Friday, December 12, 2008


For a while this phrase popped up on your bumper stickers and was quite popular and it has some real significance if you want to truly understand the nature of your reality. You dwell in the physical world of solid, hard core objects and facts that cannot be denied. Another greater portion of your identity dwells in the inner universe of unstated reality and that part of you remains a mystery to the ego oriented self. If you always try to navigate in the physical field of atoms and molecules by using the brain alone, you will never fully understand your daily experience and be able to solve your problems satisfactorily. The corporeal self was meant to operate with a melding of the intellect and intuitions.

I use the Jesus reference above to help you understand that true realization of life’s mysteries will only become apparent when you learn to think at two different levels. On the one physical level, the ego negotiates the intricacies of physical manipulation. On another inner level of reality, things may appear quite different to the inner portion of your identity. It is from this inner universe of reality that the physical universe is born and it is born spontaneously and instantaneously from the unlimited energy of consciousness.

When you evaluate your actions in your everyday life, you sometimes tend to think only in physical terms and it hardly occurs to you that what sometimes seems senseless to you may make perfect sense to the inner self and the soul or entity. The motivations and desires of your inner self for a certain kind of experience may not be the same as yours just as Jesus may not have the same outlook as you would concerning your everyday reality. You automatically think that it is good for you to have a lot of money, to be comely, to be well liked, to be much loved by your family and in good physical health. Those exterior advantages may be comforting on the surface level, but there are other lessons to be learned that may not come from a life of ease without challenges. What can be learned from having everything you want come easily? It will never teach you how to better understand the despair of loneliness, the hunger from poverty, the pain of illness, or the unfulfilled yearning for true love.

When you are contemplating your position in life, do not berate yourself because you have not achieved great wealth. Do not look with envy at others who seem to have achieved total happiness with their loved ones while your life seems barren in comparison. Don’t feel sorry because you are not in as good health as your contemporaries but decide to make a conscious decision to do something about it. There is only one benefit from suffering and that is to teach you how “not to suffer”.

You are here in this life as a representative of your soul/entity, given complete independence and freedom of choice, with no supervision and no outside interference, but with a rough outline or plan that you set for yourself to follow which would allow you to encounter certain types of experience, deal with certain problems and to conquer them and move on to the next challenge. You are here to learn that you create your own reality through your thoughts, intentions, desires and expectations. Imagine this situation if you will. You live a life where everything you ever wanted comes to you easily without too much effort. If you always got everything you wanted without any contrasts of failure and discontent, then I ask you, how in the world you could finally stumble on the connection between your thoughts and beliefs and their materialization in your physical world.

The contrasts, learning from doing it wrong the first time, then attempting to do it better the next time that is to some extent meant to give you a clue, that what you think, you get. There is no other “universal rule” so to speak that prevails in all universes, worlds, dimension and planes of reality, no matter how alien the beings inhabiting those systems may seem to be. Everybody and everything gets what it thinks about. Reality is created through thought and beliefs, and reality is not solid. If you think a thought with enough intensity, desire and expect it to become real, it will come. You will then bump into what you created and never give it a second thought that you may actually had a hand in creating what you are experiencing. After all, you have been doing it for thousands of years and you haven’t figured it out yet.

You are here to learn and the challenges you face are challenges that you have created for yourself as a learning process. No god or soul inflicts your disappointments, challenges, failures or successes on you. You are here to learn from everything you encounter in physical reality, otherwise there would be no real point to the emergence of the entity/soul from the inner psychological reality.

Now, here is how I intend to tie this in with a “Jesus” analogy. When you feel like you have been given the short end of the stick, remember that what you want and what the soul wants and what Jesus might want if he were here, can be very different things indeed.

Consciousness is always in a state of flux, always changing, growing and becoming more and nothing remains permanent. The physical constructions of consciousness are also in a state of change, even the pyramids and other seemingly solid manifestations are also changing, so you should always keep in mind, no condition is beyond change. What you create, you can change. Your physical body is also in a constant state of change. The change that occurs to your body and your life, will change in accord with your beliefs, so be careful what beliefs you adopt. There are countless charlatans who will gladly give you their defective beliefs. It is up to you to learn discretion and accept only beliefs that feel good to you. If something doesn’t feel good to you inwardly, then it is not good for you, regardless what anyone may tell you.

It has been in vogue in the past to believe that there is inherently something wrong with feeling good, to seek pleasure and to enjoy money, good health and love of family. There are some who preach that poverty and lack is the only holy way to salvation. There are some who will tell you that God created man and woman with strong sexual possibilities, and then basically told you it was wrong to express yourself sexually except in very limited circumstances.

You inherently know in your heart that this is simply holy poppycock. Poverty, chastity, illness and lack can be a good platform to teach you how to attract wealth, enjoy a good sex life, be healthy and create abundance and that is its purpose. If it helps you keep focused on the changeability of life’s conditions, then ask yourself “What would Jesus do?” or “What would my inner self do?” understanding that there are many ways to view a challenge, but remember that you created the challenge, it was not thrust upon you by some outside agency, and you created it for a good reason, because the inner self desired to learn how to solve such a challenge presented and experienced by the ego self ensconced in physical reality.

Always remember this; I created it and I can change it.

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