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Every man and woman contemplates at one time or another where they actually came from and why they were seemingly thrust into world with precious few answers about their origins and purpose for their life. It can be a lonely universe at times as you gaze into the vast expanse of the night sky, viewing countless galaxies, stars, comets and other prhnomonen, wondering where you fit in. One of my purposes in writing these articles is to clear up some of the misunderstandings and try to pare down some of the very difficult concepts so they can be clearly understood by everyone who even has a spark of curiosity in their bones. In order to do this, I will begin before the beginning in your terms, not the beginning of the universe, but the beginning of you.

To get any real feeling of this we must understand a few fundamentals about energy and the soul. The energy of the universe that we so often speak of is pervasive, it is everywhere and everything that exists is the result of this generalized universal energy. The soul however is a somewhat different kind of energy; it is a potent, concentrated and individualized energy essence that is aware of its being as an identity. The soul, any soul, no matter how developed, is a concentrated gestalt of energy in motion, action enfolding back on itself, resulting in the recognition of identity, an identity that is immortal in your terms, which can never be diminished, destroyed or annihilated. You are part of your soul that has created you with your own independent and individual identity, for the purpose of reality exploration in one of many purposeful systems/worlds, and the characteristics of your soul are also your characteristics, your birthright as well.

The soul itself cannot fully materialize itself in any system other than in its own prime reality. The power of the soul simply could not be materialized in a physical body, since it would overwhelm any one identity. So it does the next best thing, it separates small portions of itself, giving it individual identity, then projects it into any one of many possible worlds in order to achieve a new kind of experience not otherwise available in non-physical, basic, prime reality. In essence, the soul fragments itself, but in so doing, it gains in the process and is not itself diminished in the process. Your individuality was created as the soul partitioned a small portion of itself to create a new personality. This was not done unbeknownst to you, but with your full consent and agreement, both you and your soul seeking new experience, in other words, you were a full participant from the beginning. The soul partitions itself, but does not become less as a result since his energy is self perpetuating and as energy is expended, it is instantly replaced and increased. So the soul loses nothing as far as its abilities and potentiality by releasing portions of its own self.

Of course, the choices of appropriate worlds available to the soul and to you to some extent are limited in the first few incarnations to the more elementary systems of reality. Your world is in essence a training ground for the newly emerging personality as it learns from its experience in that system until it evolves out of it and then more options become available for future experience in other more advanced systems. Your main challenge, apart from your personal challenges, is to finally come to the realization that you are creating your reality through the mental manipulation of energy. Not only are you bound to learn that lesson sooner or later, but when you finally begin to link what is thought with what happens, you must also learn to handle and channel this energy and create responsibly. As an aside; your world is the only system that creates war, you must learn how not to create war among other challenges.

Life is inevitable, it is enduring and continues on and it follows that each succeeding life should get easier and better as you accumulate knowledge along the way. You must die out of this life, but on death, even then, you will never cease to be, and your identity moves on to other challenges. For those who are lazy and looking forward to kicking back and resting on a cloud playing a harp, forget it. All future incarnations will include challenges appropriate to the nature of the system, in fact you will choose future lives based on what challenges are available.

The soul has specific goals in mind when creating a new identity; it is not a haphazard process and is not taken lightly. Knowing the souls intent, you plan and write the script for your new life to come somewhat like a playwright would do This does not mean that you plan ahead every minute experience in this story of your life, but it does mean that you select specific overall challenges that you will encounter and hopefully confront and learn from the experience. You do not set challenges to defeat you, but for you to triumph over them and then move on to the next challenge. That should not infer that every future life will be filled with difficulties. If you have finished with a very challenging life, filled with disappointments and defeats, you may then opt for your next life or a series of lives with relative few difficulties, abundance and pleasures, a life of rest.

In designing the circumstances for the story of your coming life, just as in a movie or play, you choose the background environment, in other words, you choose the area, continent, city, village, setting the overall tone that will offer the best chance of a certain kind of experience that you may want to try out in your coming adventure. You did that in this life, you just don’t consciously remember it. There are portions of your self that are quite aware of the choices you made in planning this life.

It will then not come as a surprise when I tell you that you also choose your parents beforehand, and this of course is a mutual arrangement struck in advance where all parties are attempting to create favorable circumstances that will benefit all concerned. The parents that you choose may or may not have been included in your immediate family before, but not necessarily. Your newly chosen future parents then would be born into earth reality many years before you make your appearance. They would wait around until the agreed upon time for the pregnancy to occur, appointments being made in advance, and you, yet unborn, psychically, would begin to hover around the agreed upon physical location, being well aware that impregnation had indeed occurred. You would enter the fetus sometime between fertilization and physical birth, the exact time depending on your own personal affinity with and desire for new earth existence. There is no set rule about the time where consciousness enters the fetus except that it must be by the time of birth.

Hypothetically speaking, you could skip a lifetime or two with past favorite parents in order to create a new story of your life that could be better experienced with new parent personalities more in tune with your new direction. You could come back to family members again in the future.

While we are on the subject, you also choose the general direction and challenges in your coming life. This is the part that some have trouble in accepting, that you would intentionally in some cases, choose a life of poverty over a life of wealth, a life with permanent physical disabilities over a life of a esthetically pleasing and highly functioning body, a life of mental deficiencies over a life of superior intellect. But this is sometimes the case when the choices are made, simply because it creates the circumstance where much can be learned through confronting these situations and getting beyond them. As I said, a life or relative ease can be chosen after a difficult life experience.

This is the play of your life, you write the script outline for yourself and the other actors, they can of course, choose to act in your play or not. One of the rules of the game is that you must then conveniently forget that you wrote the play, you jump in feet first, so to speak and act out your part in the play for better or worse. In a sense, you are the producer, director and main actor in the play of your life. Here’s the good part, you cannot do it wrong because even though from your physical viewpoint, you may have failed in certain aspects of the play, but from the viewpoint of the soul, you learn as much from what you perceive as failure as you do from success. What you fail at teaches you how not to fail the next time around. The soul perceives every scintilla of experience that you perceive by a process of what I like to call psychic osmosis, and that is the point to the whole exercise in living consciousness. All experience defies physical gravity and trickles UP or down if you prefer, to the soul or entity, through various, innumerable layers of consciousness to the divine, Prime Identity occupying the exalted pinnacle of this pyramid gestalt of knowingness.

Your mission in acting out the story of your life is to simply “BE”. You have no other demands made on you and no grand expectations set for you by an omnipotent grand God on high that you must placate. What you don’t finish or accomplish this time around, you will have another go at it in the next life. There is actually no rush as you have as much time as you need and as many lives as you choose to live on your earth. You will never be recriminated for failures and you will never be judged no matter what you do. After death, you will review the past life in order to understand what is needed in your next life.

There is one irrevocable rule, and that is, when you have made the decision to enter the reincarnation cycle with a life on earth, you must follow through and live as many lives as is necessary to become responsible co-creators before you will be allowed to graduate to more complicated and advanced systems. Remember, you made the choice to live, no one forced you to enter the reincarnational system, so in essence, you must finish what you started.

By the way, there is no set number of lives you can or will live in earth reality, but generally speaking, you must live one life as female having given birth, one as male experienced as a father, and one full life from childhood to maturity. Usually, three lives would not be considered the norm because some more adventurous personalities may also choose to live in different races in new locations and experiment with different variations other than the required minimum of lives. The circumstances are limitless as you can see, but so you know what I am talking about here; the average of number of lives lived by most personalities would be between five and ten.

If you have been reading these discussions, I can tell you in case you are curious; this is not YOUR first life. No personality would be interested in this material in a first lifetime. Its validity would totally escape them.

Lastly, after leaving the reincarnational system, some more advanced personalities with abilities beyond anything you can presently imagine, choose to return to help others. They return with full knowledge of who they are and what they hope to accomplish. They return again and again, in your time terms. They are inspired by the needs of civilizations and societies of the time and draw much of their energy and impetus from the people themselves. The populations are made aware of their coming through prophesies and illuminations given in advance. You are familiar with them.

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