way, no lessons would be learned. Your world, en mass, has the ability to succeed or fail in your present earth experiment. Past civilizations in previous experiments, have taken their civilization beyond the point of meaningful repair and have destroyed their races and the planet. Others have taken their reality as far as they can go, matured and ventured out into other advanced universal worlds.

Planets and reality systems can be reconstituted and new personalities introduced in new worlds or a reconstituted world, made ready for the next wave of consciousness. You may wonder how this is accomplished, and ask, would they be the same people, the same personalities who perished in the failure of the last earth experiment who will inhabit this new world?

When a civilization is destroyed, or should I say, screws up big time, the personalities who perish in that destruction will disperse into a variety of other reality systems where they can best utilize the knowledge that they possess. Many will return to the new earth reality, where their knowledge of the past destruction will be encoded in their genetic structure and can be drawn upon as instinctual behavior patterns in their new identity.

Others who perished, having not learned this lesson, will surely experience a reoccurrence of similar events in a new world until the lessons of destruction are learned, or should I say, how not to destroy. You cannot remain ignorant forever.

In a newly constructed world, or planet earth, the experience and events will not be the same as the previous, but there will necessarily be some similarity, since you will begin again with a new cave man species, having temporarily set aside all previous knowledge. Nevertheless, the goals would be the same, namely that you must learn the responsible creation of your world without destroying it in the process.

To consciously destroy your world and its civilizations, by ignoring serious warnings as climate change, pollution of your air and water, carries with it the same consequences as if you had put a gun to a fellow mans head and pulled the trigger.

There is no such thing as pre-destination, so there is still time to change things, but it is conceivable, and a distinct probability now exists, that a tipping point will be reached, where there is no turning back. If that point is reached, earth conditions will become intolerable and unbearable and civilization as you know it will either be forced to mutate and adapt to a new world, serious lessons learned, or it will perish.

This is where the ancient myths carried forward through the ages in superstition, gives rise to the mistaken belief in a "Rapture Event". You may wonder what is the difference if large blocks of conscious ego personalities are taken out of the earth system simultaneously en masse?

The main difference is that sin and punishment of the evildoers and rewards for the faithful is pure hogwash. I don't want to confuse or discourage good old Harold Camping, but Harold, this possible ending of the world as you have known it has nothing to do with religion, very little to do with spirituality and absolutely nothing to do with God sitting in judgment and giving humanity a spanking.

God has bigger fish to fry than to worry about temporary setbacks in one small world in one small universe. God, or All That Is, does indeed see beyond the destruction and clearly perceives the continuity of life in all living things and knows that you can really destroy nothing, even though it may seem that you can. It has everything to do with ego conscious personalities refusing to heed the clear and distinct warnings of impending earth disaster until it is too late.

Now, there is some similarity to the tales of Rapture and the destruction of the physical world that you so loved that you destroyed it, and that similarity is simply found in that large blocks of conscious identities are exiting the earth reality through physical death, not to be sucked up to a non-existent heaven, but to travel to other reality systems that are able to support life as you know it where they will truly be born again. Those are the probable systems.

In rapture tales, man is somehow, still alive, lifted up to the clouds by God. In true reality man experiences physical death, temporarily assumes his natural astral form and will eventually decide on a more suitable world to be born again. NO, not born again as in evangelical, born again, but really born again in a physical body to finish interrupted schooling on a new or newly rebuilt world reality system.

Your earth is but one of many probable earths, all experiencing some form of physical reality, all working on similar problems, all finding new and unique solutions to these similar problems. In one probable reality world, the problem of climate change, overpopulation and pollution was solved and other challenges have risen to the forefront. Personalities from the destroyed world would not re-emerge in that system, since the problems had already been solved.

Many personalities will choose to be reborn into one of the probable systems where their abilities can best be utilized.

For those who have not read-up on the probability system, your earth is one of many probable earths, and to those inhabitants of other probable earths, from their viewpoint, their own world is the real world and your earth is but one of the probable earths. In larger terms, at least one of your probable selves already exists on these probable earths.

Life is eternal and all systems are in a sense learning systems. The death of a world is unforgivable and tragic, but in a larger sense, no world can be destroyed because the energy formed pattern will still exist and will be there if the original entities decide reconstruction is practical and needed.

The underlying subjective energy pattern is the truth; the objective reality system is the illusion.

If you have questions regarding this article or any other questions, you may submit them by using the "comments" link at the end of this article. I will always attempt to answer questions that are within my scope of understanding.

I will soon be publishing a full new book fully explaining your existence in other parallel worlds, probable worlds, the dream world, the anti-matter universe and your soul-mate selves alive at this time on earth. It will be available through this site.
You will be astounded to learn how much more you are than you are presently aware of.


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