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Did you ever notice how sometimes life seems to come at you like a sledgehammer, constantly knocking you down every time you get up and finally feel like you're beginning to get it? When you look around, you see countless people that seem to get all of the good stuff. They may seem to have money thrown at them for reasons that you find hard to understand, since some of these people would seem to be the most superficial and undeserving, certainly not amongst the huddled masses for whom life is a constant struggle.

Some others are blessed with good health and there are many who have never been to a doctor, not because they have some ingrown hatred for the medical profession, but because it just never occurred to them that someone else could affect a cure better than the human body itself.

As you may suspect, we are dealing here with a multi-faceted problem and what you perceive does indeed hold some quite apparent truths, the overriding one being that life doesn't seem fair. That is a misunderstanding, since life is indeed fair, or as fair as it can be understanding that everyone doesn't come into the game with the same psychological and mental equipment or knowledge or in some cases, the same baggage. In short, the playing field isn't the same for everybody just entering the game of life.

There is one thing for sure, there are reasons behind everything, and as you have heard before, I am sure, that there truly are no accidents in all of reality. This will be hard to understand, and I know you will say, "Why would I purposely inflict such pain and misfortune on myself?"

It will never be fully understood until you realize that life is the result of your finely tuned perceptions, and your personal perception is prejudiced to say the least. You actually create your reality using your beliefs, thoughts, desires, emotions and expectations, but without your perceptions they would never become real. A beautiful flower is not real to someone who is blind and has no sense of smell. The flower is of course, real to itself.

One thing you can rest assured of is that you live multiple lives affording multiple learning opportunities, and through those lives you accumulate knowledge, or at least you are supposed to. You do not enter your present life with a blank slate to be written upon with present life experience alone.

You could say that each life is a further extension of a previous life experience, with a rest period in between, this amounts to what is called reincarnation and evolution. Each life then adds to your totality of experience over time until you have learned all you need to learn and move beyond the Earth reality system into more challenging opportunities. (What at this point you would be inclined to label "experience in alien worlds".

The physical body does not evolve, although this is not obvious to the Darwinian aficionados who are locked into believing in a concept that holds no water. Physical bodies simply do not evolve, but consciousness does. Consciousness evolves first and then creates the appropriate body, which serves its purpose only for a limited time. We have not discussed that to any great degree, but you can rest assured I would not make that statement if I did not intend to defend it later in our articles.

You are seeking value satisfaction while here on earth, learning to focus and manipulate physical matter into a positive reality for your learning experience, and as you learn so does your soul learn. You, and other personalities like you, are in fact, the only way that your soul can experience the "Earth" physical reality system.

Complete Souls, or as I prefer to call them, Entities, simply could never be contained in one physical body, so it does the next best thing; it creates from itself splinter or fragment personalities, sectioning off a portion of itself, which it then projects into a realty system of its choice, in your case Earth in the 21st century. It could have chosen Earth in the year1940 if something could be gained from a different time period. All time periods exist in the now.

Your soul/entity chooses the particular system to best suit its needs and the needs of its personalities, and that can sometimes result in an especially challenging life for some and a relatively pleasurable, non-confrontational life for others. You should bear in mind that the Soul/Entity is not a finished thing; it is still learning and growing, as are you, so occasionally there will be distortions and slip-ups.

And you should remember this, within a series of earthly lives; everything will eventually be evened out, all experiences tasted and all debts paid. So, if this life is an exceptionally trying one, the next will more than likely be one of a more leisurely and problem free experience.

I want to start alternating the term Entity with Soul, mainly because of the religious connotations placed on the term Soul. The Entity is all and more than Soul without the religious dogmatism that sometimes blocks true understanding because of past religious superstitions, rituals, myth and symbolic mumbo-jumbo associated with organizationally imposed beliefs.

I also sometimes alternate the capitalization of the terms Soul and Entity, since both have abilities and characteristics far exceeding any you attribute to any god figure regardless of religious persuasion. For those of you who still believe that God Himself created you, the planet and the universe, you are partially right, but on the other hand, you are far off course.

Your Entity/Soul specifically created you and all other Earth concerned Entities created all other earthly personalities since the beginning of time, as you know it. God, as you imagine Him has so long ago evolved out of touch with elementary reality systems, that any kind of realistic contact is impossible, but contact is possible through lesser entities and their personalities.

As most of my readers know by now, the commonly held idea of a god figure sitting somewhere Up There on a cloud, on a planet or perhaps even straddling a comet is just plain hogwash and needs to be discarded into the cosmic trash heap of outdated moronic concepts that make no sense to the intellect and especially to your intuitive senses. You have long ago understood that these are nothing more than ancient primitive myths and superstitions still followed by those with limited intellect and understanding.

I don't want to get entangled with the god concept here since it really has nothing much to do with what I wanted to discuss. I have mentioned before that God is not a personality, not a superhuman being of some kind, but a Divine Process, an Energy Essence Personality of the highest order, the One Prime Source.

Everything That Is exists as a portion of that One Energy Source, and so you and every other living thing carries a spark of that Original Source of All That Is. You are yourself not divine in the usual sense, but you are certainly of Divine Origin and each living personality or entity carries within its spiritual and biological reality a sense of that Divine Origin. (But so do the animals, plants and nature itself.) Many of you already knew that.

To put it in another context, God, All That Is, The Universe, The Prime Source and Universal Energy are one and the same and one cannot be separated from the other. Entities abilities and characteristics would dwarf those of any imagined God of your religions. Entities create reality systems, but so do you; Entities create people, animals and the natural environment, but so do you unknowingly create other living things in proportion to your abilities. The main difference is that Entities know what they are doing and you don't.

Entities live forever, but so do you. Put quite simply, you are more than you ever suspected you are and the one God that you limited to one paltry universe, has subsequently created countless, planes, universes and reality systems beyond the furthest reaches of your perceivable universe and within even your own planet.

Entities do not personally face physical reality challenges, but they do face challenges at their own level of experience, and that level is beyond anything you can imagine. Entities also create personalities such as you with specific earthly challenges in mind, and it is through you that the entity creates its own challenges and experiences its own taste of your physical reality system.

You do the same thing when you create your dreaming self in your dream dramas and work out problems in advance of materializing them in the physical world. When you withdraw from the dream world upon waking, you do so only for yourself, for the dream world continues on and the dreaming self that you gave life to on that level continues on with its own dramas, and it too creates other life essences on other levels. It truly is endless. Nothing once created can ever cease to exist; it will change form, but will be eternal.

The Entity is not able to materialize itself in the somewhat limited physical world, so it fragments and sends a portion of itself into your system and into others, all simultaneously, and is able to keep track of its many self-creations quite nicely.

These other self-creations are of course, other materializations of other aspects of YOUR personality. They are the other YOUS that you sometimes catch glimpses of in your dreams, hunches or vague subconscious inclinations. They live as you live, only in other reality systems unperceivable by you, but not totally isolated from you and limited contact is sometimes possible.

These are the other selves of whom I have spoke in past articles, your simultaneous selves (soul mate selves), and those other versions of you who are alive in your time period somewhere on your earth. Other living aspects of your personality include your parallel selves living in parallel worlds, reincarnational selves, past, present and future versions of yourself existing in other time periods of your historical past.

There are also your probable selves living on probable Earths, experiencing the other side of events that you choose not to experience yourself. No possible event goes un-experienced; your entity will make sure of that. Last but not least, your anti-matter self who is pretty much forever out of contact with your world, since the negative universe in which it resides does not exist when yours does, and visa-versa.

So one might question, what has all of this to do with the original premise of this article; but unless you at least have some rudimentary understanding of the nature of the Entity and your greater self, you will not understand why some people have such dire expeperiences in life and others seem to be sailing with the wind at their back.

Having said all of that I will now get to the main point of this article.
As most of my readers now understand that the Entity, Soul or God Himself does not exist in the physical universe, but in an inner universe that is the source of all reality systems. The Entity, Soul or God cannot be perceived with your limited "earth tuned" senses, but in their own dimension, the entity and soul do have a definite image, but it is not composed of physical matter as you might expect.

You would probably want to call it a dream-like image, as acute and vivid as your own, and would be quite mistakable for a physical body unless you would try and touch it and then you would know that you were dealing with something quite invisible to your perceptions.

I usually differentiate between Souls as being the junior partner of the big brother Entity, which is Soul existing at a higher level of development. It really makes no difference, since technically speaking, all independent personalities including yourself are truly entities in your own right, and as with all entities, your existence is eternal and your possibilities of future development are truly unlimited.

Your only limitations are the ones you self-impose on yourself. That is why it is important to learn of these matters if you are to take advantage of your birthright and heritage as a citizen of the universe and beyond.
The Entity is not in direct contact with it's personalities while they are living out their lives in various reality systems, but through the personalities subconscious in what could be called a bleed-through, when on occasion you experience a hunch or premonition.

The experience of a future personality life-theme is pre-planned to a certain extent before birth, leaving room for improvisation and changes, but in some very important ways, its course is set before it is born into the Earth Reality System. There is always purpose to any life and no one lives without purpose, although it may be difficult at times to discover that purpose.

Arrangements are made about future life challenges and goals sometimes even before the future parents have met. Plans are laid between the Entity and its future Personality before entrance into the Earth system through physical birth.

These pre-arrangements are in no way to be construed as "pre-destination" since new probabilities are always making themselves known and sometimes a total about face in life goals takes place due to some intense illumination. In these cases, pre existing plans will be set aside for future lives.
There certainly is no shortage of future lives and certainly no shortage of time in which to learn the necessary lessons for yourself and your entity.

There are then cycles of lives and the personality or identity makes its own choices about future lives and in cases where a very difficult life with much hardship and very possibly some failures that were not addressed or at least attempted, a more pleasurable life will be planned for a follow up. It is important to understand that problems and challenges are supposed to be solved and corrected and in the long run, failure is not really failure since important lessons are learned from any experience whether you consider it bad or good, and you have as much time as you need.

In many of these cases, from the outside it may seem like these individuals lead a charmed life, but it is charmed only to the extent that they earned it, or that they will experience a follow-up life of intense challenges and problems to be solved. Although it may not seem to be the case, but lives are planned in advance of being born. Your entity will see that all things are evened-out in the long run.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this interesting article. Please explain the source of anger/rage in human beings. What characteristic differences are between entity, soul, and ego?

W. Allan said...

Thanks for the questions.
Anger in humans is caused by fear and fear is usually the result of lack of sufficient knowledge. The characteristic differences between entity, soul and ego are as follows; ego is the human manifestation of the entity on the earth plane for the purpose of obtaining experience.

If the entity has excess energy from creating an earth personality, he will create other personalities in other systems until he can handle no more.

You might say, and this is not the best way to say it, but the entity is greedy for experience in as many systems, through as many personality manifestations as it can manage at the time.

The ego is one personality manifestation of the entity. The Soul would be positioned between the ego subconscious and the entity. All are evolving, and the ego and soul contain all of the abilities of the entity, but you must evolve and grow into understanding and usage of those abilities.

There are no limitations and an earth personality such as you and I, can, and some do evolve into entities. Entities are comparable to really, really smart, evolved people on a much higher plane of existence with more advanced purposes.

There are then entities of god-like abilities whose realities are composed of countless other lesser entities, souls and personalities.

Everyone, egos, souls and other entities are all a portion of something greater until you reach the ultimate,,,,,,,,,,and that is All That Is

Anonymous said...

What really intrigued me about this article was when you pointed out that all time periods exist in the NOW. Hypothetically speaking, would that mean that I would get to experience what life was like say in the 1980's in the next life while creating my new life dramas in that time period? Do I really have free will when determining everything I wish to experience, or are some of them chosen for me by my higher self?

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
All time periods do exist in the expanded present, the NOW, but for practical purposes YOU, having begun your reincarnational cycle of lives, are required to experience lives in a sequential order, maintaining a certain continuity of experience from one life to another. Since past life memories are retained, an out-of-time-sequence would be confusing to the the personality.

New entries into the earth reaincarnational system could enter the system during any time period that the whole self/soul/entity felt best suited its overall purposes. For instance if the entity desired to experience the "flowering of the arts", it may choose to enter the system during the Renaissance Period.

The higher self makes its choices and the entity usually does not force its choices on the personality. If you make bad choices, you still learn from them, and that's the purpose.
In a very true sense, you really do not have full choice since your belief structure pretty much limits the type of experience you will consider.

Your beliefs act as fences along life's road, that keeps you on the path that is defined by those beliefs,

Other than that, you are free to choose to experience anything that falls into your probability choices available. Some events then, are more probable for you than others and psychically they are closer to physical materialization.
Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

So, are you saying that once I finish my reincarnation cycle I would be able to experience lives in a non-sequential manner depending on what universe I live in?

W. Allan said...

This is really difficult to explain in a way that it can be understood. When you are finished with your reincarnational cycle of earth lives you will have future options available to you for your next lives in other dimensions.

One of those options will be to focus on one past life and experience it fully again, making adjustments, correcting past mistakes, making things right that you got wrong the first time.

People who are perfectionists find this option appealing. Usually the personality chooses his immediate past life. If you make this choice, you are creating thought form images and any past friends to experience them with you.

You must understand that in a way, all lives are psychic dramas and they all exist in the expanded present. What you call your current physical life is simply the one that you choose to materialize in the physical world utilizing an overlay of atomic structure to create a material body.

Another option is to enter a probable system, where all events are simultaneous, where you could for instance choose to select one important event in your past life and follow that one event in all of its possible future ramifications in a spontaneous manner, with no time involved.
Too involved to explain in any detail here,

Natsu said...

I get what you're saying! I sincerely appreciate you answering all my questions! I have been getting into your blogs lately since I've questioning reality a lot lately!