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As many of our regular readers may know, I have pussy-footed around this subject many times, but I don't think I have ever approached it from quite this angle before. Sometimes I wish I could pick you up and shake you and make you believe these concepts are valid. I want to get you to apply these principles to your life and reap the benefits, but that might be too much to expect at this time.

If I was selling some sort of "snake oil" prescription for cold, hard cash, running an internet scam that started out "Dear Beloved One", or threatening you with eternal damnation for your sins, I could understand some reluctance to believe what is said here, but the knowledge that I offer is free, and in fact, has been freely available for thousands of years, and at no cost, other than the time involved in the understanding.

There are many charlatans, pretenders and televangelists who will repackage portions of these truths, wrap them in religious dogma, convince you that God wants you to be healthy, wealthy and wise, and solicit your tithes and offerings for information that has been freely available as a part of your human heritage since the moment the physical world was formed.

And yet over those thousands of years, very few people have discovered the miraculous secret that is so obvious that it escapes notice of the senses. It is difficult convincing someone that they have been doing something for their whole life that they didn't know they were doing.

Problem is; it just seems too simple to be true, so many disregard and dismiss the "power of creation in belief" that is unconsciously used by every human being that has ever set foot on the planet, even though they see, utilize and reap the results of that power on a daily basis. Still, it pretty much remains invisible.

The Earth system of reality is a learning system for new consciousness and for more seasoned personalities who will be leaving the system, and for better or worse, you have accepted a system of learning that relies almost totally on information given, or collected from other humans. These people call themselves parents, doctors, scientists, ministers, priests, psychologists, physicists and others and they all profess to possess knowledge of facts that are accepted and revered beyond question or reproach because they come from "so-called" experts, and therein lies the problem.

Today's fictions are tomorrow's facts. Facts are simply fictions that have gathered enough believers to bring them into wide national and worldwide acceptance.

Much information is available from other sources that you have mostly forgotten, and so there is very little attention paid to the other source of your self-knowledge that lies dormant, unused and in a state of drowsiness from lack of development and practical use in your everyday life. There is another side of life that draws from a psychic background of inner knowledge that only occasionally shows itself and is usually disregarded as background static and of no practical use.

You get hints of this other knowledge source in what you call hunches, premonitions, feelings, urges, telepathy, and even more rare, clairvoyant illuminations and intuitions. You most of the time dismiss them because you have been taught that these types of things are impossible, and of little practical value, and unfortunately, what you believe is impossible will be shunted aside, and remain out-of-focus to your conscious mind.

Much of this inner knowledge is some of the most valuable since it comes from sources that at one time in your history, was more available to the ego self. This inner source of knowledge has gone underground, but is still latent within the species and can be reactivated when you begin to believe that it does indeed exist and can be of great benefit when intellectual knowledge fails you. There is then, much knowledge that you know but don't remember that you know.

So I will resort to intellectual persuasion and try to circumvent thousands of years of distorted teachings slavishly adopted by countless civilizations, societies, nations and lastly, and most importantly, most of all by much of humanity.

I realize this is something that will be almost impossible for you to believe; most of humanities beliefs about the true nature of the universe, the world, civilization and even yourself are just flat out wrong, or so distorted that they are useless in helping you develop a fulfilled and satisfied life utilizing all of your given potentials and abilities.

There are some people who are exceptions!
You see those people around you every day. You will recognize them by the smiles on their faces, the nice clothes they wear, the cars they drive, the homes they live in, and the vigor in their step, including their apparent health and the health of their families. These people are much like you, except for one small thing, they either consciously or sub-consciously noticed something that you did not, that their thoughts seemed to become real in their world, so they just kept on doing what they were doing, since it seemed to work so well.

For reasons too complicated to go into in any depth here, some people are born into the Earth reality system with this knowledge built in, others have to discover it on their own.

To you, these people may remind you of the Ward and June Cleaver family made famous by the precocious seven-year-old "Beaver Cleaver" on TV in the 1950's and 60's. The Cleaver family had their challenges, but they seemed to always get through them within the allotted 30-minute time frame for the show. Life was good back then, and somehow it seems much more complicated now and there is a logical reason for that.

For now, as people evolve and their ability to assimilate, comprehend and manipulate more and more data, the world becomes increasingly more expansive and complex and the scope of information and knowledge increases exponentially. The more your mind expands, the more of life's challenges present themselves.

Because of this expansion of consciousness the potential for varied experience also increases and now instead of just having to deal with problems in your own small village, town or city, you have to deal with problems on the other side of the world. Some people deal quite handily with an expanding consciousness and an expanding world but it is hard to worry about world problems when your life is falling apart at the seams.

You create YOUR PERSONAL REALITY and together with all other species, including all living flora and fauna, YOU CREATE YOUR MASS EXPERIENCED REALITY. 

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pjmma said...

I'm posting this here simply because it your most recent post, but I must say that I'm finding the writings all throughout the blog to be of tremendous help. Some of posts that I have gotten much from were written years back.
At first glance, one might think your teachings are close to the "Law of Attraction" theories, but they are much, much more than that. Oft repeated phrases in the LOA teachings such as "thoughts create reality" sound good at first, but applications of such over-simplifications often are fruitless.
Your teaching explains the other side of the coin, i.e., the parts of our thought processes that keep us and hold us in our current reality without us knowing why. Then you explain how to bypass those mental roadblocks. Simply overlaying thoughts about "things we want" on our current mental state without that understanding yields much frustration, as many followers of LOA theory will attest.
I may not believe everything you write about, but I do believe that you teach a very valuable and usable avenue to true change.

W. Allan said...

Dear pjmma,
For years mankind was taught to believe in myth and superstition backed up by silly incantations and symbolism, but now it is time to move on to the real potential of the human race by opening up your consciousness to all that exists beyond, below and inside of your normal waking experience. I thank you for your comments, and if I, in some small way help you to look deeper into the your inner psyche, you will discover new lands that until now, you never knew existed, and that's a good thing.