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The question as it was posed;
Dear William,
Personalities can leave entities for another more suitable for expansions of its abilities. Why should the Personality leave the Entity when it is very much part of IT. I have also read somewhere that at times Souls leave or withdraw itself from the Personality/Ego when the latter's behavior becomes intolerable/inhuman and hence this particular ego literally becomes Soul-less. Is it possible for you to throw some light on the above concepts?.

Dear Anonymous,
This is a great observation and question and it stems from the typical distortions in understanding the true realty of the soul. I don't want this to seem like a Soul Tutorial, but I do need to clarify a few things that have been misunderstood since the beginning of time in the earth system.

First of all, the soul is eternal; it is vivid, active, busy and very creative identity. It does stuff, it doesn't just exist as some ethereal fog. The soul is eternal, but so are you, you just haven't figured it out yet. You could say that the soul is a grown up you. Very grown up.

Were the soul not eternal, you would not exist. Contrary to many closely held beliefs of various religious sects, the soul is not in the least interested in what you would consider regular religious dogma. The soul is as involved in reality at its own level as you are in yours, and its level far exceeds anything that you can imagine.

The soul is not some wispy, transparent, holy thing, but very much real and alive in more realities than you know exist. The soul is not something that you carry around in your brain or mind that you give back to God when you die. While you are engaged in physical reality, meaning alive on the planet in a physical body, the soul is intertwined and embedded within every cell of your body, meaning that you are your soul temporarily expressed in physical clothing. In that sense, you are not only physical material, but you are soul material too.

The Soul does not exist in the physical world system; but is a participator in it through its intimate association with you. The reality where it does exist is far more expansive and open for creative endeavor than yours with all of its hard, solid, concrete physical constructions.

All souls do not exist in the same dimension, for souls as well as with individual personalities, are not all at the same level of spiritual and intellectual development.  This is not an absolute, but generally speaking, as personalities, souls and entities evolve, they naturally move into other more highly developed dimensions. They operate at a higher level. There is no one "Soul Dimension" since the soul is dispersed within many personalities in many dimensions and would never confine itself to one small paltry world experience.

There are more advanced souls, and as a rough rule of thumb, souls accumulate more personalities under their umbrella of concern as they evolve in their abilities to handle more experience on different levels than souls of lesser abilities.

Souls must live many lives as personalities before they leave the physical system and reach a state of being where they can bear the responsibility of creating and managing personalities living within the physical world and other systems.

There is really no limit to what the soul can become, and there is really no hard fast line of demarcation where a personality that has finished with its Earthly reincarnational requirements in the physical system and can develop into a soul or entity. The soul is simply a very evolved personality that once evolved through the physical system itself and is preparing for a new focus in other more advanced dimensions in its activities in what you would call the future.

As personalities develop beyond the earth reality system, there are various other options open to it, adopting soul characteristics and accepting the responsibilities of a soul are but one of the options.
By inference then, you can see that all advanced personalities do not find the soul-like experience to their liking and will opt for other lines of fulfillment, and there are many available to it. Becoming a soul, and accepting the responsibilities of soul experience is not agreeable to all who reach that stage of advancement.

For instance, an evolved personality upon leaving the physical system, having fulfilled its reincarnational requirements, may elect to return to earth again as a teacher, time after time choosing to reenter the Earth system, adopting all physical characteristics and accepting for this limited time all rules of the game, leaving itself once again vulnerable to all of the tragedies and triumphs inherent within physical reality, including death, sometimes experienced as a horrible death.

I have tried to explain that all personalities have a soul, but not in conventional terms, since it would be more appropriate to say that the soul has many personalities. It would be closer to say that each and every person is a portion of its soul, given life for a length of time in one of many reality systems.
Yours is Earth. Other portions of your soul, or you could say, other portions of you, you could call them your psychic brothers and sisters have ventured into not only your Earth system, but also into other sympathetic and related training systems.

This won't make much sense unless you greatly expand your understanding of the true nature of ego personality. You think of yourself as a "one person" self, living in one earth system only and beyond that, you know no more of your true total identity. So, I'm going to tell you more about who and what you are,

This is not going to be easy to understand, but try to put everything you have been taught to believe about reality for a time and you can learn much about the true nature of YOU. I have said before and will repeat now, it would be easier to understand these concepts if you could unremember (I just made that word up) everything you have been taught about yourself and your relationship with your God by your superstitious, ignorant religious icons.

A soul's development, abilities, accomplishments and characteristics far exceed any that you have so far attributed to your most exalted and imagined God figure. You might say that Gods live forever, but your soul lives forever, and in terms of earth years of consecutive time, you could say that your soul, in order to get where it is, has lived more years than you probably would attribute to your God.

You might say that your God created your universe and your world, but I tell you that not only gods create, but also entities and souls create universes, systems and countless dimensions, and even you have your thumb in the pie in creating and contributing to other dimensions that you are presently unaware of.
In order to justify how I will now answer the question posed above, I needed to say that.

 You are not the only concern of your soul, but that does not make you any less. In fact it makes you more, since those other aspects of you that exist in your earth system and other systems, are actually you.
Its is if you were thinking about going shopping, going to a show, going to church or going to a baseball game, and suddenly found that you had the ability to partition yourself into several portions, individual selves, all you, but still self-aware in different forms involved in different endeavors and do all of the above simultaneously.

Other portions of you, other independent (You) identities, exist in your world, and you could meet any one of them, since there is an attraction between all portions of the soul. You sometimes call them soul-mates if they are of the opposite sex, yet you can understand that a soul-mate can also be of the same sexual persuasion. In other words, there probably are other portions of your soul and YOU alive on the face of the earth at this very moment, unless they have died out of your system.

You also exist in the universe of Anti-Matter, but these portions of your total identity you cannot communicate with while you are alive. You exist in the positive universe, and the Anti-Matter Self exists in the negative universe, and never the twain shall meet.
You also exist in the dream world in the dream universe. You also exist in probable worlds as probable selves, and these portions of your total identity can communicate with you under certain conditions, and in fact do so unconsciously in dreams and states of reverie.

 Unconsciously, you can extend a helping hand to each other, since all probable selves are involved in working on and finding solutions to similar problems and in some cases one probable self has already dealt with and solved the problem that may be perplexing you, and sends unconscious messages with solutions to you and other probable selves in other dimensions. To those probable selves, of course, you are the probable self.

To the evolved soul, all experience is good experience, and it does not look at events as positive or negative, but as helpful in fulfillment and value satisfactions that are not measured in what you choose to call the laws of man or God. Your laws of man and God could use some tweaking to be sure. The reason that the soul can take what would seem to be a cavalier attitude about right and wrong, bad and good, is that is sees beyond the veil of death and know that death is not and ending, but a giant step forward into another kind of life, in another system of reality.

Beyond that, the soul would never be so trivial as to disown and or withdraw from one of its precious portions for any reason. As a matter of fact, it would be quite impossible for souls to leave one of their manifestations "soul-less" since that would equate with, in your way of thinking, cutting off and abandoning one of your arms or legs.

Souls are not petty, nor are they vindictive, and you, like your soul, will eventually reach a point where you can view all experience as a chance to learn and evolve, and therefore being " a good thing". To the soul, no expression, no experience and no behavior, no matter how bad it may seem to you would be considered intolerable, and no personality is ever separated from their soul, even if they may seem to be. You cannot cut off that which is psychologically a part of yourself, and that holds for the soul/entity. There exists a unity that can never be broken.

If you have questions about this article or about other articles or personal observations, please submit them at the "comments" link at the end of each article, and I will attempt to answer those that are within my scope of understanding.


Anonymous said...

Neale Donald Walsch
On the day you leave your body -- what I like to call your Continuation Day -- you will be greeted by everyone you have ever loved in any way for any reason...and, standing in front of the group, every person who has been so very dear to you. It will be a grand and glorious reunion, with joy and laughter and pure wonderment filling every heart and soul!
Do you agree William?

W. Allan said...

On the day you die, you will be greeted by those who with you have had a strong mutual attraction and are dear to each other. On that day you will enter a new "in-between" dimension.

Not everyone you are closely attracted to will be there since they may have gone their way and either reincarnated back into the earth system once again or migrated on to other more advanced realities, so they simply would not be available.

They would know of your transition.

You will connect with them again when the meeting is possible. Now, this may seem inconvenient, but time does not exist in other realities as it does in the earth system, so time is irrelevant and you could meet sooner than you think.

The equivalent of time is intensity in other reality systems, so the more intense the relationship, the sooner the reunion.

Everyone is on their own journey, and sometimes those journeys do not intersect conveniently, but those acquaintances that you closely connect with are never lost nor forgotten and you will see them again when it is more convenient.

Consciousness is eternal, identities are eternal, personalities are eternal and love is eternal and cannot be negated or denied. That which is good will endure and flourish and that which is not will dissipate and disappear.

Anonymous said...

Thanks... makes sense.