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Recently on her program, Oprah Winfrey was discussing abuse of animals when a caller asked her about the morality of how we keep, raise and kill domestic farm animals like chickens, cows, sheep and others. Oprah answered that the bible says that we have dominion over the animals, inferring that in that it is OK to continue to do what we are doing because the Bible clearly states that it is our God given right. The word “dominion” as defined is to hold dominion over, to exercise supreme authority, to hold power and control over and to dominate another. This is a subject that I am sure many have wondered about, and it is not an easy subject to explain because we must explain it in light of the evolution of your civilization from the beginning, but we will try to make it make some sense of it.

First of all let me explain that killing of another species and killing of one of your own can never be justified in the overall scheme of things. One species was never given the right to dominate another, and if you consider that all species including the human species, came from the same source, then it will become evident to you that one is not better than another, and all have the same rights to exist. But, it is the way your civilization developed and in light of that, all life forms were in agreement with that arrangement or it would not have evolved that way.

There is no such thing as pre-destination and no set way that a civilization must develop from its beginning. No two worlds are alike and your world is unique, unlike any other. Probabilities exist for both individual personalities and for civilizations, meaning that there are a multitude of possible or probable avenues for civilizations to follow as they evolve and develop and there is no right or wrong way. I have said before that the inhabitants of any particular system/world create the reality of their system by the choices that they make along the way. There are other probable civilizations similar to yours that evolved along different lines and were never meat eaters.

Within the scope of developing as your system did, with both animals and humans living side by side in the natural environment, unconsciously, out of need, they developed the predator and prey method of providing a source for food. This did not happen immediately in the beginning because the first living matter introduced on your planet was of course plants, which in terms of time, were given millions of years to fully develop before animals were introduced. Animals were introduced when the plants had diversified enough to provide a substantial and sustainable food source for the coming of the myriad of species of insects, fish, birds and other animals.

As animals were introduced on your planet, they evolved not only eating plants, but also killing and eating other more vulnerable species. Your world was not always like it is today. The first animals existed in a more flexible type of natural environment since the atmosphere was more buoyant, even ebullient in those early times, the images, having recently emerged from a previous subjective state, vacillated back and forth between an ethereal like subjective reality and an ever increasing more solid appearing objective reality.

As centuries passed, the animals became more comfortable with their physical bodies, learning to manipulate their recently acquired physical forms, and spent less and less time reverting back to the relative safety of their dream like subjective roots. In other words, the first inhabitants of your planet, plants first, then animals and finally man, began their earthly existence having subjective forms learning how, over the centuries, to accumulate physical mass and finally become physical, to acclimate to day and night, feeling for the first time the ponderous, drag effects of gravity on their new physical forms.

At first their state of being was more like the reverse of what it is now. The predator and prey alike operated in a dream like state, their images were in a way at times almost transparent as they began to acclimate and learn to manipulate their new more solid physical bodies. The predator killed and devoured his prey, but they could clearly see that the physical death that was inflicted upon the prey, did not in any way end the life force as a killed dear’s astral image could quite easily be seen as it pranced away from the death scene, to be reborn another day. There was also an inner sense of morality between predator and prey and both sensed that in another day and time, the roles would be reversed and today’s prey would become tomorrow’s predator.

There was and there still is nothing inherently wrong with killing another species in your reality if you must do so to eat and survive, but it works both ways and mankind has no exclusive right to the killing of animals; an animal killing and eating a human being is just as morally correct as a human killing and eating an animal. We are talking here about killing out of need, not out of spite or for sport. The animals knew and still know that there is an exchange of life force involved here and it is entirely true that when you kill something or someone, you are killing a bit of yourself and you become less because of the killing. Needless to say, hunting as a sport, teaching children to hunt and kill as a sport is a primary violation and permeates all species in all realities.

The other aspect here is the raising of farm animals for consumption. As I have alluded to before, no event, not even the accepted practice of raising and killing of domestic animals for consumption, is a practice that has at least a tacit agreement between farmer and his animals. There is here too, an exchange, where the animals are raised, fed and cared for during a certain period of their lives, unconsciously understanding that their flesh will be used for the continuation of another species. This is not the best way your system could have evolved, but everything changes, and the probability exists that you will learn that all life is precious and the race of man will learn to synthesize foods in the future and you will no longer need to kill to eat meat to survive.

So if you run into Oprah at the supermarket, tell her that regardless of what she has read or been taught, the human species was never given any right to hold dominion over or dominate or abuse another species, but to the contrary, you were given the responsibility to care for them. Mankind is the thinking part of nature and with that awesome ability, you also carry the burden of thinking not only for yourselves, but for all aspects of living creatures, to preserve them in any way you can and honor their right to live their own lives without being killed and eaten.

Remember, you cannot kill consciousness, so although you may kill off a physical body of human or animal, you simply have brought about a change of form, and your conscious perceptions cannot yet follow the continuation of life that results.

As an aside, new species are still being introduced to your system today, but you think they are simply newly discovered but long existing species, not recognizing the significance of the emergence of new life forms.. Your world is constantly being added to, and you, through the relentless expansion of your civilizations, are removing many species through pollution and destruction of their habitat. The good news is that it is utterly impossible for you to actually extinct anything, let alone any species. A species that becomes extinct within your system will emerge in another suitable “probable system” where the conditions prevail that will offer the necessary platform for a full and fruitful existence. I am aware that we have not yet discussed probable actions and probable worlds, but for now I will ask you to assume that they do indeed exist. In a very true way, reality is so rich and pervasive that all possible actions and events that are not actualized in your system will be actualized in other probable systems.

Species that do not make it in your world in your time, for any reason, will still exist in codified electromagnetic energy patterns and held in abeyance until the circumstances are right for their re-appearance in another system. It is entirely possible that they could reappear within your own world when the possibilities for their value fulfillment are more secure. Yours is not the only species that requires satisfactions and enjoyment.

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