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Atlantis, what a tantalizing tale it is that has occupied the minds of men for thousands of years. Scholars far and wide have explored the deserts, the seacoasts and under the sea as best they can with somewhat limited mobility under water until recently.

I somehow wish I hadn't promised to write about Atlantis simply because no two people have heard the same story and also because the story that no-one can agree on, has changed so much over the centuries that it is a wonder this great myth has survived this long. It is not so much that I don't know what I want to write about, but that I don't quite know how to express the real truths about Atlantis in terms that most people will understand.

I am in no way demeaning your intelligence, but suggesting that what you know is only what you have been taught or what you have learned from sources that are simply wrong. I have suggested many times before that the Earth is a rather new reality system, and one that is uniquely endowed with characteristics that afford the widest latitude in exploration of the limits of new consciousness in a physical reality system.

For that reason, much of what you have been taught is just flat out wrong or at best, you are learning the true nature or reality but fortunately, you have all the time you need to progress to the point that you will be ready to move out of the physical system to more challenging worlds. Having said all of that, it would be easier for you to understand what I say here had you had some basic understanding of the formation of reality itself and the role that probabilities play in creating the world that you know.

In time terms, a very long time ago mankind experienced his reality much different than you do now and a there was no great divide between your dreaming and waking state. Men and women did not differentiate so much between their daytime and nighttime activities and unlike you today, there was sometimes confusion between what you would call real and what you now view as unreal.

It is not that you don't use sleep in the same way today because you do, but you tend to forget your dreams upon waking whereas in the past those dreams were incorporated into your daytime activities and provided an enriching thickness to everyday experience. Early man had more difficulty in differentiating between physical activities and dream activities. There was no clear-cut line drawn, so they were more familiar with the unknown process involved in negotiating between probabilities in adopting the events that will form and mold your future daily experience.

These ancient people were awaking from a state that I have described before as "dawn-treaders" or sleepwalkers, those whose dreaming selves experienced what you today consider your waking physical reality.

At some hypothetical point in those ancient times, mankind began to wonder about that which was not, to the point that his dreams began to reflect the idea of a parallel reality of a wondrous place that only the gods could create and reside. That imaginary place contained streets of gold and structures of exceeding brilliance and the peoples that inhabited that reality were gifted with extraordinary abilities, good health, abundance and blessed with the best that life had to offer while still in a physical body.

There has been much written about the physical attributes of this mystical place called Atlantis, so there is no need for me to expound on that since you can research the subject fully at your leisure on the internet. Atlantis is a myth that to some extent was real, in their dreams, hopes and aspirations, at least to the people of those times. They yearned to live in an Atlantis.

The human race is a natural maker of myths. Newborn spiders are born with the knowledge of how to build spider webs without being taught. From their first hours, baby spiders know how to weave webs. It does not have to be taught web-weaving skills. In the same way, beavers know how to build dams without having been taught. A mother beaver does not have to take their young to a stream, push him in the water and teach him how to build a dam. He instinctively knows, and in the same way men and women know instinctively how to create myths. It is a natural characteristic of humans and has been since the beginning of time.

In some ways that I am not prepared to delve into at this time, the Earth reality system that you inhabit today is the result of myth that because of its strength and the conviction of the personalities believing in the myth, took on the properties and coalesced into the natural world and environment, giving physical reality its depth, solidity, bulk and duration. In certain terms, the dream woke up and solidified.

Some myths are short lived for various reasons, the most important being that not enough people believed in them for long enough periods of time and with enough intensity to give them durability. They disappeared from the physical scene for "lack of mass interest" and fell into other more appropriate reality systems where the requirements for physical manifestation were not as demanding and as rigid as the Earth system. They still exist, just not at your level of manifestation or perception.

Other myths DO have enough impetus, gaining enough strength, and enough mass interest that they are perpetuated down through centuries, even though their validity and legitimacy has nothing to do with physical matter.

Atlantis is one, and although you don't realize it, you are all quite familiar with other long lasting and mass adopted myths, those being religious myth, which individually, and in masse, are some of the most enduring and most common myths of all time. So there is no mistake here, I mean all religions to some extent. The great strength of religion comes from the mixing of real truths and imaginings, with myth, so there is no easy to ascertain dividing line between true and false. In that sense, Christ was real,  his purpose was real, but Christianity was mostly myth that grew up around the Christ personality.
But that is for another day.

The Atlantis myth survived time and gathered strength over the centuries, fortified by humanity in the dream state and eventually confused with the "Garden of Eden" stories of the Old Testament. The Garden of Eden legends handed down through time are confusing, becoming so discombobulated over time that it is hard to separate one story from another. In myths, fictions become truths to those who believe.

The real reason that myth has so much strength and why it is so difficult to discern the truth is the great mixing and merging that takes place between psychic reality and physical reality. In other words, real mixes with unreal and what you end up with is neither, kind of like making sausage.

One thing is for sure, by the time the Atlantis tales were picked up by Plato in the dream state, written about and passed on, Atlantis supposedly existed as a large continent or large city-state as they were want to be called in those times, that existed beyond the Pillars of Hercules in the Gibraltar Strait, which would put it somewhere in the Atlantic ocean.

It was not known at that time just what existed beyond the Pillars of Hercules, which were thought to refer to the Rock of Gibraltar and one of two other islands existing off the coast of Greece and there was even then much confusion which of these other two islands represented the second of the two Pillars in the strait that connected the Mediterranean and the Atlantic oceans.

One thing that most agree on is that Atlantis was destroyed, or destroyed itself. Plato spoke of a great war launched by the people of Atlantis against the mainland, which it lost and here too there is much confusion in the myth because it is said that shortly after losing that war, Atlantis was destroyed by earthquakes and volcanic activity that caused the entire continent of Atlantis to sink below the sea and disappear. Other legends say that some of the Atlanteans survived and made it to Egypt and ancestors of those ancient people still exist there today.

Now, here is where this may get a bit difficult but I will to explain to the best of my ability. The Earth is much older than most scientists' suspect and several Atlantean-like civilizations have come and gone leaving no physical trace. They did leave psychic remnants that are still swirling about the psychological atmosphere. The continents were not as they are now and all continental configurations now existing, migrated to their present positions on the surface of the earth from one large originating continent named Pangaea.

For that reason nothing is where it is supposed to be, in ancient geographical terms. One unknown, ancient civilization existed in the general geographic area where Australia is now located, was highly technical, succeeded evolved and migrated to another planet in the universe, leaving no trace due to continental migration. Another, less successful, destroyed itself and has also been lost. This first advanced civilization caused some confusion in the creation of the Atlantis legend.

Artifacts from these ancient people can indeed be found under the depths of the oceans, but you must remember the oceans now cover what were then landmasses and land areas have moved and risen from beneath the seas worldwide. You have searched for Atlantis in the Aegean, in the Mediterranean and in the Caribbean, but they are not located there and in practical terms, you will find nothing at this time because they do not exist there yet. I will try to explain.

The latent memories of these civilizations linger in the psychic history of the Earth and were recalled and entered into the dreams of Plato and others during the formative stages of the legend of Atlantis. You could say that the legend of Atlantis was at least partially dreamed into existence. You could also say that the myth consisted of remnants of a lost civilization remembered in dreams and thrust outward into the psyche of the physical world.

I should mention here that all reality systems have mental roots, psychological patterns, later filled out with atomic structure to become perceivable, hard, solid worlds. There was a great mixing of real physical events and psychic events, yearnings for the Garden Eden, Nirvana, Heaven and other states of existence that eventually became the myth of Atlantis and the myths of many religions. The reason that Atlantis has not yet been found is that it does not exist yet because it has not been placed there in the past from the future psyche probability.

And here I must touch on how probabilities affect the history of the human species and the other species that you shave the planet with. Every personality has its own probable version personalities, which I have discussed before. Likewise, every other physical construction has its own probable versions of itself, which exist in other probable reality systems.

En masse, every civilization spins off probable versions of itself and every world exists as one version among other probable versions of itself. So there is no confusion, I am saying that there are other probable physical worlds that are quite as valid as your own, undetected by your most sensitive instruments because they exist in other dimensions, but still in the same space that your world occupies.

Every event creates probable versions that will play out somewhere. There is no outcome of any event that touches your life that is not experienced by a probable you in another probable reality in another probable world. The person that you married in this life, you didn't marry in another reality system.
The difficulty of this material is precisely why I had misgivings about talking about this at this time without further preparations, but we shall try anyway.

You create your reality through the cumulative effect of your beliefs, emotions, thoughts, ideas and expectations. These coalesce into your reality that you experience, also creating your closely held environment. In that respect, unreal becomes real given enough time and, desire and intensity. You do the same in creating your dream reality, except you create without solidity and bulk, but the process is exactly the same. You are creators of your experience, both seen and unseen.
Nothing happens to you, everything happens by you. Period.

The emotional expectations of mankind's longing for the perfect place to live, the place you want to live, gave birth to the probable world of Atlantis in myth, but a myth that you are not yet prepared to materialize. Atlantis does exist in future probability and in certain terms, it is as real as the world you encounter in your everyday exploits on a solid planet.

This will be the most difficult part, and that is to convince you that a thought is as real as a rock, an emotion is as real as a star, and solidity is just an overlay effect of matter on psychic patterns. Atlantis exists today as a probability for materialization at some future date to come. Remember, time is malleable and is relative depending on your psychological viewpoint.

Everyday you create events in your life. I have explained how past, present and future can be changed from the present and events are continuously being manipulated so there is a continuous stream of events that maintain a logical order, one leading to another. There must be continuity of events for them to make sense to the human brain in your linear reality.

Atlantis cannot exist before the events that lead to Atlantis also exist. What this means is that each event drags it's past and future along with it into physical actualization in order to be experienced in your present. You can only experience reality in your present, but no present can exist without an accompanying past. You don't notice these constant adaptations of pasts in order to compliment newly emerging presents, so everything seems just hunky dory to your perceptive mechanisms, which are precisely tuned to pick up continuity, so no violations will seem to occur.

Here is the long and short of this somewhat confusing story.
When you as a civilization, are prepared to inhabit an Atlantis, when your civilization matures, and is ready for Atlantis to exist in your world of physical reality, the world of atoms, molecules and physical structures, it will be created as a result of civilizations longings, dreams and desires. Of course, this is exactly the way all other reality is created, Atlantis will become apparent in concrete fact and will then exist in your present.  

It must also exist in terms of continuity, so the present will not only drag along it's logical past but will  also change future probabilities and at that time, the submerged artifacts, the buried archeological proofs will be available to be discovered and no one will think anything strange about it. Time is illusion and in your reality system, you have adopted the use of time and no matter at what point psychologically you come into the game, no self respecting event will be caught dead without a past and future. Atlantis is an event waiting to happen on the future physical landscape.

It now exists in psychological fact, waiting to become physical fact. You must evolve into Atlantis and when that happens, Atlantis will exist.

I know this is difficult material, but I also know many of you want to learn and know, and if you get some inkling of what I have been trying to explain here, we are ahead of the game.


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