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On an infamous day last week 20 children and 6 adults, the shooter and his own mother died unnecessarily at the hands of a very mad individual. I don't mean mad in the traditional sense of madness as in "crazy madness", but in madness as in "you wronged me" and I am very mad and I am going to show you just how mad I am in as magnified way as I can. The extent of his anger and his motivations will eventually emerge, but his intent is clear in his choice of expression of his madness.

He did not choose a small weapon of limited killing power and assault a small number or people because that would not be sufficient to demonstrate just how mad he was. Instead he chose weapons that would have the potential to inflict harm to a large number of people and show the world the extent of his rage. Then they would have to acknowledge his passion.

This person whom we all now know as Adam--------, did what he intended to do and now the world knows that Adam was indeed very angry at someone or everyone and himself. His self-rage, at least in his eyes could not be expressed more effectively than causing outrage and sorrow in his community, his country and the world. I doubt that he had any idea of the extent of the effect his actions would have around the world.

Over time, the reasons for his anger will surface, or maybe not, but you can rest assured, the he had in his eyes, justifiable reasons for his heinous acts that he has inflicted on others at random. It was not so much that he hated others, but that he hated himself. You cannot kill others if you love yourself. For some reason, he was unable to sense love in others for himself and so he lashed out in the only way he knew.

He felt that he was devoid of power and guns gave him the power he was seeking. Through guns he would show the world his power in creating devastation and sorrow. He would show the world that he was somebody to be reckoned with, somebody in control. In his mind, the bigger the gun, the more killing potential, the more people would die, the more control he would feel.

Adam knew his arithmetic and he knew that a simple handgun available everywhere is good for killing a few people, but he also knew the devastating effect that assault guns with their rapid fire capability and large capacity ammunition clips and magazines could kill lots of people and that's what he needed to show that he was the one in control. And Adam was right in that respect, but he could hardly anticipate the effects that would continue to trickle down from the loss of life that was incurred, and how it would change the country and the world.

After that horrendous event the public was fixated on the travesty like no other in recent history and the attitudes about gun ownership will affect how the public views guns and killing for future generations.
This article is not about the event itself, but also about the conditions that were generated by not only the deaths, but also by the thoughts, emotions and feelings of everyone connected with the event, and I will attempt to explain.

The recent weather in Sandy Hook has been cold, cloudy, misty, rainy, overcast and generally depressing ever since the assault on the school last week and I would not be a bit surprised if people felt depressed and dejected, not only from the event itself, but the miserable weather surely took its toll emotionally on top of the negative emotional effects of the tragedy itself.

It is not unusual for someone to say, "This lousy weather has really got me down today", and it is pretty much common knowledge that the weather certainly can and does affect your mood. It is not well known that your thoughts, emotions and feelings also affect the weather on a world scale in the case of hurricanes, storms, floods, tornadoes, blizzards and such, but also in your cozy little neighborhood. Of course, it's much more complicated than that, with other psychic contributions mixing and merging, but the mental affects of the human race are primary catalysts for weather effects worldwide.

It is not common knowledge that your mood and outlook can affect the weather. Did you think that this horrid event and the cold, rainy, miserable weather looming in the background was an accident? And before you say that it was inherent in the prevailing weather patterns, the jet stream just happened that way bringing in the rain, cold, mist, snow, let me say that there are always inner reasons for outer events.

The jet stream did cause it to happen that way to some extent, but the jet stream is also influenced by the emotional patterns generated by the populations of the affected areas, as are the ocean currents that also interact with atmospheric conditions that eventually show themselves in weather events.

In the same way, there is a psychological-emotional climate that accurately affects the inner harmony of the psyche by projecting outward into physical weather effects. In other words, what you believe, what you feel, what you emote; will manifest itself some way, somewhere on the face of the earth. Because of the nature of weather events, despair in one area of the country, may show itself in other areas of the nation or world, such as in the unpredictability of a hurricane, but in this case of SANDY HOOK, the effects became manifest locally.

There are unseen psychic/emotional currents that prevail at any given time affecting the weather patterns worldwide. There are personal and mass seen and felt weather effects that result from the inner psychological states and as a rough rule of thumb, the more catastrophic the weather events that happen physically, the more inner turmoil and discord and despair exists in the inner state of the mass psyche, including both the personal psyche of each and every individual on the planet, but also in the prevailing world psyche.

Thoughts, emotions and feelings are exceptionally strong energy expressions, and as such, they always seek to materialize into physical constructions in one form or another. It should not be too hard to understand that in the mass consciousness of man, a world at peace, a world experiencing contentment, devoid of wars, starvation and oppression and such, will be materialized as normal, prevailing weather patterns in line with traditional seasonal effects on the landscape.

On the other hand, a world at war, living with hatred and contempt, with killing running rampant, countries in revolution, populations starving and general despair prevailing will generate destructive and depressing weather events that will be experienced by those affected and those in distant lands.
This is supposed to alert you on a physical level, that there is something wrong with what you are doing, or as I have heard said, "There is something fishy in Denmark".

Consciousness always attempts to express itself on the physical level in a way that is appropriate. It does not play favorites, it does not seek to punish or to favor or not favor one section of the country over another. It is just what consciousness does naturally.

That which is "inner" will always seek to become "outer", subjective will always attempt to objectify in direct proportion, or as accurately as possible, to express it's inner reality in the world of physical phenomenon as weather events, whether or not they materialize in your area, across the oceans or beyond the distant mountains. Strong thoughts, emotions and feelings will always seek to show themselves and be known.

It is good to remember when you notice that the weather is affecting your mood, that your moods in aggregate with the moods of others also affect the weather in like manner. Everything is connected and on a larger scale of events that is hard to grasp, your slightest thought materializes somewhere and others in other alien worlds look into their heavens and see not your thoughts, but whispy clouds, not realizing what lies beneath those constructions. No energy is every wasted, but permeates all reality systems.

For future generations, there will be entire populations practicing directed mass meditations to purposely create what you now create naturally and unknowingly, sometimes reaping less than desirable results. This directed thinking would be used to vastly increase the quality of your lives.
The sun will shine again in Sandy Hook as the sorrow dissipates and disappears.

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