Thursday, January 8, 2009


You all have your favorite memories of past events. Have you ever noticed that when you discuss some of those past events with others connected with you and those particular occurrences, you sometimes have differing views of exactly what really happened in those past times? You then, sometimes rationalize away those different memories of the past by saying that your memories of those events is simply flawed or faded, assuming the concrete nature of those events is completed and done, then categorized and securely tucked away in your memories.

Some of those events that you are most fond of can still be recalled and reacted to in your present and sometimes that reaction will be as strong as your reaction to any present event and maybe even stronger. This should be a clue to you that the past still exists in more than a memory or symbolic nature. The past is indeed as alive and vibrant today as is the present, you just don’t have the ability to collect, retain and perceive such a large amount of stimuli in one present, so your perceptions make an arbitrary division, separating the present from the past. Other more advanced personalities in other systems, have that ability, and can for all intents and purposes, perceive and react to a much larger amount of data, experiencing the past and present and even future as one far more expansive present. What really separates the past from the present is your limited perception, your lack of ability to perceive larger amounts of data,

Even some plants and animals in your world experience the present in much different time terms than you. They are not hampered by the necessary intent focus of an ego oriented consciousness, so in the experience of trees for example, the present moment is experienced as what would be considered as one hundred years, past, present and future all inclusive. In that sense, a tree can see more of reality than you, viewing not only backwards but also forwards beyond the event horizon into the future, and in that respect a tree can actually see beyond its future demise at the wrong end of a chain saw. It does not fear for its life as you might do because it understands life continues, even for trees.

Everyone in your world today experiences the present in different doses, so to speak, recognizing larger or lesser amounts of experience as the present moment. This has to do with the need of the ego to admit only what it can objectify and understand of physical reality and the relative spiritual and mental abilities of the individual personality. Now, here is the thing that is hard for many to understand, the ego does not like to recognize data that it considers subjective, originating from other than physical sources, so it shunts much of such data aside, jealous for its own ability to steer the identity safely through physical stimuli of earthly reality.

The ego usually deals only with the present, what it doesn’t understand is that the past still exists just as solid and concrete as the present, but since you experience events in a linear time sequence, one following another, you have to let the past go in order to concentrate your attention on the present. The past doesn’t go anywhere, you do. In your time sequenced reality, one event must knock the other aside in order to perceive the next event. The structure and validity of the past is in no way negated because of these requirements. It still exists just as real as the present and it is possible to react to past events just as you now react to present events.

The past exists as electromagnetic connections within the human brain; it also exists as electromagnetic connections within the non-physical mind in precisely the same way. The present is also embedded as electromagnetic connections within the brain and mind. Basically, they both exist in exactly the same way with exactly the same characteristics. There is no inherent difference between past and present. Your lack of perception is the only thing separating what you label as the past from what you label as the present and the division is arbitrary at best and differs among personalities. These electromagnetic connections are the only true reality that can be assigned to either past, present and future. Your perceptions create the reality which is then experienced and recorded as electromagnetic data within both brain and mind. Solid is solid whether exists in past, present or future, and as you know, solidity is tenuous at best.

When you die, the mind takes over as the sole repository for all of this data once carried by the physical brain, and therefore memories are never lost whether you are in a physical body or not in a physical body. In other words, you and all of your past experience is indelibly recorded and imprinted in this electromagnetic data carried by the non physical mind. It is indelible, but it can be altered and manipulated. In terms of time experienced through many lives, some of the more insignificant data will be left by the wayside, but your memories of the more important events and the most important people in all lives will be retained, in your time perspective, forever.

Now, I realize that these concepts are very rich and will be difficult for many to grasp but as I said in the beginning, I will not water them down or dilute them beyond recognition for the sake of simplicity. Many of you have been coddled most of your lives, content with simple children’s tales of beginnings and endings, so I need not go there. Here IS what is important about this material, you need not believe in what I say from here on in order for the following suggestions to work for you. You just have to apply them, give them a little time and you will begin to notice positive results. The past is always changing whether you notice it or not.

You have all at one time or another sensed that the past you remember today is not exactly the same as the past that you remembered even a few years ago. You assume this is because of faulty or lapse of memory, when it really that the past has actually changed. Every time you meet someone new, any new experience, a new event, the electromagnetic data that represents your past, leaks back into the past, deletes, alters and changes some of those past connections. You do it automatically, whether you know it or not. To you, the event is forgotten, in the electromagnetic language of the mind, the event has been deleted and no longer exists in either past of present. Just as one event can be deleted from the actual past, so can existing past events be manipulated, and changed to serve your purposes.

Accepting for the moment that what I say here is true, that the past still exists, and not just symbolically, but is still malleable, you can then easily see how by changing and rearranging a past event in your mind, you can bring about changes in your present, thereby affecting your future. Here is how it is done from the perspective of your present moment. Consider what you would like to change in your life realizing that all possible versions of the past event that brought about the condition that you want to change, still exists in electromagnetic coded reality today. It has not dissipated or disappeared. You chose from a limitless selection of versions of one past event, one version to actualize into your present life, and the version that you chose didn’t work out like you wanted, or it brought about less than satisfactory results.

This can be a fun experience if you play the game right. Remember that although you may say that the past is not solid, may I remind you that your present is not solid either, it just appears that way to you. A visitor from another system of reality would see nothing but a barren planet.

Think about how many times you have said, “I wish I hadn’t done that” or “I wish I had not gone there”, see what I mean? Mentally locate the past event that triggered all that followed that brought you to the point in the present that you want to change. Then select another different alternate past version of that event, insert it into your memory of the original past event, and imagine that at that this time, you made a different choice, imagine that new choice as realistically as you can, replacing the old version of the event in your mind and follow that choice through to the present and this time imagine that you created a new and different outcome with a more favorable result.

You only need to imagine this newly changed reality for a brief period (No more than 5 minutes) every day. It is important that you do not overdue it, lest you begin thinking that it’s not working.

At every juncture in your life, you are faced with making decisions about what course of action you will take. Every potential event in your life has many probable avenues or roads that you can take. You choose which of those paths to follow, which event to actualize in your present life. The other events that you do not choose to actualize, still exist just as real as the one you chose, they simply exist psychologically as valid as the one you chose to experience in a concrete, physical experience. That past event that you did not choose still retains its reality in electromagnetic data and still exerts a certain psychic pressure pushing you along to the most likely future event.

If you mentally reach back into the past and select one of the probable events that you did not originally choose, this new past event thereby will begin to exert its own pressures on your NOW, your present, thereby making changes in the electromagnetic reality from which your present is actualized. You cannot obviously totally change your present using this method, but the fact that you choose a new past probability to concentrate your attention on, will change the overtones, the shades of your present reality and that of course will then begin to affect your future choices. Those future events that you choose will then lean toward aspects of your new choice of a different probable past. One affects each other.

I am well aware that these concepts are difficult, but they are the way reality is formed and by addressing them now and trying to understand, you will being to take positive conscious action in forming a new and fruitful life more like you want. I told you before that the true nature of reality was not simple, and it isn’t, but it is part of what you are. I understand that “probabilities” are hard to grasp, but I will be talking in depth about them more and more as we go along. The ramifications of probabilities are truly astounding and since your world is only solid in appearances, it is malleable and changeable to a certain extent. Understanding this gives you a real opportunity to begin to take control of your life. Now, you create it unconsciously, but by utilizing some of the techniques we speak about here, you can begin to create more effectively what you want.

Finally, I told you that your past choices exert a psychic pressure on your present choices of which events you want to activate in your life by pushing you forward, urging you along certain pathways into which choices you make for your present reality, but here is something I have not told you; your probable choices of future events exert just as much pressure reaching backward into your present, pulling you forward along certain paths, thereby influencing what choices you make in selecting future events in your life. You can assume I am talking about simultaneous past, present and future and indeed, all exist in an expanded present in the inner prime reality of which I have mentioned before.

You can in many ways, practically avail yourself of these inner quirks of time by manipulating your past to create a better and more beneficial present and future. But first you must understand the potential that lies within.


Anonymous said...

Hi William:

In furthering a conversation that we've been having in the Psychics entry (I know, I'm entry hopping), I'm seeing more detail to a response that you gave to me in the comments section of the Psychics entry and this entry expands that concept more fully.

I also think that there's a reason why we made the choices we made in the past. That reason may be a necessary lesson to our "selves". Perhaps, our wisdom on a soul level knows what is needed for us to learn certain valuable lessons and at the time, the choice was one that was even perhaps, regretful in our present, it has served a purpose IF we are to look at what can be learned from it.

Of course, as you've said, we do tend to alter our pasts unconsciously on a regular basis to suit purposes in our present. Sometimes, it's for the good and sometimes, it hampers us greatly in both or present and our future.

I think it can be a slippery slope for some who don't possess the understanding of how altering the past (mentally/electromagnetic data)can adversely affect our present and our future.

Take for example, a serial killer. He/she can go back to their pasts mentally and try to alter their present of being guilty of those crimes by altering the reality within himself that he committed those murders and made another choice instead. In this example, his reality change can't change the reality (for others) of his choices. Of course, I'm sure that this is not the type of altering that you are referring to but, it's an example of how one could perceive that concept.

There's a necessary lesson that we all need to learn from certain choices that we've made and perhaps, we made those choices on some past unconscious memory level for those choices. Do we know for sure? Perhaps, our presents need to be as they are as they are still part of an ongoing lesson?

Just some thoughts on this as I'm continuing to think and hopefully discuss along with you. :)


W. Allan said...

You make some good points, and you are correct, my inference in this article was that the past actually still exists as electromagnetic coded data in the physical brain and mind, and that it can indeed be manipulated, and this mental manipulation of stored "past" data will have a ripple effect, forward in time terms to cast it's shadow over present events that will in turn, to some extent, influence the materialization of future events.
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Fevie said...

Excellent article...absolutely excellent

Anonymous said...

are you telling me that with your method i can go back to past events and change it

example, by manipulating the event in my mind it would have a ripple of effect of the present: say if someone died and in my mind i stop them, but the event once i manipulated it in my mind, in the present that person will still be alive?

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
You are on the right track with the term "ripple effect". The past, present and future all exist as electrically coded data in the brain and mind, and in that sense the past is no more dead than the present. The past, present and future ripple out in all directions like the ripples on a pond. Keep in mind, you create your own reality and where your reality (life) intersects with other people, your actions will have effect on YOUR life only. So, if you go back in your memory and access the data of a past event, purposely remembering and changing the outcome in your mind, the data then changes and influences how the present unfolds and ripples into the future affecting events that are still plastic and manipulatable. The past influences the present, but the past is coded data, so if you change the data, you will change the present to a certain extent and thereby change the future. None of this is easy, but I have found that if you try and remember, it's all about mental manipulation of past coded data that will eventually be projected into the future. You cannot affect someone else's reality (life). Reality is simply your prejudiced choices of probable futures. How you manipulate the past influences your choices of future events.
Thank you for the insightful comment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Allan,

If I altered a past event mentally, do all the people present at that moment (past) also view altered version of my past.