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An e-mail message received from Anonymous,

What is the point of 'Life'? Of us being born, death, consciousness? Existence? What is the point?

Dear Anonymous,
You ask difficult questions.
You must always remember that your existence here on earth is not by happenstance. You were born because you wanted to be born. The point to physical existence is to gain experience in the manipulation of matter into form, and in learning that, to learn to do it responsibly.

You are in a training system of reality and more challenging, yet satisfying systems are to come. You are to realize that the "self" as you know it, is indestructible and eternal and that death is part of the illusion. No one lives who does not desire to live, and no one dies, who is not ready to die. Both are your choice.
There are no requirements of your life set out by your entity/soul and the satisfactions should be simply in "Being" and that is enough.

Consciousness is what the identity uses to perceive reality systems.
Your consciousness is not you, your identity is you, and your consciousness is the apparatus that permits you to operate in various reality systems. There is purpose to life, and that is creativity and beginning to understand that you are not your physical body, never were and never will be.

Physical bodies die, identities live forever, so better get used to making the most of life, because you are in it, in one form or another for eternity. You are an eternal being and remember that the word "evolution" infers progress, it is not regressive.
Overall, things always get better as you learn.

You are in the process of learning that you do indeed create your reality, and from the gist of your questions, it would seem that you don't feel that you are doing such a good job of it. Bottom line is this, enjoy every moment and if you can learn to do that, you will be OK.

If you aren't satisfied with your life's direction, there is only one way to change it, and that is to change how you think about it. You get what you concentrate on.
As a rule of thumb, "suffering has no virtue of its own, other than to teach you how not to suffer".

A Day Later;
Another message received from Anonymous

Thanks, but would you please explain in a post, why 'All that is ', created us? What's on his/ her mind? :)

Dear Anonymous,
It would be presumptuous of me to pretend to know what is on the mind of All That Is. You could say that God is "Infinite Mind" and possess no humanistic characteristics that you are so familiar with. He has evolved beyond anything that you or I can imagine, so I have no idea what It is thinking. God is more of a Divine Process than He is a personality.

If Joe Jones working at McDonalds serves you a hamburger, you could assume that he did it under the auspices of the CEO of McDonalds. Joe Jones or you will probably never meet the CEO of McDonalds, but you assume he exists. In much the same way, if your Entity gave you life by splitting off a portion of its consciousness, could you not also say that He did it under the auspices of God?

You or I will never meet God, but the analogy holds. God is not meetable. (Misspelling purposefully).
I wish I could offer more, but you must understand that, God did not create you directly, your Soul/Entity created you, but were it not for that Infinite Energy Source beyond and behind the Soul/Entity that you call God, you would not exist.

I wish I could offer more, but there is much that I do not know, and there is much that even the most evolved Entities do not know, so who am I to speculate.
I know there is purpose behind everything and everyone who exists, but that purpose is not known anywhere in this universe.

A Few Days Later;

Dear Anonymous,
After giving some thought to my rather brief answer to your question, I decided to elaborate a bit more on the subject.

There was a time when self-aware consciousness did not exist. What did exist was a non-specific, generalized kind of conscious energy that was beginning to emerge out of a chaotic frenzy of electro-magnetic particles, atoms and molecules seeking expression, but not knowing what or how, and not knowing themselves as identities.

Over time, from this assemblage of generalized consciousness, action reacting on itself initiated a process that resulted in the first minuscule recognition of particular self-aware identity.

If there is one characteristic of any kind of consciousness, it is the need to create, to experience those creations, to recognize the errors made and to recreate again. The reasoning behind creation is value satisfaction, and this value satisfaction is common among all reality systems in all universes.

In the Earth system of reality, this value satisfaction is experienced as physical growth, as in getting bigger or expansion in space. Value satisfaction is the psychological equivalent of physical growth. Instead of expansion in space, there is expansion in depth and intensity of psychological experience, somewhat similar to a moving emotional experience.

This is difficult to comprehend, but all reality systems are of psychic origin and the various appearances that reality systems take, as with your earth, are very specialized illusions.

Earth is only one of many training systems, teaching the utilization of energy in a responsible way. The human race is just one of many that uses physical reality systems to manage and manipulate energy into something that can be perceived as concrete. It is a learning process that must be understood before you are allowed to progress to more open and expansive systems.

Your objects and events are simply results of these attempts to propel energy into meaningful manifestations, which can then be experienced with your particular types of sensual apparatus unique to your system. Actually, objects and events are simply your proofs as to how well you are doing, and when you create faulty constructions, you have the opportunity to do it again until you get it right. Wars and floods are examples of faulty constructions.

God or All That Is always existed, but not as a self-aware being. All That Is, or God if you prefer, arose out of an original electro-magnetic chaos and frenzy, and He realized that this emergence must be safeguarded so that there was never any chance of a return to this state of energy insanity from which His first original self-aware consciousness was born.

To insure against any such return to this undesirable state, All That Is, (God) portioned Itself into untold fragments of self-aware consciousness and endowed them with all of the attributes of Himself.
The most important of these godly characteristics is the need and the ability to also create other fragment consciousness that in turn will also create.

You can see that the process is endless and there is no limit or end to the "insideness of it all". Your heritage is indirectly of All That Is. All That Is, has assured Itself that return to a frenzied insanity from which She emerged cannot happen.

If all consciousness alive in all realty systems, in all worlds, in all planes and universes were to be extinguished, the consciousness of just one surviving human personality would be enough to seed an entire universe.

The purpose as far as I know it is the value satisfactions of creation and experience, which is somewhat analogous to what a great artist might experience when creating a masterpiece.
Beyond this, there is more, but my knowledge beyond this point is limited.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time and effort to write about this... The more I learn, the less I know! It is all a wonder and as of now, I am so aware of the extra ordinary that we are... As always, waiting for the next post!