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If you have read some of my past articles you will undoubtedly notice that I have touched on these subjects before, at least to some extent. I have included these two subjects together because they can be related one to the other, and understanding how past events are created and remembered can help in explain the real truth about the existence or non-existence of Atlantis.

Have you ever, when sitting around with an old friend or a group of old friends reminisced about past events that you all shared in earlier days and find much to your surprise, that there is some measure of disagreement about what actually happened in past events that you all shared?

Customarily, you rationalize that there is simply a disagreement based on retained memory and nothing to get too excited about, so you brush it off as a failure of memory, never giving it another thought. It is true that some people do have memory failure from time to time for a variety of valid reasons, but it would be quite beyond reason for anyone to believe that two or more people could disagree on specific details when recalling a past event because the past event has actually changed.

However this is the case and I will try to explain, knowing that my success will be limited at best in doing so. If you believe that the world that you know so well is a rock solid, concrete chunk of physical matter floating at some specific coordinate points in time and space and that there is no rational reason to think that a thought, emotion, belief or feeling has any permanency at all, then you will find it extremely difficult to grasp what I am going to say here.

Consider this rather illusive analogy. Take a large rock or boulder and place at the foot of Niagara Falls, give it a few thousand years and the boulder will be worn away and disappear, but the thought out of which the boulder gained physical presence, will still exist and is in fact eternal. 

The first thought of All That Is, still rings throughout the furthest reaches of the universe. You call it the Big Bang, and in fact, the Big Bang was a mental act that you interpret as physical. Your first thought also still exists, falling into a reality dimension that supports its specific kind of expression, but it is not erased or negated and will exist forever. A rock will not.

All physical matter arises out of inner actions and every object and event that you know is the result of a thought, gaining significance, grouping with other such inner emotional actions that will eventually emerge in the material world. So, I am trying to encourage you not to dismiss your inner psychological universe that forms the building blocks for the physical world. You mentally propel atoms and molecules into objects and events, then perceive, experience and evaluate them, and if you are not satisfied with the results, you do it again and again.

That is all the time I can devote to that subject here, but this creative process is well explained in other articles found here and we must move on.

You are first and foremost a mental creature, temporarily experiencing what it's like to manipulate and move through physical matter, bringing to your Soul, a totally unique kind of experience found nowhere else in the physical or the inner non-physical universe.

Your existence in a time/space system, causes you to experience your lives as a series of events, one taking place after the other and the possibility of future life experience lurking somewhere ahead of you. Life seems to be a movement through time and space, but there is a problem with that perception.

You have learned to move through space quite nicely. You travel from place to place using your legs, automobiles, planes and now rocket-ships and not only are you able to travel anywhere in the world on a whim, given the right opportunity and sufficient finances, but you are now learning how to travel to other close-by worlds.

But, you have not learned to travel through time as easily as you travel through space.
It is not too hard for you to accept the fact that memory is a thing of the brain or mind. Memory is in fact a series of electromagnetic connections within the human brain. The past then exists as a series of mental connections and those are the only properties that you can ascribe to the past.

In the same ways, the future exists as a series of electromagnetic connections of future memories, not yet made physical. These future memories are of all probable futures in that respect, waiting in the wings to be activated and actualized as physical realities in your world. They are as valid and as solid in their own medium as your objects and events are in the physical medium that you call the "present".
Now, here's where it gets a bit sticky.

The future is probable and as a future available for activation by the human personality, all variations of any given future event must exist in probability, so there are choices to be made, and indeed, you have full freedom of choice when deciding what you want to do today or tomorrow. In truth, you are discriminating between many valid choices of probabilities, which events you want to drag into your physical perception and experience them as your own personal life choices.

You are constantly manipulating through a myriad of future probabilities, choosing future events that you will insert into your life experience. You are then, that is you as a physical personality, are the totality of all of the past events that you have chosen in your life in the continuity of present arising out of the past and projecting into the future through your interaction with probabilities.

From this, I am asking you to try and visualize that what you are doing is choosing from an available storehouse of probable future events, one or more of which you will select for materialization in your "present", but the events that you did not choose to materialize as part of your present life experience remain intact and are not negated in any way, but from your standpoint in the present, the events that you do NOT choose, will be chosen and activated by a probable self in another probable world. No potential event goes un-experienced sometime, somewhere.

All of the events that are not chosen by you, even though a probable self will choose them for activation, still exist and can still be manipulated by psychological actions. The events that you have chosen are experienced and then filed away in your brain as memories for recall when needed.

Now, here is the difficult part; your present is a result of all past actions that you have chosen that all add up to your "specific present", or the YOU that you know and accept.

Following that train of thought, when you make alterations to your old once accepted present, then the past that leads up to it must change accordingly, for they cannot now add up to the new mentally accepted present. The electromagnetic connections that represented the past road to an official present, will now lead to a dead end, and must be changed in order to lead to a validly accepted "new present".

Your present frame of mind, your psychological structure at any given time creates the value quality of your present life at any given moment, and this quality reaches back into the past and automatically alters the electromagnetic connections in the brain, inserting new memories that will conform to a new present. 

These changes are activated from unofficial probable pasts not selected the first time around, deleting previous past memories and inserting new ones, reflecting your newly accepted present.

In a very real way, you will be changing the present sufficiently that the past, in order to justify a historical continuity of life experience, must also change. That is why sometimes it seems like no two people can agree when recalling a past event, for all present will have changed some of the details of that mutually experienced past event sufficiently that no two people will now recall the same past.

Remember, what you do in the present will still exert its influence on and change the past.
You think the past is used up, done and gone, but all probable pasts exist today just as surely as probable futures exist.

All pasts and futures exist in the mental fabric of the brain and mind and can still be manipulated, but if you are not cognizant of this fact, you will always think you are a victim of past circumstance and it will not occur to you that by mentally reaching back and manipulating these past connections, you can thereby influence the present from the past, making new connections and increase the quality of your life immeasurably.

I do apologize for the complexity of this material, and I am aware that it will be difficult for some to understand, but if I am to discuss such matters, I cannot even attempt some explanations if I were to dumb them down to a point where they become useless to those who really want to learn about the true nature of reality.

In my next article I will show how this given material about probable pasts and futures explains the Atlantis phenomenon.

Part 2 - What, when and where did Atlantis exist and will Atlantis ever be found?

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