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First let me say that I am quite aware that the title for this article may be sound a little strange, but I hope to convince you of something that can be of great benefit in implementing some of the placebo affects normally associated with illness, symptoms and medications and also the root of many of life's problems.

As some of you know, I am always looking for a new slant on explaining some of the most difficult concepts that we discuss here, and a recent television program about how the placebo affect works in the study of depression made me think about just how influential beliefs are in forming and holding sway over every aspect of your life and the reality of the physical world.
Dr. Irving Kirsch, a research scientist at Harvard, has been studying the placebo effect for over 30 years and has found that in most cases, placebos work as well as the standard medications prescribed by most physicians for various illnesses. Placebos are even as or more effective in common surgeries, meaning instead of performing an actual surgery, the surgery was faked and the patients recovered just as well as those who had the actual surgery.
We have talked in the past about the existence in the Earth reality system and other reality systems occupying the same space as your world. Your reality is what you make it. Your Earth reality system utilizes already existing universal components that were formed into a habitable physical planet by entities so long ago so as to be remembered by only the most evolved and advanced.
Every personality that has every lived on Earth, every personality that is alive today and every personality who will ever live on planet earth existed at the formation of the first physical particle in those indescribable ancient times.
That has to do with the original release of all consciousness by All That Is (God). No new consciousness has been created since then, no new consciousness is being created now and no new consciousness will ever again be created, even though from a purely observable viewpoint, it would seem otherwise, since earth's population is and has been constantly increasing. Where does that consciousness come from if it is not being created new in the present?
This is an almost unforgivable over-simplification on my part, but even though there is no new consciousness being created and never will be again, consciousness is always being divided, partitioned and fragmented, all from the original creation of all consciousness.
The Entity/Soul fragments itself, splintering off portions of its psychic identity to form new personalities, releasing the new personalities, and from then on those personalities, for all practical purposes, while being independent, will forever be psychically linked with their creator/Soul/Entity. The personality may wander off into alien dimensions in search of more fulfilling experience, but unconsciously still be psychologically linked with their entity, and the entity will always know what it's personalities are up to.
Entities, or if you prefer, Souls have the ability to split off portions of their own consciousness creating new personalities, but not new consciousness. In much the same way, you splinter off portions of your psychic identity through your thoughts, creating thought form personalities that you keep track of and tend to in your dreams. They of course do not gain perceivable form in your world, but they do continue on in various other dimensions of which you are presently unaware.
This giving up of a portion of its psychic identity does not in any way constitute a diminishing of the capabilities of the Entity. In fact, strange as it may seem, this fragmenting of its consciousness results in no lessening of its abilities whatsoever.
Personalities, such as you, choosing to participate in joint adventures in countless worlds in endless dimensions, apply their latent creative abilities to create the reality systems (worlds), then, after having formed them along with their contemporaries, they inhabit and experience them. You and your present contemporaries alive on the planet at this present time, all cooperate unconsciously in the creation of your world as a mass construction, and you do it automatically and unknowingly.
 This joint creation is then passed on, handed down from generation to generation to other conscious personalities who will inhabit them throughout your ages, each adding to and enhancing the physical world and the potential experience that will be available to the next generation. In this respect, you are co-creators along with your entity and other conscious personalities who will live on, create and experience the history of Earth or any other world that is utilized by your type of consciousness.
There are many other types of consciousness who would not find your kind of experience fulfilling and other types who do not need a physical planet to support their kind of life forms. Your humanoid kind of form existing on a physical planet is unique, but not the only kind.
Yours is a very young civilization and there are quite advanced, yet bodiless alien beings that have lived and evolved for eons before your universe and world were formed and they have no need for your kind of physical constructions for they existed before the creation of the first physical matter. For many of them, your universe is not perceivable and does not exist.
You, along with others like you automatically create your world with your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and expectations, solidified into concrete-like forms and it is true to say that you get what you concentrate your attention on. In other words, physical reality solidifies almost as magically, much the same as when your breath condenses on a windowpane in cold weather. You exude reality; you then experience it and marvel at its existence, never realizing that you have created it.
When you reach a state of realization that you are creating your reality and the resulting physical constructions are simply the observable proofs of your subconscious state of being, then you will not reincarnate again and will advance into more sophisticated systems. You will have learned your lessons well and will understand the importance of your responsibility for the nature of your thoughts.
This creative process is automatic but by no means pre-destined and there is no guarantee of societal success in historical terms, and many worlds have been destroyed due to errors in judgment and the resulting faulty physical constructions and events. Once having created the original platform for experience, world or dimension, the entity delegates his newly created personalities to a life or series of lives within one of many appropriate reality systems.
There is a natural cycle of progression from one system to another more advanced system when the reincarnational cycle is finished for those personalities who have chosen to participate in the world that you know. There are other worlds, just as physical as yours, in fact, many that on terms of weight and density would be considered more physical than yours, yet, existing in the same space in which your world exists.
In other words, their atoms and their resulting physical constructions would be considered thicker and heavier than your world's objects. It can be deduced from what is said here, that something existed before you did, and humanity uses that pre-existing something (pre-existing banks of energy), applies its own ideas on it and creates the world that you know.
As I have said, you are a co-creator. It must be understood that your system of reality, in fact all physical systems of reality that exist in the same space, must be illusionary constructions, as they are. But before you think because of that they may not be real, you are not considering that they can be illusions and still be real, since they have been created. It's kind of like a permanent, moving, ever changing, joint hallucination that has bulk and duration, a certain kind of reliable permanence.
The Entity/Soul, after releasing a new conscious personality in a new world, then loses any effective control over the personality that it has created, so the lessons of responsibility can be rightly learned. As you know, the results of the lessons can be severe. The personality goes its own way. If there were no serious consequences for your actions, you would learn nothing. Although you are always protected, that knowledge must be kept from you or the lessons you learn and the knowledge you accumulate would not be driven home.
In order to learn what you will need to know to move into more advanced systems, the personality must have complete freedom of choice to make either good decisions and reap the rewards or to reap the destruction and disasters resulting from faulty constructions and bad choices. The separation of man from All That Is, (God) must be perceived as totally severed even though that is not the case.
Let me make something abundantly clear that I fear I have not done a good job of in the past, and that is that planet earth, existing first as an available bank of universal energy, was created by very advanced Entities, but since you were a psychic part of those ancient entitles, you existed then and in a way, were present at the time of the original creation.
You have existed from the very beginning as a portion of your entity, but not as an independent self-aware consciousness until later that entity bestowed self-awareness upon you when it partitioned a portion of itself and set it free in your world. You are much older than you think, or in other terms, you weren't born yesterday.
As an independent personality you have a responsibility to get to know your thoughts since it is your thoughts that will eventually show themselves in physical clothing. You must learn that your thoughts are incipient objects and events and so you must be responsible and understand that negative and destructive thinking will produce negative and destructive events in the physical landscape that you inhabit.
When you are ill and you go to a doctor, on occasion, he may prescribe a prescription for a particular medical potion or pills that are meant to help you heal from your illness. On occasion, he may give you a placebo instead. In other words, he will give you a sugar pill and tell you that it will cure your illness in a few days. You will be cured in direct proportion to your strength of beliefs in the doctor's abilities and medications.
The physicians office, his bedside demeanor and the accompanying accouterments of his profession, instill confidence in the sick person, and all of these factors contribute to the healing of the placebo effect. In truth, the doctor's stethoscope hanging around his neck, his official looking white coat, the pens in his pocket, the mysterious healing devices in his office, the degrees and certificates on his wall, all contribute to the effectiveness of the placebo healing.
Shaman and witch doctors were quite as effective in their day before the advents of modern medical procedures. As the populations learned of modern medicine, the effectiveness of these healers' abilities decreased proportionally with the waning of beliefs commonly held in their societies.
In many cases, the placebo pill along with the confidence instilled by the doctor will indeed cure the illness just as well as if had he given the normal prescription. In all cases of illness, it is the belief that cures and not the prescription. In some cases, that is what the drug companies don't want you to know, or don't yet know themselves. I know it, surely they do.
Since you could say that your reality materializes from your beliefs, and you could say that what you believe will eventually actualize in your life to one extent or another, you can rightly say that if you truly believe in the doctor and his potions, you will get well. In other words, your belief will make you well, not the pill.
The Dictionary definition of placebo; a substance having no pharmacological effect but given merely to satisfy a patient who supposes it to be a medicine.

I cannot emphasize enough the constructive nature and the lethal nature of your beliefs and thoughts. Of course, beliefs come first since thoughts tend to follow beliefs, not the other way around. This is what you should hold in mind, that your first thought is the catalyst for the new creation of an object or event destined to show itself in your world or another dimension. It exists as an object or event from the first seeming insignificant thought. It may not gain enough intensity or duration to materialize in your world, but it will materialize somewhere.
You might say that a pill that has no inherent healing capacity is of no real good. I can tell you that any pill can heal if you believe that it can. Any object or event can materialize in your life if you believe that it can and any illness can be cured, except for the loss of limb or organ.
Otherwise it's Katie bar the door when it comes to healing. You must train yourself how to believe and realize in your believing that anything that is probable is possible. Only your beliefs about what is possible define your limitations in life, and almost anything is possible when you learn to expect it.
I am not a great fan of a very well known author, (his incessant constant hand wringing drives me crazy), but I am in complete agreement with his observation: "When you believe it, you will see it." But he didn't go far enough in that statement, he should have added; "When you expect it you will see it."
In the great abundance of the universe, no thought is useless, no energy is ever wasted and if it does not become real in your world, it will be manifested in another. In other alien worlds in other dimensions, alien beings gaze into their skies and marvel at the beauty of their contents, not realizing the source of those wonders, and not knowing what you also do not know, the true origin of the contents of your skies. The discards of your world become the fascinations of other just as valid worlds.
Just as in a medical placebo, in your world, what you believe will become real and in very real terms, subjective thought will seep into your physical world and become objective concrete fact.

If you have any questions of interest to you or others that you would like answered, please send them to me through the "Comments" link at the end of this article. I will attempt to answer those that are within the limitations of my knowledge.

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