Saturday, September 29, 2012


I have purposely waited for some time, to write about the problems involved in understanding the idiosyncrasies of time when confronted with the almost irrefutable proofs of advancing moments, hours, years and centuries. Continuity of past, present and future seem to be an absolute within the physical universe, but please understand that the universe is only physical to your particular senses and your senses can sometimes lead you astray in the pursuit of true knowledge.

Clock time is an unnatural human overlay of "natural time", the dawn and dusk, the relentless progression of the seasons lapsing into years and centuries.

Time marches on; but what really is time, and if time as you experience it through your physical perceptive apparatus can be misleading at best, then what exactly is time to other species of consciousness alien to your own that do not posses the same kind of perspective mechanisms.

You don't have to go too far to run into these, what you may not consider alien consciousness, but whose perception of time is much different than your own. Your pets are alien enough to perceive reality in far different terms that you do. A dog, a cat and most other species including the chimpanzees that you consider your closest animal relatives, experience time far differently than you do.

Time reality within the Earth system is evident at certain levels, but still bears some explanation, and frankly cannot be adequately explained to anyone still inhabiting a human body, since the body itself requires physical time for data to travel the nerve endings, jump the synapses and travel to the brain for processing before any physical response is activated. Time then is a human thing that is a development of the evolution of human consciousness, but not all earthly consciousness. The animals have evolved their own perceptions of time and they are quite unlike yours.

This uniquely human time lapse observed in the bodily nervous system obviously requires time, but this time dependent physical body of yours and all other species is only an appearance that energy takes within certain frequencies that are the basis for your emergence within the physical system.

The animal's nervous systems and brains interpret the same lapses differently, and so for them, the present seems larger in terms of intensity and value fulfillment instead of being lengthened, which is the animal's way of perceiving reality. Given different life frequencies, you would not have a physical body on this planet at all. You might exist in another system with different requirements for materialization, but that is another story.

For the present, you are primarily a psychological being enjoying a sojourn into the "Earth" physical system of reality, and you will be for some foreseeable time in the future in your present body and in future physical bodies. It is impossible for the soul to experience your world without materializing a portion of itself in a physical body, and in this process a portion of the soul must remain un-materialized and aloof from three-dimensional reality.

In this life, you carry within your genetic structure and within past memories buried in your subconscious, traces of previous lives that you have lived before this, your present life.
The knowledge of these past lives of yours are withheld from you at this time, since this kind of knowledge would simply overwhelm your present method of temporal reality perception. You can barely handle the trials and challenges that one life throws at you, let alone having to deal with multiple life data.

The real reason that your "past life" recall information is withheld is far more challenging a concept than you presently realize. From what I have said, you could correctly come to the conclusion that the perception of a past, present and future are happening simultaneously in the NOW, so there must be some contradiction in what I have said about past reincarnational lives. It is commonly assumed that reincarnation means that one life is lived after the previous life in a continuous forward progression in time. This is the way you "must" percieve it at this time, but it is a great distortion of the true nature of reincarnational lives.

All lives are lived in the PRESENT, probable lives, simultaneous (soul-mate lives) and reincarnational lives. Renincarnational lives are simply probable lives viewed through the lens of time., but in reality, they are also living in the present.

 So there is no mistake, and I realize this will not be understood by many at this time, all of these lives being lived NOW in the PRESENT are physical lives, but in different planes, dimensions and worlds. To you, with your built in assumptions of solidity, distance and space, these lives will seem to be non-physical since you will perceive a lack of space to contain them in their own worlds. Their own worlds occupy the same space as your Earth.

 Your past reincarnational selves, the selves that you were from your present point of view, are still alive and well NOW and for that reason, an understanding of the true nature of the "self that you are" will help you open yourself to connections between all of those other aspects of your identity that still exist and can be utilized to the extent that you believe they exist. You will obviously not experience something that your conscious beliefs will not let into your area of concentration.

MANY ASPECTS OF YOUR SELF, other than just the self that YOU THAT YOU KNOW, are just as alive as you are, but your attention is not focused in their direction so you are not consciously aware of their existence. They are likewise not aware of your existence but from their perspective, they are the REAL YOU, and you would be the probable self, reincarnational self, etc., etc.

Because of your preoccupation with time, you perceive the lives of these previous self traces as finished and done, while they are still alive in your present, just not in your reality system. Because you believe so strongly in time continuity, you must then plant memories in the past of their existence and death, but the past personality still lives and has long since gone its own way, as incidentally, you will go your own way after leaving behind irrefutable proof of your demise for future generations to grieve over.

I hope you can now see some of the real reasons that past life data is not accessible to your memory without special arrangements to assist in the recall. Recall will still indicate a death as recorded, but only the death of physical body, not the death of a vital alive personality.

The ability to recall and utilize past life data is presently latent within the brain and nervous system, and future developments of brain and of the human species itself, will lead it to adopt a new way of putting together past and present memories in one present expanded conscious self.

In other words, the species will undergo dramatic changes and you will become more than is possible now. You will put together your experience differently and include not only your presently remembered history, but also the combined history of other portions of your identity that are not handily retrievable at this time. They do exist and can be remembered quite easily with the assistance of a good trained hypnotist who understands the existence of reincarnation.

There is some evidence of this kind of multiple life reality existing in your world in cases of multiple personalities. Without going into too much detail here, I want to mention that your past selves are not dead by any stretch of the imagination; they exist as surely as you exist, but they do not exist in your system, and have gone their own way.

To you, they have died, but you only recognize the death and decay of the physical body and the physical body only represents the personality for a short time while it is being utilized to gain entrance into the physical world. In other words, you need a three dimensional physical form if you want to play the game of Earth 101.

And here my friends, is the statement that I have withheld for years for fear that you would run off and declare my insanity, but now, feeling more secure with my position with you, I intend to proceed with material that is essential you understanding the totality of your own self and understanding of the "Earth reality system" that you inhabit.

In the inner universe from which all worlds emerge and all identities spring, ALL TIME IS SIMELTANEOUS, and yes, everything exists at once, in the expansive NOW. There is no real distinction between past, present and future and yet, before you ask, there is still expansion and nothing is finished, as might be suspected.

Time continuity is a unique creation of the physical world that you know and will always be of some importance to existence within all physical systems. Non-Physical systems, of which there is a preponderance, do not need, nor do they utilize time to any great degree. The more advanced reality systems are non-physical, yet they still utilize atomic structure and experience the tinge of time in ways not well understood.

Before I get too far into the weeds here, let me remind you of your dream activity, where you can travel roads over continents from sea to shining sea, viewing all of the pertinent travel destinations, in one wonderful dream event, tasting the dream foods, smelling sweet dream fragrances, feeling velvety dream textures, yet upon waking, find that only a few minutes have elapsed and you are sleeping safely in your bed. You have truly traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles and experienced a variety of sensualities in relatively no clockk time.

You have visited the important monuments, talked with other people, enjoyed countless sunrises and sunsets, gazed over wide expanse of oceans, but still, no time has elapsed. Of course, you created all of this in your bedroom with your body snuggled securely in bed while you experienced many activities, traveled miles on strange roads that you have constructed over and through your bed, night stand and bedroom chest. You utilized the same space that they occupy, and they didn't even notice.

You may consider dreams to be pure fantasy, but I would then ask you, what is physical reality? You may say that physical reality is dependent on atomic structure to construct hard physical objects and events that are solid and endure in time, where dream events don't.

When you understand that dream activities also utilize atoms to create form, just not in the same consistency as yours. The main difference is thickness, bulk and perceivable durability. Dreams endure outside of your system, so you don't regularly bump into dream objects or remember dream events in the same way as you do physical reality. No dream once dreamt ever dies. They fall into the dream universe where they also continue to exist and go their own way in their native system.

What I am trying to point out is exactly what Einstein instinctively knew, that time is relative, what he didn't foresee at first is that space is also relative.
Consciousness creates all reality systems.
Reality systems do not create or evolve consciousness.
Without a first thought, nothing would exist. Period!

Having said that, I would like to move on, and rest assured, if some of what is said here seems vague or unbelievable, that does not make it so. Now that I have begun the discussion of time as it really is, I can begin to explain how it affects all other phases of your life and the life of your cultures and civilizations, since it applies so closely with your own total identity.

I do not mean that time does not exist in a practical and utilitarian way within the world that you know, and in fact, it is indispensible for physical existence. Time is certainly real and necessary within the precise parameters for existence in your three dimensional world, but it does not exist as such elsewhere in the universe.

To clarify that a bit, time exists for your system of reality, and extends through your system of reality, which includes everything that is perceivable of the universe that you know to you, but only you, meaning your earth civilization. Alien species, utilizing the same universal raw material as you, put their own universe together in far different terms. Put another way, you would never recognize the universe of the Romulans. 

I am of course, inferring that from your perspective, you only perceive a small portion of the whole universe, a very small portion indeed. You perceive the portion of the universe that happens to intrude into your physical dimension and is picked up by your physical senses through a time perspective, but there are other dimensions that utilize your same coveted, cozy universe, that is incidentally, not solely yours. The time orientations arise from the facility of your type of consciousness, and cannot be applied universally.

Time as you know it is foreign as seen from the perspective of others, occupying what you would classify as alien worlds.

You may ask why this kind of knowledge is important, and what do you gain by understanding the true nature of time. When things in your life are not going well and you begin to root through past memories to look for the reasons for present day problems, you will inevitably begin to wonder if your life problems could be the result of a previous life experience thrust upon you by some Karmic judgement from some aspect of a previous reincarnational life.

Knowing what is begun here, you will understand that this would be impossible since all lives are lived at once in the expanded present and beyond your present three dimensional world and its time demands, the past does not exist and in those terms and neither do past selves and neither do the causes of present difficulties. All aspects of you exist NOW. Your point of power is not to be found in the past, but in the present, and all life adjustments must be made from the present.

Please feel free to submit questions using the "comments" link dfound below. I will attempt to answer all appropriate questions within the limitations of my knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Is it advisable to try to access "past lives"
with the help of a guide? Does an individual
have to be ready, in some higher sense, for the
experience? Is a visit to my past lives always
a positive, life affirming experience?
Would you recommend this kind of probe for all?

W. Allan said...

Most people would find it extremely difficult to access their past lives. Past life memories do sneak through the time barrier in your dreams, but you probably wouldn't recognize them as past life experiences. The best way to discover past lives is through a reputable hypnotist experienced in age regressions. Age regressions can take you back to the womb, then through an in-between undifferentiated area and then further back into past life discovery. This kind of experience can often be of help in understanding problems in your present that seem to have no logical answer in the present. It should be done as a problem solving exercise, not to find out if you were related to Cleopatra or Julius Caesar, if you know what I mean.