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Before talking about Atlantis, I want to add to and clarify a few things from the first part of this article discussing the past and how it still exists and can be manipulated from the present. I want to mention that this restructuring of the past goes on all of the time unknowingly below your conscious attention. The past as I discuss it here is real, as real as your present life is real, no more and no less. 

Every action in your present, to some extent automatically changes the past, so that the correlation that is required in a continuous progression of events is upheld, otherwise there would be a discontinuity of the past progressing logically into the present and then into the future.

Changes are automatically made in the past to which you are consciously unaware. When more than one person participated in a past event with you, they too will be unconsciously altering their own version of the past, so that there will be minor discrepancies that will occur when comparisons are made, as in recalling past events.

So there is no misunderstanding, let me further say that if there were ten people involved in a past event, say a ball game, then these ten people are constantly adjusting their version of the past event as they encounter their present life experience, and not in some kind of mental gymnastics, but truly changing the past in the only way it exists.

The past is then, literally changed individually by the ten people involved so that there are constant adjustments made and no two people out of the ten will have the same memories of any particular past event, because each person has changed, altered and adjusted their own past participation and their own memories. A memory is an electromagnetic data connection in the brain and mind, no more and no less. You could say that the present colors the past and makes necessary changes.

In short, every present action automatically affects the past and makes the necessary changes in order to preserve continuity of physical experience. What this practically means is that you cannot go back and relive the past as in participating in the meaningful historical actions as they originally happened, but you can indeed recreate the events in your mind and relive them utilizing thought images and others who would join in on your endeavor.

What I am inferring is that you cannot and never will be able to relive the past as in the "Back To The Future" kind of experience. You can re-experience actually and emotionally every minute detail, but you cannot change the past by once again entering in the actual historical continuity of events as they occurred.

It is hypothesized that if one could travel at or faster than the speed of light, they could catch up with or see past events, and that is true, but you could not actually join in and participate, altering your experience in those events. Once lived, they cannot be lived again. The past then, exists exactly as the present and future exist, as electromagnetic, electric and chemical connections in the brain and mind, and as I have said before, that is the only reality you can assign to those and your present events.

Finally, probable versions of past events also still exist, as do probable futures. Probable pasts that were not chosen for materialization for your own experience are still alive and well, and as you unconsciously change the past that you did choose, you also lean against the reality of those inexperienced probable pasts that must also be altered by the changing reality of the past event that you did choose.

So, when you are reminiscing about a particular past event with a friend, and he says, "I don't remember it happening that way", smile with a superior knowledge and understanding that you know why he doesn't remember it that way, because both of you have manipulated the connections that represent the past and it no longer exists as it once did.

I must emphasize that these changes do not alter the overall picture of the past event, but makes changes that would startle you if you could catch it in the process of happening. 

All of this should lead you to an understanding that the world that you know is not what you think it is. To you it is functionally real, hard, solid, concrete and permanent, allowing for the kind of fulfillment that is required by your kind of consciousness, but ponder this if you will; in your dreams, you create dramas and situations within their own kind of dream time and space, which both seem to be expanding into nowhere. There is no limit to time or space in your dream, but from your waking state it seems to "Not Exist" at all.

In the same way, someone from another reality system viewing your Earth system of reality would get the same impression, that no space really existed and no time actually passed. Your reality is real for you, and that is all that counts, but to other, what you would refer to as alien species, they would perceive your earth reality exactly as you perceive your dream landscape, and nothing would seem to exist.

That is why alien intrusions into your skies are usually accidental, because to them, your earth does not exist or exists in far different terms than you would know.

Next Article; Atlantis, where it is, why it is, when it is and when it will be found.

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