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I must admit, I am sometimes a bit remiss about keeping abreast of current events as they relate to what I am trying to write about. I do rely heavily on questions from my readers and recent news stories to pique my interest. Recently another story has come to the forefront of the news, a story about a new book by a real live "brain surgeon" who swears he has seen heaven. (But so have millions of others.) And I think most of them have written a book about it.

Each and every person who has experienced such an episode will swear that they have actually visited heaven, and who can blame them, for in their own experience they have. A heaven they have created, but a heaven nevertheless. You create your dreams in much the same way, and they are quite as real as some imagined heavens.

Of course this brain surgeon has seen heaven and so has every person who has ever lived and died since the beginning of the world that you know. These experiences are NOT death experiences, but NEAR DEATH experiences, and there is a vast difference.

The heaven as seen by those who are actually experiencing a Near Death Experience is of course a faux heaven, an illusion based on previous information accumulated during a lifetime of collecting false beliefs based on myth, rumor and superstition. That is precisely why there are so many versions of heaven and also why there are so many similarities in the recounted stories.

The thing that makes this more believable on the surface is the fact that the gentleman in question is a brain surgeon, and everyone knows that brain surgeons are intelligent people, except for the ones that still believe that heaven is somewhere up in the sky and for some unexplained reason, has all of these wonderful tunnels with brilliant light at the end, beautiful colored flowers and other surreal scenes more lucid than any Earthly landscape.

I am not sure why I feel obligated to keep having to clear the air about this heaven thing, since it seems that every week another book is written, unfortunately helping to reinforce the deep misunderstandings based on ancient myth, superstition and self created hallucinations.

If people would spend more time learning about the true nature of reality, life and death and everything in-between and thereafter, they could at least begin to glimpse the true properties of a REAL heaven that really does exist for each and every living consciousness, including the animals, except for one important exception, the animals are not so misled by such mass accepted distorted dogma taught by most religions.

I have gone to great effort to explain how mankind creates reality, both individually and en-masse through mental endeavors of great creative import, so great and so strong that they materialize into physical structure of the "Earthly kind", hard, solid and permanent objects and events in time and space. I won't bore you by going through that entire process again here, but as you probably suspect, the concept of creation is pervasive and valid throughout the universe, no matter the kind of consciousness involved.

You are familiar with spectrums of color. You are familiar with spectrums of sound, but most of you are not familiar to any great extent with spectrums of matter. Matter exists in every possible density, some thicker than other versions utilized in other types of reality systems. Your closest approximation of what I am saying is the dream state. It is not widely understood that your dream images are formed of the same stuff as your physical body, just not put together the same way. Dream matter is not as dense as physical matter.

Atoms make up your physical objects and your physical body, and atoms also make up your dream objects and images, but not in the same consistency as those in your physical world. You realize to some extent that you create your dreams; and it is true that you also create your dream images in precisely the same way, except the results differ.

Both physical and dream images are mental creations, but mental action is what propels atoms to assume structure of any kind, and although your dream images may seem less substantial, chaotic, disorganized and temporary, to your dreaming self, they are quite as stable, functional and purposeful as your known world at their own level of actualization. There is an unseen and unperceived order to the dream universe.

Mental underpinnings are behind or beneath every object and event in the physical world, and each and every thing that exists in your world, exists first in the "inner reality" of the "inner psychological universe".

Have you every wondered why every account of someone visiting heaven seems to be different, but with some consistencies?

When you die or have a near death experience, you will perceive and experience (create) exactly what you have been told you will experience, the only difference is that in true death, your experience is deeper, more profound, more expansive and you don't return.

Now, obviously what we are dealing with here is what could be referred to as "Near Death Heaven Experiences" otherwise, they would not be here to tell the tale of their heavenly visits. Death would prevent that.

I wish someone would at least be original enough to describe heaven as being off to the left or off to the right, or even down below, instead of always up in the sky. Obviously there is much in the sky, including some clouds, a few paltry planets, a plethora of massive galaxies with some stardust sprinkled about and occasionally an earth satellite whizzing by, but otherwise, the sky is actually devoid of "heavens" and while we are on the subject, there are no gods sitting on their golden thrones there either, at least gods as you understand them.

By the way, this is one of the inner truths that all mankind is unconsciously aware of, that there really is no such thing as the idealized heaven as you have been taught to believe in.

Ok, so back to heaven; obviously, if you create your own physical reality, and if you create your own dream reality, then doesn't it stand to reason that you also create your own imagined heaven? I am referring here to the Near Death Heaven that is truly a hallucinated heaven.

And for that very reason, that is why everyone's heaven is different than every other heaven that has gone before, but with some similarities. To reiterate, the heaven we are referring to here is the heaven experienced by those in what are commonly referred to as Near Death Experiences.

The primary difference being that by inference, you usually return from near death experiences and live to tell your tale, but you do not return from real Death, at least not in the context of this life. Real death is somehow of a more permanent condition, so no first hand accounts of real heavenly bliss are currently available. That does not mean that there is no heaven, or that a state of being does not exist that roughly corresponds to that religiously imagined state.

So let me without hesitation state that; THERE IS NO HEAVEN! PERIOD.

There is however a state of being that exists in trace memories of the human species over the eons that approximates what is commonly confused with the myth of heaven. That state is the "In Between" state that consciousness settles-in to after vacating the physical body after death.

The properties, the landscape and the environment of this area of temporary existence could not be further from the idealized heaven that you have been taught to believe in, traveling down a tunnel toward a brilliant light, then existing in an area of blissful, passive non-existence, kneeling at God's feet chanting adorations for all of eternity and eating from the tree of life. It's not happening, that would be sooo boring!

This "In Between" state is often described in age regressions as an area of nothingness between reincarnational lives, but it is far from an area of nothingness. It is an area of much activity indeed.

Upon Real Death consciousness vacates the physical body completely and transitions to what could only be called this "In-Between" area, not into a new reality system and certainly not into a state of non-existence, but a dimension where those from the Earth System find themselves upon physical death. This dimension is exclusive to Earth species of consciousness and you will find no aliens there. This is an exclusive earth area.

This In Between area of existence is a place of commerce, a place of meaningful action, a psychological location, quite as real as the life you just left, that actually exists and occupies the same space as the earth, but still could be described as very, very far away, in psychological depth.

You will have a body and recognize your image here, so much so that you may still believe you are alive. Here you will meet long dead relatives, old friends and acquaintances. You will be schooled on what you will need to know for your next lifetime. There are no pressing challenges here, so between life rest is available and opportunities of great learning. You and only you will make the choice as to when you are ready to rejoin physical reality system by creating a new physical body for yourself and being born once again into the Earth system for another corporeal existence or another probable reality system.

It is important to know that this is the plane where you will initially construct those after death images that you expect to encounter when you die. If you believe in saints and sinners, you will meet them there. If you are of the Christian persuasion, you may meet Jesus, but if you are of the Muslim faith, you will most likely see Mohammad. These are obviously thought form images and not real personages.

If you expect to see the proverbial bright white light, then you will see it. Needless to say, these are self-created illusory images and not reality. This is the same preliminary state where those with near death heaven images originate, except for one man difference, you will be helped to move beyond these hallucinatory images to the real plane existing beyond.

One more thing, here you may meet those who were important in your previous lives, not only the most recent, but also possibly those in distant past history who you were fond of.
This is the real heaven, at least as real as you will ever experience.

If you believe in the myths of angels, you may meet angels, you may even become one, at least for a short time until you learn that it is all self-created illusion, a very real illusion indeed.

I need to insert a short note here; you create your Earth reality through means that we have explained before in the same way you create your dream world. You also create your expected heaven, your after death world/heaven in line with your beliefs about what you will encounter after your death. So, what you expect, you will get, if only on a temporary basis. This too shall pass.

The great irony here is that those who most believe in devils will meet devils, and those individuals generally are those who preach to you about your sinner status and beseech you to repent, your sins only to be forgiven after remitting sufficient indulgences. You could say that devils will always follow those who believe in them.

There are no real devils, only devils and demons that arise from your negative beliefs and they are transitory thought forms. They have no real energy of their own, only the energy that you impart to them through your beliefs. They will disappear if you turn your attention away.

Fortunately, there are others there to help you get beyond these distorted beliefs, and luckily for you, this in-between confusion is temporary and you will be encouraged to relinquish such unhealthy beliefs. This in-between area is real, or at least as real as your world and quite as functional. Here, the true nature of reality will be explained, as can best be explained to one at your present level of understanding.

If you are ignorant when you die, you will not automatically be elevated to genius status after death. You must learn and grow out of stupidity just as in the physical world, and that learning journey lasts a long time, like FOREVER.

In summary, those who claim to have visited heaven are trying to explain a very emotional experience of an out-of-body nature, but not one of true death. So the experience they encounter will differ in some major ways from a true death experience.

As a rough rule of thumb, when you have a near death experience and think you are visiting heaven, you are visiting a landscape and events created by your psyche (you) in line with mass held beliefs of the time. It is real in the sense that it exists, but it is only real to you, the creator. It is not a mass shared experience of a journey to a mass held reality. It truly is illusion experienced as real for a limited length of time.

On the other hand when you die, you die. Period!

And then you enter a land as ancient as the universe itself that has been referred to as heaven, which has been recorded by those who have remembered past lives and the interim between them. That interim is your closest touchstone to the real heaven. Over the centuries many civilizations have built a myth on vague memories of that exalted state. This in-between area can be and has been recalled and described in many ways by those who cared enough to investigate.

Many people using past life regressions through hypnosis have gained limited access to and viewed this rather transparent area in dreams, trance states and through intuitive insights. Time spent there is not time as you know it, but it is part of your heritage and it is not kept secret from you, if you choose to expand your normal consciousness. If you want to call it heaven, so be it, no harm is done.

Everyone creates his or her own near death heaven, but all earth personalities will at one time or another, share in the same mass shared after death reality.

Finally, if there are six billion people on earth, there are at least six billion potential probable heavens waiting in the wings. You have your own personal created heaven which is not shared by anyone else, and then there is a mass-shared heaven (if you choose to call it that) which all shall visit sooner or later.

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