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You are going to be around forever, so get used to the idea.

On occasion, especially when world news is dominated by negative events, I like to talk about subjects that are truly beyond negativity, no matter what your religious, scientific, racial or political persuasion. I am sure someone will remind me of some exception to that statement, so I will address these words to the other six billion of you who are able to deal with "good news" for what it is, good.

We discuss concepts here that are in many cases beyond the fringes of human intellect, and that is where you must give the intellect a break and let it take a back seat to your more intuitive senses, since we will not be discussing usual "facts" that are readily provable by hypotheses, formulas and equations that are more applicable to physical reality that you are immersed in during your waking hours and during your lifetime.

If you want to understand why you are an eternal being, you will never find the answers by investigating things that are apparent to your more familiar senses. You must go beyond what can be seen, heard, felt, tasted or smelled and rely on your emotions, feelings and inner Knowing. (By intention K is capitalized).

Where your outer senses begin to falter and sometimes fail, your inner self can be relied on for accurate interpretation of the inner reality that gives birth to all "outer effects" that you encounter in your daily life. In other words, the exterior reality of your physical world emerges from an even greater inner world that escapes the physical senses. 

Let try that from another tack. For every tree in your backyard, there is a corresponding tree pattern in the inner psychological universe of the ultimate mind of All That Is (God). Every speck of physical matter has a non-physical counterpart, out or which it arises, triumphantly demonstrating its solidity and durability in time to your precisely tuned physical senses, but this apparent solidity and durability is only a particular overlay of an inner pattern.

In that respect, the most elementary particles of physical matter, arising out of their inner counterparts, created both perceivable objects and the perceptive mechanisms of the perceiver (you), each immaculately tuned to each other, so on that level, there is a sympathy between the object perceived and the perceiver.

They are both a part of the same event, and in greater terms, the object being perceived also perceives the perceiver. In a way, they are involved in an event that requires both as participants. An electron knows when it is being observed and changes its behavior accordingly.

Every bit of matter possesses consciousness. There is NO matter, not one cell, not a molecule, not an atom and not any of the multitude of smaller particles that make up the physical world, that does not posses consciousness, albeit somewhat limited in comparison to your self aware consciousness, but still, an alive generalized consciousness. There is no dead matter! Period!

All matter has properties that can in no way be construed as dead. Since the understanding of the characteristics of matter lies within your domain and your definitions, then it is you who defines and draws the line between what is living and what is dead (from your perspective only). Your propensity to define living matter to what moves, breaths, opens its leaves to the sun, swims in the abyss of the deep ocean currents or is even carried on air currents and infects and affects your health, to some extent and eventually dies, you grant the affirmation of life. All other manifestations, you consider dead matter.

A rock has consciousness and so do all minerals, the water that laps at the shore, the mountains, plains, valleys and clouds, and indeed, even the earth itself, all possess consciousness. You all intuitively know this in the inner reaches of your mind, and even latent in every tissue of your body. You just needed someone to tell you that it's OK to affirm that inner Knowledge, and that Knowledge tells you that it's all good and all is sacred.

We will discuss the properties of that unknown consciousness of physical matter in some greater detail at another time, but here I need to get to the matter at hand. (A pun). For now, as a rough rule of thumb, there is no such thing as dead matter.

All matter materializes from consciousness. Einstein proved that physical matter (mass) and energy are one and the same, but he didn't foresee the connection between consciousness and energy and mass. His equation of E=mc(squared), should have read E=McC(squared). m=mass c=velocity C=consciousness. I am quite aware that I need to make a connection soon or risk losing you with too much detail.

Consciousness propels energy into matter. Every material manifestation of the world was in one way or another driven into its physical form by directed consciousness. The main point I am making here is that consciousness came first, before matter. Consciousness did not arise from dead, lifeless rock and chemicals, but from "MIND".  Not one particle of physical matter would exist were it not for the value of mentally driven consciousness.

Now, you may ask, where did the original consciousness come from, and regretfully I must give a totally inadequate answer for now, due to the lack of space. I will elaborate on this in another article. For our purposes here, let me say that the original consciousness has always existed, and had no formal beginning. Of course the good news is, this Prime Energy Source cannot dissipate, degrade or end either. What did not begin cannot end. "All That Is" or for those not totally comfortable with that designation, (God) is of course eternal.

Briefly, God or All That Is is quite beyond beginnings and endings and renews itself in each nano-second, as does the universe, your world and on a more personal basis, so do you.

In the beginning from your perspective, there was only One Energy Source, an alive, cognizant, aware, responsive Knowing Being, although the word being here is totally inadequate, but since no other exists, it will have to do for now. This Source, this Prime being needed to find a way to objectify its multidimensional creations into an objective world, that then only existed in subjectivity. In other words, All That Is needed to find a way to convert an inner universe of subjectivity into an exterior universe of objectivity. (physical stuff)

The important thing to remember here is that NO PHYSICAL MATTER existed prior to the divine illumination of All That Is, causing its thoughts, intentions, imaginations, desire and expectations to explode into physical matter and all that resulted thereafter (the big bang and the creation of the physical universe).

The inner universe has always existed. As a rather skimpy analogy, you could imagine a dream universe awakening and slowly taking on the attributes of solidity, adopting the properties of physical matter over the eons. God's dream of a universe woke up, so to speak.

All That Is, then, learned how to create SOMETHING from NOTHING from your standpoint. I am not inferring the God or All That Is is nothing, for in greater terms, All That Is is everything, and that my friends, is where you come into the picture. All That Is found a way to utilize "ITSELF", all that it had to work with, to create everything that now IS.

All That Is, through Divine desire and intent learned how to subdivide, segment and separate itself into multitudinous portions of consciousness, fracturing off and releasing unlimited individual insipient identities that achieved total independence in their own right, while still remaining on an unconscious level, an integral part of the creator whose existence rests on the unfathomable dimensions of all that has been since created.

All That Is is eternal, and the consciousness of all that has been created is therefore undeniably eternal. The physical forms assumed by the innumerable consciousness in your world and other quite as legitimate worlds will change over time, but the innate conscious identity within lives forever, adopting appropriate forms (bodies) for the worlds they will enter, inhabit and experience in future lives.

Consciousness represents the true inner identity. The "you" that you know so well, is the egotistical you, but that part of you is not the real YOU. The Real You lies above and below the conscious personality of the ego and cannot be materialized. Egos are adopted and adapted to the world you inhabit. They too are eternal, but you and your ego will part ways at some future time, and a new you will emerge from your psychic underpinnings and form a new ego. The true identity is more than the ego.

What I am saying is that bodies' die, but identities live forever. Consciousness is Eternal. You carry within your being, what I would call "psychic genes" that remember their source, even though you don't. What that really means is that you, as part of All That Is, EXISTED BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF THE UNIVERSE, but not in the same way that you do now as personified consciousness, but as"awareized consciousness", a part of the Prime Gestalt of being. Your heritage is ancient and it bears the touch of divinity.

As an aside, there is nothing you can do to not experience eternal life. There is no infraction, no sin, no law you can ignore to break the bond that exists between you and All That Is. Physical death is simply an intermission to give you time to catch your psychic breath, but life continues whether in a physical body or out of a body. You will always have a form or image and you can never cease to exist in one form or another.

After this death, your ego will go its own way and your inner identity will adopt a new ego for its next venture. Your soul, of which you are a part, who incidentally is running the show does not simply recycle an old ego for each life, but creates a new and vibrant ego around your core identity, latently preserving memories and past experience and acquaintances as an inner knowledge base for the new adventure. I have purposely not delved into the role of your soul in this endeavor, since my intention was to concentrate on the indestructability of YOU in the universe.

You weren't born yesterday!

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