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I recently received this letter from a reader and sent her a short reply, but after re-considering, I thought that I would be remiss if I didn't elaborate on this subject, because what is troubling her, also in one form or another, has troubled others.

I'm giving u a lil brief about my problem below (hoping u can help me understand it better)
 I am a 31 year single woman from India and was living a perfectly normal life working in a corporate firm as a motivational behavioral trainer, life was going fine and I use to be a bubbly lively and extremely cheerful person, lived life to the fullest (sometimes overdid it though) ... at times, maybe that's what I liked to believe as I come from a broken home and did not have the most pleasant childhood..
Anyway so recently I went to Canada for a 3 week visit and came back to join work ... just the day after that my world crumbled ... As soon after (just a day after my return) I felt woozy all over and as the doc calls it, got a crazy anxiety/panic attack I felt as if I'm dying, my body, my tongue my head all went numb ... this happened for 2 days continuously and the doc said its just coz of a stress and jet lag ... but THAT day has changed me, my life and my world ...
I suddenly feel that I'm dead or maybe my soul is somewhere else. I don't understand what's happened. I haven't joined back work and every day is a living hell. I have suddenly come to realize that life has no meaning, as it will all end anyway, everything feels temporary. We all grow up with the universal truth that all who live have to die, however I was ok with that fact until now, I feel I was living in denial; no amount of psychologists and psychiatrist have been able to help me. I don't understand why I feel like this, I'm just so helpless and scared.
I don't know if any of this will make sense to u but I'm still seeking....
 P.S - While I was sleeping one night when I was in Canada I got a vision that read, "end is near"(had brushed it off as a silly dream then)
Thank you for caring to read this .

Dear Anonymous,

As I always try to do, I want to emphasize that I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist and have no formal training along those lines. I do however have some insights that others may not have and that is precisely because of my lack of formal education in the above disciplines. Sometimes too much learned knowledge can dull the intellect, put up intellectual barriers and totally cut off intuitional information that originates in other dimensions that could possibly be of help.

Obviously something has happened in your life that has caused you some great distress. You have mentioned the fact that you were quite aware that everyone has to die at some point in their life and in the past this did not seem to bother you. It was just in recent times that this began to upset you so much and the (end is near) dream you mention just seemed to aggravate the situation. The anxiety attack and the physical effects that you experienced are the result of mental events, and sometimes these mental events can be difficult to decipher.

There are many things that trigger these non-physical mental events in your life that then, result in various physical responses to those mental events. In many cases, these mental triggers are hidden from your conscious attention so they are hard to discover and define.

Your temporal life is the result of what you think about your life. I know that sounds a little quaint, but it is true. Your life arises out of a bed of belief, thought, emotion, desire and expectation. Those mental qualities must always come first and the physical reality that follows is the result. Sometimes the mental state is the direct result of skewed conscious thought processes or discordant actions in your daily life and sometimes they seep into your life unbeknownst to you, from other sources beyond your present understanding.

I am not suggesting here that the following information I explain here is the cause of your difficulties, but to one extent or another, there are other factors that affect your lives other than those that are physically attained in your world. Remember there are other worlds that you unknowingly participate in and I will try to explain.

The reason that I wanted to give these explanations is to once again touch on and emphasize the existence of your personality in other dimensions. I have said before and it bears repeating, especially for those who are unfamiliar with articles written about the probable systems of reality, of which you are a part, whether you know it or not.

You are a multi-dimensional personality, having other unknown aspects of your personality that exist in other probable worlds and other probable universes. Scientists, who have any inkling that these worlds even exist, sometimes refer to them as parallel worlds. Either term will suffice here for our discussion.

You have been taught that you are the one and only you, that your world is the only one world capable of supporting intelligent life in one vast universe, conscious beings capable of abstract thought patterns and intelligible language, and no other exists. Of course, this is ridiculous.

It is my intention to explain another view of how this fact of your multi-dimension probable selves mental creations sometimes leap dimensions and cast their effects outside of their own dimensions and color events in your world, and of course, your mental acts do the same in theirs.

Every day of your life, you encounter a multitude of choices that you unconsciously make, choosing events that put together, you call your life. You make choices between what may seem trivial actions and some more important events, perhaps hundred or thousands of choices in any given day. Have you ever reconsidered, after having experienced an event that you consciously chose, that you wished you hadn't chosen that particular event to experience?

As an example, there are countless people who choose to get married, and there are also countless people, (approximately 50% in your world), that afterward choose to divorce. Most of those in hindsight, wished that they had made another choice than the one they finally decided upon. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you had made one of the other choices that were available at the time?

Not to worry, because somewhere in another world or another dimension, a probable you made the choice that you did not make at the time. There is what you could call a moment in time when all events are probable, meaning no choices have yet been made and all possible events exist in psychic fact, some being more probable for actualization than others, but all still available for you to choose from.

The Soul creates other versions of itself in many worlds as personalities, who under the auspices of the Soul explore a variety of worlds and dimensions for the purpose of experiencing everything there is to be experienced. The Soul would not participate in a world where only a small fraction of available events would be experienced and the others cast aside into the trash heap of unused events. I don't particularly like this connotation, but when it comes to experience, the Soul is greedy and seeks experience in as many worlds through as many personalities as possible, yours being one. The others existing in probable worlds are also portions of your whole identity.

The Soul splinters off what could be called capsules of potential living conscious beings, portions of itself, selves in waiting so to speak, sending them into various reality systems of its choosing.

In that respect, there is some great discernment required, since the potential for development of these individual consciousneses must be taken into consideration when choosing an appropriate system that is not too advanced for the limitations of the soon to be conscious personalities.

Earth is a training system, in those terms and those who participate in Earth reality are in general, the newer emerging personalities, focusing in Earth reality as a learning experience through a series of reincarnational lives. More advanced systems come later in time terms as consciousness evolves.

These various personalities, other aspects of you, exist in other reality systems or other physical worlds, similar to yours, physical in nature, but not carbon copies of Earth by any means. Generally speaking, they will not look like you, may be of different gender, nationalities and races.

They follow the rules prevalent in their own reality systems, and those rules can vary considerably from your Earth rules. These other selves are your probable selves and they exist as surely, as you exist, and obviously, each of them consider themselves the prime personality and view their other probable relatives as the probable selves. You do the same, but to them, you are the probable self.

The prime self is prime only from the focus point of the personality in its own world, viewing the other selves as the probable selves.
There are strong psychic connections that exist between you and your probable selves and there are occasional anomalies, bleed throughs, or what could be described as psychic leakages, from one personality to another, from one dimension to the other. You experience similar kinds of leakages when your AM radio stations bleed into other AM frequencies on a stormy night.

In your dreams, you sometimes see and communicate with your probable selves and one probable personality can come to the aid of another in the dream state. Don't forget that they are involved in experiencing the events that you chose not to experience, so in a way, they have experience that could be of benefit to you in your daily life. You and your probable selves are alive in one time period to work on similar problems, to approach solutions from different angles, which is why all probable events will be experienced somewhere. No possible event goes unexplored.

All of your probable selves are not alive during the exact same time periods, since some are now being born and some are leaving their worlds through death, but generally, most will be alive at the same time, since they were given their independent lives at approximately the same time.

And finally I can come to the point to this article, that there are invisible, unseen and unknown sympathies that exist between you and your psychic cousins of these other dimensional worlds that can be felt, telepathic communications that can be sensed from one world to another when strong emotional content is involved.

Some people are more inclined toward sensing and recognizing these sympathies with other probable selves than others. In your case, because of the unexplained intensity of the feeling of death that you have experienced, it is entirely possible that you are experiencing an interdimensional crisis of some kind, perhaps even emotionally realizing the death of one of your probable (parallel) selves in another world.

Usually relationships with your other probable selves is not so directly experienced, but it is by no means impossible, and on a world-wide scale, happens quite often, usually unbeknownst to the person experiencing the strong emotional despondency which would accompany the death of a probable self.

Lastly, the same holds true with your other personality aspects, such as your present Earthly counterparts (soul-mates), alive on earth in your present time and your reincarnational selves who seem to have gone before. All still live, and there is unnoticed correspondence between all personality aspects across space and time. In a greater sense, you are still in contact with past reincarnational selves that died hundreds of years ago, and with a future self, who in your terms, has not yet been born on the physical planet.

It is true in physical terms, that everyone has to die, but it is also true, that everyone has to live, again. Every death resonates throughout the universe, but so does each new life rising out of the psychic remnants of that death. In that sense, it is impossible to really die. It is possible to exchange physical bodies, but the real you is eternal and indelible in time or out of time, and cannot be found within any physical body.

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