Thursday, December 4, 2008


The question as it is posed; do you think the resting period after we leave one life and before we go on is longer if the person had taken their own life? Why would it be? Would it be the same if a person suffered a violent death? Isn't cancer a violent death?

There are several questions embedded in the one inquiry and I will try to address them within a larger context. I have told you that there is no real sin, no real transgression and no final judgment and punishment. I have also told you that you create your own reality and within that context, you could in a sense create your own personal version of sin, judgment and punishment with no actual reality for anyone else besides yourself. In other words, if you believe in sin and punishment, then you will at least temporarily, experience the repercussions of your beliefs until you learn that you are creating what you are experiencing and in that way learn how not to create it. This would not affect anyone else.

Since there is no such reality as sin as you think of it, then your question about what happens if one commits suicide becomes meaningless. There is no such punishment for taking your own life, but it is not advisable because you are here as an emissary of the entity and you chose this life with intent. You, in advance of this life, wrote the story of your future life, complete with its challenges, in order to create and work through. You then forget that you wrote the story, jump feet first into the role you created and for better or worse, learn from your experience.

A suicide will not harm anyone else except yourself, and in truth it will do no permanent damage to you either, other than what you do not complete in this life, you will have to complete in another. Sometimes there are carryovers from one lifetime to another, and in this case you would just postpone but not rid yourself of these challenges that you chose to avoid in this life. In other words, there is no way to avoid facing up to whatever conditions caused you to commit suicide in the first place; you will simply work through it now or later. It’s always your choice and your soul/entity is timeless. This would not affect the time spent between lives other than because of the serious psychological problems that are inherent in a suicide, you may require more time to come to grips with and reconcile the difficulties before pressing onward.

In answer to your last question; a death is a death, violent or passive, it makes no difference and cancer is no more violent a death than stumbling in front of a speeding automobile and getting squished to smithereens. In a way, every death is a suicide because in one way or another you choose to die, even though it may not seem that way. Remember that nobody is born unless they choose to be born and no death ever happens unless the personality is in agreement. No death is ever a surprise, the time and place of your death is even now known to your inner self but that information is withheld from you for obvious reasons.

In larger terms that we have not yet discussed, there are many issues that should be considered, but we are not far enough along that I could adequately explain at this time. I cannot help but give you a hint; reincarnated lives are all simultaneous, viewed through the lens of time

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