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                       Sedimentary type formation indicative of past flowing stream on Mars

As many of you know, I like to take every opportunity to use current events that may help to illustrate and emphasize some of the difficult concepts that we discuss here. In this case, scientists using the Mars Rover, have found what they believe to be evidence of the existence of water on Mars in some distant past, and since I have been discussing some of the idiosyncrasies of time, this presents a convenient way to elaborate on some of these things, since the scientists speculate that the evidence suggests that water existed in some distant past.

I have said many times that time is the result of neurological function of the brain and not an absolute throughout the universe. Time is not even an absolute on planet Earth. Time evolved and was not so pervasive when the first creatures crawled or roamed the planet. Time did not exist for animal species and did not exist for early humans either, at least not to the extent that it does today. Time was more of a cultural and natural development of the human species as the human brain developed, time developed in line with human evolution.

There are other three dimensional systems similar to Earth that also utilize time, but in much different ways than you do. The effects of time became more pervasive as man began to develop memory. If there was no memory, there would be no past to remember and the existing expansive present would have been sufficient since you do not need to remember the present. So, as man's memory evolved, so did the illusion of time.

I have talked in the past of space travel, and in this case I mean space travel on what I can best describe as on a horizontal plane with your reality system. By a horizontal system, I mean everything that you can perceive with your natural senses and including the instruments that you have invented to expand your sensual perceptions. Of course, this means everything that you know of your universe. If you can perceive it with the Hubble telescope, it automatically become part of your reality system.

You have recently begun to develop machines that can go beyond where you have gone before and the latest; the "Mars Rover" is a technological achievement demonstrating great advancement. The Mars Rover has then, extend your field of perception into areas where you could not have gone before and therefore expanded your reality system into areas that were before denied your sensual capabilities.

There is much more to the universe than you can perceive, but we needn't be bothered with that since most of the entire universe does not intrude into the three dimensional system and therefore cannot be detected even with your most advanced instruments. You perceive only a small percentage of the true universe, much of which remains invisible to you, cloaked in other dimensions.

Traveling to other planets even within your solar system must be done either by physical means (space vehicles) or mental methods (the traveling consciousness). Since mental space travel remains quite beyond anything you can imagine at this stage of development, we will speak of travel in a physical space vehicle. The real problem you have is not so much in developing a vehicle that can traverse vast distances of space, but figuring out how not to die of old age while on the journey.

Space travel involves vast distances that would be required to reach planets with other intelligent beings in other galaxies, that utilizing propulsion systems at your disposal at this time are simply not fast enough to get you there alive. There are ways to accomplish this if new technologies are developed before such a journey is attempted.

The flying saucers that you have seen are not from your universe, but intrusions from other dimensions, stumbling into your space/time continuum quite by accident. That is precisely why they perform seemingly impossible maneuvers for physically materialized craft operating in the physical skies.

They disappear as quickly as they appeared for reasons not important here, other than to say that they cannot support their craft in the Earth dimension without expending vast amounts of energy to offset the stresses on their craft in an unconventional physical world.

There are beings, far more advanced than yourselves that have visited Earth in your past, but they have not stayed around very long, for still they have to deal with adapting to an unfamiliar planet. There are practical reasons having to do with pressures involved with adapting to foreign environments for both visiting vehicles and their inhabitants. As an analogy, you know how difficult it is for you to adapt to staying even for a short time underwater in an ocean environment.

Everyone wants to imagine meeting other intelligent beings like yourselves, shaking hands, greeting them with a smile and of course, they will say "Take me to your leader". I'm kidding of course. I almost hate to mention the truth about space travel, and that truth is that it is a very difficult proposition even for more advanced alien beings, and there are many alien civilizations more advanced than yourselves, just not in your same neighborhood.

You could very likely run into other intelligent beings, not like yourselves in their physical or mental stature, but within your range of communications, except for one thing, everything would be different. All reality systems are based on and built up to form what could be considered to be their own particular "Rules of the Game" for their world, and in this case, all rules are different.

There are systems where gravity is not as pervasive, where time either does not exist, where the personality is experienced in ways that would be alien to your way of thinking. The Earth system being a very young, beginning system, uses vocal communication, which is not utilized to any great extent in more advanced systems where communication is telepathic and relatively instantaneous.

The one really important reason that you will not be meeting any aliens in the near future is because there is a rift of time between two systems. I will try to make this as clear as possible and if it is not fully understood, the fault is as much mine as yours. The reason this will be difficult is because of the pathways established in the human brain that operate much as ruts in a well-traveled road, and these well worn intellectual pathways inhibit expansive thinking and consideration of new concepts.

It is not only difficult for the human brain to grasp some of these concepts, but sometimes almost impossible, but we will give it a go.

Let us be concerned with the recent case at hand with travel to Mars by the Mars Rover. The Rover has discovered a sedimentary type of soil with embedded well-rounded pebbles contained in its composition, much the same as would be found in a streambed on Earth. The supposition is then, that since there is no water present at this time, there must have been water there in the past. By the apparent depth of the alluvial deposits scientists postulate a stream several feet in depth may have existed then and have even gone so far as suggesting an even warmer, more hospitable climate.

Now let us add another dimension to this tale. Supposing the Mars Rover was a space vehicle originating on Earth, landing on Mars with humans on board, which is already now being contemplated within your lifetimes.

You would certainly be obligated to travel to Mars in your PRESENT. You would have no other choice since operating within the parameters of human existence on Earth; you could not travel to Mars in your past or your future. It's your present and your only course of action while you inhabit a physical body, is in the present, as you know it. The present is the only precise moment point in which you can initiate action within any system, regardless of its nature. This moment point is the precise intersection in space and time where spirit meets flesh.

EVERY PLANETERY CIVILIZATION must operate in it's present moment point of action. Alien civilizations from other galaxies, may not experience the present in the same time frame as you do in a continuing series of moments, but they MUST also operate in their present, even though they may not experience a past or future. What I am saying is that in the physical universe, the PRESENT predominates, in spite of all other considerations.

BUT YOUR PRESENT may not coincide with others presents.
Notwithstanding the obvious past existence of water on a seemingly uninhabitable planet in your present, it says nothing about the possible existence of a past, live or dead civilization of intelligent beings that may or may not have inhabited the planet.

As an aside, Mars has never been home to intelligent life forms.
We are simply using it for our discussion here because of the recent expedition of the Mars Rover space vehicle.

But, to carry on with our discussion; you must, as a space traveler, land on Mars in your present, but that in no way affects a civilization that may exist there in their PRESENT and be completely undetectable to your senses or instruments.

Their present, from your perspective, may have happened a thousand years ago or a thousand years in the future, and would be their PRESENT now. They would then be alive and well in relation to your time frame, but would not be physically detectable to you.

You become alive within your own space/time perspective, but it is ONLY YOUR OWN.
Inhabitants of Mars would then be alive in THEIR OWN space/time continuum, and the two may not intersect, therefor one would not be able to perceive the other, even though they may be utilizing the same space in what you would consider the same time frame from your standpoint on the surface of Mars.

You could be visiting Mars in their civilization's past or future. In the past, their civilization may have died out or in their future they may have left the planet and traveled to a new home in another galaxy. You can only meet other aliens when both presents coincide, and that is by no means a certainty.
I realize this is difficult to understand, but what I am trying to convey here is the fact that for you to meet, you must meet in both of your presents at the same time. Their present is not necessarily your present.

Saying it another way, your present must intersect and coincide with their present, and that is by no means guaranteed. Your present belongs to only your world and civilization. Other worlds and other civilizations operate in their own time scales and one does not affect in any way, the other.

Here is an interesting aside although a rather flimsy analogy. Another space traveling civilization might land on the same planet in a different geographic area, and from their own moment point in their unique present, their conception of time would predominate and they may or may not encounter Martians.

What I am saying is simply that the inhabitants of any alien world experience their own time system that does not permeate the universe, and is only applicable to their own species in their own reality system in their own world.

You carry your own reality "Time System" with you anywhere your travel in the universe and project it on the system that you visit. In much the same way your experience of time is totally unknown to the animals that even share your same planet. Animals do not experience past and future, only a more intensified present.

Chances are that when space travel is possible, you will land on many planets that will appear dead, desolate and uninhabited to your perceptions, but in truth will be home to valid, current civilizations operating "out-of-synch with your time scheme. They will be invisible to you even though you may be standing in the exact same space as occupied by one of their buildings, bridges or other constructions in what would be to you the past or future.

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