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Does life really begin at conception as North Dakota Politicians claim?

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Once again your eminently brilliant politicians have exercised their intent to impose their prejudiced, outdated, archaic beliefs on their equally brilliant constituents who elected them, this time passing legislation based on ancient religious myth, superstitions and misconceptions about the nature of life itself by proclaiming that life begins at conception and effectually eliminating any possibility of abortion.

Recently other states have also grappled with this thorny issue that few understand and so, I would like to offer this article to help them get a grip. I am in no way inferring the legitimacy of one belief system over another when it comes to abortion, but if no one ever explains the facts to them, they could conceivably remain forever clueless, and that's not the way reality is supposed to work.

The Creator of All Reality never took in account the existence of politicians and may I also add clergy since they are even worse at perpetuating misleading myth and superstition.

Please understand that I am not saying that these people are totally deprived of all intellectual abilities in the normal sense of the word, but that they are simply ignorant of common spiritual truths that they must eventually become aware of if they are going to experience any meaningful spiritual, emotional and evolutional growth.

I must tell you that this material will be rather difficult for some to understand, but some will grasp it immediately. You do have access to this knowledge, but it lies buried, waiting to be drawn out and utilized. Knowledge is not some dead thing; it migrates to and seeks the inquiring mind that desires to know it.

The case for the skewed argument about abortion stems from the idea that life begins at conception and that simply is not the case. I guess we had better decide on what life is before we continue this discussion. In order to save valuable space, I will just go ahead and tell you what most of you already know, that life begins when consciousness enters the fetus and that time is not at the moment of conception and in fact cannot be pinpointed with any degree of accuracy any more than you can pinpoint the moment of death.

You assign your own arbitrary idea of what is a live human being and what is not, but that does not make it so
In order to get some basic understanding of what life really is, you must understand the difference in what you call living matter and dead matter. Actually there is no dead matter since consciousness exists in even the smallest of the small physical particles that you call atoms, molecules and cells.

Consciousness is an attribute of cellular life (not the phone type) but on the other hand, since consciousness creates cellular life, cellular life is also an attribute of consciousness. Now, I am not inferring that these elementary particles are anything like little people scurrying about within your body or other material, but they do possess a limited generalized kind of consciousness and rudimentary self-awareness. They know of their existence and their abilities and limitations in forming matter.

Cells contain a general overall consciousness, but they also contain limited self-consciousness, or self-awareness. The cooperation of cells as they build and form structures of the physical body, combining their abilities to form ever larger and larger gestalt organizations culminating with what is sometimes referred to as the human subconscious. This is the cumulative generalized consciousness of the atoms, molecules and cells, forming the part of the personality that handles the daily ins and outs of the bodily functions that to you seem automatic, and they are.

The subconscious is necessary for you could not consciously handle the innumerable tasks of the body consciousness such as breathing, the pulsing of the blood through the veins, the functioning of the immune system or even the multitudinous movements of the muscles and ligaments in performing even the simplest of bodily tasks. So the subconscious takes care of all of this without even one conscious thought from you.

There is also an overall directing identity consciousness and this is the consciousness that you are concerned with when it comes to answering the question of when life begins. This is the consciousness that you refer to as the ego consciousness, the consciousness that differentiates between persons and makes Mary Mary and John John. This is the Identity Consciousness that gives identity what you call "Life".

The self directing identity consciousness or as we will call it the "ego consciousness" or the "personality" does not as you think, enter the fetus at conception, since at conception the fetus does not yet exist. After conception, which is an act, not a fate accompli or a done deal at any particular time, but a process in progress, a fetus is formed. All of this is based on a premise that when the first cell of the fetus is formed, you have for all intents and purposes, a live human being, albeit a very small one. The fetus is alive as a result of cellular activity at this point, but it does not necessarily possess identity consciousness.

There is a basic truth here that I will ask you to take for granted, that there is an inner universe where most of this work is done before conception takes place. You or the "soon to be fetus personality" exists as a portion of your Soul/Entity in this inner universe before physical birth. Now, here is another truth that I must ask you to take on faith, there is a part of you that knows things that you don't consciously know.

Your Soul/Entity forms from itself a fragment personality and gives it life! Period! That would be you.
You are then an independent portion of your Soul, given birth into the physical reality system (Earth) for a given time for a given purpose, which we can go into at another time.

It is essential though, for you to understand that you exist as a valid identity long before conception and long before any emergence into the womb of the future mother through the father's sperm. Sperm is the mode of transportation then of the generalized consciousness that will form the bodily structure about it, and then become the subconscious of the personality.

At this point the fetus is conscious, but does not yet possess SELF IDENTITY, so if an abortion were to happen at this point, you would be terminating only "the intent to live".

For there to be a full identity conscious fetus, there must first be the insertion of the Fragmented Entity Directive Consciousness (the Soul Stuff) into the fetus. There is great variance in that precise moment of entry with this "soul stuff" into the newly created fetus that does already posses generalized consciousness from the time of conception. This is a psychic process where the entry of cellular generalized consciousness is a physical process.

That generalized consciousness exists as inherent properties of the cellular construction of the fetus. Remember, atoms, molecules and cells all possess generalized consciousness and so the fetus consciousness is at this point, the aggregate consciousness of the conscious particles that constitute its growing physical body.

There is of course, a great difference in the quality and focus of generalized consciousness and self aware, directing kind of entity consciousness that is the real carrier of identity.

 Generalized consciousness is not to any great degree self-aware. That does not mean that it cannot expand in awareness over time, but for our discussion, at the time of conception it is not "self-aware" consciousness. It is conscious, or should I say it is subconscious.

The generalized consciousness that is present at the time of conception could be best described as "cellular consciousness". Cellular consciousness is present in all physical matter and actually is seen in the similar generalized consciousness of atoms and molecules, and incidentally also present in the smaller particles that make up the atom.

Consciousness is then present in all physical matter, and for those of you who will surely ask the question, yes, all matter has consciousness and so we can extrapolate that a rock is also conscious on quite another level than human consciousness. You can then rightly say that anything that you can see is conscious to a degree. What you call the unconscious is conscious and in your terms, nothing is truly unconscious.

And so it goes with generalized cellular consciousness. The world possesses consciousness and so does the universe also possess consciousness. As an aside, if you truly understood the implications of that statement, you wouldn't flinch when I told that the stars that you observe in the heavens are another kind of massive conscious action gestalt on quite another scale than your own.

What you see of the universe is only what your type of consciousness can make of these larger intellectual organizations of identity as they impinge into your physical reality system. You only see the portion of the total universe that your limited perceptive faculties allow you to see.

The self-aware ego consciousness that will enter the fetus is a portion of the soul/entity given its own individuality and identity and will at some point enter the newly forming fetus. At the point this soul/entity-derived conscious identity then, takes its place along with the generalized cellular body consciousness that is already present and begins to direct the activities of the fetus and oversees the accretion and growth of the new physical body. Now we have a true whole human personality.

In a small diversion here I want to point out that in a very true sense of the word parents, you actually have two sets of parents, one physical and one psychic, and both are required for you to end up with a viable little person emerging on the physical scene through the birth process. The psychic portion comes directly from the Soul/Entity and without this portion; you will never have a viable human baby.

As you should realize by now, the entity gains entrance to the physical world the only way it can, by impressing itself through the introduction of the sperm and this results in the biological portion of the fetus. This serves as the entry point for the generalized consciousness, the more specific, self-aware consciousness enters later at a time of it's choosing and it is important to know that time is arbitrary, depending on the inclinations of the entity and the new personality.

The psychic portion of the entity, carrying the true identity, gains entrance by what could be called a very specifically directed psychic osmosis and this occurs at varying times within the nine-month gestation period. This is the portion of your consciousness that you will call the "EGO" and this is the portion of your identity that will reincarnate, and live many lives as many Johns, Marys, Marks and Carols.

No two personalities enter the waiting fetus at the same time, so it is as impossible to indicate a time of arrival, as it is to indicate the time of departure, or what you call death. The identity consciousness can enter the fetus shortly after conception or can linger until the actual physical birth, its all a matter of preference, but it must be present at birth.

The biological portions of consciousness inherent in the physical body will eventually be returned to the earth in one way or another upon dissolution of the physical body and will provide the building blocks for other future materializations again and again. During life your cells cooperate to create your physical image (your body). Upon death, the cooperation ends and the cells no longer create the physical image and it returns to the earth. They will live again, but so will you. It is ironic that the cells are more secure about their indestructibility than you are.

You should understand that the fetus does not become a real person until the real identity is seated in the small physical body. Until that time it is simply conscious material awaiting the arrival of its true identity. This is in no way meant to degrade the quality of the fetus still devoid of the directing soul consciousness, but to point out that what appears through ultrasonic diagnosis of what seems to be a viable fetus does not tell the entire tale of the "Life Quality" that must be present to indicate what you call human LIFE is present.

A fetus can exist in a perfectly appearing physical body without the supporting quality you call self-conscious life. That does not make it any less precious, but it cannot live without this soul directive consciousness for any length of time. A fetus that the soul/entity consciousness has not entered for one reason or another will be stillborn or die shortly after birth.

In times of overpopulation this is what happens with conscious intent by the entity. The soul/entity, or should I say souls/entities, plural, since there are many, will simply refuse to introduce the identity consciousness and fetuses will abort or be stillborn.

In other words, that which is ALIVE cannot exist for long without the supporting psychic portion of the identity. The identity that may be aborted for one reason or another is the durable portion of the living being and once created, it is eternally indelible and its mark is forever imprinted on the universe. It knows that it will live again.

I realize this material is very difficult and hard to understand and for that I apologize, but I never said that the true nature of reality was simple, and that is precisely why so many people have been mired for centuries in the distorted mass held and accepted beliefs that still prevails today.

Is abortion really murder? You now have some information to help you make that decision but I would not want to be in the position myself to have to make that kind of judgment. An aborted fetus will make another attempt at life until it succeeds, it will not be denied. In the case of any kind of killing, it is not the "one killed" who suffers most but the one responsible for the killing. Anyone who kills another kills part of himself or herself in the process.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. Your article clarified that “EGO will reincarnate”
What happens to the SOUL after death? And what happens to its relationship with EGO?
Does EGO and SOUL enter the fetus at the same time?

W. Allan said...

The ego is the physical representation of the soul while it is materialized in the Earth Realty System. The soul creates a splinter portion of itself into a separate, independent personality (ego) and sets it free in the physical reality system.
When you are living, you are a representative of your soul and will upon death, return to it.

Not all of the Soul can be materialized, so a portion of the soul is never apparent in the physical world.

The soul stuff is infused with the ego personality while it inhabits a physical body. The soul enters the fetus by diffusing a portion of itself and entering the physical plane through the sperm.

During the physical life, you could say that the soul infused personality (ego) become one.

Upon death, a process of dissolution happens and the ego exits from the physical body and returns to the real environment of the soul, where it will make future plans for a new life.

Specifically, ego and a portion of the soul enter the fetus simultaneously and depart the same way.