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A Letter to Valerie

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Dear Valerie,

You don't know me, and I don't really know you, but I probably know more about you than you know about me. I am writing to you to offer some information and my wishes for a speedy recovery.

I am almost embarrassed to admit that I seem to be the only person on the planet that has never seen you on television until recently, but my TV experience is somewhat limited and from what I have read about you, you are not only well known, but also well loved by many people.

I have seen you on TV recently in interviews concerning your challenging times with brain cancer and I must admit, I am thoroughly impressed with your outlook and how you are handling yourself during these challenging times both mentally and physically.

I hope I am not sticking my nose into your business, but these matters do concern me and I am hoping that what I say will provide not only you, but others who are going through similar kinds of health experiences, or should I say "lack of health experiences", with knowledge that will bring some greater understanding of the true nature of health in the human body. If I can help only one person through these humble writings, then it is all-worthwhile.

I want to make it clear that I am not a doctor. I have no degrees hanging on my walls and I have no stethoscope hanging around my neck. My medical experience is of a more practical kind, none! In a way my lack of medical credentials allows me the freedom to view reality from a fresh viewpoint not influenced and limited by formal medical education.

Let me emphatically make this statement that I know to be true in all health problems other than ones that you are born with; "THERE IS NO ILLNESS, NO AFFLICTION, NO DISABLILITY that is incurable", or to be more accurate, cannot cure itself, even instantaneously in the blink of an eye under favorable circumstances.

Actually, this process is commonly called spontaneous remission and as you know it happens all of the time. Scientists and doctors cannot explain it since it happens without a pill, potion or removal of an organ. They have yet to understand it happens from within and not from without, but the question then arises; if spontaneous remission is real and if it happens from within, then how can we learn to gain some measure of control over it and rid ourselves of unexplainable and despicable illness?

The processes involved in spontaneous remission are spontaneous and automatic and the more we try to consciously exert influence over them, generally speaking, the further we get away from a satisfactory result. The answer is obviously, you can't control inner processes since they are spontaneous and beyond the reach of the conscious mind, but you can create the conditions where spontaneity can occur naturally.

From what little I have seen of your interviews on television recently, your mental state is exemplary and you are on the right track, other than a few things and they are big ones indeed.

I should mention that the regular use of words like incurable, terminal and fatal, are not only counterproductive, but, are reinforcing whatever condition you may have. This is not some Pollyanna, wishful thinking, mumbo-jumbo new age process of which I speak, but a process that governs the creation of all matter and events in the universe. The slightest thought reinforces that which it thinks about! From this you can gather that what you don't think about, you rob of creative energy and without energy the problem will fade and dissipate.

Scientists already understand that matter is energy and energy is matter, in other words energy creates physical matter. This is a scientifically accepted fact. You are physical matter, energy solidified; hence you are energy in its material form. When there are blockages of the natural flow of creative energy that goes to the creation of the normal, healthy physical body, you end up with distortions and misapplied energy resulting in health problems.

I have no intention here of lecturing or haranguing on concepts that you may or may not agree with, but would simply like to point out a few important points that you may want to consider in your recovery.

There are some people who have learned this secret unconsciously and simply put, they never get sick. If you want to know how balanced a person is psychologically, look for someone who does not experience illness. Any personality, who has a healthy body, has a balanced inner psychological stance and will not need to project an inner psychic imbalance outwardly for recognition. He/She will be naturally healthy.

Under normal circumstances, countless deadly virus live side by side with other harmful organisms within the physical body, living in perfect harmony, and are indeed necessary for the normal bodily functions in the physical world. The source of illness does not lie in lethal little viruses lurking around your body just waiting for the chance to attack and maim or disrupt its functions. They live in harmony and provide you with protections that you are not consciously aware of, unless of course, they run amok.

Your God, whoever that may be, did not apportion out healthy bodies to some and defective bodies to others. In fact, whatever God you believe in, or none, "being judgmental, arbitrary and capricious" are not His, Her or Its characteristics. You are what you are because of you and no other will bear responsibility for your condition, and so you must look for causes in the inner universe of the mind before a cure can be affected on the body. God does not cause, approve of, or use illness as some kind of beacon or punishment for indiscretions.

 When you don't believe in sickness and you don't carry detrimental mental baggage you are essentially immune to illness. Your body, believe it or not, is provided with a foolproof immune system at birth and it is only because of the mental degrading of the natural processes that it lowers its defenses and allows the entrance of these pesky little virus-like bugs or the occurrence of unexplainable accidents.
Of course it is not all that simple, there are many other considerations that cannot be explained in this one article.

I have read that you have had to deal with cancer before, and this indicates that there are hidden inner difficulties that have not been dealt with in the past, that have resurfaced so that they can be discovered and eliminated. All illness is in some way the result of inner conflicts that must be resolved both psychologically and biologically if healing is to occur. There is something in the past that has not been resolved and in this case, that something must lie in the past before the initial signs of the first indication of caner.

Yes, doctors can in many cases help to affect a cure, but if the inner sources of the illness are not discovered and dealt with successfully, then the personality will simply adopt another illness as a replacement.

I want to emphasize that when I speak of mental blockages, I am in no way referring to religious beliefs, moral judgments or anything to do with your ideas of good or bad when I refer to inner imbalance, distortions and discordance.

I refer instead to misconceptions and misunderstandings that have become mentally ingrown to such a state that they spill over from a subjective state into objectivity, that objectivity making itself known as physical illness, and must be first discovered and eliminated internally if any meaningful cure is to be achieved.

You can sacrifice one organ after another, subject yourself to one debilitating chemical or drug-induced treatment after another, but no permanent cure will be achieved if the source problem is not discovered and eliminated.

I will leave you with this thought; there is nothing that cannot be cured, no matter what anyone tells you and there are countless cases where this has proven true throughout history.
What you believe and expect will become real. Your reality rises up out of a bed of your beliefs and expectations.
YOU GET WHAT YOU CONCENTRATE ON,,,,,,,,PERIOD! (And it works equally well for good or bad).
There is no other rule that permeates all reality systems and universes since it is the rule that results in their creation.  
I do wish you a speedy recovery.


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